levis landing

  • armin: mr. ackerman, why do you look more stressed than usual?
  • levi: well, you see, i'm waiting for ms. zoë to tell me if i have to chaperone any of you little shits on some overnight trip to florida this summer
  • armin: well do you want to go?
  • levi: PFF no
  • hange: *bursts into room* LEEEEVIII I HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOUU
  • levi: oh dear god please tell me i'm not-
  • levi: god FUCKING dammit
Land Next to Me: Chapter 3

A/N: Woah this was longer than I planned-way over. This is almost twice the amount of chapter one lmao but anyways, here you guys go!! We’re back to Lucy’s POV now and things are escalating quickly!! 

Thanks @canasexual for being a lovely beta for this!! Honestly made this chapter so much better! <3 

Fandom: Fairy Tail/the 100

Rated: T

Words: 4369

Pairings: Nalu, eventual Gajevy and Jerza

Summary: Three hundred years since the human race has set foot on Earth, one hundred teen prisoners are sent down with nothing but their wits and each other. Even though she’s just as scared as everyone else, Lucy Heartfilia will do anything she can to make sure they survive.

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Chapter 3: Revenge Isn’t Justice

“Levy, I don’t know what to do,” Lucy cried as she kicked her bed, frustrated. “Don’t the people deserve to know they’re going to die in three months?”

Lucy was fucking terrified. Old memories ate at her, her stomach in knots while the rest of her body felt numb. If she had just kept her mouth shut, then maybe Levy…


Broken. Bleeding. Dying.

Her breathing was haggard and heavy, her mind a jumbled mess with her thoughts disconnected and running rampant. They had somehow made it back to the camp, she surmised after looking up and seeing the dropship. She stumbled forward a few steps with tears freely flowing down her face, distorting her vision. She moved her hand to wipe the tears from her face and grimly realized that she was shaking.

A broken cry ripped from her throat as she hunched over as she felt her chest constrict. Her hands moved to grip her hair in an unsuccessful attempt to regain her composure, her thoughts and emotions completely overwhelmed by guilt and fear.

It was all her fault.

Levy was only on the ground because of her. Lucy had confided in her and told her about her mother’s plan to let the people of the Ark know that it was dying. She never even thought to consider the possibility someone could overhear them.

Lucy clutched the bracelet on her wrist, thoughts of her mother and her pointless death running through her mind as her stomach lurched up to her throat. Maybe if she tried to stop her mother, tried to convince her that she had been wrong, maybe she’d still be alive, maybe Levy and Lucy would still be in space where it was safe. At least, safer than the ground.

But her mom wasn’t wrong. The people did deserve to know.

And they never would.

She could hear voices getting closer, her body still bent over with her hands on her knees as she  tried to catch her breath. She had to stay strong.

Or, at least, look it.

With great amount effort and the little energy she had left, Lucy stood up, back straight, wiping away the tears that still fell from her face.

“What the hell happened?”


She wanted to laugh. Of course Jellal would be the one doing the questioning. It was only natural for the kids to look up to him after all; he was technically an adult and they were just a bunch of adolescent criminals who were sent down to save the lives of the innocent.

“We’re not alone,” she breathed out, staring him dead on. She saw his eyes widen, shock and confusion appearing on his face. There were mutters coming from all around her at her words, and she could hear them try to figure out what she was talking about. “There are survivors. Levy, she…” she trailed off. She couldn’t say it. It would only make it too real—too painful.

“She got hit.” She heard Loke finish and she gave him a half smile out of thanks. Her breath hitched at the look on his face—eyes red and jaw tense. He was trying to be strong, but she could tell that he was breaking down just like the rest of them.  

Her ears picked up the sounds of whimpering and her heart broke as she turned her head to see Jet and Droy with tears running down their cheeks, staring at the ground with an arm wrapped around each other. She felt her tears come back—though she doubted they even stopped in the first place—at the sight. They loved Levy just as much as she did, maybe even more.

“We need to go back for her. She could still be alive.” It wasn’t a question—Lucy needed backup. It was true they didn’t know what was out there, but there was no way was she leaving Levy for dead. “You have to come with us, Jellal. You have to help us.” Her voice cracked at the end, her words filled with pleading and desperation.

Lucy hated to ask him, she really did.

But he had a gun, and Levy was more important than her personal feelings.

She could see the pain, the conflict, in his eyes. He didn’t know Levy, hell, he didn’t even really know her. There was no reason for him to help her. More importantly, they now had more life-threatening issues to worry about, like the fact that there are survivors who potentially wanted to kill them all. The crowd started to raise their voices and she could tell panic was starting to settle in with everyone and she was slightly surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

“No,” Jellal stated, voice firm, “it’s a bad idea. We’d only get ourselves hurt—killed. We need a plan; you need to think this through, princess.” His eyes we’re focused on her as he crossed his arms in resolve.

It’s not like she expected him to say yes.

But it still hurt.

“We need to build a wall,” he shouted as he turned to the crowd of teens surrounding them, “make a defence to keep them out.” She wanted to yell, to scream at him to stop being such an idiot, but he wasn’t. A wall was a good idea. She could admit that. It would hopefully keep the grounders at bay, make it known they weren’t welcome. But right now, to her, it didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered except saving her friend, and she’d be damned if she stayed to build a wall when she could be saving a life.

“What if it was Wendy?” she demanded, hands moving to her hips as she took a few determined steps forward, mustering up a look she hoped was intimidating. She had to look in control. His face contorted to one of complete shock and she saw his jaw clench, his hands curl into balls. His features changed to one of anger as he strode towards her, and for a moment, she was scared. She stood her ground, however, not backing down from his towering frame. She knew she made him think twice, that he might change his mind, because the reality of the situation started to sink in, she could see it in his expression, the way his body was tense.

She could only hope to God that he did, because she needed him.

“But it’s not,” his voice was low, tall frame looming over hers, “it’s not Wendy. I don’t know Levy, she’s not my only responsibility. And if I can save ninety-nine lives over one, I’m going to.” She crumpled at his words, shoulders shaking as she held back her tears.

Her teeth chewed the inside of her cheek, not knowing what to say. Because he was right, Levy was one life out of a hundred. She didn’t matter to him.

But Lucy couldn’t help but hate him for it anyway.

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20 Ereri (canon aNGST pls)

#20: “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

“Will you marry me?”

Levi asked the question once he thought the war is over. He asked because he’d been in love with Eren for years and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Eren. Whether that be in a cabin in the woods far, far away from everyone and everything or even if it’s living on the training camp as Eren trained the new recruits. 

He stares at the wedding band that is newly secured on Eren’s finger, the gold shining in the sunlight that filtered through the curtains of their room. They plan on getting married soon, whenever they can find the time and Levi knows that he has to end up asking Erwin for time off and knows that he will not hear the end of it. But it’s worth it because it’s Eren. 

He presses soft kisses along Eren’s bare shoulder and his jaw. Loving the small smile that comes to his face as his eyes flutter open. Despite how long they’ve been together, Levi still has butterflies that bat at his stomach and up through his chest whenever Eren smiles at him sleepily like that, full of love and admiration. It reflects in his eyes, those beautiful emerald green eyes with specks of gold and stripes of blue.

They’re breathtaking. Eren is breathtaking. 

“Good morning, beautiful,” Levi whispers, fingers carding through Eren’s chocolate brown hair that he’s grown out. It’s well past his shoulders and Levi loves it more than anything. He thinks it suits Eren’s more filled out form, makes him look more mature than he sometimes is. 

“Hey.” Eren’s voice is low and gravelly and it does unspeakable things to Levi. 

They share lips for a moment, a long moment at that and Levi feels so content where he is in that moment. Laying with Eren. It’s rather quiet, just being right before dawn when Eren has to get up and start training new the new cadets. 

In the midst of their lip locking and intimate words, there’s a knock at Levi’s door and he keeps his swears quiet and against Eren’s lips, drinking in the small snort he makes and gives Levi a small shove of motivation to get up and answer the door. 

And he does, reluctantly, after pulling on a shirt and shaking out his hair and using his fingers to comb it down. 

“Captain Levi.” The cadet salutes him and he gives a nod of acknowledgement. 

“What can I do for you?”

“Commander Erwin requires your presence. Along with Squad Leader Eren.” Levi grunts in response, dismissing the cadet and he shuts the door with another curse under his breath. 

“Already?” Eren asks with a small groan and Levi walks over, sitting on the edge of the bed. He reaches over, caressing Eren’s cheek with his knuckles. “I don’t want to,” he groans. “I have to go train with the cadets.”

Levi shrugs, standing up and tugging on Eren’s hand to get him to stand up. “We’ll have Jean take care of them.”

They shower together, one of Levi’s favorite times of the day whenever they have the rarity to wake up together and take their time. He loves Eren’s fingers through his hair, gentle touches along his skin and gentle lips roaming his shoulders and neck whenever they feel like it. 

“I love you,” Eren whispers as he dries Levi’s hair and presses a lovingly soft kiss to his nose. 

It makes Levi crack a smile, something only for Eren’s eyes. “I love you too.”

The last thing they expect to hear from Erwin so early in the morning is a plan for another expedition. To both Eren and Levi’s knowledge, they were supposed to be done for a while, at least six months and use the time to train and train and train. 

But of course, Levi should have known better than to get his hopes up for some kind break and his heart aches at the solemn look that covers Eren’s usually charming face. He nods, giving Erwin a salute before making his way out to find his recruits. 

“Why another one?” Levi asks and Erwin sighs. 

“It was a command from the higher ups,” he sighs and leans back in his chair. “All the information that they gave me was extremely vague but we should have more when we reach our location. 

Levi doesn’t say anything when he turns on his heel to walk out. He makes himself tea to calm down, finding his way outside to watch all the recruits train. Some of them ogle over Levi, smiling and giggling a little when he looks their way. They do the same when Eren turns his attention to them and he sends them on their way. 

That night and the next few nights following, Eren doesn’t say much. Doesn’t have to. Levi knows him well enough to know what he’s thinking and so he holds him close and tight, his words masked by kisses pressed to his jaw, shoulder, hair — wherever he can reach. 

The kiss they share when they wake up on the morning of the expedition is full of love and fear. Fear that they won’t come back to each other. It’s something that they refuse to verbally speak about but the fear has always been there, hidden in Levi’s eyes and always open and expressive in Eren’s.

“I love you.” Levi says it firmly, willing his voice not to waver or shake. He needs to be strong for Eren. “More than anything.”

“I know,” Eren presses their foreheads together and closes his eyes for a moment. “I love you too. We’ll be okay. I promise.”

“Be careful.” Levi knows that sometimes, Eren doesn’t exactly think things through, the thrill of the battle and flying through the air always pumping through his blood and makes his head fuzzy with adrenaline. 

Everything is okay for the first couple of days, nothing to see but trees and land, wild animals roaming about here and there. Eren keeps his horse close to Levi’s often looking back to check on his squad to make sure that they’re okay. For some of them, it’s their first expedition and Levi almost chuckles at the excitement that gleams in their eyes. Much like Eren when he was new.

“Captain! Titan incoming!” His head turns and sure enough, there it is, making it’s way their way and he turns to make eye contact with Eren. 

They split off into teams, Levi and Erwin’s going one way and Eren and Hange’s going another. There’s fear pumping through Levi’s blood, something that never happened until Eren came along and tumbled into his life. Now he can’t help but think about something happening to the boy. The love of his life that means everything and more to him.

Eren and his team are all waiting in the trees, more titans appearing and once they’re close enough, Levi veers to the right and jumps off the horse. Everything is happening so fast, much like always and he makes his moves to slice the nape of the titan. It falls to the ground and Levi lands on his feet.

Whistling for his horse, he makes his way to the trees, more titans thumping their way behind him. He’s shouting out orders, cadets following behind him the best that they can and much to his horror, there’s abnormal titans making their way closer. 

They fly through the trees, the cadets finding their way to Eren and his troops. Levi is on his way to slice the back of a neck of a titan, eyes finding Eren through the trees. His eyes are wide, jaw clenched as dodges branches. 

Levi lands on a branch in time to watch a titan arm fly up, reaching for a new cadet that Eren skillfully kicks out of the way. His stomach drops as Eren is hit, sending him into a spiral and smacks into a tree, falling motionless. 

“Eren!” Levi screams his name, emotion raw in his tone and there’s nothing else in the world that matters other than getting to his lover now laying at the bottom of the trees. 

He slices the nape of three titans on his way down, taking out his rage on the monsters before he lands and he stumbles a little. Knees shaking and chest heaving, Levi can’t focus on anything accept the bleeding that comes from Eren’s body. 

Levi drops to his knees, maneuver gears clanking loudly and he doesn’t care. He pulls him into his lap, hands shaking as he pushes Eren’s hair away from his face. He’s crying, not that he can help it and wipes away the tears that drop on Eren’s cheeks. 

“Eren, baby, hey,” he shakes him but he gets nothing. “Eren! Eren wake up. Open your eyes. I need to see them, please.” His voice cracks and everything is silent. 

He knows that everyone is watching, Hange and Erwin making their way down but they don’t say anything or make any move to pull Levi away. 

“Please wake up because I can’t do this without you,” Levi sobs and he pulls Eren close to his chest, “not anymore.”

Land Next to Me: Chapter Two

A/N: Thanks to @cupcakecana and @x-benihime for being amazing and giving me feedback/editing this for me!! <3

Enjoy Natsu’s POV of chapter 1, which is mostly to establish his world!

(won’t be posting on ff.net for a while because I ran into computer issues-i.e., I spilled water on it and it is fried)

Translations at the bottom for Trigedasleng 

Fandom: Fairy Tail/the 100

Rated: T

Words: 3120

Pairing: Nalu

Characters: Natsu, Gajeel, Acnologia, Sting, Levy- mentions of others

Summary: Three hundred years since the human race has set foot on Earth, one hundred teen prisoners are sent down with nothing but their wits. Even though she’s just as scared as everyone else, Lucy Heartfilia will do anything she can to make sure they survive.

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Chapter 2: Down Here, Weakness is Death, Fear is Death

“What the hell?”

Fire blazed in the sky, bright and blinding as it descended, moving closer and closer to the ground.  Natsu’s eyes fixed on it, at first thinking it was a star, but the closer it got, the less likely it became.

A large group gathered, surrounding Natsu, all looking up at the sky. The younger children muttered to each other about it being a falling star, just like he’d thought it was, but those who were older knew better.

This was dangerous.

A heavy weight settled in the pit of Natsu’s stomach, fear of the unknown creeping up on him.

Vieda.” Natsu tensed at the familiar voice and his back straightened as he turned to face Acnologia.

Natsu looked up at him. “Chief?”

“They’re from the sky—Skaikru. They are not welcome here.” A shiver ran down Natsu’s spine at Acnologia’s menacing expression and he nodded at the chief’s words as he hid his anxiety.

A new clan.


The unfamiliar word sounded strange in his mind.

Even if there were people falling from the sky, they wouldn’t last long if Acnologia’s expression was anything to go by.

He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it.  

The legends had spoke of those from centuries past who’d travelled to the sky, but he thought they would all be dead by now. It was inevitable. How would they grow food, or even get water? They were in space, where there was nothing but stars and the moon.

Besides, even if there were people coming down, those flames would’ve surely engulfed them.

“Come,” Acnologia barked. He strode to the main war hut and paused at the entrance, looking back. “Gajeel!”

“What?” It was muffled. From the other side of the hut.
“Did you get everyone?”


“Well hurry the fuck up. Get the council members. We gotta figure out our defense. Go now.” With that, their Chief disappeared inside.

Reluctantly, Natsu made his way over, Sting sidling up next to him. He quirked a curious eyebrow at the blond, earning a mere shrug from him.

It was clear to him that Sting also had his doubts. He’d never been as good as Natsu at hiding his feelings.  

Natsu kept his face neutral and shoulders pushed back as he entered the hut. If he wanted to stay alive, he couldn’t let his guard down. Not around their chief.

Being part of the chief’s personal guard was never in Natsu’s plans, yet here he was, thanks to being a protective idiot. He never would’ve volunteered if he’d thought there was any other way to protect Romeo or one of the other kids from being selected.

Taking his seat at the round table, Natsu glanced to the rest of the room—Laxus and Cobra on either side of Acnologia, Sting and Rogue beside Cobra.

He narrowed his eyes at Gajeel who sat beside him, cool air following him from the outside. His obvious pleasure at being back here once again written all over his face, no doubt aching to kill.


Not to say that Natsu didn’t love a good fight himself. He just didn’t like killing for pleasure like the others seemed to.

“The legends spoke of the sky people and how one day they would return,” Acnologia stood, expression hard yet manic. “I cannot predict where their ship will land, but if they come into our territory,” he gazed at each other them, grin turning sadistic as his eyes landed on Natsu, “frag emo op.”

Natsu heard Gajeel let out a grunt of agreement, saw Cobra’s smirk and the coldness in Acnologia’s eyes, and made a vow to himself.

He would kill Acnologia, whatever it took.

The Chief assigned positions. Cobra and Laxus would cover the North and South, respectively, Sting and Rogue the East, Natsu and Gajeel the West. Natsu tuned out the rest. He didn’t care about strategies or whatever else they were discussing.

Shuffling pulled Natsu from his thoughts as everyone stood and headed out of the hut, excitement and bloodlust clinging to them. It had been quiet recently, with the new Commander’s coalition, not many opportunities for blood to have blood.

The needless wars and senseless killing had stopped for the most part. Natsu had been able to spend more time with Romeo and the other children, grateful to keep them from the danger the other krus could be, and teach them to how defend themselves—not only physically but mentally.

Never show weakness. He told them, fiercely. Weakness is death. Fear is death. Don’t show your fear.

“Let’s go, Salamander.” The gruff sound of his reluctant partner broke him away from his thoughts. He turned to face Gajeel, and with a nod, grabbed his bow and arrows. He followed Gajeel to the trees, the pair moving quickly and quietly as they approached their border near the mountain, neither saying anything.

They never really got along, though Natsu didn’t get along well with any of the guard for that matter. They enjoyed killing, he didn’t. It was as simple as that. If tolerated any of them, it was Sting and Rogue—mostly because he’d helped teach them to fight, and they knew when to spare a life.

The duo perched themselves up in the trees, facing the lake, waiting for the so-called ‘Skaikru’ to approach. Natsu still doubted that anyone could survive the fall on a flaming fireball. It could just be a falling star like he initially thought—even if that didn’t make much sense either—besides, if there had been people in the sky for all these years, why come down now?

“This is pointless,” Natsu grumbled as he adjusted his quiver. They would be stuck in this spot for days before Acnologia would send for them once he realized there were no invaders.

At least, Natsu hoped that was the case. If there really were sky people, they wouldn’t know about the boundaries or the kill order, and Natsu would be forced to kill innocent people in order to save himself.

He had to figure a way out of this.

“It’s the chief’s command, don’t complain.” Gajeel spared him a single glance as he surveyed the land in front of them. “Unless you’d rather step down from the guard?”

Natsu saw him smirk. Gajeel knew the answer already. The day Natsu stepped down from the guard was the day Natsu died. He would never let someone take his place and have them be subjected to Acnologia’s reign. It was his burden to bear.

Protect those who cannot protect themselves, Natsu. Don’t be afraid.

He wasn’t sure what Igneel would think if he saw him now. He hoped that he’d be proud.

Voices drifted over from across the river.

Voices speaking english.

His pulse quickened and his gaze darted to Gajeel, fists clenched at the ever-expanding grin on his partner’s face. He saw Gajeel’s grip on the spear tighten, poised to attack, aching to launch it.

“Only if they cross, Gajeel,” Natsu spoke low, not wanting to draw attention to themselves. He couldn’t see the people yet, but he knew they were there, and they were most likely not Trigedakru.

“Yeah, yeah,” Gajeel waved him off, branch beneath him bending dangerously as he practically bounced on his heels.

A predatory grin warped his face.

Scowling, Natsu readied his bow and tried to figure a way out of this. He could only pray they didn’t cross the river.

The group appeared from the woods dressed in strange clothes and, from what he could tell, weaponless.

He frowned and slackened his grip on his bow, curious. He couldn’t understand why they’d wander this far from their crash site, if it was indeed Skaikru, and without weapons at that.

“Gajeel,” he stated, hooking his bow over his head, string across his chest, “these people aren’t dangerous. They don’t even have weapons.”

“Your point?” Gajeel scowled and his eyes narrowed, not bothering to spare Natsu a glance.

“Wouldn’t it be better to question them? Ask them why they’re here?” He was grasping at straws—a lost cause, and he knew it. Gajeel knew it too.

“The chief told us to kill ‘em if they cross, so if they cross I’m gonna kill ‘em. End of story.”

Natsu sighed and turned to the odd looking group. They were young, two girls and three boys, probably around his own age. They were discussing something, looking at a big piece of…something with markings on it. What was it? They were pointing to it and then looking up and around. What were they doing? Maybe he could get a closer look—

His heart clenched at that. He and Gajeel were here to kill them. They couldn’t come closer. They needed to leave.

There was a loud exclamation from the orange-haired boy as he ripped the…thing…from the blue-haired girl. The rest of them looked worried. Uneasy.

Hope bloomed in his chest for a moment.

But then the white thing was tucked away, Skaikru’s faces changed from worry to resolve, and Natsu held his breath.

They’d found the old bridge, a path that Natsu and the rest of the clan used to cross the river when they were hunting or when the kids wanted to explore. Natsu chewed his lip, hoping they’d be too scared to cross. But then the blue haired girl stepped in the water, and Natsu could practically smell the smugness coming from Gajeel.

He let out a shaky breath, dread running cold in his veins as he watched the young, innocent, ignorant, girl practically skip across the water, distantly hearing someone call her name. Levy.

Two of the boys followed.

And then the blonde hurried out, and Natsu could see the desperation on her face—the worry.

A lump settled in his throat. Constricting Heavy. He wanted to scream at them to get. Back.

She stepped out of the water and onto the land—their land—with a wide grin from her apparent success. Natsu whipped to look at Gajeel’s readied arm and lust for blood in One.

Levy turned to her friends, smile only growing.


Gajeel’s left arm extended to aim, the other bent, readying to release.


Gajeel launched the spear. A perfect throw. Straight for the girl. No curve.

He knew without a doubt it’d hit it’s mark.

A scream and a frozen smile. Eyed wide. Shocked and empty. Forever etched into his mind. His heart plummeted. His stomach churned, horrified at Gajeel and what he had done.

He saw the rest of the group try to get to her, but the orange-haired one stopped them. It looked like he was in physical pain to have to do so.
With how the blonde was digging her nails into him, he wouldn’t be surprised if he was.

And then Gajeel threw another spear.

He missed his target by an inch.

Anger roiled in Natsu. He had to stop this.

“Fuck.” He growled, unable to contain himself anymore. He leapt from the tree and he grabbed Gajeel by his ankle, yanking him down from his own branch. Gajeel reeled back, whirling on Natsu, his third spear now angled at him.

“What the fuck, Natsu!”

Natsu didn’t care. He shoved the point out of his face and yanked the spear away from Gajeel. “This is wrong, Gajeel. They’re defenceless.”

He quickly grabbed an arrow from his quiver and shot it out to the water.

A warning.

Though, he hoped at this point the message was already clear to the group.

They needed to get the fuck out.

His hands clenched as he looked back to Gajeel.

Gajeel was pissed.

And Natsu knew he was about to make it worse, but he didn’t give a flying fuck at the moment.

“You should be proud.” He made the hatred clear in his snarled words, spitting them at the black-haired male. “You’re turning into our Great Chief. Maybe someday you’ll kill someone’s innocent father as they beg you for mercy, just like he did.”

He’d struck a chord with Gajeel, he knew. He didn’t need to see the flicker of regret interrupt his gratified, murderous expression.

But then it was gone and Gajeel was advancing on him.

Natrona.” Gajeel spat, fist flying towards Natsu. The hit struck his jaw, his head snapping to the side, body twisting with it from the force.

He could already feel the bruise forming and metal rolling over his tongue.

He stood, shocked for a moment, before spitting at the ground and turning to look at Gajeel, tongue poking the inside of his cheek in frustration.

Natsu stayed expressionless, no pain or fear, as he met Gajeel’s glare head on.

“I may be a traitor, but at least I’m not a mindless follower of a dictator. You know these people aren’t dangerous. You know they’re innocent.” He squared his shoulders and ignored the throbbing in his jaw.

“They’re Skaikru, Salamander,” Gajeel argued, hand flying to the sky, “they’ve been living in the stars! They ain’t fucking innocent and I’m gonna prove it.” He turned his back on Natsu, took a few steps, then stopped, looking over his shoulder.

“Though I doubt you’ll still be alive to see I’m right,” he spat, letting out a humourless laugh before taking off in the direction of their home, not once looking back.

Natsu never expected anything less from Gajeel.

He turned to face Levy, absently scratched at his face, and winced.

He really was an idiot sometimes.

So much for never stepping down, he thought, frustrated.

But he couldn’t have stopped himself.

These people were helpless, their knowledge of this world limited, as was his of theirs. They didn’t know any better. That didn’t mean they should be killed for it.

He turned back to the water just as they disappeared into the safety of the trees.

Good, he thought, flee.

He looked around, spotted some comfrey plants, and grabbed a few on his way to the girl. Gajeel was a good shot, but he’d been a fair distance away when he’d thrown the spear. With any luck it wouldn’t have gone all the way through and she’d still stand a chance.

He dropped to his knees next to her, taking care to not pull out the spear as he moved his hand under her small body. He sighed in relief as he felt only clammy skin, no trace of the spear or blood. He lay her back down, double checking for blood on his fingers, before he moved to her wrist to check for a pulse. It was faint, but it was there.

He couldn’t believe it.

With a quick prayer to Pramheda, Natsu gripped the spear around and took a deep breath before he pulling it straight out, quickly and carefully.

He heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a pained groan, and his head snapped to her face. He froze for a brief moment at the sight of her eyes open, the terror in them unnerving. Her lip quivered, tears falling from her eyes in silent horror, the pain too much for her to speak.      

“It’s okay,” he reassured—in english—dropping the spear and reaching for her hand. He worked quickly, pressing leaves into the wound, giving her hand a gentle squeeze at her soft whimper. “I’m Natsu kom Trigeda. I’m here to help.” She barely reacted, either confused at the use of Trigedasleng, or she just wasn’t processing his words. She was scared and in pain, and he was going to do his best to help her.  

He placed pressure on her wound to stop the bleeding..

He bit his lip, worried.

He couldn’t move her on his own, not without risking her injury getting worse, and he didn’t want to leave her in case she wasn’t there when he returned.

He wasn’t just worried about the wild animals.

He watched as the girl’s eyes closed and muscles went slack. Though he felt slightly guilty, he was grateful she wouldn’t be awake and in pain. He could’ve taken on Gajeel and stopped this.

But he had been a coward.

He could leave her, go back home and deny Gajeel’s accusations, which he knew Gajeel was making to Acnologia. He could say he just wanted to make sure the girl was dead, but nobody would buy it. Even if it were the truth, Acnologia was looking for a fight. He was looking for blood. He wouldn’t want Natsu to be innocent.

Natsu ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. He couldn’t think properly. He needed to figure something out. He needed to survive. He’d been doing it all his life. It was the one thing he was good at. So what was he supposed to do?

Protect those who cannot protect themselves, Natsu.

Igneel’s words always crept back. He knew what the right thing to do was.

But how was he supposed to do it?

With a deep breath, Natsu tried to calm his racing thoughts. There was a logical solution to this.

He spotted his quiver and he grabbed it, ripping the cloth he kept tied around it and wrapping it around her small frame to cover the wound best he could to apply a bit of extra pressure to it.

Natsu didn’t typically work with the healers—he only knew the basics in case he got hurt and was by himself—but he couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of his handy work. In any other case he would just go see Porlyusica for help. That wasn’t an option at the moment though…obviously.

He slung his quiver with its remaining arrows over his shoulder as he tugged lightly on the makeshift bandage to make sure it would hold. When it did, he slid his hands under the girl and hoisted her up in his arms.

He could only hope that he would be able to hold the injury steady long enough to get her somewhere safe.

He adjusted his hold, making sure she was secure, and looked out at the lake in front of him. He was doing the right thing.


If he didn’t bring the girl to them, she would probably die. He couldn’t count on the others coming back for her, and it felt wrong to just leave her.

But thoughts of his friends and the kids from home plagued his mind. He couldn’t leave them. Some of them didn’t have parents anymore. He’d be abandoning them.

Maybe he could go back after bringing the girl back. He could talk to Acnologia, could beg him to believe him.

Taking a deep breath, Natsu took a step forward, foot hitting the water.

He could only hope he wouldn’t regret this.  


Vieda (vay-da)–> Invaders
Trigeda (tree-ged-duh)–> Woods Clan
Skaikru (sky-crew)–> Sky people
Frag emo op (fe-rag em-oh ah-p) → Kill them all
Trigedakru (tree-ged-duh-crew )–> People of the woods clan
Natrona (na-trunna) → Traitor
Pramheda (präm-head-da) → First commander
Kom (come) → From/of the

89th Academy Awards Winners

Best Picture


Actor in a Leading Role

Actress in a Leading Role

Actress in a Supporting Role

Actor in a Supporting Role

Adapted Screenplay

Original Screenplay

Animated Feature Film

Foreign Language Film

  • The Salesman (Iran) - Winner
  • A Man Called Ove (Sweden)
  • Land of Mine (Denmark)
  • Tanna (Australia)
  • Toni Erdmann (Germany)

Documentary Feature

  • Fire at Sea
  • I Am Not Your Negro
  • Life, Animated
  • O.J.: Made in America - Winner 
  • 13th


Film Editing

Production Design

Costume Design

Makeup and Hairstyling

  • A Man Called Ove, Eva von Bahr and Love Larson
  • Star Trek Beyond, Joel Harlow and Richard Alonzo
  • Suicide Squad, Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini, and Christopher Nelson - Winner

Original Score

Original Song

  • “Audition (The Fools who Dream),” La La Land, music by Justin Hurwitz, lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Trolls, music and lyric by Justin Timberlake, Max Martin, and Karl Johan Schuster
  • “City of Stars,” La La Land, music by Justin Hurwitz, lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul - Winner
  • “The Empty Chair,” Jim: The James Foley Story, music and lyric by J. Ralph and Sting
  • “How Far I’ll Go,” Moana, music and lyric by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sound Editing

Sound Mixing

  • Arrival, Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Claude La Haye
  • Hacksaw Ridge, Kevin O’Connell, Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie, and Peter Grace - Winner
  • La La Land, Andy Nelson, Ai-Ling Lee, and Steve A. Morrow
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, David Parker, Christopher Scarabosio, and Stuart Wilson
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Greg P. Russell, Gary Summers, Jeffrey J. Haboush, and Mac Ruth

Visual Effects

  • Doctor Strange, Stephane Ceretti, Richard Bluff, Vincent Cirelli, and Paul Corbould
  • The Jungle Book, Robert Legato, Adam Valdez, Andrew R. Jones, and Dan Lemmon - Winner
  • Kubo and the Two Strings, Steve Emerson, Oliver Jones, Brian McLean, and Brad Schiff
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, John Knoll, Mohen Leo, Hal Hickel, and Neil Corbould

Animated Short Film

  • Blind Vaysha
  • Borrowed Time
  • Pear Cider and Cigarettes
  • Pearl
  • Piper - Winner

Live Action Short Film

  • Ennemis Intérieurs
  • La Femme et le TGV
  • Silent Nights
  • Mindenki - Winner
  • Timecode

Documentary Short Subject

  • Extremis
  • 4.1 Miles
  • Joe’s Violin
  • Watani: My Homeland
  • The White Helmets - Winner

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54 Ereri. Ooh angst.

54. “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.” 


“Here they come,” Erwin said, as a dozen overlapping howls filled the air.

“Shall I go?” Levi asked.


Levi waited, listening as the first of the combatants met among the trees. He wondered if Erwin could recognise one howl from another. They’d all sounded alike to him at first, but now…

Teeth met teeth and claws met claws, and Levi watched Erwin silently, waiting to be unleashed. There was a crack of splintering wood, and a creaking sound as a pine crashed onto its side, somewhere in the forest.

“There he is,” Erwin said, with satisfaction. “I’ll leave him to you.”

Levi spread his hands, fingers elongating into talons, his lips pulling back as his fangs extended from his jaw, and then he hurled himself apart, disappearing into a black mist. He flung himself through the forest, trees appearing and disappearing from his field of vision, ignoring all other sounds of battle, following that one howl.

Eren was standing on the fallen tree, fur shining silver in the moonlight, his jaws gaping as he fended off two other soldiers, but as soon as Levi arrived he dropped into a defensive crouch, growling. Levi wondered how he knew he was there.

Retreat, he ordered, and the other two melted away into the forest to reinforce their comrades elsewhere.

Eren’s eyes shone green, as he waited for Levi to attack, his tail swishing. Levi coalesced behind him, claws extended, and the battle began. Eren roared and snarled horribly, leaving broken branches in his wake as they pursued each other through the moonlit forest, and Levi wondered how they’d hoped to tame him in the first place.

Nevertheless, he was supposed to take him alive. Levi snapped a branch off and kept going, retreating, goading, leading Eren in a circle, his eyes glowing red. He waited a fraction of a second, as if listening to another part of the battle, and Eren took the bait.

He leaped, and Levi only had to stand aside as the jagged spear of pine slid into the wolf’s midsection, skewering him. Eren coughed, blood welling from the wound, his clawed paws scrabbling at the wood as he thrashed.

“It will hurt more if you do that.” The wood protruded another foot from his back; he wouldn’t be able to pull himself off. Levi landed on the branch, claws retreating, his humanity returning to his features as Eren snarled and snapped, his jaws frothing, his eyes rolling in pain. “You hate us that much?”

Eren stilled then, and grew eerily quiet, his eyes fixed on Levi. Levi knelt down to look into his eyes. “Nno,” Eren said, words forced out through wolfish teeth. Was he turning back? Or trying to? He’d have no hope with the moon so full above him. He lowered his head and Levi could feel the warm breath from his muzzle washing across his face.

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.” He spoke carefully, like he’d picked the words out of his teeth. Levi didn’t need to breathe, so he didn’t, instead he slowly extended a pale hand and placed it on Eren’s head, between his pointed ears. Eren closed his eyes, and sighed as Levi gently scratched his head.

“Then why?” Levi asked. “Why are you here?”

Eren lifted his head, but not to bite, his eyes opening. “I need to warn you,” he said. “Please, listen to me. There’s not much time.”

“I will,” Levi promised, and had to refrain from smiling as, despite everything, Eren’s tail wagged.

Chris Colfer, Shawn Levy Tackling 'The Land of Stories' Movie for Fox (Exclusive)
Wish come true: Colfer will not only write the script adapting 'The Wishing Spell,' the first book of the best-selling series, but will direct the movie.

Twentieth Century Fox and Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps are teaming up with Chris Colfer to adapt actor-turned-author’s best-selling fantasy series The Land of Stories for the big-screen.

Fox has picked up the rights to the book series with 21 Laps’s Levy and Dan Levine on board to produce.

In a striking move, the 27-year-old Colfer will not only write the script adapting The Wishing Spell, the first book of the multi-million copy-selling series, but will also make his directorial debut by sitting behind the camera.

Launched with Wishing Spell in 2012, when Colfer was in the middle of his six season award-winning turn on Glee, the Land of Stories universe has grown to include novels, illustrated picture books, audiobooks, in-world chapter books, and an upcoming graphic novel. The sixth and final novel in the series, Worlds Collide, will be published July 11, with Colfer embarking on a twenty-city author tour celebrating the series’ finale.  

Wishing Spell follows twins Alex and Conner Bailey who, after the loss of their father, are transported into a magic book in which the classic fairy tales have come to life. Thrust into a world where they come face-to-face with the characters they’ve only read about in stories, the kids must fight dark forces in order to return home.

Colfer and Rob Weisbach will executive produce. Fox’s Kira Goldberg will oversee development for the studio.

21 Laps, which is flying high thanks to the eight Oscar nominations and hit status of its sci-fi drama Arrival, is currently in production on season 2 of their its pop culture-making Netflix series Stranger Things. It is also in post on Fox’s adaptation of the Alexandra Bracken novel The Darkest Minds, and has Jonathan Tropper-penned drama Kodachrome, starring Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis, in the can.

Colfer first made a name for himself playing Kurt Hummel on the ground-breaking Glee, a role that garnered him a Golden Globe award and multiple People’s Choice Awards and Emmy nominations. It was as the show was ending that his career as an author began taking off, with the Land of Stories books becoming New York Times best-sellers (Wishing Spell was number one for two weeks) and translated into twenty languages.

Colfer has worked as a screenwriter before, penning the 2014 Glee episode Old Dog, New Tricks, and the 2012 original movie Struck by Lightning, in which he also starred. He is repped by ICM Partners, Rob Weisbach Creative Management and Myman Greenspan.

The Iron King (Part 2)


Rated M

Summery:The former warrior prince has claimed the throne and rules his kingdom in peace. But the neighboring King Natsu rubs in his face that Gajeel remains unwed poses a frustrating question. What is a King without his Queen? Natsu’s wife Queen Lucy brings a certain blue friend along with her to the duel between Kings. What will happen when he lays eyes on Lucys friend Lady McGarden?

Part 1

Thoughts are expressed in this format.

Sighing as she looked out the window, her hand holding back the curtain causing a ray of light to hit her brown eyes.

The landscape was beautiful as the carriage rolled along the road. With lush green hills covering the land Levy was curious as to what this new land had to offer.

But there was a something that was keeping her from taking in the sight and that something needed to be handled.

“Lucy how do you deal with Natsu?” Motioning to less than graceful majesty that was King Natsu who was trying not to puke.

He had his head laying across Lucys lap as she stroked his hair gently as she placed his crown off to the side earlier in the ride.

She watched her friends face break into a amusing smile while ignoring the heave he produced as they went over a bump in the road.

“Well he may eccentric at times but…” Lucy looked as she recalled a memory “He always has been there when I needed him the most.”

Nodding her head in understanding as she pushed a lock of blue hair back “True he has been there for you.”

Shifting in the seat reach the large book to her side. It was her favorite book to bring with her on trips.

It was a love story of a Dragon who finds a frighten maiden lost in her travels and as they bonded it turned into love.

The dragon wishes he could become human so that he could live the rest of his days with her and they set off on a journey to a magical wizard.

Running her hand over the worn leather cover. “So what is this King like?
Have you met him?”

Lucy nodded her head and sheepishly smiled “I have and well when I met him it was more or less for Natsu to rub in his face that he is not married.

Levy laughed “Well I can’t say I’m too surprised”

Lucy shrugged “I know I wasn’t too shocked when Natsu did that. King Gajeel didn’t seem to enjoy that though.”

Nodding in agreement. “Not too many people would enjoy that especially an unwed King.” Levy took a moment to think. “Why is he unwed then? A King is a desirable bachelor to many.”

Lucy stiffened slightly “Yes that may be true however…” Looking down at the now sleeping King. “He suddenly became King after his father’s death on the battlefield.”

Sighing and playing with the pink hair with her fingers. “He was quite distraught for awhile which frightened many as he was violent and lashing out at his servants.

It wasn’t till Natsu knocked some sense to him and got back to his normal scowling self.”

Fidgeting with her skirt with her hands Levy nodding sadly understanding his loss. “That must of been a difficult thing to deal with.”

Looking back out the window she could see the castle gates in the distance, the fortress was intricate with spires reaching into the sky. The walls were tall and imposing to any enemy that might dare approach.

What she found interesting was that the castle was mostly made with metal which intrigued her. “A metal castle?” Hearing Lucy laugh at her observation.

“Yes I know I was quite shocked when I first saw it myself but King Metalicana loved metal so much that he made his castle out of it.”

Shaking her head, Levy had to adjust her orange silk headband. “I never have seen a castle like that before. Can’t wait to tell Jet and Droy when we see them next.”

The carriage pulled into the courtyard as it went past the big iron gates. It stopped in front of the black iron doors that went into the castle.

Feeling it stop Natsu seemed to snap out of his motion sickness induced state and sat up. “Finally were here!” Throwing the door open and jumping out of the carriage putting his crown on.

“Come on guys lets go” he said as he ran past the door being held open by the guards who remembered first time he face planted the door with this enthusiasm and held it open the second the carriage stopped. 

Lucy stepped out onto the cobbled ground and held her hand out, “Ready?”

Nodding her head and holding her skirt up with one hand and the other taking Lucy’s hand. “Yes.”

Walking down the hall, the metal of his armor clinking against the floor Gajeel had gotten word that Natsu was spotted in the distance so he decided to wait in the throne room.

Shaking his head even the carriage was flashy with the gold trim and red paint so his lookout had a very easy time spotting it. Very showy how like him.

Gajeel wore his full ceremonial armor as he was going to be welcoming another King and Queen into his castle as well as a Lady after much reminding from Lily to look his best.

Damn cat and his manners.

The black armor shined when the light hit it. With the red bordering the edges it had a very intimidating look to it. He wore his crown which matched with the black iron with red jewels adoring them.

Adjusting the gauntlets carefully as he pasted through the archway into the throne room he walked up the steps took his seat and waited.

The smaller throne sat empty next to him as it waited for a person to occupy its spot.

Looking down as the scratches on the throne caused by his thoughts yesterday caught his attention.

Who would even love a person like me?

Running a claw gently over the grove that was carved into the throne and furrowing his brows together.

What if…..

Shaking his head and looking up as Lilly was walking towards him in his larger form.

I would scare her away before I have even opened my mouth.

“Alright they have arrived so behave my King.” Lilly smirked as Gajeel rolled his eyes at him.

“No promises” he smirked up at the exceed. Lilly laughed “I know but try as there will be Lady’s among us.

Hearing the doors open up Gajeel snapped his head away from Lilly.

A servant by the door announcing the guests entering. “May I present King Natsu and Queen Lucy.”

Watching as the couple walked up to the throne just stopping at the steps to the throne.

“Natsu” Gajeel greeted with a smirk. “Ready to get your ass kicked?”

Cracking his knuckles with his hand and grinning back at Gajeel. “What you mean is are you ready to get yours handed to you on a platter.” Natsu laughed.

Lucy curtsied while ignoring her partners behavior. “Hope you have been well.”

Hearing the doors open again with the sound of heels echoing the room his red eyes drew their attention away from couple to the person entering the room.

They landed on the women entering the room.

Standing up from his seat he could feel heart stop for a moment.  

“Now may I present Lady Levy McGarden.” The servant bellowed out again as she crossed the hall towards him.

She was smaller than Lucy in height but he could not stop the thought that crossed his mind as he look wonder as he took her appearance in.


Levi and Eren having a reward system that whenever Eren does something good or performs best in his experiments, training and especially in cleaning, his corporal would give him something as a reward.

So Eren finally seals wall Maria, and they reclaim the lost land, and Levi decided to give him a reward by his choice…..

Eren is nervous..It’s usually Levi that relays his reward, giving him luxurious food, sometimes clothes of silken threads and even lavishing his body with a finger or two inside his hole or maybe his thick cock. But now, Eren would be the one to request his reward.

He is kneeling in front of Levi, bare and exposed as the man is seated so nonchalantly on his chair, his knees apart as if teasing the young brunet of his mighty rod that would soon be inside his mouth or even ass.

Eren lifts his gaze upward, and he blushes upon noticing the devious smirk on his pale pink lips, those silver eyes gazing his body like a ravenous wolf to its meal.

“Now, you’ve been a good boy Eren, so very good,” - a rough hand, brushes his long chocolate locks off his eyes and the younger whines when the fingers moves to curl over his nape, dragging its blunt nails along it’s sensitive flesh. 

Then he continues, “What do you ask of me? I’ll give it to you, my obedient pet.”

He fidgets, the seductively dark voice invoking the heat in his gut and his leaking cock twitches when he thinks of his wishes.

“I-I want Heichou’s cock in me. P-please… and his milk too.” He struggles, the very image of that rich thick seed inside him bringing along a tantalizing jolt over his spine and Eren edges closer until his nose is buried on that forming bulge of the older man’s pants.

“Oh?? You want me to seal that pretty hole with my cock and cum? Heh, who knew that you were having such lewd thoughts all along.”

A tip of Levi’s boot nudges on his already hard cock, and the man brings it harder, rubbing it harshly as Eren squirms, moving his hips against its leathery surface in search for sweet friction all the while reciprocating by palming and mouthing that cock against the thick layers of cloth.

A flash of white and electrifying wave of pleasure renders him still, and a broken moan passes through his lips to signal his climax. Levi twists his foot one last time and Eren cums, his mouth agape and head craning to see his Corporal’s satisfied and sadistic expression, his eyes gleaming with dark promises for Eren.

He catches his breathe for a short moment, before he turns on his knees and palms, jutting his ass to present it to the man. 

“C-corporal, please seal my hole.”

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30. "Prove it."

Levi gauges the distance between himself and the dummy titan, backs up half a step, and leaps.

He’s taken to training on his own as much as he can. The other recruits simply can’t keep up with him. And he doesn’t like the wary stares of those who still aren’t accustomed to this new Underground recruit. Or the pitying stares of those who know about what happened to Farlan and Isabel just a few months ago.

Levi stares at the sky, clouds floating across the endless expanse of blue and the sun’s brightness making him squint. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to that sight. For a second, Levi allows himself to enjoy this feeling, flying under the open sky with the help of the 3DMG. The feeling of freedom.

Then Levi latches his grapple onto a tree trunk and uses his momentum to lift himself up in a high arc until he’s directly over the dummy. He shifts his weight until he’s almost horizontal, shoots his second hook into the dummy’s shoulder, and falls.

The world blurs as Levi twists through the air, aiming himself at the neck of the dummy. He has to hold himself just right to spin the right way, reach the right moment, keep his blades out and ready without catching them on his wires. Has to make sure that nothing he does upsets the balance needed to hit his target, even as his fall grows faster and harder to control.

Thwunk. Both Levi’s blades hit home, carving two deep gashes that would surely fell a real titan. Then Levi shoots a hook into a nearby tree and lifts himself toward the sky.

The spinning strike is a move Levi’s been developing on his own. It’s risky and difficult but, if done properly, guaranteed to kill. This is the first time Levi’s done it so successfully.

“Very impressive.”

Levi lands on a tree branch and turns away from the sky to glare down at whoever it is that’s interrupted him. On the ground, he can see top of a familiar blond head that makes his stomach flip. Him. What could he want?

“Spinning like that is especially difficult. Few people can do it without getting tangled in their wires.”

“Did you want something?”

“I came here to do some solo training, but it looks like you already had that idea. Mind if I join you?”


“Ah. I see.”

Levi didn’t necessarily intend to offend Erwin - just state the truth - but the fact that Erwin’s not offended at all pisses him off. “I don’t want anyone slowing me down,” Levi says.

“Slowing you down?” Erwin asks. “I can’t imagine how that would be the case. If you’re referring to your maneuver gear talent, I’ll remind you that I’ve caught you in the air before.”

Levi scowls. He doesn’t want to be reminded of that. It still makes him feel weird to think back on that day when everything changed.

“You wouldn’t have caught me if you didn’t have your friend helping you out,” Levi says.

“Mike certainly helped, but I believe I would have caught up to you eventually regardless.”

Levi snorts. “You’re delusional.”

Erwin leans his head back to see Levi better and tilts it to the side. “Am I?”


“Prove it.”

“Prove it?”

“You heard me.” Erwin checks his gear and then looks up at Levi with an unfamiliar look in his eye. “I think it will be useful training. Those of our skill level can only benefit so much from swatting at dummies. Let us see what happens when you try to evade me, and I try to catch you.”

“A rematch,” Levi says.

“A rematch,” Erwin agrees.

And a chance to put blondie in his place. However much Levi has come to respect Erwin as a soldier and a leader, something about the prick irritates him. It’ll be satisfying to beat him.

“Fine then. This time, I’ll be pushing your face in the mud,” Levi promises. Then he leaps off the tree and flies.

The training area is in a patch of woods just beyond the walls of survey corps headquarters, rife with tall trees and plenty of cover. Traveling through the thick branches is dangerous at any speed, but trying to outrun Erwin puts it at a whole other level. It tests the limits of Levi’s agility and strength, challenges him in a way that feels exhilarating.

Levi arcs over the tree cover, the sunlight shining on his face and the wind whipping around his hair, and realizes that, for the first time in who knows how long, he’s kind of enjoying himself.

Erwin keeps pace behind him. Levi can hear him pushing through leaves and occasionally catches a glimpse of him. But no matter what, Levi always manages to evade him. Erwin’s too tall to fit through the spaces Levi finds between the branches. And even if he weren’t, he’s nowhere near a match for Levi’s strength and speed.

Deep in the woods, Levi realizes he no longer hears Erwin. He stops on a tree branch and crouches low, waiting and listening. But still, there’s nothing. The only sound in the forest is the call of birds and the steady hum of insects.

“Give up, old man?” Levi calls.

Suddenly there’s a loud rustle of branches just to Levi’s right. He sees the flash of a blade through the foliage. Levi shoots a hook off to the left and jumps.

He doesn’t see Erwin until he’s already in the air, and he’s nowhere near the blade Levi saw. Erwin crouches in the tree that Levi’s grapple is currently in, and before he can change direction, Erwin calmly pulls the grapple out of the tree trunk.

Levi falls. He shoots off his right grapple, but Erwin’s already on him, dragging him to the ground and throwing off his aim. They land hard, Erwin’s own wires barely slowing their fall, Levi on his back and Erwin on top of him.

The landing knocks the breath out of Levi. He stares at at Erwin, how his gold hair is haloed by clouds and how the blue of the sky is almost the same as the blue in his eyes. Levi’s breath doesn’t come back easily.

“It appears that I won.”

“You cheated.”

“All’s fair in love and war.”

“Are we at war now?”

The faintest smile plays around Erwin’s lips. “Perhaps.”

He stands and offers a hand to Levi. Levi takes it, allows Erwin to pull him up, and then yanks Erwin off balance. He quickly trips him, throws him face-first to the ground and, while there’s no mud here, makes do with pushing Erwin’s face in the dirt.

“Now we’re even,” he says, letting go of Erwin and walking away.

But when he glances back at Erwin, his expression isn’t angry, as Levi would have expected it to be. It’s … impressed? No. That doesn’t make any sense.

Levi’s heart is pounding as he makes his way back to headquarters. He tells himself it’s from exertion.

Levi glanced up at the blonde. Armin seemed pretty engrossed in what he was reading, but that was nothing new. 

They had been doing this for a while. Armin would have trouble sleeping, so he’d go to find Levi. they didn’t usually talk too much. They’d just sit in each other’s company, sipping tea and reading. But Levi would be lying if he said he wasn’t curious about the boy sitting in front of him. 

He seemed very different from the others. Like there was a lot more depth to him than anyone realized. 

He realized he didn’t really know much about Armin. Levi couldn’t judge that too harshly though. He wasn’t exactly known for sharing details of his life story either. 

He closed his book quietly, deciding to lead into a conversation pretty easily. 

“What are you reading?”

Armin looked up, a bit surprised by the voice in the otherwise silent room. “What?”

“Your book. What’s it about?”

“Oh… It’s about the ocean… and lands beyond the walls…”Armin’s voice was a bit sheepish, his body language equally timid. 

Levi raised an eyebrow. “Lands beyond the walls? Isn’t it heresy or treason or something to have books like that?” He didn’t sound or look concerned. If anything, the attitude he gave off was more along the lines of vaguely impressed. 

“Armin nods lightly. “Yes, it is… I used to get beat up because of it…”

“But you still hold on to it. Why?”

“Well…” Armin gave a light shrug, biting his lip a bit, not wanting the Captain to think he was getting emotional. “Because it reminds me. Of my grandpa, who originally owned it… And my parents… They never thought I was strange for wanting to see the ocean like others did… But…” He paused. He could feel tears starting to well in his eyes. He turned his attention downward, hoping to control it a bit better. 

“You don’t need to keep going… You’re from the Shiganshina District, right? I can figure what happened…”

Armin gives a light sniff, shaking his head. “They didn’t die in the attack… they were sent out on the mission to reclaim land… Fewer mouths to feed…”

Levi nodded lightly. “I understand pretty well how that goes… You ever heard of the Underground District?”

Armin gives a light nod, though his expression is curious. “Yes… But, only as a myth.”

“It isn’t a myth. It’s real. It’s actually where I’m from.” This does seem to surprise the cadet a bit, but he can’t deny that Levi makes a bit more sense this way. “Down there, you learn harsh realities pretty quickly. One being just how shitty and corrupt the government is. You learn that if you don’t live inside wall Sina, you’re totally expendable…”

There’s a small silence that hangs heavy between them. Levi breaks it. “I don’t think you’re strange either, if it’s any consolation. We know there’s more out there. Why shouldn’t we be curious? Why shouldn’t we want to see it?”

Armin smiled, his eyes still a bit watery, but nothing spilling over. 

He didn’t usually talk about his parents. Not even with Eren and Mikasa. It didn’t make sense, when he really thought about it. After all, they were best friends. And they’d lost their families too. who would better understand where he was coming from? But he could never bring himself to do it. He’d choke. 

But after sharing even this bare minimum with Captain Levi, he couldn’t deny that he felt better. And Levi had shared some of his story too. Maybe that helped. That their stories weren’t the same. That there were different experiences for them to hear about from one another. Clearly, no all of them would be happy, but that didn’t mean known of them would. He wondered what good memories Levi had from his past. 

He wanted to hear them all. And he wanted to share his too. In small bursts, though. Even just this conversation was a bit taxing emotionally. He doubted he could speak more if he wanted to. 

So they went back to reading, sharing a look that said “We can pick this back up later. When we’re ready to”.

(This was also a request from @pinkheichou. I liked both of the story requests from them, so I just did both. :3 Enjoy!)

RivaMika Week Day 2: Bonding

Mikasa was preoccupied killing her own titans when something inside begged her to check up on Levi. She first refused to listen. How silly of her to worry for the man strong as a whole brigade. Her focused maintained on the monsters until that feeling exploded. She heard the horses running away. She cursed silently.  The horses were in catching distance but she couldn’t ignore Levi any longer. She searched around and found him captured in a titan’s hand.

“Levi” she screamed.

She rushed to her captain’s aid killing all titans in her way.   She refused to hear the crack noise of a titan breaking it’s prey. She commanded her legs to move faster but her speed didn’t improve. Desperation kicked in making her breathing a challenge.  

Her eyes witnessed the titan’s slowly tightening it’s hand but suddenly blood gushed out of the titan’s hand.

Her breathing calmed and in came the rage. She flew towards the titan, swirled in air until she cut the nape of the last titan standing.  Her uncontrollable anger evaporated as she gracefully landed on the floor.  

Mikasa returned her blades to their compartment and ran towards Levi who was on the floor attempting to get up.

“Are you okay?” she asked kneeling down.

Levi shook his head.

“What’s wrong?”

The first thing she noticed was half his face covered in blood. Her immediate reaction was checking his face and head for obvious injuries.  Levi tried to stop her touch but she didn’t let him.

Levi sighed.

“I landed wrong. This ankle isn’t cooperating” he said when Mikasa finished her checkup.

“Let me see.” Mikasa gently removed his boot.  She kept looking at Levi in case she was hurting him. She took off his sock revealing a swollen ankle.

“I don’t think it’s broken but it hurts.”

“Did you hear a cracking noise?”

Levi groaned when she began touching around his ankle.

“More like a pop” he replied.

“Hmm, it seems your ankle is sprained.  I would normally bandage it but the medical supplies were on the horses.”

Her statement didn’t please Levi. He wanted to reply but kept quiet. She heard him calming down his breathing. 

This was one of the things she appreciated about him. His instinct is to lash out when things don’t sit well with him. But when it came to her he always controlled his temper.

“Mikasa, where are the horses?” Levi said. There was no coldness in his voice although she knew he wasn’t happy.

Mikasa sighed.

“They ran away” she replied carefully putting back his sock and boot.


She could sense a growing irritation but ignored it. Finding a safe haven was now their priority.  

“Mikasa” he insisted.

Mikasa rose and moved to his side. She bent down to offer support to the non-injured side. He put some of his weight on her and managed to stand up.

“Nothing we could have done.”

“Like hell. I bet there was a chance if you hadn’t rushed to my aid.”

Loud thunders suddenly began to roar in all directions increasing the urgency to find a shelter.

Mikasa stayed silent, he was out of his mind if he thought leaving him was ever an option. True at one point she wanted nothing more than to take him down a peg. But things were now different.  He wasn’t just her captain anymore.

“Fuck” he cursed almost tripping.

“We are in a remote area. The odds of getting help aren’t in our favor. You should have left-“

“I couldn’t ok?” she interrupted loud with a hint of fear.  She wanted to share more but that certainly wasn’t the time or place to confess what he meant to her.


Author’s Note: Sorry guys, I tried using the daily prompts assigned but I just couldn’t get something flowing with those. There will be a continuation to this story for the remainder days :). Hope you like!

Living With You

read on ff.net and ao3

one / two / three / four

tags: @beaxnalu, @ftfanfics

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and mild smut later on

pairings: nalu, slight gajevy this chapter, possible mentions of gruvia later on

characters: natsu, lucy, gajeel, levy, gray

summary: Finding herself thrown out and drunk after a party wasn’t the way Lucy expected her night to go. After blacking out and waking up in a room with three men, she has a decision to make: will she stay or will she go? Loosely based on New Girl. Roommates!AU

Natsu’s steps echoed down the narrow hallway as he carried a large bag of Chinese food on route to Lucy’s hospital room. Thankfully they got her there in time before anything else bad could happen, and she was safely tucked in her bed sleeping when Natsu had left. Now that he was back, what was he to do about her situation?

Running a hand through his hair and dodging a nurse and three doctors carting around an old man, his own anxiety started to seep through the seams of his carefully planned life. Natsu didn’t think that something like this could have such an effect on him. It was like the night when he found her passed out: she looked so serene that he could have thought she was sleeping if it weren’t for her body being slightly limp. In the moment, Natsu took the lead but he was scared to death. She wasn’t exactly close to him like the others; they were just getting to know one another. But he did know that he enjoyed her company, and that’s what made him so nervous.

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