Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Tour at Lewes 

Football Matches at the Dripping Pan

This was amazing. Absolutely awesome. Saw the guys up close and fooling around on the pitch :) Marcus and Ted started off on the sidelines…but Marcus couldn’t stay there for long, after the first few matches he was borrowing someone’s trainers and swapping his shirt for the goal keeper’s yellow top and getting on the pitch! Not only did he do pretty well in goal he managed to score one of the only goals in one match by running with the ball all the way from one goal to the other - was brilliant! At one point Marcus even joined in with our clapping! The pitch seemed to be rather full of Lewes supporters and people who had come to cheer the other teams and there was only 6 of us chanting and clapping for Mumford (as loud as we could!) and Marcus actually noticed and heard us which was brilliant for us! :)

Winston was running round the pitches like a small puppy on his first walk and was hilarious to watch - his main tactic seem to be distract and/or get in the way! He was dancing about and getting in the way a few times and was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time - he always looked so happy. He even managed to clear the pitch and get the ball into the crowd once or twice (which I threw back at one point! Was overly excited about this even if I am 21) - and leaded the crowd in cheering for other teams at different points which was so lovely of them! 

Ted was his lovely awesome self! Even though he didn’t play he was right there supporting the guys and cheering on other teams too, he even came over and met some fans and seemed shy and really humble even though he (and all of them) are some of the most talented people ever. He nearly bumped into me on the way off the pitch (to the loo I think!) and was really apologetic - even though earlier someone who was just in the local marching band bumped into me and acted like I was a total nuisance just for standing there.

And the absolutely gorgeous Ben was lovely too! He got really involved with the games and had such a laugh (by the looks of it) and really showed so much support and respect, as they all repeatedly did, for the town of Lewes and the football club. He was such a good sport when missing any goals and made me laugh (as well as swoon :P) many times throughout when jumping on Marcus and Winston in celebration of goals. 

The guys did something amazing for the town and they all seem so down to earth and sweet. There was little security and it was all treated as really ‘normal’ and that was really admirable. There were people sometimes doing a very un british thing and breaking rules, and walking onto the pitch and they still signed their programs and stuff - rather than just telling them to get off … Slightly jealous I didn’t do that - but tried to respect the lack of security and the trust that people wouldn’t go crazy…and we lost at the raffle so didn’t even get their signatures on that! Would die for a photo of me and the boys lol! And just the chance to have a chat with them! Ah well! I’m still so lucky to have seen them that close and watched them play football, and then to have seen that F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C live set actually in the arena. Was the best live band I’ve seen - like ever, ever. I so want to see them again.