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89th Academy Awards Winners

Best Picture


Actor in a Leading Role

Actress in a Leading Role

Actress in a Supporting Role

Actor in a Supporting Role

Adapted Screenplay

Original Screenplay

Animated Feature Film

Foreign Language Film

  • The Salesman (Iran) - Winner
  • A Man Called Ove (Sweden)
  • Land of Mine (Denmark)
  • Tanna (Australia)
  • Toni Erdmann (Germany)

Documentary Feature

  • Fire at Sea
  • I Am Not Your Negro
  • Life, Animated
  • O.J.: Made in America - Winner 
  • 13th


Film Editing

Production Design

Costume Design

Makeup and Hairstyling

  • A Man Called Ove, Eva von Bahr and Love Larson
  • Star Trek Beyond, Joel Harlow and Richard Alonzo
  • Suicide Squad, Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini, and Christopher Nelson - Winner

Original Score

Original Song

  • “Audition (The Fools who Dream),” La La Land, music by Justin Hurwitz, lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Trolls, music and lyric by Justin Timberlake, Max Martin, and Karl Johan Schuster
  • “City of Stars,” La La Land, music by Justin Hurwitz, lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul - Winner
  • “The Empty Chair,” Jim: The James Foley Story, music and lyric by J. Ralph and Sting
  • “How Far I’ll Go,” Moana, music and lyric by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sound Editing

Sound Mixing

  • Arrival, Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Claude La Haye
  • Hacksaw Ridge, Kevin O’Connell, Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie, and Peter Grace - Winner
  • La La Land, Andy Nelson, Ai-Ling Lee, and Steve A. Morrow
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, David Parker, Christopher Scarabosio, and Stuart Wilson
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Greg P. Russell, Gary Summers, Jeffrey J. Haboush, and Mac Ruth

Visual Effects

  • Doctor Strange, Stephane Ceretti, Richard Bluff, Vincent Cirelli, and Paul Corbould
  • The Jungle Book, Robert Legato, Adam Valdez, Andrew R. Jones, and Dan Lemmon - Winner
  • Kubo and the Two Strings, Steve Emerson, Oliver Jones, Brian McLean, and Brad Schiff
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, John Knoll, Mohen Leo, Hal Hickel, and Neil Corbould

Animated Short Film

  • Blind Vaysha
  • Borrowed Time
  • Pear Cider and Cigarettes
  • Pearl
  • Piper - Winner

Live Action Short Film

  • Ennemis Intérieurs
  • La Femme et le TGV
  • Silent Nights
  • Mindenki - Winner
  • Timecode

Documentary Short Subject

  • Extremis
  • 4.1 Miles
  • Joe’s Violin
  • Watani: My Homeland
  • The White Helmets - Winner


Levi looked at lips he knew so well already, pinkish flesh which he’d become lost in many times before as their owner spoke during meetings, in front of soldiers, in private. Each miniscule part had been committed to memory, burned into Levi’s retinas and as those lips grew closer, he couldn’t quite find the ability to draw in oxygen to feed his suddenly starved lungs.

Just Thursday. An ordinary dull and stormy Thursday.

But it wasn’t so ordinary now as Erwin’s breath tickled at his nose, cold puffs blowing gently in the freezing evening air and they stood together beneath a grand tree, the leaves hissing their protest at being so violently disturbed by wind.

“Levi…forgive me.” A gentle yet battle-worn hand tentatively landed on Levi’s cheek, the thumb stroking softly under his pout and fingertips curling beneath the angle of his jaw. “I shouldn’t have waited.”

“For what?” His voice was a ragged whisper, their proximity intoxicating and the rain beat a thunderous soundtrack around them, canopy letting through the occasional fat droplet of water but the drips failed to break their bubble, wouldn’t encroach upon a moment which was so long in the making. Levi stared mesmerised, frozen in time as the man he’d craved swallowed hard, throat bobbing visibly and the distance between them grew smaller still, lips almost touching. Almost.
Love and IKEA

Part One / Part Two

I changed the name! IKEA AU featuring ereri, jeanmarco, IsaFar and probably more. Oh, the land of love. And frustration. And a little bit of pining. 


Eren narrowed his eyes at Jean’s sudden change in demeanor. The taller boy was compulsively straightening his collar and smoothing wrinkles from the front of his shirt.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Jean mumbled, as he turned sharply to adjust a sign that didn’t need to be adjusted.

“Why are you acting all…twitchy?”

The sign made some ominous screeching noises as Jean bent it forcefully back and forth in its holder.

“Just because some of us actually care about doing a good job,” Jean huffed. 

He watched Jean move the base of the sign back and forth while shooting stealthy looks over Eren’s shoulder every few seconds.

“You’re being really weird right now.”

While the kid he was supposed to be returning to Lost and Found was busy poking his bellybutton with his index finger and giggling, Eren turned around to find out exactly what had gotten Jean all cranky and bothered.

Turns out it wasn’t a what but a who. 

A tall guy wearing an IKEA uniform was helping a family pick out a children’s bedroom set. He had tanned skin and a smattering of freckles all over his face and arms, and probably everywhere else that Eren couldn’t see.

He was almost devastatingly handsome with the kind of good looks that belonged on magazine covers and on movie screens. His dark hair was ruffled and sticking up at all angles, giving him an “I just rolled out of bed” look that Eren could appreciate.  

Freckles was gesturing to a pink canopy bed and smiling down at a little girl hiding behind her mother’s knees. The father asked him a question, and when he turned to point out something on the top storage shelf, he stopped to wave in Eren’s direction.

A loud clatter and curse had Eren swirling around in time to spot a frazzled looking Jean picking up the sign he had been pretending to straighten earlier.

“Shit.” Jean’s arms flailed comically while he tried to right the sign without causing more of a scene.

“Ohhhh,” Eren said, smirking at Jean. “I get it, now.”

“Get what?” The base was finally standing upright again, but the sign was crooked and dirty from rubbing against the floor.  “Oh, shit! Shi–”

“Jean!” Eren hissed, gesturing down to the kid who was now pressing down on a dried up piece of gum with the tip of his shoe.

“Shitake mushrooms!” Jean gritted out, running a hand threw his hair again. “Just stand there and shut your mouth.”

“What are you—”

“Hey there, Jean, is everything okay?”

Eren swung around to find Freckles hovering behind them with a concerned look on his face.

“Everything’s fine, Marco, just fine, why wouldn’t it be?” Jean asked with a nasally, nervous laugh.

Freckles, who Eren supposed was called Marco, looked a little alarmed at Jean’s insane laughter. Who wouldn’t be, really?

“I thought I heard a crash, are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s just this sign,” Jean answered, trying to be casual.“You know, this one always gives me trouble, I think the base is defective or something.”

“Really?” Marco looked at the metal base, as if he could help fix the problem.

“I’m hungry,” a little voice suddenly said.

“Who’s this?”

“Nick,” answered the little boy shyly.

Marco crouched down so that he was eye level with the kid. Or at least closer than when he was standing – Jesus, he was tall. “Hi Nick, I’m Marco. I work here.”

Marco stuck out his hand so that Nick could give it a little slap. Jean made a strangled noise and almost knocked over the sign again.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“He’s fine,” Eren said. “I’ve spent the past week with him, so this all seems pretty normal.”

“Oh,” Marco said, standing up. “Hello. Are you new?”

“This is Eren,” Jean responded with a nasty glare before he could even answer. “And he is very, very late. Levi is not going to be pleased.”

Marco looked worried. “You better make a run for it, then. Levi is really scary when he’s mad.”

Living With You

read on ff.net and ao3

one / two / three / four

tags: @beaxnalu, @ftfanfics

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and mild smut later on

pairings: nalu, slight gajevy this chapter, possible mentions of gruvia later on

characters: natsu, lucy, gajeel, levy, gray

summary: Finding herself thrown out and drunk after a party wasn’t the way Lucy expected her night to go. After blacking out and waking up in a room with three men, she has a decision to make: will she stay or will she go? Loosely based on New Girl. Roommates!AU

Natsu’s steps echoed down the narrow hallway as he carried a large bag of Chinese food on route to Lucy’s hospital room. Thankfully they got her there in time before anything else bad could happen, and she was safely tucked in her bed sleeping when Natsu had left. Now that he was back, what was he to do about her situation?

Running a hand through his hair and dodging a nurse and three doctors carting around an old man, his own anxiety started to seep through the seams of his carefully planned life. Natsu didn’t think that something like this could have such an effect on him. It was like the night when he found her passed out: she looked so serene that he could have thought she was sleeping if it weren’t for her body being slightly limp. In the moment, Natsu took the lead but he was scared to death. She wasn’t exactly close to him like the others; they were just getting to know one another. But he did know that he enjoyed her company, and that’s what made him so nervous.

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Levi and Eren having a reward system that whenever Eren does something good or performs best in his experiments, training and especially in cleaning, his corporal would give him something as a reward.

So Eren finally seals wall Maria, and they reclaim the lost land, and Levi decided to give him a reward by his choice…..

Eren is nervous..It’s usually Levi that relays his reward, giving him luxurious food, sometimes clothes of silken threads and even lavishing his body with a finger or two inside his hole or maybe his thick cock. But now, Eren would be the one to request his reward.

He is kneeling in front of Levi, bare and exposed as the man is seated so nonchalantly on his chair, his knees apart as if teasing the young brunet of his mighty rod that would soon be inside his mouth or even ass.

Eren lifts his gaze upward, and he blushes upon noticing the devious smirk on his pale pink lips, those silver eyes gazing his body like a ravenous wolf to its meal.

“Now, you’ve been a good boy Eren, so very good,” - a rough hand, brushes his long chocolate locks off his eyes and the younger whines when the fingers moves to curl over his nape, dragging its blunt nails along it’s sensitive flesh. 

Then he continues, “What do you ask of me? I’ll give it to you, my obedient pet.”

He fidgets, the seductively dark voice invoking the heat in his gut and his leaking cock twitches when he thinks of his wishes.

“I-I want Heichou’s cock in me. P-please… and his milk too.” He struggles, the very image of that rich thick seed inside him bringing along a tantalizing jolt over his spine and Eren edges closer until his nose is buried on that forming bulge of the older man’s pants.

“Oh?? You want me to seal that pretty hole with my cock and cum? Heh, who knew that you were having such lewd thoughts all along.”

A tip of Levi’s boot nudges on his already hard cock, and the man brings it harder, rubbing it harshly as Eren squirms, moving his hips against its leathery surface in search for sweet friction all the while reciprocating by palming and mouthing that cock against the thick layers of cloth.

A flash of white and electrifying wave of pleasure renders him still, and a broken moan passes through his lips to signal his climax. Levi twists his foot one last time and Eren cums, his mouth agape and head craning to see his Corporal’s satisfied and sadistic expression, his eyes gleaming with dark promises for Eren.

He catches his breathe for a short moment, before he turns on his knees and palms, jutting his ass to present it to the man. 

“C-corporal, please seal my hole.”

Damn Butterflies

Prompt; Will You Marry Me? Requested by @kmmcm

If he were being honest with himself, he was nervous; horribly, terribly nervous. This was an entirely new feeling for the man. Gajeel was more of an on-the-fly kind of person, whatever happened, happened and he would just roll with the punches. But these plans had his nerves on full alert and the butterflies in his gut were going absolutely insane.

He loosed a breath and fiddled with the box in his pocket; the weight, though light, still felt unbearably heavy. The long hours he’d put in at the shop had finally paid off and he was more than excited to finally spend some well overdue and much deserved quality time with his girlfriend. She had been busy making their new house into more of a home and he was beyond ready to take that one step further.

The front door swung open with little effort on his part, his eyes instantly zoned in on the artwork hanging in the living room. She had been hard at work today putting those up, it seemed. The furniture was still scattered but that would have to wait another time, he had bigger plans to deal with this evening.

“Lev, I’m home!”

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awesomeizer123  asked:

I just discovered your blog and I love it!! If I may make a request, could you please write an angsty with happy ending piece where Eren saves Levi using his titan powers in the field. Thanks!!

tysm! I`m happy you found me quq/

Eren`s heart stopped when he only saw one horse, and no rider. There was no doubt in his mind that was Levi`s mare, he could hear Hanji worriedly saying as much.

“No…” Eren whispered, touching the horses saddle.

It was cold.

“Commander! Permission to transform and search for Captain Levi!” He blurted out.

“Absolutely not. Your powers are far too valuable to be lost Eren.” Erwin shouted. Eren`s earnest became rage then.

“And Levi isn`t!?”

“That`s Captain Levi to you soldier. And yes of course, but there`s nothing we can do now.” Erwin growled. Eren stopped pacing and running his hands through his hair to look at the man. Just, looked.

He finally spoke to him again, with his final words.

“Fuck you.”

A crash of lightning and thunder cut off any response he could have had.


The damn titan had come out of nowhere, scared his mare and made her buck him right off. He`d been low on gas and even lower on morale as the titan went to grab him. He dodged expertly and fled in the trees, at the very least coverage would help him survive.

The group was probably long gone, thinking him dead. He didn`t want to believe there were tears welling in his eyes at the thought. He wasn`t afraid to die, was ready for it at all times, but he wasn`t ready to leave him.

The captain darted into a hollow tree as the titans slowly start pouring into the tiny forest. He curled in on himself, head on his knees and hoped that maybe, just maybe, he`d be able to see him again. Tell him goodbye at least.

The tree shook when the unmistakable `BOOM` resounded across the land. Levi`s watered eyes widened at the thundering footsteps of the familiar titan form. His titan. Watched as he immediately went in the the many titans that had gathered around Levi, trying to get him out of the hollow in the tree.

His roar had never sounded so beautiful to him.

As the last titan fell, he turned and held out a huge hand, even in his monstrous state he handled him gently. The somewhat smile he saw when he looked up at the titan`s face made Levi realize something.

It seemed Eren wasn`t ready to leave him either.

I love you. (Ereri fan fiction)

“Do you think he hates me?” Eren questioned Armin who was helping Eren finish up the chores he’d been doing all day. It wasn’t uncommon for Levi to assign the boy to chores, but he just cleaned the entire place by himself at least four times and as much as Eren knew he was a clean freak, he knew he wasn’t that bad. “I don’t think he hates you. Maybe you did something wrong? I mean…last time we went out you did go after a guy because of a few words he said. Levi did have to go over and save your butt.” Armin explained as he stood on his toes, leaning most his body on the table to reach the other side without actually going over to that side. “I guess. Maybe he’s fed up with me?” Eren questioned, finishing his mopping. “You really like the captain?” Armin asked. Eren’s face burst with cover. The young male huffed. “No…shut up! Let’s just finish up these chores before he returns and sees us chit chatting.” Eren claimed and Armin shook his head. Lately Levi had been extremely hard on Eren. No one was really sure why, but Levi just suddenly pushing Eren as far as he could. It was almost like he was trying to avoid being around him or interacting with him.

“Don’t you think you’re a bit hard on him?” Hanji questioned. Levi narrowed his eyes, glaring daggers at the other. “As if. He’s spoiled and I plan to break that habit.” Levi claimed, taking a slow drink of his tea. “When has the boy ever been spoiled?” She asked and Levi didn’t answer. Sadly, Hanji had a point. Never in Eren’s life had he really been spoiled. Levi put the cup down and sighed. His dull eyes trailed up to look at her. “You questioning the way I do things?” Levi said with a hint of aggression in his voice. Hanji leaned on the table, palms pressed to wood as she leaned closer, eyeing him carefully. “Not questioning you! I’m just trying to make sure you don’t make him sick. He’s still a human. You can’t over work him. Levi, if you like him then why don’t you just tell him instead of pushing him away?!” She said and as Levi opened his mouth to speak, the door swung open. “U-um. I’m sorry sir, but…Eren passed out!” Armin claimed and Hanji have a signature ‘told you so’ smirk. Levi slowly stood up and rubbed his eyes for a moment before walking over to Armin and nodded. “I got him. You can go rest. Next time, let the brat do his own chores.” Levi claimed and Armin saluted. Levi made his way to the kitchen area and Eren looked sickly pale. A tinge of guilt hit Levi hard. He’d been the reason the boy passed out. All because Eren was listening to his commands. Levi leaned down and reached out, picking him up carefully and carrying him to his own room. Levi laid him down and pulled his shoes off so he wasn’t in the clean bed with dirt boots. Levi sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at the boy, reaching out he gently pressed his palm to his forehead. “Eh…fever?” He whispered softly and stood up, shaking his head. “Idiot. If you were sick could’ve told me. Would’ve gone easier on you.” Levi mumbled to Eren as if he’d actually hear. “What did I tell you?!” Hanji’s voice made Levi almost jump. Levi didn’t quite answer, admitting defeat wasn’t his forte. Levi crossed his arms over his chest as he watched Eren sleep restlessly, his face twisted to a point it was obvious he was uncomfortable. His body began to shake lightly and Levi sighed, lowering his arms to his side. “He’s got a fever…I don’t want to get sick.” Levi said and began to leave but Hanji stopped him. “Where are you going?! You worked him way harder than you should’ve, therefore you should have to take care of him!” She said and Levi gritted his teeth. She had a fair point. After a long moment of silence the captain nodded and looked over at Eren. “Fine. Go! He needs rest!” Levi demanded and the female nodded and shut the door behind her. Levi rubbed his temples with his fingers for a moment before he went over and say in the bed with Eren. His eyes watched the sleeping boy and he couldn’t deny the way his stomach twisted at the sight. The older male was in knee deep with these feelings head for Eren. Eren started to stirr and finally his eyes fluttered open, bright hues scanned the place before landing on Levi who was sitting next to his head, leaning over at him. Eren went to get up but Levi out a hand to his chest, making him lay down. “No. You’re sick. You need rest…I worked you harder than I should have. You could’ve told me you were sick.” Levi said, glancing away trying to look irritated. “But I was just doing simple tasks! I was trying to make sure I didn’t upset you…” Eren claimed and Levi sighed. “You don’t need to impress me, brat.” He claimed firmly and moved to lay next to him. A hand reached out and rested on Eren’s hip. Eren’s cheeks tinted red and he didn’t know what to do. “I know lately I’ve been extremely hard on you…I know I’ve been pushing you away and I shouldn’t be. It isn’t very…mature of me to do such childish things.” Levi started to talk and Eren watched how elegantly his lips moved to form such words. “I apologize for pushing you past your limits…hopefully this’ll make up for it.” Levi said and before Eren could question him, he’d already leaned in and their lips locked. Levi was obviously the one who really knew what he was doing. Eren was inexperienced and even though it was a sloppy, rather annoying, kiss, he didn’t mind. Levi kissed him until Eren seemed to get the hang of it. “This mean I can call you Levi?” Eren asked and the older man scuffed. “Only behind closed doors. Now sleep you damn brat. You’ve probably already gotten me sick.” Levi said, being a bit rude to reclaim his rightful place. Eren nodded and closed his eyes. “Levi…I really love you.” Eren said shakily and a hint of a smirk curled the captain’s lips. “Love you too, brat.” He mumbled in return.

Booty Call

inspired by this vine (thanks to @captainwashbear) and subsequent conversations on twitter about how it’d be funny if levi met erwin for the first time after dropping a box of dildos.


The dildos weren’t his.

At least, most of them weren’t. Some of them. Just a few.

Okay, Levi admitted, they were his, all 12 of them.

It wasn’t his fault he had so many though, and it wasn’t like he’d bought them all at once. He’d lived down the street from a sex shop in college, and the clerk there had developed a liking for him for some reason. Her name was Petra and Levi managed to be friendly to her - especially once she started giving him a discount, which only made his spending habits worse - but he didn’t understand how she didn’t realize he was gay when he only bought male on male porn and things to put up his ass.

Either way, that was how in the span of four years he’d ended up with two drawers completely full of illicit items: dildos and vibrators, prostate massagers and plugs, all of various sizes and with a handful of other sex toys and pornography that would probably cause his sweet mother to have a heart attack if she found them in his possession.

After he’d graduated he’d moved away and stopped buying for the most part, but he never threw anything out. Three years had passed since then though and now Levi found himself in another new apartment - this one much nicer than all his others but unfortunately a bit smaller. That meant he had less storage space, and that was the reason he was currently carrying a box of sex toys from his collection up to the roof of his building - he’d had to clean it out to make room.

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I'm finally done

A/N: I’ve been wanted to get this done before I work on anything else, so yes I actually do work on the stuff I talk about, I sometimes just get distracted *sweats nervously*. Do you remember this post?  Well here’s the finished one-shot. Tell me if you’d like to see this as a chapter fic.

Prompt: Everything snk except titans are zambeeeeeeeezzzz! Mikasa and Levi are trapped in a collapsed dungeon room of an abandoned castle. It has been hours and the two of them are w/o rations with a horde of undead nipping at their heels. Read on and find out what happens!

Rating: T (with the some mention of gore)

Genre: Survival/Angst/Drama

Setting: Snk AU

Pairing: Levi/Mikasa

Honesty in Final Moments

It’s been five hours. Their bodies ached from exhaustion—no food, no water, no means of escape nor rescue.

Mikasa Ackermen and Corporal Levi both laid trapped in a prison dungeon room. Half the ceiling collapsed inward, huge chunks of stone debris blocking the roof from where it fell. It took up half the space of the room. The prison gate was partially covered by the stony boulders. The remaining exposed prison bars were coated with undead climbing on top of each other extending their arms and legs.

They gnawed and gnashed their jaws against the metal, growling snarling and hissing; spitting bloody bile out of their mouths. They uttered incoherent moans, persistent, desperate for human flesh. Their prey rested farthest from them, huddled in a corner. The corporal’s eyes keenly eyed them for any changes of their usual pattern. He looked weary—the dark circles well pronounced under his steely gaze.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” he muttered, “We’re going to die in this place.”

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List of Names

A: Apple, Alaska, Aster, Augusta, Azul, Agate, Amber, Apricot, Amazon, Ambrosia, Astra, Andromache, Apollonia, Adele, Arabelle, Antoinette, Aruna, Aynur, Alma, Amalia, Avalon, Agnete, Arabella, Alba, Anais, Aphra, Amabel, Anouk, Amica, Andorra, Ada, Adelaide, Agnes, Alberta, Anastasia, Ash, Amanda, Arcadia, Allegra, Aubade
B: Bloom, Blaise, Belle, Becka, Birdie, Basma, Belinda, Bronte, Bechette, Blossom, Bluebell, Blanche, Banana, Bijou
C: Cheese, Cantaloupe, Cherry, Clementine, Coral, Candle, Confetti, Camilla, Cora, Cundrie, Ceres, Clover, Camelia, Clio, Cyra, Carrot, Constance, Citron, Celeste
D: Dahlia, Daisy, Dot, Dagmar, Ditte, Destry, Donatella, Demeter, Dolly, Dillon, Domino, Dora, Delphine, Diva, Diana, Daphne, Demi, Duff
E: Emmy, Eloise, Echo, Elfie, Elsie, Elle, Ennui, Evita, Estella, Eudora, Easter, Eowyn, Euphemia, Elsbeth, Electra, Etta, Eugenia, Epiphania, Effy, Eliza, Emma, Eureka
F: Fleur, Firefly, Flame, Frida, Fidda, Freya, Franka, Florika, Fauna, Fran, Fay, Faith, Fabiola, Flora, Fenna, Future, Flair, Fanny, Fritzi, Finka, Fear
G: Gürsel, Greta, Gaia, Glenda, Guinevere, Gilda, Grace, Gray, Geraldine, Gail,Gloria, Gusta, Gwen, Goldie, Gia, Gorgette, Gala
H: Hazel, Honey, Helena, Harriett, Hedy, Haruna, Heidi, Holly, Huda, Hella, Hadley, Hatti, Honoria, Hester, Hope, Harp, Honolulu, Haven, Hermione,
I: Iris, Imogen, Ivy, Iole, Ink, Isadora, Ida, Isle, Ira, Ilona, Ina, Irini, Ilka, Ilma
J: Jasmine, Jane, Jules, Jacinta, Jonquil, Josephine, Joy, Jala, Jackie, Jemsa, Julitta, Justice, Juno, Juba, Jolie
K: Klarissa, Kitz, Kaja, Kira, Kay, Kali, Katti, Karina, Khloe, Kiki, Kylie
L: Lady, Laurel, Lily, Luna, Lexa, Lavender, Lorelei, Lali, Lane, Luminita, Lissy, Lisel, Laurinda, Laverne, Linette, Laudine, Lone, Lale, Lark, Lupe, Lou, Lyssa, Lake, Lucienne, Lilac, Lotus, Lavinia, Letitia, Lucasta, Lux, Lilibeth, Liberty
M: Marnie, Mae, Magnolia, Mai, Melon, Marigold, Majesty, Mitra, Moon, Minnie, Müge, Miu, Mondra, Molly, Mazel, Mala, Masika, Meliur, Melusine, Meret, Medusa, Mafalda, Margo, Madigan, Mauve, Mardi, Madrigal, Mecki, Mireille, Marguerite, Mamie, Martha, Mabel, Mildred, Maude, Mia, Minerva, Miriam, Muriel, Morgane
N: Naomi, Nanda, Nur, Norma, North, Nyx, Ninon, November, Nod, Nana, Nedda, Nelly, Nina, Nicki, Nolwenn
O: Opal, Octavia, Olivia, Ono, Odessa, Olympia, Orchid, Oceane, Oak
P: Prism, Paisley, Poppy, Peach, Pepper, Psalmody, Pearl, Pinkie, Pretty, Paula, Puma, Plum, Paz, Philomena, Pippa, Pansy, Petunia, Priscilla
Q: Quirl
R: Roux, Rose, Ravi, Rukmini, Regina, Renata, Rudy, Rosanna, Rica, Reggie, Raven, Rhapsody, Raga, Rahel
S: Sage, Siren, Scarlet, Suki, Snow, Salome, Shani, Sidonie, Suri, Solstice, Saara, Signy, Sam, Sid, Salmon, Sabra, Spring, Sidra, Sinead, Stella, Serenade, Sophie, Solveig, Sölve
T: Tawny, Topaz, Tabulah, Trixie, Thelma, Theodora, Thordis, Tovi, Tauria, Tribeca, Taja, Tulip, Tempest, Toccata, Trudi
U: Ursula, Umbria, Unity, Undine, Ute, Uma
V: Violetta, Vivian, Valda, Vox, Verna, Vega, Vita, Virginia
W: Windy, Winter, Wallis, Wilhelmina, Winifred, Wanda, Wicca
X: Xena
Z: Zlota, Zita, Zuzu, Zee, Zelfa, Zulma

/ / / / / / / / / /

A: Amos, Alonzo, Asti, Attwell, Atlas, Adam, Anakin, Attila, Aulus, Abner, Alfredo, Alvaro, Alcott, Auden, August, Austen, Ansel, Alistair, Ambrose, Adonis, Axel
B: Banjo, Benjamin, Bert, Barnabas, Beech, Barley, Buddy, Balthasar, Bruce, Bass, Brain, Bug, Bay, Basilo, Babek, Byron, Boden, Branch, Betto, Baer, Buddy, Bart, Bly, Bowie, Buzz, Bernard, Bello
C: Clay, Cooper, Crispin, Cedar, Cosmo, Cupid, Cyrus, Cedreg, Chandler, Crane, Canaan, Claudius, Caesar, Carl
D: Dudley, Dagobert, Dexter, Dusk, Duke, Dunstan, Dante, Dixerid, Dingo, Dale, Damon, Darwin, Darold, Decker, Dickson, Doolish, Dumas, Drake, Dundee, Dwayne, Dutch
E: Eli, Egon, Eurig, Erec, Esteban, Emerson, Ed, Evander, Emery, Ebenezer, Eduardo, Eldred, Emilio, Elmo, Endicott, Ennis, Enzo, Erasmus, Essex, Etan, Elvin, Edgar, Eagle
F: Fife, Fritz, Ferdinand, Forrest, Flint, Fred, Fishel, Fortunato, Forster, Frank, Fiodor, Fillmore, Fabius, Faro, Fidel, Fairchild, Finnley, Ford, Frisco, Frodo, Fuji, Franklin
G: Glen, Gustav, Grendel, Guy, Guille, Galway, Guybrush, Glasgow, Gore, Grover, Gunner, Gaius, Gamal, Gonzalo, Gert, Granger, Greco, Gulliver, Goliath, Gogol, Godfrey, Gentry, George, Gawain, Gable
H: Humphrey, Harkin, Hunter, Hamlet, Hans, Horatio, Hector, Henry, Holden, Hero, Hermes, Hari, Hammett, Hart, Hannu, Hagen, Homer, Hook, Hal, Hadden, Helgi, Heinrich, Hobbes, Hogan, Huck, Horst
I: Ingmar, Ibsen, Igor, Ignaz, Issac, Irving, Iso
J: Jet, Jasper, John, Jethro, Jebediah, Juju, Joktan, Jericho, Jonah, Joseph, Janosch, Jack, Johann, Javor, Jaxon, Joost, Justus, Julien, José
K: Ken, Knox, Kazuki, Kale, Kenzo, Kun, Kerl, Kaddish, Kurt, Keanu, Kent, King, Knight, Kofi, Konrad, Kamil, Kafka
L: Lark, Lionel, Ludwig, Lupus, Lion, Laser, Laszlo, Leif, Lanval, Lowell, Lynx, Lazarus, Leander, Land, Levi, Lester, Lochlan, Lincoln, Lynch, Lysander, Luther, Leonardo, Lem
M: Mercury, Milo, Meatball, Marmaduke, Maverick, Magnet, Marius, Miles, Monte, Marcello, Muck, Montgomery, Maddox, Mac, Malcolm, Manfred, Massimo, Milas, Musa, Merton
N: Neo, Neptune, Narcomon, Nocturnus, Nelson, Noll, Nash, Napoleon, Nigel, Nate, Nacho, Nemo, Nero, Norton, Norwood, Noam, Nick
O: Otto, Oliver, Ovid, Orion, Oriol, Orson, Otis, Oswald, Oz, Oro, Oslo, Orwell, Olec
P: Park, Peter, Pilot, Paul, Pit, Pumba, Pike, Pollo, Paddy, Pagan, Pie, Pomeroy, Prince, Ponti
Q: Quentin, Quebec, Quince, Quirin
R: Rhett, Rio, Ralph, Rory, Rusty, Rye, Rock, Remus, Romulus, Reginald, Rex, River, Ridge, Rufus, Ruvik, Rupert, Radcliff, Rad, Rawson, Rocco, Roland, Ryder, Roper, Ruben
S: Shale, Sylvester, Saul, Samson, Sheldon, Sonic, Sterling, Sparrow, Severus, Sailor, Simba, Silas, Salvatore, Santo, Sergeant, Sean, Scully, Sherlock, Stewart, Spike, Sim, Stieg, Sultan, Saladin
T: Thorpe, Thaddeus, Tito, Tango, Titan, Triton, Thor, Theobald, Tamir, Tomato, Thorn, Tybalt, Tristan, Taran, Taft, Tanner, Telmo, Talbot, Templeton, Tom, Thurgood, Track, Tower, Twain, Tasso
U: Uri, Ulric, Uriel, Usher, Umberto, Ulysses, Upton
V: Voltaire, Victor, Vlad, Vipul, Valentino, Vasu
W: Wilder, Wheatly, Weldon, Willie, Wolfgang, Walt, Waldo
Y: Yule, York, Yves, Yair, Yaw, Yorik
Z: Zinc, Zac, Zander, Zul, Zephyr, Ziggy, Zeus, Zeno, Zed

free run

Modern AU where Eren does parkour and one day he gets into some trouble with some other punks so he swings himself over walls and across banisters and he’s almost in the clear but one of the railings is slippy and basically he tumbles onto a balcony, rolling his way out of the fall and right into Levi, who was peacefully reading on his balcony at 6:32 in the morning. In the distance, shouts ring out, and his pursuers are close, so Eren presses himself down against Levi, hoping that they can’t see him from where they are on the street.

“Iamsosorrypleasedon’tmakeanynoise,” he whispers into Levi’s hair in a rush.

Levi, meanwhile, is frozen and tense and was about to flip Eren over his banister, but he’d stopped because Eren was soft and unmoving and clearly wasn’t trying to get at his internal organs. He relaxes deliberately, hearing his ‘assailant’s breathing even out. Eventually, the voices from down the street retreat, and the boy breathes a sigh of relief. 

Eren sits back on his heels in a hurry, giving the man (his saviour!) some space. Guiltily, he takes stock of the man lying rumpled on the floor, staring up at the sky as though wondering why he’d bothered to get up today.

“I’m so sorry, thanks for not throwing me off your balcony,” Eren tries tentatively, as he watches Levi sit up and look at him.

“I almost did, kid. What’d you do to those guys?” Levi asks.

Eren looks guilty. 

“Uh. One of them was harassing my friend so I stole his backpack and revealed that he like magical girl manga, not that its bad or anything but he got really embarrassed and angry so…” Eren trails off, and Levi snorts.

“I know, it’s immature, but I got mad though,” Eren looks suitably guilty. “Oh! I’m Eren, nice to meet you!” he adds on sunnily.

Levi looks at the kid, rumpled and smiling at him. He looks young, early twenties, he’d thought, and in the morning light he was every inch of him boyish, rascally charm. 

“Levi, nice to meet you. Do you parkour around here a lot?” 

Eren nods, and explains that he lives a few blocks from here, and the buildings in Levi’s apartment area had a lot of good grips and paths to free run. Halfway through the explanation, his stomach makes a sad, pathetic noise. Eren pauses. Levi pauses. They both take in how ridiculous this ‘cute meet’ is. Levi hands Eren a banana, and Eren takes off after he eats it hastily, mouth still chewing as he vaults over the banister with a muffled “Seeya around!”

Then, he is gone, leaving Levi standing barefoot in his balcony, chair overturned and a banana peel on the table. Levi considers the peel, and takes it in to throw it away. 

It becomes a common occurrence to see Eren running around and getting in and out of trouble. The kid is always laughing as he runs, happy and free and ridiculously attractive in his shirts, which were always sleeveless, so Levi got to see the long muscles working in those tanned arms. Sometimes, Eren would pop by his balcony, taking his shoes off as he landed. Levi, having resigned himself to this stray bird coming by whenever he pleased, started gathering snack bars to hand to the kid, who was always hungry. Sometimes, he invites him in for dinner, because it saved him the trouble of having to eat his leftovers, and Eren was always good company. 


Roman History: The Gracchi brothers  

Tiberius and Gaius attempts to pass a land reform legislation that would redistribute aristocratic landholdings established a series of precedents that changed Roman politics forever. 

The Roman army was formed by levy recruits, mainly farmers. Land was not private property, it was given by the republic in usufruct. As Roman expansion grew farmers spent more time away from home, which allowed the concentration of farmland in a few aristocratic hands 

Tiberius was elected tribune of the plebs in 133 BC and using the exceptional power of his magistracy he tried to pass the Lex Sempronia Agraria, a land reform that would reduce the economical power of the senatorial class. He and his supporters were murdered by advocates of the Optimate faction. 

His brother Gaius held the same office ten years later and his reforms were more radical, changing the judicial and military system and even attempting to alter the notion of Roman citizenship. The benefits of his reforms to the equestrian class and Italian allies caused a response from the senate, that took on a mission to discredit Gaius and to win the favour of the plebs. The mission succeeded and he died on 121 BC. 

The creation of new political forces constantly using Roman institutions for their own personal benefit, and the shifting of the centre of policy making from the senate to the plebs betrayed the core of the Roman republic and reinforced the arise of individual leaders in the 1st century BC. The violence that ended the Gracchan period provided a brutal precedent that was followed by Roman rulers for centuries. 

The Social Grace of Tindering: Chapter 5

Warnings: This chapter contains strong language and mention of sexual activity. 

Fairy Tail College AU:
Lucy Heartfilia was finally convinced by her college housemates to get a Tinder since the last time she had a boy over was… never. Struck by the awkwardness and stupidity that some of these boys show, she finally seems to find a match that just might work. (NaLu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, and more) 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | FFnet

Chapter 5: The Start of a War

“Tell me again how I got dragged into this?” Natsu huffed as he pulled his car keys out of his pocket and looked down at them. “I’m not so sure I feel comfortable with you driving my baby. Why the hell does it have to be my car anyway? Why can’t you take Ice Dicks’?”

“Mines in the shop fire for brains. I told you this last week.” Gray waved him off from his spot on the couch, his hands holding his phone up above his head as he played the game on his phone. “Just give Gajeel your keys. I’m still shocked you like to drive the damn thing so much with your weird motion sickness disease you two have.” He heard Natsu scuff and he grinned to himself. “Seriously, why do you get so sick whenever you are in a moving vehicle? Not only is it you, it’s like everyone in this damn household is like that. You, Gajeel, Sting, Rogue, and even Laxus who hides it better than any of you bozos.”

“It’s not like I can help it. I’ve been this way since I can remember.” Natsu glared towards Gray. “At least I don’t get sick driving my own car. When I’m in control of the directions I can control my motion sickness so much better.” He heard Gray snicker and he just groaned while turning back towards Gajeel. “Seriously, don’t do anything to her or so help me…”

Gray smirked towards Natsu, lifting his head up to give him a knowing look. “He might just christen the back seat up a bit for you since you haven’t yet.” He ducked his head when Natsu tried to backhand his head and he let out a laugh. “I’m only kidding!”

“You better not have sex in my back seat or so help me Gajeel…” He held the keys up in front of Gajeel and he just grinned as he snatched them out of his hand.

“Don’t worry Salamander, Shrimp isn’t that kind of girl, so I promise not to do anything too bad in it. Gihi.” Natsu deflated instantly but nodded nonetheless. “Welp, be seein’ yah folks later. I got a date to get on.” Gajeel walked out the door humming to himself one of the weird tunes he came up with himself.

“I can’t believe Gajeel, of all people, is going on a date at this moment.” Natsu nodded in agreement to Gray’s statement as he flipped over backwards on the couch to lay side-by-side to Gray. Their position was exactly the same – both of their legs up on the back of the couch while their heads hung off the edge.

“You’re telling me. I can’t believe Levy agreed to go out with him.” Natsu cringed a little but saw Gray visibly blanched at this.

“What a weird couple. Enough about them – what about tonight pyro? It’s Friday night and here I am stuck at home lying next to you. Not exactly how I want to be spending my night…” Natsu hummed in agreement before flipping backwards off the couch and pulled out his cell phone.

“I could text Erza, see what she’s up to, but I’m pretty sure she’s with Jellal. Lucy and Cana are studying so they are out of the equation…” He hummed to himself as he placed his chin in his hand, looking through his contacts. His scrolling came to a stop as he looked at Lucy’s name in his phone and a sly grin began to spread across his face.

“Oi, oi! I know that face! You just thought of something awesome didn’t you?” Gray sat up quickly and looked at Natsu expectantly.

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Shifted - Part 4, Chapter 1

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Author’s Note: This is the first chapter in Part 4!

Previous installments…

Part 4 - The Decision

Lallybroch, Autumn 1752

“Shall we not even bother collecting the rents this quarter, then?”

Ian rubbed a hand over his tired face. “I’m no’ saying that, Jamie. Only – ye ken as well as I that many tenants won’t be able to pay in full.”

Jamie leaned his head back on the couch, whiskey tumbler in one hand, eyes closed. It had been a long day of going over the ledgers, counting and re-counting the estate’s bills. What with the lack of rain this summer and the latest levy placed on the land by the English, many crofters simply hadn’t been able to produce. Which meant that come harvest, they’d need much more of their grain for their own families. Times were hard enough – Jamie kent well that there was no point in taking food out of his tenants’ mouths.

It had rained nonstop today. Between the dim candlelight of the study he shared with Ian and all his thoughts trying to balance what to do, he had developed quite the headache. He had them now and again – a legacy of the ax-blow that had nearly killed him eight years before – but today’s was developing into something more potent than usual.

Claire could give him something to make it go away, of course – but she’d had her hands full with a rambunctious daughter today. Brianna was five – sweet as could be, but busy and inquisitive. And as stubborn as both of her parents. She never let her small size act as a barrier for anything she wanted to do – whether that was ride with her da on his periodic visits to the tenants, or “help” her mam gather plants and roots, or supervise Mrs. Crook in the kitchen. Brianna and her cousins had had to stay inside with the rain, and he felt bad for steering clear of the four small whirlwinds. Claire called it “cabin fever” – and he kent well the feelings of frustration that came with such restrictions.

Jamie sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, willing the headache away. “Aye, I know. We’ve got the wool from the sheep, and the beeswax candles – those we can always sell. We’ll live on the potatoes again this winter. And we’ll collect whatever we can tomorrow.”

Soft footsteps – a rustle of homespun – and the cushion beside him on the couch sank slightly. Claire. He reached out a hand and neatly found her palm, twining their fingers together.

“Headache again?” she asked softly.

“Mmphm.” He opened his eyes and met her concerned gaze. She squeezed his fingers. “Nothing ye can’t fix, Sassenach.” She smiled and shook her head.

Jamie’s thumb secretly traced the lines of Claire’s palm. Over Claire’s shoulder he watched Jenny ease through the doorway and sit beside Ian. In the eighth month of her fourth pregnancy, she was still able to move with the same grace as she always did. And in the light of the fire, with the half-darkness cast by shadows highlighting her features, Jamie thought his sister had never looked more serene. Watching Ian, he saw that his best friend agreed.

“We’ll collect what we can, then. We know we’ll be able to eat this winter, and we’ve got enough saved away for the spring planting.” Jamie raised his head from the back of the couch and took a restorative sip of whiskey. “How are we with the second cellar, then?”

For the past year, Jenny and Mrs. Crook had been slowly setting aside spare preserves, potatoes, dried fruits and meats, and other stores in a cave a half-mile behind the house. They’d started laying food away in the second cellar as a precaution – so that if the English patrols stepped up again and sought to take more food as payment, then at least the residents of the main house – including the growing brood of Fraser/Murray children – would have plenty to eat.

Jenny rested one ankle over the other and rubbed her belly. “Weel, all the food we’ve put away is keeping nicely. I was thinking we could put some of the dry goods in there as well – to keep them away from the house.”

“About that, mo dhu.” Ian rubbed one hand over the stump of his leg; Claire knew it pained him in the evenings. “We’ll need to sell more wool from your sheep. And all the candles ye can spare.”

“Is it that bad, then?” Jenny’s eyes darted between her husband and brother. “Are we no’ expecting much tomorrow? That’s three straight quarters now, Jamie.”

“I dinna ken what we’ll get, Jenny. We need to be prepared.” Jamie swallowed. “The damned English are bleeding us dry. And I ken it’s because of me – ”

Jenny drew her dark brows together. “Dinna say that. Times are tough for all the estates – ye ken that weel.”

Claire felt Jamie stiffen beside her. “Ye also ken that the patrols stop by here more often than anywhere else. They want to punish me. They mock who I was, and they want to take that out on my family. Jenny, I – ” He swallowed. “I’m too much of a liability. If I were to go somewhere, and they kent I was away, they wouldna be by here so often, and –”

“Are ye a fool, Jamie? Ye do understand the terms of your pardon, am I right? Because if you set so much as one foot outside estate lands they’ll have you in a wagon on your way to meet the hangman.” Jenny rose from her seat, voice rising. “If ye think that I, or Ian, or God forbid Claire would let ye do that, Jamie – weel, ye dinna understand us at all.”

Ian gently laid a hand on Jenny’s arm. “Hush, mo graidh. Please sit. We’re all tired. He doesna mean it.”

Jenny sank back into her chair, glowering darkly at her brother. A tense silence engulfed the room for several moments, punctuated only by the crackling of the fire.

Unfocused thoughts darted through Claire’s mind. Jamie’s hand gripped her fingers, but she knew his mind was so very far away. Ian had done his best to diffuse the situation – now it was her turn.

“It will go on for several more years yet, Jamie,” Claire finally spoke softly. “But it won’t last forever. Things will indeed go back to normal – or as normal as could be expected.”

Jamie turned to her slowly, eyes unfocused. He had explained to Jenny and Ian that Claire had The Sight – or some form of it - but Claire had never directly referenced the future in their presence.

“Ye’ve seen it, then?” Ian asked quietly. “Do you ken how much longer it will last?”

She nodded, eyes trained on Jamie’s. “For eight years after Culloden. That means two more years yet. After that, the English will get preoccupied with politics and rebellions in other parts of the empire – and so they’ll gradually ease their grip on Scotland.”

Jamie set down his glass and quietly gathered Claire to his chest. “Of course the patrols won’t go away entirely,” she continued, side flush with Jamie’s. “But the weather will improve. And with more to give the English, the less they’ll be so…direct in their interaction with the Scots.”

Ian nodded, thoughtfully. “Aye, I suppose. I trust ye, Claire. Ye were right about the potatoes – they dinna get the same blight as the barley, and we’ll be living on them again for the next seasons. But only –”

“Do ye ken what will happen to us, Claire?” Jenny’s voice was quiet, full of fire. “Or just to Scotland in general? Because I tell you, I do care about the country and our people and what’s happening to us, but at the end of the day it’s my family and estate I care about the most, and –”

“Jenny-” Ian laid a big hand on her arm. “I dinna think-”

“No, it’s a good question.” Claire rested a hand on Jamie’s thigh. “I don’t know what will happen to Lallybroch, just what the English will do in Scotland more generally. I wish I did know. But I can do something that I know for sure will have a direct impact, a direct positive impact.”

Jenny’s eyebrow raised skeptically. “And what’s that, then?”

Claire paused, considering her words carefully. “We can sell my gold ring. That should bring in more than enough to make up for what the tenants won’t be able to pay this quarter.”

Jamie rested one big hand over hers. “Claire, I canna ask ye to do that.”

She smiled into his worried eyes. “You’re not asking me – I’m offering. I’m happy to do it. It’s not doing anything now – I’d rather put it to good use.”

“Yer old wedding ring, ye mean?” The surprise in Jenny’s voice was plain – clearly this was not what she had expected.

Claire squeezed Jamie’s hand tightly. “My first husband, he – well, he’s not alive. I’ll never see him again. That part of my life is fully, truly behind me.” Or ahead of me? She thought dimly.


She lifted her eyes to meet Jenny’s across the room. “Ye’d do that, for us? Truly?”

Claire nodded. Jamie’s slowly caressed her right hand – with his ring – between his two work-roughened hands. “You are my family. This is my home. Jamie knows this, but Jenny – Lallybroch is the only true home I’ve ever had. You and Ian and Jamie and the children are the only true family I’ve ever had. You opened your home to me when you were under no obligation to do so.” She swallowed. “It’s the least I can do. The very least I can do.”

Jenny nodded, lips pursed. She turned to Ian. “I suppose ye can have a wee word wi’ someone about getting a fair price for it, then?”

He nodded and sipped his whiskey. “Aye. I’ll do it the day after next – after we see how much we collect tomorrow.”

Jamie had remained uncharacteristically silent, obviously deep in thought. Just as Claire turned to him he stood, and drew Claire up with him.

“I’ll be down early to read through the ledgers one more time, Ian,” he said, setting one hand on the small of Claire’s back and steering her out of the room. “All right?”

Ian raised one brow, but said nothing. “All right.”

Claire turned, trying to meet Jamie’s gaze, but he quickly pushed her out of the room. “Jamie-”

“Let’s collect the wee lass and spend the rest of the evening upstairs,” he said quietly. “I want – I need – I must be wi’ the two of ye right now.”

Claire frowned as they rounded the corner into the kitchen. “Jamie-”

Too late – their daughter had already caught sight of them, and shrieked with delight from behind Mrs. Crook’s skirts.

Jamie let go of Claire’s back and knelt, catching Brianna as she ran to him. He swept her into his arms, heedless of the jam and mud stains on her smock. “Ciamar a tha thu, mo nighean ruaidh?” he said, voice smiling as she smacked loud kisses on his cheeks.

Claire sighed and met the housekeeper’s weary gaze. “Thank you, Mrs. Crook,” she said sincerely. “I would have been at a total loss with her today, had you not stepped in.”

The older woman smiled, wiping her hands on her threadbare apron. “Ah, it’s no bother, milady – there are always tasks for small hands. She’s a sure handful, but a true delight. Minds me of her da at that age.”

Claire glanced back at Jamie and Brianna. He had picked her up, arms securely around her little legs. Brianna was excitedly telling him all about her day in the Gaidhlig. Jamie nodded periodically, listening intently as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

Claire’s heart raced. Seeing the two of them together, in moments like this, bringing such joy to each other – it was worth it. They were worth it.

lips like sugar

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Eren/Levi

Summary: The last thing Levi wanted was charity. But a sugar daddy? That doesn’t sound too bad.

FULL -  1 - 2 - 3

chapter three 

It doesn’t take Levi long to make his way back to the apartment complex, plastic bag in one hand, the other safely tucked away in the interior pocket of Eren’s suit jacket. The snow has thankfully stopped falling and is now just left to sit in inconvenient piles alongside the road. Levi was able to sidestep most of them, only landing ankle deep when the entire sidewalk was covered. The walk back is definitely not as bad as he was thinking it would be, but that’s probably because he was driven most of the way. And this stupidly warm jacket, Levi thinks. 

Yeah, that, too.

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Ereriweek Prompt 5 Jealousy

Ereriweek Prompt 5:Jealousy
(Okay so this isn’t going to tie into the last two chapters, it’s gonna be different, also it’s going to be a little short since I didn’t have much time today…)
“What looks good to you?” Levi asked the brunnette in the passenger seat.
Said brunnette look around with a disinterested expression and replied moodily,“I don’t care where we go I just want something edible.”
“Someone’s in a pissy mood,” Levi noted nonchalantly.
“I’m fucking hungry just fucking drive to a fucking restaurant already,” Eren whined, his stomach growling.
“Why do all teenagers act like they are dying of hunger?” Levi questioned in annoyance.
“Don’t teeangers act like they are dying in general?” Eren replied with a question of his own.
“Good point, okay we’re going to IHOP are you fine with that?” Levi asked.
“If there food is edible, yes” Eren replied, his stomach growling.
“Alright then,” Levi replied, pulling into the parking lot, parking farther away from other cars.
Eren gave him an annoyed look before Levi shrugged and replied,“What I don’t want to risk something scratching up my car.”
“I swear sometimes you seem like you love that car more than me,” Eren sighed.
“Don’t push your luck kid, remember I’m buying.”
Levi fast-walked into the building, causing Eren to have to jog after him. Once inside Eren groaned as a hunger pain hit him from the wonderful smells inside the building. Levi rolled his eyes at his boyfriend and shoved him inside before he started to drool all over the floor. Eren almost fell on his face but managed to keep his balance and have a decent amount of self control to not grab the…person who seats the people who come in the restaurant and threaten to eat him alive should he not give him the food he desired so badly for.
The person quickly led them to an open table and gave them menus in which Eren quickly snatched up and began perusing the options. After a few moments and female waitress approached their table.
“Hello there are you guys ready to order?” the waitress asked, her mouth turning up into a flirtatious smile as her eyes landed on Levi.
Eren shot off his order right away because one he was hungry and two he didn’t like the look Levi was recieving from the waitress. Levi noticed this and smirked cooly back at the waitress, telling her his order in a cool, velvety voice. The waitress blushed and lingered around them a little longer than nessecary at least until Eren cleared his throat rather loudly and glared at the waitress.
The waitress blinked as she was brought back into reality, shooting a small glare back at Eren before walking off. Eren moodily sighed and slouched back in his seat glaring at the table.
Levi smirked and asked innocently,“What’s wrong with you now brat?”
“What the fuck was that?!” Eren asked in bewilderment.
“What the fuck was what?” Levi asked in fake innocence.
“You know what I mean, I saw how the waitress looked at you and you encouraged her!” Eren replied, enraged.
“I didn’t encourage her, I simply told her my order and that’s that,” Levi replied cooly.
Eren growled and turned away from his boyfriend, his eyes reflect back his anger.
After a few moments Levi sighed and took one of Eren’s hands into his own,“ Eren she wasn’t that attractive anyways, in fact she looked like a whore. You know I love you and I always will and nobody can ever change that. I was just doing it to give you shit because you look adorable when your jealous.”
Eren fumed up even more, wrenching his hand away from Levi with a blush before angrily replying,“I’m not adorable,” and facing away from him again.
Levi chuckled and replied,“Yes you are, your being adorable right now.”
Eren growled,“Am not!”
“Are so”
“Grrrr where is our damn food!?”
“Ah, there it is,” Levi replied, looking behind him to see a different waitress carry their food to them.
“About time, I’m dying of starvation.”
The couple ate in silence for a few moments, Levi smiling here and there at the sound of Eren moaning in delight at his food. After Levi was almost finished with his own food he randomly said,“Hey Eren, I love you.”
Eren looked up with a “hmm?” sound before swallowing his mouthful and replying,“I love you to, thanks for buying me food,” he smirked, completely forgetting why he was mad at Levi in the first place.
Levi made a noise of digust at his boyfriends messiness, reaching over grab a napkin he gently wiped off the brat’s face,“For a teenager your pretty fucking messy…”
“For an adult your pretty bitchy about cleanliness,” Eren fired back with a mischevious smirk.
Levi playfully glared at his lover and gently flicked him on the forehead,“For a teenager your pretty fucking horny.”
“Hey most of the time you don’t complain,” Eren replied.
“Your right…hey Eren,” Levi started.
“Your still adorable with your jealous…..”