lewis and simon then sips and sjin


Did a bunch of Yogscast doodles during tech week, finally finished them and put them on here! Tried to draw all of them, but I’m fairly certain I forgot a few. :)

Things I love about each Yog

1. I love Lewis’ uncontainable laughter

2. I love Simon’s reactions to things he’s scared of

3. I love Duncan’s lying about being a traitor in TTT

4. I love how Sjin gets so enthusiastic with new things

5. I love how Sips can find the fun in any situation

6. I love when Ross says ‘nice’

7. I love how Smith so completely helps others, even if it isn’t always noticed

8. I love how Trott puts up with the other two dorks

9. I love how Hannah calls anyone out and speaks her mind

10. I love how sincere and honest Kim is

11. I love Zoey’s attempt at muffling her adorable laughter

12. I love how Rythian delves into story telling/roleplaying

13. I love Nilesy’s complete sailor mouth

And finally, I love how the yogscast work together and are such a fond family.

Things that Yognau[gh]ts love

Feel free to add more x

Lewis’s laugh

All 100% of Smith’s salt

Sjin ‘helping’

Rythian’s accent

Blast Off!

Turps’s dad jokes

Hat Films spontaneously beat boxing and singing/rapping in perfect synchrony

Martyn’s rage quits

Duncan’s high pitched 137 decibel screaming


Sips in general

Simon’s “Awww”

Kim’s dirty jokes

Hannah’s hair

Lewis’s detective skills

Zylus’s unconvincing ‘It’s not me!’


The Druidz theme tune


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We’ve got the buzz on the latest fandom to hit tumbeelr. You’d beetter bee ready for the beest bees on the youtubee. 

Meet the Yogswax.

Bee have…

Kimberbee, Lividcoffbee, Zoebee, Rythbeean, Nilesbee, Lomadbeea, Bzzzips, Bzzzjin, Lewis Brindbee, Honbeedew, and of course, the Sirs themselves, Alsmiffbee, Trottibuzz, and BeeJHBeeMax.

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( A beeautiful collabeeration with @kneeckoh @cuberoom @aftercheckmate )

Click the picture to see in GLORBEEOUS HBEE

Yogscast Minecraft Passwords

I just started laughing hysterically at the thought of the yogs’ minecraft passwords!!!

Simon: Jaffapigu568

Lewis: ShadowofIsraphel404

Hannah: WitchOwls2

Duncan: CloneNumber1337

Kim: FluxedNoodles95

Sjin: BoddyPen55

Sips: DirtBattleTuba4Lyfe

Martyn: SaplingLuvr999

Turps: BadAssMofo5evr

Rythian: Enderdeath336

Zoeya: MushroomLuvr30

Ross: OnlyHuman101

Trott: WALRU5P3N15

Smiffy:  SaltyLove383

Ridgedog: DemigodHost378

Oh my god so today at Uni I was pretending to be an old man so of course I did the old yogscast thing of “I’m an old man, and I’ve fallen over, ooh me back oh god oh god” and Lo and behold suddenly one of my classmates comes up to me salutes and yells “I AM DAVE! YOGNAUGHT”. We proceeded to talk about the Yogscast for the next hour.
Fuckin best day ever