lewes con club

Meeting My Hero at the Lewes Stopover

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the aftershow party at the Con Club in Lewes for the Comedy & Cabaret Show with Piff the Magic Dragon, Thomas Gray & others…the night was that funny it made laughter an extreme sport! It was held in a small room so was really intimate, & at the first interval we were all amazed to find Winston on the back row with his beautiful girlfriend Susie & friends.

He was more than happy to chat or pose for a photo for any stunned fan that approached him…always asking their name & where they were from. A room full of strangers became friends over a mutual love for Mumford & Sons & an amazing night of comedy…but I am sure every fan in that room would agree…Winston’s relaxed & genuinely caring nature made every one of us feel special.

My day started at the Union Music Shop at 11am…onto the arena…then the Con Club…so at 2.45am I could barely keep my eyes open…so I approached Winston to say goodbye…

Me to Win: “Thanks for a top weekend in Lewes

Win: “No, thank you to you for coming & getting involved, & a safe trip home

Me: “You’re my hero…you don’t know what that means to me“ (with tears in my eyes)

Win: “Aw…take care Amanda from Burnley” (he remembered my name & where I was from)

If that’s not going the extra mile for your fans then I don’t know what is!

I do hope Winston gets to read this, because those four very talented, yet humble guys & the wonderful friends & family they surround themselves with all deserve the success they are experiencing…& I hope they are always blessed with love, happiness & health. xxxx