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[This is by no means a perfect list and I had real trouble finding books written by female authors, specifically in more scientific areas, so if you have any recommendations then send them to me and I’ll update this list]


South Park portrayal of suspected killers  -“Butters’ Very Own Episode”

In the episode, Butters survives a murder attempt by his own mother after discovering his father’s homosexual dalliances. Meanwhile, Butters’ parents join John and Patsy Ramsey, Gary Condit, and O. J. Simpson in lying to the press about who murdered Butters. 

At the time of the episode, public opinion held that Gary Condit had probably killed Chandra Levy and the Ramseys had probably killed their daughter JonBenet. However, someone else was later convicted for the murder of Chandra Levy and Condit was exonerated. The Ramsey family were also deemed innocent by the district attorney in the case. In a 2011 interview, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone stated that they regretted how Condit and the Ramseys were portrayed in the episode.

That Angel who was brave enough to buy his independence at the price of eternal suffering and torture; beautiful enough to have adored himself in full divine light; strong enough to still reign in darkness amidst agony, and to have made himself a throne out of his inextinguishable pyre.

History of Magic, Éliphas Lévi

or, when you try to show that “the Satan of the Republican and heretical Milton”, “the fake Lucifer of the hetorodox legend” sucks but utterly, epically, terribly fail.

Lieutenant Mike Levy of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry showing off a captured Thompson in Korea. He ran his own guerilla cadre against the Japanese at the age of 19, and during Korea held off a 5000-strong Chinese assault with only his 24-man platoon and help from a New Zealand artillery battery. Every one of his men survived, even as danger-close shells fell less than ten meters from his position. He passed away in 2007.


When my parents bust into my room at 3:00am excepting me to be doing drugs or some shit but all I’m really doing is watching a gay ass anime about a bunch of guys figure skating…

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Can you write a Rivetra fic set in a historic AU please? Thank you in advance.

My world history class kind of whizzed by and I only remember the supernatural parts of US history from my AP class :O I am a slut for the lost colony of Roanoke and the like~ Here is the witch trials AU no one ever asked for :D 


Rivetra. Witch AU. 

1663 words. 

They said drowning wouldn’t hurt her. It wouldn’t hurt her if she was a witch. And she could insist that she’s no such thing as much as she wants, but they’ll never believe her until they pull her body from the lake. As they throw her in, tied up and gagged and helpless, she thinks that burning her would have been more painful but at least it would have been faster. She tries to keep her eyes open, but the salt of the lake stings her eyes. She holds her breath for as long as she can, but her lungs scream for air. Against her will, her mouth opens but water fills her lungs instead of the air she desperately needs. It’s cold and heavy, weighing her down and making it difficult to move. The more she struggles to get out of the ropes, the more she feels herself growing tired. The more her body hurts. The more she wants it to stop.

Can she stop now? Her limbs feel heavy and her lungs hurt too much. If she stopped for a moment, what would happen next? It would be like sleep, wouldn’t it? That’s what it feels like as her eyes begin to close. But she doesn’t think they’ll open again.

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Waistband Wednesday: A Rainbow of Jockstraps

Gay History Month is almost over and I didn’t get you anything. Until now. Behold: 20 Undergear models in a rainbow of jocks from the 90s, 2000s and 2010s. So grab history by the straps and have a Happy Waistband Wednesday!

   Baphomet doesn’t have a long history of myth. The name “Baphomet” began to appear during and after the Crusades. In the early 1300s, King Philip IV of France had Templar Knights arrested and charged with everything from spitting on the cross, to homosexuality, and worshipping false idols. After being tortured and coerced into confession, many knights admitted to engaging in idolatry by worshiping a figure referred to as Baphomet. The most popular belief is that Baphomet was a corruption of the name Mahomet (Muhammad). At this time, Baphomet was not described as being goat-like. Many of the confessions claimed the idols worshiped were shaped like severed heads, sometimes with 3 faces. The image most commonly associated with Baphomet wasn’t created until the 19th century.

   In the 1850’s, a French occultist named Eliphas Levi published ‘Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie’ and included an image of Baphomet  he had drawn himself. This is the famous depiction of Baphomet, complete with a goat’s head, wings, and female breasts. This image is steeped in dualism. On one arm is written “SOLVE” (meaning ‘separate’) and on the other “COAGULA” (meaning ‘join together’). Together “solve et coagula” is a reference to the alchemic concept of breaking something down to build something new. Each of these arms, one described as being female and the other male, are pointing to separate moons. Levi calls these moons Chesed, referring to the Sephiroth that represents God’s love/kindness, and Gevurah, the Sephiroth which represents the punitive aspect of God’s judgement. “This sign expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice.” Even the breasts, said to represent humanity, can be traced to the idea of divine androgyny, the idea that the first creations of god were born as one, androgynous form.The goat head is said to symbolize the “horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely responsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively”. Baphomet is sometimes called the Goat of Mendes, a god described by Herodotus as being the Greek god Pan but is more closely related to the Egyptian god, Djedet, who was the ram-headed god of Mendes. Though, if I may add, the “Bear punishment exclusively” part is reminiscent of the ritual of the scapegoat which is linked to the desert spirit/demon Azazel. In one myth, God even said to his arch angels “to him [Azazel]  ascribe all sin.” It’s this image of Baphomet that is most commonly known and often associated with Satanic organizations which is partially the reason why a lot of people mistakenly associate this image with the devil. I mean, if we’re to believe that the origins of Baphomet stem from a bastardization of “Mahomet” then it’s entire existence in the human psyche is based off the demonization and needless fear of differing beliefs.


Hey, blondie, Levi smiled, sauntering over to the man as soon as he saw him enter the private room at the back of the noisy nightclub. Close by, Jodi stood talking to her boyfriend as the men pulled each other in close. 

What? No kiss hello? Archer teased, brushing his lips gently against Levi’s neck.

I haven’t told Jodi, Levi whispered in response.

You… I thought you were going to tell her about us? 

I was but… the brunette laughed as they pulled away, still remaining close. I thought it would be more fun to see her face when she caught on.

Archer rolled his eyes playfully as a mischievous smile crossed his lips. She’s going to figure it out pretty quick.

Of course she is, he chortled, winking at his boyfriend. She’s Jodi. I’m surprised she hasn’t already.


“With Elizabeth’s burial, the lights went out all over Henry’s court ; the reign was plunged into crisis and Henry, shattered, would never be the same again.”

- Gérard de Nerval, with Jacob Collins-Levy as Henry VII and Holliday Grainger as Elizabeth of York

for @harritudur - I know it’s a bit slapdash but they don’t have any decent pictures of Jacob kinging yet. 

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Do you like Levi ?

I not only like Levi 

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With a passion I mean like how can anyone not 

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anyways why do you ask?

fire & kindle

Levi didn’t think the new law student Jean was cute. Eren wearing one sock pillowed underneath their comforter on Sunday morning was cute. 

Eren smiling and laughing against his lips as they did their grocery shopping at the downtown market was cute. Jean was…something else.

He’d caught Levi’s eye the moment he’d spotted him at the law office—he’d caught a lot of eyes, for many reasons. Jean didn’t look like a law student, if the viper bites nestled in the corner of his mouth and the black lines scrawling up his wrist were any indication. Still, the dude could pull off a suit with his lithe body and designer Hudson boots that looked like they were stolen right out of Levi’s closet.

Something about Jean set him on edge—didn’t make his skin crawl per se, but made his body hum, like magnets under his skin had been awakened by the gentle crook of Jean’s fingers. 

He didn’t seem to notice, at first. Jean, if nothing else, was completely professional with the kind of single-minded sense of purpose that Levi usually associated with Eren (when he wasn’t being cute, of course).

Maybe once-and-awhile something a bit extra clouded up his golden eyes like a spilled glass of whiskey, dark and a little bitter, but he gave no indication of his feelings either way. 

At the holiday Christmas party, Levi thought adding Eren to the mix might be the spark they needed to set the whole world on fire.

He didn’t introduce them, didn’t give much hint of his intentions to either party, just set them loose on each other like flame and kindle, and watched nature take its course. 

It was far from smooth—Eren and Jean had argued, loudly, over some small thing or another. But Levi could tell by Eren’s flushed face and Jean’s narrowed eyes that there was something more than anger stirring in their chests.

After a few drinks, it clearly wasn’t anger. Eren took to rubbing his face against Jean’s shoulder and the taller man looked puzzled and intrigued, like Eren was the next body he needed to pull through trial, requiring a thorough examination of skin and teeth and lips.

Nothing happened that night, obviously. 

But Levi took a certain amount of exquisite satisfaction in pulling Eren into his arms for a quick, dirty kiss in front of Jean, lifting his eyes beneath dark lashes to meet Jean’s heated, sharp gaze. Not long after, they’d agree to go on a date, test the waters and see how the three of them got on.

Perfectly, as it turned out.