Timothy couldn’t sleep. He literally couldn’t find it in him to close his eyes for more than two minutes and to have his brain temporarily shut down. It was like his body was completely awake and didn’t want anything to do with sleep, so Timmy chose to respect that. He had been lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling for a solid half hour when he decided to get up and do something. And he doesn’t know what made him think of the bucket list he and his best friend had written up a couple of weeks ago, but he’s thankful for it. Because it seems like such a good idea; to go to Jesse’s house in the middle of the night and tell him to pack his bags because they were going to complete as much stuff as they could. As the curly headed lad slid on a pair of jeans and tossed on a hooded sweatshirt over his black t-shirt, he began to wonder if Jesse would be up for this. He knew the other male wasn’t as forward with things as he was, so something like this may be just a Timothy thing. Still, that didn’t stop him from packing as many things as he could into his suitcase and driving to the nearest ATM to take out a bunch of money that would definitely be needed for later. In no time, his convertible is pulling into the Nathan’s driveway and he’s hopping out, bringing his hand to the door to deliver three loud knocks.

Happy Birthday to one of the most important people in my entire life, Levorne.

Probably a really soppy post but I never tell you how much you mean to me, and I feel so bad because you do so much for me and I’m the worst friend ever.. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I never met you, you’re always there for me though bad times, you’re always there when I need you, when I need advice, and I know I can trust you with my life..

we’ve been through so much together and I hope you’ll always be in my life. I love you xx