mat-the-mutt is the first fur to request a full body robot commission from me and I must say….. All those year designing concept cars, watching Gundam, zoids and 9 years of mechanical engineering, drawing and breaking things by taking them apart has really started to pay off.

Mat-the-mutt was converted in to a steam driven Mech relying on hydraulic additions and a valve system which operates much like a circuit board (turing the pressure on and off in multiple areas turning the pressure on and off). There are exhaust boosters under his feet (I don’t believer he can contain the pressure to use them as a jumping booster but Pffft to reality right?) the tail acts as a radiator to adjust the temperature. Exhaust are sticking out of his back left shoulder which is an important feature for canine models seeing that most of them are based off of the VLK 0196 (coming soon) which is the foundation for all canine mech designs. THis robot better watch out for scrappers!!! Copper and brass prices are still growing D: 

Media = marker 3h,4h,10h, micron pen

Thanks for viewing commenting and showing interest

commissions for robots are opened if interested please Email at levnartscommandcenter[at] gmail.com 

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وَلَا تَهِنُوا وَلَا تَحْزَنُوا وَاَنْتُمُ الْاَعْلَوْنَ اِنْ كُنْتُمْ مُؤْمِن۪ينَ .
. “Velâ tehinû velâ tahzenû veentumu-l-a’levne in kuntum mu/minîn(e) ”
. “Gevşemeyin, üzülmeyin, inanmışsanız, mutlaka siz en üstünsünüzdür”
Âl-i İmran / 139

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Selam ve Dua ile. (Nuruosmaniye Mosque)

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Furry good Samaritan

I did this little comic as a warm up and a reminder that people do car for each other. I feel that we often overlook the simple unconditional love that is expressed in things such as opening the door for some else, or letting the guy in front of you borrow a dime for the vending machine. I think we don’t see how such gestures show the loving and considerate character of the individuals who perform such deeds. I’m not necessarily challenging or asking anyone to open the door but to just be considerate and caring to strangers.

(his antlers got stuck in a tree)

This is a robot commission for the wonderful :shrimpmuffinicon: I’m proud to say that my second robot drawing appears to have turned out better than my first. Although I am leaving details such as call out lines and cutaways but unless if your a technical artist your not really gonna care. I truly had a blast with this drawing I feel that I finally fixed the perspective after battling with it for several hours. I am thrilled to have got this commission and I really hope to get more so that I will start designing full scale so as for people and add them to my portfolio. I used a bit of mixed media on this drawing, mainly marker and colored pencils. The QR code was shrimp muffins idea and as accurate as it is I did mess it up so it sadly doesn’t scan but next time it hopefully will.

If you or a friend are interested in one of these commissions please email me at levnartscommandcenter@gmail they may look pricy but they are only a wapping $40 until January 1st. If you are wanting more than just a bust or portrait do email I am hey negotiable. I have 9 slots left

FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/levn/

-time 4.25hrs
-markers. Micron pens,sharpie and colored pencils

~God Bless



the final drawing will be reposted but I wanted to share its evolution. This is my first all watercolor portrait. No pen outlines just watercolor. i have never successfully layered watercolors in this fashion so i used other artist works as a reference. i looked and could see the different stages in layering. the background fade could be better but over all i felt this turned out amazing. Hope to open for portrait commissions within the week :D

hope some of you guys like it :D


So upon entering the world of digital art i really wanted to learn and make sure i did things as right as i could on my first ever digital drawing/painting. This is the result. it isn’t perfect by any means but i’m really proud of the hard work and effort i put into it.

This character is of a recent friend i’ve made this year. Adeloo is a wonderful digital artist and a great person to chat with and i really recommend checking out her art.

i feel like i still have the training wheels on with this drawing because i did photo manipulation on it but i hope that as a progress and become more confident with the media that i will get better.

i hope you all appreciate my first all digital painting and have a wonderful day

15-25 hours

and watch me on my FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/levn/

I start streaming this september 

I did this drawing months ago and have never really scanned it. This is a marker only flat colored drawing. I figured I’d introduce the idea of a single character flat commission. Although this is also a static pose :/ something I’m working away from. Over all it is a fun drawing :) I will be asking $45 for a commission like this. The commissions will have a simple background and if your character falls into the monthly species discount the price will drop to $40

If your interested please email me at levnartscommandcenter@gmail
And don’t be afraid to visit my page >> http://www.furaffinity.net/user/levn/