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When my parents bust into my room at 3:00am excepting me to be doing drugs or some shit but all I’m really doing is watching a gay ass anime about a bunch of guys figure skating…

Eliphas Levi - The Magical Head of the Zohar, “Histoire de la Magie”, 1860.

The Magical Head of Zohar is a cabalistic design illustrating the concept of opposites, the principle of “As Above, So Below”, implying that the transcendent God beyond the physical universe and the immanent God within ourselves are one.

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Levi didn’t think the new law student Jean was cute. Eren wearing one sock pillowed underneath their comforter on Sunday morning was cute. 

Eren smiling and laughing against his lips as they did their grocery shopping at the downtown market was cute. Jean was…something else.

He’d caught Levi’s eye the moment he’d spotted him at the law office—he’d caught a lot of eyes, for many reasons. Jean didn’t look like a law student, if the viper bites nestled in the corner of his mouth and the black lines scrawling up his wrist were any indication. Still, the dude could pull off a suit with his lithe body and designer Hudson boots that looked like they were stolen right out of Levi’s closet.

Something about Jean set him on edge—didn’t make his skin crawl per se, but made his body hum, like magnets under his skin had been awakened by the gentle crook of Jean’s fingers. 

He didn’t seem to notice, at first. Jean, if nothing else, was completely professional with the kind of single-minded sense of purpose that Levi usually associated with Eren (when he wasn’t being cute, of course).

Maybe once-and-awhile something a bit extra clouded up his golden eyes like a spilled glass of whiskey, dark and a little bitter, but he gave no indication of his feelings either way. 

At the holiday Christmas party, Levi thought adding Eren to the mix might be the spark they needed to set the whole world on fire.

He didn’t introduce them, didn’t give much hint of his intentions to either party, just set them loose on each other like flame and kindle, and watched nature take its course. 

It was far from smooth—Eren and Jean had argued, loudly, over some small thing or another. But Levi could tell by Eren’s flushed face and Jean’s narrowed eyes that there was something more than anger stirring in their chests.

After a few drinks, it clearly wasn’t anger. Eren took to rubbing his face against Jean’s shoulder and the taller man looked puzzled and intrigued, like Eren was the next body he needed to pull through trial, requiring a thorough examination of skin and teeth and lips.

Nothing happened that night, obviously. 

But Levi took a certain amount of exquisite satisfaction in pulling Eren into his arms for a quick, dirty kiss in front of Jean, lifting his eyes beneath dark lashes to meet Jean’s heated, sharp gaze. Not long after, they’d agree to go on a date, test the waters and see how the three of them got on.

Perfectly, as it turned out.

iheartereri  asked:

Yo! I'm looking for a fic I read not too long ago but I cannot find it no matter how hard I try! Eren and Levi were both teachers, and some of the students (Sasha, Armin, ect) decide to try and get them to fall in love, like at some point they locked them in a room together and kept messing with the temperatures so they would have to hug for warmth or whatever. Thats about all I know~ Hope you can help! Thanks~

I remember this fic! Here you go friend!

I Heard You Talking 
Summary: Levi is a prissy History teacher, who insists on everything being orderly, clean, and on time.
Eren is an outgoing, fun-loving English teacher who every student loves.
Oh, and they hate eachother’s guts.
So naturally, the 104th class decides to get them together, by any means necessary.



Vivian: So really though, how was it you weren’t able to tell me and Dante were together? If anything, I thought Roxanna or Jayla would have told you by now.

Levi: You should know this by now. I’m not exactly a prier, nor do I listen in on gossip. If someone wants to tell me something, then I’ll listen. Otherwise, it’s not my business.

Vivian: Well, I’m still sorry regardless.

Levi: (shrugs) So, how did it even happen?

Vivian: First he asked me to hang out at the arcade, then he asked me on a “second date” at the park for a cute little picnic. He kissed me, and ever since then it’s been history. (smiles)

Levi: He kissed you?…

The LVC Miners from the 2013 collection. The original piece was found in an abandoned mine and is widely believed to be the first non-pant product from Levi Strauss. Well crafted with careful attention to detail such as the hand stitched pocket arcuate and original style rivets.  Levis constructed this reproduction piece from Cone Mills 2x1 9oz selvedge denim in a distinctive wash.

SNK Fic Rec (yes finally!)

Okay so I promised the cutie @ship-on-ice​ that I’ll do a rec on SNK fics, so here it is ! I didn’t discover hidden treasures but still ;)


  • Not The Monster You Wished For -  JustAWritist : I didn’t I had a thing for disabled!Eren but here it is ! The treatment of PTSD and disability were so on point, I’m impressed. If you manage to forget about the incoherency of Eren’s age, it’s all good (we only learn about it near the end anyway) ! Also the build is so slow it killed me ? Like agh just kiss already you morons omg.
  • I Heard You Talking - screwtodayimsleeping : Omg this one is one of my favorite ! English Teacher!Eren, History teacher!Levi, nurse!Petra and the whole 104th class forming couples ? A receipt for success. Seriously, go read it !
  • Freedom of the Press - kylar : THIS FIC ! This fic, omg, this one got me on the Ereri train for real. One of the first I read, Modern day AU, soccer player!Levi and photographer!Eren. I wished it never stopped so I could go on reading forever. I’ve read more stuff from this author and wow, is it possible to be this talented ? (The fact that they also write Haikyuu stuff literally killed me). Let’s forget that the USA managed to pass the pools at the World Cup by beating Uruguay and everything is perfect haha (I mean come on, Uruguay is 9th and the USA 28th, this is past UNBELIEVABLE - yes I’m a soccer nerd).
  • That Photocopy Freak - EvangelineSinclair : This one is just fluff and really funny. Hanji and Isabel teasing Levi must be one of my favorite thing.
  • Après Toi - synergic : Okay here is the heavy angst. And when I say heavy it’s self-harm and suicidal heavy. I cried reading it but happy ending though.
  • Aren’t those wedding flowers ? - milleandra : Neighbours Eren and Levi, Flowershop. This one is really short but SO MUCH FLUFF. It’s impossible to stop smiling after reading it.
  • If The Rain Stops - kipnotize : Policeman!Levi, Flower!Eren. This fic is angsty but it’s light and hapy ending ! This may sound weird, but I loved  the fact that it rains so much in the fic. It as one of the first Ereri fic I read, and if you’re missing out if you don’t read it ;)
  • Prayer - ChildishSadism : This fic is in fairytale style, Eren being the sun child and Levi the moon child. I really loved it, also the writing style is awesome. Just click and read it, you won’t regret it
  • Junkyard Dogs - acidtowns : This one is Prison!AU, and the one I’m most reserved about. The angst is heavy and good, and the plot twist is awesome. But the ending is open and if there’s something that I don’t like much, it’s open ending. Not everybody’s like me though, so you should give it a try!
  • Fuck: My Life - mongoose_bite : Okay this isn’t strictly Ereri, but Erureri. Porn actors Levi, Eren and Erwin. Also the most ethical porn I’ve ever seen/read. 182k words of awesomeness, go read it if it’s not already done !
  •  Art Of War - catsonfire : 52k words and it’s just fluff ! I think I died reading that fic, and just thinking about it, my soul departed to heaven - bye and don’t forget to read it
  • Color Me Dawn - orphan_account : Levi wering eyeliner and working in a flowershop (yes I have a thing with flowershop) and football player!Eren. This is also insane fluff so read it and join me in the Ereri fluff paradise.
  • Click on my Heart - CocoaChoux : The first genderfluid character fic I read and I’M GLAD I DID ! Eren is so cute, Mikasa too, and her and Levi are like family goals. Also Gamer!Levvi really got me to play video games again. This is all fluff and really well written, full of respect and acceptance, if only humanity was like this.

Okay so this is the end. I wanted to do an Eruri rec too but this one is already too long and I have more Eruri fic to rec. Anyway, there’s some well-known fic on this and some not so well known. Hope you like everything (and @ship-on-ice, once your exams are done, you can start reading ;) ).

Mikasa Discovers Levi’s browser history.

I want to make more Rivamika/Chibi RivaMika comics, So please feel free to make suggestions/Requests in my ask box HERE!

Levi’s Search History

Pairing: RivaMika
Rating: T
Genre: Comedy

A/N: An idea I had. Not necessarily a narrative, but I couldn’t resist the idea.

Synopsis: Google search alone can tell you an entire story about a person.

Levi’s Search History

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New Levi’s YouTube documentary exploring the history of denim in Japan.