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Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me any other good snk blogs to follow? (I'm as anon because my anime blog is not my main blog. I'm wings-of-truth though.)

Well these the ones I follow and they’re all pretty awesome so:













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Fairy Tail x 13 Reasons Why AU

Should I finished this drawing or not?

 I finished the series a few days ago and I’m still obsessed with it because is so amazing, truthful, angsty, etc.I want a Clay in my life
And of course I couldn’t resist mix it with the Fairy Tail universe. Specially with Gajevy.

Also, before you ask…I do like crack pairings. Such as Natsu x Levy. 

Here are the characters:
Natsu as Justin
Lucy as Jessica
Gray as Alex 
Mirajane as Courtney
Freed as Ryan
Droy as Marcus
Elfman as Zach
Jet as Tyler
Juvia as Sheri/Jenny
Gajeel as Clay
Laxus as Bryce
…And precious Levy-chan as the beautiful Hannah Baker

Pantherlily could be Tony without a doubt.

If this happened it would obviously had a few things different in the story.


Meme Levy! I lovee Levy soo much!~~ <3

 I was trying to steal the style of four talented person
Blanania Rboz LeonS Karokitten-chan and my style which in itself is a copy of the Mashima style xD

Sorry girls for the destruction your beautiful Styles…forgive me…

Now I will steal your style Buahahaha!! >D


A/N: I’m so sorry this is very late for the mythical creature’s event. Anyway @nalu-nerd13 Surprise! I’m your partner. I hope you find this worth the wait. I don’t know what this turned out being but here it is anyway haha 

Let me know if you guys like this world and I’ll actually try my luck at a multi-chapter (plus, I love to talk you all 😉). Also if anyone knows Arabic or a lot about Arabian mythology please get in touch with as I’d love to talk to you :D 

I made a little mood board for this one which you can see here —> Link

Please check out my writing master post if you want to read my other stories and the links to my ff.net & AO3 are there as well —> Link

The quote in the summary is Oscar Wilde ;) 


You’re… Immortal? - Marcin Przybyłowicz

Mystery Man - Marcin Przybyłowicz



“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden itself.” Lucy was about to find out this rang true when her true identity started to reveal itself. NaLu.  


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Gajevy Week 2017 - First Date

Posting from my phone is almost enough to make me rage quit, I’m telling you now. UGH. However, I’ve got the chapter finished on time so I HAVE to post it! Still following along the thread of the other prompts! Hope you like, much loves!! Side note :things bracketed like this are “text messages” being sent.: They’re supposed to be in italics, I’ll fix formatting again tonight when I’m home. 💙 

Update: I’ve fixed the things.

 "Are you sure you don’t mind, Lu? I know they’re a handful.” Levy had worry etched across her face as she inched closer to the door of her house, tugged along by her husband. Lucy laughed quietly, waving her hands at her friends. “Levy-chan, they’re sleeping. I’ve been here at least once a week every week of the last five months. I know their routine, they know me, it’ll be fine!” Gajeel grunted in amusement, aware of just how much knowing the twins’ schedule meant. Which was to say, absolutely nothing. 

 But, it had been five months since the Redfox parents had been able to have a minute alone that wasn’t completely consumed by sleeping or inhaling food so fast they couldn’t taste it. Levy had finally told him she was ready to get out for an evening, and he’d leapt at the opportunity. He told his wife to plan anything at all, even if she just wanted to go to the bookstore, he didn’t fucking care. So she had planned. Set up a meal at a restaurant they loved, looked up events across town that they might like, and realistically declared that they would probably just eat and come home. 

 Then she had found a sitter. Juvia had her hands full with her own two children, and had been acting very tired lately. Gajeel was pretty sure she was knocked up again, but he could be wrong. Erza was away on a mission, and Mira was of course working at the guildhall with Lisanna. Lucy was a great option as she did, in fact, spend a great deal of time with the babies already. Plus, if all else failed, she could summon Aries or Virgo for a second set of hands in an emergency. 

 With a final groan Levy turned to her husband, dragging him out of their home before she could change her mind. “Come on, love. We’re going to be late if you let me keep stalling.” The tall man just chuckled, draping an arm over his tiny wife’s shoulders and forcing her to walk slower. “If we miss our reservation, we miss it, Shrimp. Ain’t no skin off my nose.” She sighed, losing some of the tension she had felt before they left, and leaned against her dragon. “Isn’t any…” 

 Gajeel snorted, looking down at her with a wide grin on his face. “Remember the first time ya corrected me?” Levy stifled a giggle, sliding her arm around his waist. “Honestly, I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. Wasn’t it something about ‘wouldn’t tell nobody’ something?” He squeezed her shoulder lightly, knowing well how the sleep deprivation they were both suffering from stole the ability to think sometimes. “Somethin’ like that, yeah.” 

 They walked in silence another block, enjoying each other’s company and the peacefulness of the city at night. Gajeel looked down, noticing the tiny Script Mage’s steps slowing. After being together for so long, he no longer had to think about slowing down his own pace to enable her to stay even with him, but she was dragging even more than usual. “Shrimp, ya alrigh’?” He stopped completely, turning to study her face. He was concerned the walking was straining her energy levels too much. For herself, Levy was staring at her feet, almost as if she was embarrassed. “Lev, what is it?” 

 “I… I know we haven’t been gone very long… fifteen minutes to be exact, but what if something’s wrong?” She looked up at her mate with pleading eyes, anxiety tearing at her. His ruby eyes met hers, a smile dancing in their depths. “All yer careful thought an’ plannin’ an’ ya forgot to grab the notebook, didn’t ya?” She nodded, looking down again. The Dragon Slayer chuckled and reached his free hand around to his back pocket, pulling out the enchanted notebook that Levy had created so long ago to be able to communicate with her friends. He tapped her lightly on top of her head with it, causing her to squeal and snatch it from his hand when she saw what it was. 

 Levy hurried over to sit on a bench nearby, flipping the book to the page she had that was connected to Lucy’s own copy. Hey Lu-chan, how’s everything going? Picking up her pen, Levy chewed on the end for a moment, waiting anxiously for Lucy’s reply. After only a moment, she started bouncing a leg, looking from the notebook to Gajeel. “Shrimp, give it a bloody minute, would ya?” As he finished speaking Levy saw words appearing on the page. Lol, Levy-chan you JUST left. The babies are still sleeping, I’m reading that book you left out for me. Enjoy your date! 

 She huffed out a sigh, blushing as she started to feel silly, and handed the pen and notebook back to her husband. “I’m sorry, Gajeel.” He just shook his head with a grin on his face and held out his arm for her to tuck herself against his side again. He would never tell Levy, but Juvia had actually warned him that this might happen. 

 “Don’t be surprised if your night out is cut short, Gajeel-kun. Levy-chan won’t be able to help herself. Juvia only lasted for an hour the first time she left Mizu at home with Levy-chan. And it took Gray-sama six months to convince Juvia to leave both Mizu and Kawa alone with someone.” Gajeel had nodded, remembering the popsicle complaining about the lack of time alone with his wife after their daughter had been born. And so, he’d kept that thought in the back of his mind as Levy planned everything out for their first date since… he didn’t even know how long it had been. Some few weeks before the twins had arrived, he mused. 

 Finally, they arrived at the cafe Levy had set their reservation at. She tugged the notebook out of his pocket, ignoring the murmured joke about wandering hands from her husband as she stepped aside and opened it to write to Lucy again. I’m sure you’re going to be checking in again sometime soon so I’ll let you know that Yaje woke up, but he wasn’t even fussy. He’s been changed and I fed him a little and now we’re playing with that rattle Gajeel made for him. I wish I could send you a picture, it’s adorable. He’s curled his feet up and is holding the rattle with them, just kind of smacking it with those chubby little hands. And there’s Shutora, she just woke up giggling. Enjoy your dinner! Levy quickly dashed the tears off her cheeks as she handed the book back to Gajeel so he could see what their children were up to as well. 

 Thanks, Blondie. He wrote before tucking the book away, grinning down at the bluenette standing next to him. “We have some damn amazin’ kids, Lev.” She smiled back up at him, laying her head on his arm as they followed the waiter to their table. Gajeel pulled her chair around to the same side as his own. “Jus’ like our very first date, yeah?” 

 “I shouldn’t be surprised that you remember!” Levy responded with a sheepish grin. Their waiter came around and Gajeel ordered for both of them, Levy giggling and leaning into his side. “I know ya don’t wanna be out too long, Shrimp. I figgered ya wouldn’t mind me orderin’ our usual stuff t’save time.” The tiny Script Mage tugged his shirt, the big man grinning as he leaned he head closer to her so she could kiss him. “Thank you, Gajeel. For being so understanding about all of this.” 

 “Ya may not believe it, woman, but I miss ‘em too. My princess likes to hide her face in m’hair. An’ m’little man is so strong. Ya know he pulled Lil’s tail so hard the other day Lil actually slid backwards?” The couple devolved into laughter, sharing stories of their children’s antics as they ate. Neither of them seemed to mind that their time away from the babies was spent talking about them. “In the short time they been here, those mini Shrimps have made themselves our whole world, haven’t they, Lev?” She nodded, glancing furtively at the notebook on the table. Gajeel huffed, pretending to be upset, and slid the book to her, opening the cover to the right page. 

 Hope dinner was great! Babies are asleep again, so if you want to stay out longer it’s no problem! “Lu-chan really IS a spectacular friend.” Levy laughed as she closed the book. “Do you want to get a drink at the pub or something on the way home?” She looked up at her husband, smiling gently. Her babies were fine. They were safe. There was no need to rush home. Gajeel smiled back, leaning to kiss her on her forehead. “Nah, Shrimp. How about we hit the bookstore before it closes and get that book you were talkin’ to Bunny girl about ‘fore we left.” 

 There was a squeal that erupted from the tiny woman as she hugged him before jumping up from the table. “I promise I won’t stay there all night!” Gajeel paid for their food, laughing as he tucked the notebook and pen into his pocket and stood to follow the bouncing woman. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it, Shrimp.” He offered her his arm again, and they headed for the bookstore. It may not have been Gajeel’s favorite place to go, but it made his wife happy, and that in itself made him happy. “Take as long as ya need, Lev.”


Hi everyone!! Missed me? Just … a little? ^^;

After being on a hiatus for nearly two/three years I decided (after asking some people on tumblr) that I should publish the preview to a story I had announced nearly two years ago and have been sitting on it ever since because of … well … writers-block …

SO! I hope that by publishing this preview it will give me the push and help to get out of the block and write my next multi-fic :) I hope that you don´t have to wait too long for the first chapter ^^; I´m actually a bit rusty after such a long time, so please bear with me…



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Three years have passed

A/N: Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction, it’s based on my doujinshi. I’m not a really good writer but I’ll try my best since I’m going to delete the previous pages of the doujin. But this is basically what happens. Tell me if you like it or not. If I should keep writing the story or just give up. Also, feel free to give me any recommendations and suggestions.

Anime: Fairy Tail

Couple: Gajevy

Rated: T (Language)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Status: On going

Summary: Tired of being “the damsel in distress”, Levy left the guild without telling anyone except Master Makarov. She spent three years far away from Magnolia learning new spells to improve her skills. But finally, is time to return home. What’s that strange magic she learn?

Chapter One: Returning Home

Magnolia’s most famous guild was no longer as cheerful as it was three years ago. Even if it still was noisy the environment inside was different. They have maintained the title of the strongest guild in Fiore. But there was some sort of emptiness in their hearts. The smartest comrade they had left without saying a word to her guild mates. The happiness she transmitted was very contagious. Especially to the ones who made cheers for her when things get difficult. But that emptiness was about to be filled again. It was time for the young girl to come home.

Long messy hair moving side to side as she walked, wearing a perfect red crop top that contrast with the blue color of her hair. In both arms she had white finger-less long gloves and shorts that exposed the delicate skin of her legs. As she was passing through the streets lots of the residents stare at her. But it wasn’t a bad thing, they were surprised of how she looks. It wasn’t a bit similar to her old style.

Levy McGarden, a beautiful and intelligent Fairy Tail member was making her way to the guild. Nerves were taking a toll on her, leaving her split between eagerness to return to the happy memories and sudden anxiety of facing the others. Standing outside of the guild, she let out a long sighed she was holding and murmured. “It’s time to come home”. She opened the doors softly and slipped inside quietly. She looked for her favorite spot, and there he was. The wisest exceed she had ever met and learned to love. Making her way to the table she stopped right behind him and bent over.

“Long time no see…Pantherlily”

Levy. Lily thought as he turned around and saw her with a bright smile and her arm stretched out.

“I missed you so much” She said. Her lovely eyes looking directly at his. She grabbed him and give him hug, squeezing the Exceed happily.

“L-L-Levy I can barely breathe,” Said a purplish Pantherlily.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Lily,” She offered him an apology as she moved him to the top of a table.

A pink hair mage noticed the presence and recognize the scent of his childhood friend. He smiled and whispered to his partner, “Hey Luce, I think today is your lucky day.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Natsu? The celestial spirit mage replied. He pointed to the blue-haired girl.

“It’s that Levy-chan?! Is it really you?!” The excited young blonde shout from the other side of the guild.

Levy’s eyes followed the source of Lucy’s voice. She ran and hug the busty girl, making them to fall on the flat ground.

“Lucy? Oh my! You look so gorgeous. How you’ve been?” Levy cried.

Lucy laughed. “You too, also, what’s with the tough look? You sure look more confident and stronger.”

“LEVY LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!” Jet and Droy said in unison with hearts on their eyes.

Smiling at the heart whelming scene, Lily flew to the entrance of the guild. “I guess this is the perfect chance to get out of here and tell Gajeel the big news.” And with that last statement he left the noisy guild.

At the outskirts of Magnolia, the iron dragon slayer was munching some metal while watching the view of the whole town. He felt the presence of his exceed coming from behind him. “What do you want Lil’? Did you pick up a job or what? I’m getting tired of bein’ here doing shit.” He tossed away a few scraps.

“Well, let’s say that won’t be a problem anymore,“ said Pantherlily cryptically.

Gajeel turned his head and giving Lily a confused look. He stated: “What the hell are you talking about? Somethin’ hit you while your way back here?” And then he noticed something was off. He sniffed the environment and the strange smell was coming from Lily’s direction. He walked over to the exceed and grabbed him.

“Hey, put me down you creep!” Lily said uncomfortably.

Gajeel kept sniffing. “You smell different! It’s like your scent is overshadowed by another.”

“Familiar isn’t it?” Lily smirked.

Wait a minute. His eyes widened as realization hit him hard.

Lily nodded, confirming his suspicions. “What you’re thinking it’s the correct answer.” He paused. “She’s back and looks very different.”

Gajeel turned his back to Lily. Looked at the full view of Magnolia as he said desperately. “Levy?! Where is she?”

“At the guild, isn’t that obvious. Thought you were smarter.” Lily mocked. “I have to admit that she almost most suffocated me with that killing hug.” He paused as he saw Gajeel still as a statue. “Maybe if you start walking you might have a chance to catch her. So, what do you want to do?”

Gajeel looked over the shoulder. “Just like you said. Isn’t that obvious?”

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Gajevy Week 2017: A Surreptitious Suitor

Summary: Library and book-related hijinks, and a secret admirer? Connected stories following Gajeel and Levy’s relationship written for Gajevy Week 2017. All chapters rated T for language, innuendo, and paranoia playing it safe ;-)

(Author’s Note: This is my first time writing for Gajevy week, or any ship week for that matter. Fairly certain I’ve lost my mind.)

Read HERE on ff.net.

                                            Day 1 Prompt: Matching

No one in Fairy Tail—hell, no one in Fiore—was surprised when Levy McGarden began volunteering at the local library in Magnolia. Truth be told, she would’ve loved a part-time job either there or at Book Land, but being a Fairy Tail mage came with a rather irregular schedule, between jobs with her team and miscellaneous villains bent on world domination or destruction. But volunteering worked just fine for her, enabling her to spend time surrounded by her much-loved books as well as giving back to the community that had been so supportive of their guild.

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What if every tear you cried brought a fictional character to life, but you could not choose which one.