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[Fic] 森男 Forest Boy 2/2

Rating: E
Pairing: Ereri
Tags: Post-Canon, Outdoor Sex, Eren-centric, Older Eren,

Levi does not expect to find Eren sleeping against a tree. Naked.

There should be something ridiculously weird about sleeping stark naked out in the opening like this, but Eren looks like he belongs here. Like he is some forest spirit because of the way his brown skin glows in the golden sunlight.

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I know that some are annoyed ( me included) because Juvia did not die and came back the next chapter. The Thursday that went by , I came across this while I was going back to chapters when Zeref first met Natsu and decided to keep going. It said that any Fairy Tail members are protected from losing their lives by the Tenrou Tree . This could be the reason why Gajeel didn’t get sent to the Underworld and Juvia is still alive despite committing suicide and losing a lot of blood. Both were saved by the Tenrou Tree. We know that the Tenrou Tree was moved because of Universe 1. Even for Wendy , there couldn’t have been a way to heal that wound so it could have been that the tree was protecting her from death and Wendy just managed to save her.

What are your thoughts?

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