lewis collin

can you believe there are actual people out there who actually have a social life and friends and do not spend their entire day in bed crying over their otps like ??? wow ??? how ?? astonishing ?? i can’t relate

  • Me: "I don't really like Shadowhunters"
  • A die hard SH fan: "You should just watch season 2 it gets better, i promise :)"
  • Me: "Yeah su-"
  • Die hard SH fan: " -JUST WATCH SEASON 2 !"
Il bambino non pianse mai più e non dimenticò mai ciò che aveva imparato: che amare significava distruggere e essere amati significava essere distrutti.
—  Shadowhunters

I never posted my day 3 of RTX recap so here it is. Day three was busy for me. After breakfast we got to see Burnie’s tesla in person and it’s very nice. After that I had my signing with Matt and Trevor and they’re both so nice. From there I ran over to the Hilton to meet Kevin and Stan. Then I walked the show floor for a bit and went to the AH Post production panel. After that panel I practically ran back down to the show floor and finally got to meet @keltbh and @ipkipi after trying to find them all weekend. Wandering the show floor after that I ran into Spoole. Then instead of trying to get into Off Topic I made the choice to just watch it and prep for the Dooley Mod party. The Dooleys are such amazing and sweet human beings and I love and appreciate them both. Also all three of the cats are really nice and friendly. After the mod party was my first time driving in Texas because I became the DD when our originally driver was a little wine drunk and the other was not feeling well at all.