levyontv replied to your photo: Pro: my new place came equipped with a bald eagle…

New place? I feel like this is the 18th time you have moved recently. Are you part gypsy? Certainly there is comedy to be mined in that.

Why Nate, were you spying on me circa Halloween 1994?!

(L-R: vaguely unsettled younger sister, barely tolerant older sister i.e. me)

ha ha ha ha OH youth. I don’t actually know what this costume was supposed to be. Gypsy (whatever that antiquated ethnic term means unless you’re TLC and it’s totally relevant)? Shepherdesses? Half Iranian/Armenian girls living in New Jersey with the fanciest dress-up box on the block? Jury’s still out.

BUT yes, I moved again. After moving again. After moving again. Still in LA, though. I’ve basically just been shuffling around the same mile radius hoping to strike roommate gold, but I love my new place, so everyone can come visit me now, right? Right.