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Scenarios for 500 Follower Contest Winners!

@maellem - Here is your scenario from mod spookzz! Thanks again for entering and for following, hope this is what you’re looking for. <3 

It wasn’t planned and it definitely wasn’t well thought out, but yet here you were, swinging through the rooftops with an expensive piece of equipment you were damn sure you weren’t supposed to be playing with. You’d heard rumors about how thugs underground had been prosecuted for abusing the 3DMG this way; it was strictly for military use and you were only supposed to have it if you were outside the walls, but it had been all too tempting to participate in the stupid race Eren had bet you were too chicken to complete.

He’d made the assumption you were bound by rules and law, as you typically didn’t stray too far from the path paved for you, but every once and awhile you found the inspiration to break your mold, and a quick dash through the nearly desolate town couldn’t hurt, right? Especially when it involved getting to spend time with the one person you knew you shouldn’t have a stupid crush on.

You’d been sitting around doing practically nothing anyway, and you’d even checked with your squad leader earlier to make sure there wasn’t anything you could be more productive at. You’d practically been twiddling your thumbs when he’d found you, swiping your cloth over your blade for the twelfth time and staring at only your face reflected in the pristine steel until the familiar teal eyes had suddenly come into view.

It was a challenge–a race to see who could get to the tree at the edge of the town first. You knew exactly which tree he was talking about; you’d visited there just two days earlier after coming back from a miniature scouting mission. It wasn’t terribly far away but there were plenty of buildings in between here and there, so you knew you had both many opportunities to succeed and fail. If you made the right choices you could sink your 3DMG in to the buildings and sail through the air at a high speed, but one wrong move and you could find yourself smashing your face into the nearest brick wall.

You weren’t Levi or Mike or even in the top 10 most skilled members of the Survey Corps, but you did pride yourself on your ability to use your 3DMG. You didn’t often toot your own horn but you tended to make split second decisions particularly well, and your skill at foreseeing the path laid out in front of you before it even became available proved particularly useful in stressful, tight situations with looming titans looking to rip out your throat. You were fairly confident in your use of the machinery, which was why you had agreed to race Eren in the first place even though he’d sported a smirk the size of a titan’s, seemingly considering this an easy win on his part.

Which was why you were secretly delighted at the look he currently wore as you zipped past empty buildings; he was beginning to realize that this was not as easy of a win as he had expected it to be.

Nonetheless you would be lying if you tried to say you weren’t having the time of your life. You couldn’t stop the bubble of laughter that escaped your lips as he sent you a challenging, playful glare and you couldn’t stop the huge grin growing on your lips even if it was making your jaw hurt.

You removed your gaze from your brunette haired crush to focus on the trek in front of you. You had a few buildings left before you’d be spinning into open territory with only a couple trees left to sink your gear into. You were so busy mapping out your plan, however, that you had tunnel vision; there was no way you were expecting nor prepared for the impact of the hard body into your side.

You released a grunt as you lost balance, your vision spinning as your body did and leaving you unable to find a safe place to re-secure your lines. You knew you needed to be bracing for impact at this rate, your heart thumping so quickly and loudly in your ears that it was all you could focus on as you desperately brought up your arms for the fall.

You felt a of arms slip around you at the last second as you tumbled toward the ground, and though the impact of the fall still rushed throughout your body, you didn’t take nearly as much damage as you should have. As you slid across the ground and came to a dust-filled stop, your eyes fluttered open to find the familiar face of Eren merely a few inches away, his face contorted into pain as he struggled to deal with his own injuries.

He was hovering over you, arms wrapped around you and his chest practically pressed against yours. If you moved even an inch you could have brushed noses, but instead you stayed completely still, almost halting your breathing altogether. You were sure he could feel the heat radiating off you face; your close proximity was enough to turn you into a tomato.

As the dust settled around you, Eren finally opened his eyes, staring into yours with the bright, inquisitive teal hues that you’d come to know so well. He slowly slipped his arms out from underneath you but kept them planted on either side of your head, not bothering to move even a fraction of an inch away from you. You attempted to swallow but felt the tennis ball located there, the dryness of your mouth doing nothing to help you.

He seemed alright, all things considered, but you couldn’t help but wonder what had gotten the two of you into this mess in the first place. You had barely opened your mouth when Eren interrupted.

“Our gear became tangled,” he revealed, pursing his lips into a thin line as if bothered by his rookie mistake. “The number of houses was narrowing and neither of us accounted for one another as our points of travel became narrower. I was already going to slam into you before I could alter my course of direction.”

You managed to swallow, whispering back a quiet, “oh,” before nodding your head. You shifted your vision to the empty terrain around you, spotting the tree only a few yards away and very much glad that this area was cleared of titans or else you’d have an even bigger problem to be dealing with.

Eren followed your gaze, settling his own on the tree before sweeping the area. Both of your gears sat on the ground around you, completely disassembled and going to take a lot of work to put back together. You couldn’t help but sigh; you were going to have to clean them all over again. Eren noticed your face contort into a scowl and momentarily frowned; he had intended this to be fun, not ruin your day.

Knowing he had to liven the mood and cut the thick tension, Eren glanced back around at your gear, a small grin growing on his lips. “I win.”

You snapped your head to look at him intensely, brows furrowed into confusion. “What? How is that, exactly?”

Eren simply shrugged, his gaze shifting from your eyes to your lips and then back again. Your cheeks heated. “My gear landed closer to the tree.”

You couldn’t even find the words to dispute his claim, your mouth hanging open and eyes wide in shock as you tried to process what he was saying. “You–”

“So I think I’ll claim my prize,” he murmured.

And then he was closing the already miniscule distance, pressing his lips gently against your own. Though he was acting cocky, you could still tell from the kiss that there was a level of uncertainty behind it; Eren was making sure that he had read you right and that you were okay with what was happening. Though you had froze at first, the warmth of his body quickly caused you to melt and you found yourself relaxing, subconsciously lifting your hands to press gently against his chest as you returned the kiss.

Before you knew it, however, he was pulling away, the warmth of his body gone as he jumped from his position quicker than lightning. Any regular human would have been feeling the effects of such a tumble to the point of being unable to move, but you knew his additional titan powers had protected not only him, but you as well. You could only stare dumbfounded as he shot you a shit-eating grin before taking off running toward the tree.

“If I win this, then you have to put both our 3DMGs back together!”

You sprung up, digging your feet into the ground as you tried to ignore just how much your face burned from what just occurred. “And if I win, you’re cleaning mine for a week!”

You knew that it was risky to play around like this when the world was as dangerous as it was, but you also knew that Eren–who had the weight of humanity on his shoulders–desperately needed a break to just breathe, and if that meant cleaning your gear another six times just to hear him laugh again, you would do it in a heartbeat.

Maybe all of that meant you had a little more than a crush but…you’d question that later. For now, you had a race to win.

@amateurmagic Here is your scenario from mod Elle! Thank-you so much for entering and I hope it’s okay that I took a few liberties! 

Well?” Patiently, you shifted on the cot you had been assigned to in the medical wing and waited with baited breath for the medical examiner to finish inspecting your busted up leg. Numerous bruises, welts, and gashes ran down the once pristine and unblemished skin, signifying the trauma that you had endeared from outside of the walls all the way back to headquarters.

You had always been so diligent in maintaining your gear. Each cog and wire was checked daily to ensure maximum function and payoff since one faulty screw could mean your life outside in the field. Your years of training had instilled routines that you couldn’t shake, so…why had your gear failed you during the expedition? Why hadn’t your wires deployed and why had you crashed down from a fifteen-foot drop when you had been so meticulous and careful?

 Had it not been for the fresh, powdery snow that had fallen the night before, your injuries would have been much worse. The snow had cushioned you from death, but it had sustained you with unknown injuries that would undoubtedly hinder your ability to be a soldier, let alone continue to aid in any expedition. As your eyes fell down on the gentle way the doctor was examining your leg, you could only guess that it was broken, at best.

 “I can’t tell without a more thorough exam, but the bone seems to be broken in three different areas. In addition to that…” The doctor’s hesitance didn’t settle well within you and, whether it be from fear or not, you couldn’t bring yourself to ask her to finish her sentence.

 Luckily, you didn’t have to. When the quiet sound of footsteps and the shutting of a door grabbed your attention, you tipped your chin up just in time to see Levi enter the room, the same placid and stoic expression lining his features. “Erwin wants to know how long they’ll be out of commission,” he said in his best blasé manner, arms crossed over his shirt whilst he waited for an answer.

 A nearly suffocating silence filled the room, the tension so thick and tangible that you could feel it taking on a life of its own. With baited breath, you curled your fingers into the sheets as the doctor turned on her heel to look Levi in the eye. “A few months, at best, for the bones to heal, but I’m more concerned about the possible ligament tear in the knee. I won’t be able to know without a proper examination and some time to see how things are healing up, but I want them on strict medical rest, for now. Any sort of walking, let alone training, is going to be next to impossible for a bit.”

 You clenched your hands beneath the blanket, nails leaving behind small, crescent-shaped indentations from where they bit down into your skin. What did they expect you to do for the span of time you’d be confided to as little rigorous activity as possible? As if he had been able to read your thoughts solely based on your facial features, Levi cocked his hip to the side and braced his foot on the wall, asking rather directly, “What do you look so constipated for? Didn’t they dope you up when you got in here?”

 Blatantly ignoring Levi’s poor choice of words (which, in reality, were a reflection of his inability to properly console you), you glanced up at him, lips pursed in a tight line. “It’s less about the pain and more about the fact that I can’t do anything for fuck-knows how long. I hate being told to sit still.”

 There was more to it than that and the both of you knew it. Even if Levi wasn’t saying anything, he knew you well enough to see the glimmer of fright hidden behind your eyes and the way your limbs tensed as the doctor spoke of your injuries. Being a solider meant everything to you; to have that stripped away—even if it was only for a few months—in such an undignified manner was troubling you, but…

 “Erwin isn’t going to kick you out of the Survey Corps if you fucked up your knee,” Levi pointed out, slicing through the conversation to get to the point of your worries.

 You really shouldn’t have been surprised at how easily he was able to read you given your intimate history together. Jerking your eyes away from him, your brow knitted together in frustration, fingers coiled around the thin comforter. “What if my ligament is torn, Levi? That’ll hinder my ability to use the 3DMG,” you said, refusing to make eye contact with him across the room.

 Silence settled above the both of you and, before you could manage to say something else, Levi pushed off the wall and moved closer. His hand descended down upon the crown of your head, encouraging you to look up at him. “If that happens,” he began, those cool, slate-colored irises searching your own, “then we’ll deal with it. It’s pointless to worry about shit you can’t change. You don’t know enough about your injury to start dealing with that. Calm down.”

 Inwardly, you knew that Levi was right. You knew you were over-exaggerating, but that didn’t stop your active mind from wandering down the taboo lane of what-ifs. Being a scout gave you meaning and drive to your otherwise mundane life. Now that you knew about the freedom behind the walls and what victory meant for humanity, how were you supposed to give it up if the situation called for it?

 “Hey.” Levi knocked his forehead against your own, effectively snapping you out of whatever dreary train of thought you were traversing down. “Enough. If you’re going to torture yourself, at least wait until I’m out of the room.”

 Although it had been done in order to get you to focus, you had to admit that your current positioning was rather intimate, all things considered. Levi was never one for public displays of affection and, while the corner of the medical wing you were placed in was fairly vacant, it was still a far-cry from the privacy of his bedroom. In his own weird way, Levi was worried about you; that was obvious enough to soften your eyes and force you to let go of whatever anxiety swam around inside your subconscious.

 You softly pecked the side of his cheek, drawing back enough to prop your back among the pillows behind you. “Sorry. I’m just freaked out,” you admitted, folding your arms over your chest. “I hate sitting still and being forced to hobble around on crutches won’t exactly help.”

 Levi straightened himself up, eyes flickering over to the doorway. “If you have absolutely nothing to do, you can help with paperwork,” he reminded you. While he didn’t say it directly, you knew that his offer was less to do with him needing the help and more along the lines of offering you company you’d otherwise not have.

 Even if he wasn’t able to say what it truly meant all the time, you knew Levi well enough to see the underlying motive to his words and actions.

 “Sure,” you replied, watching as he made his way towards the door. Before he could leave, you called out his name one last time, causing him to peer at you from over his shoulder. You fiddled with the comforter again and smiled, honestly speaking, “Thanks. For everything.”

 He nodded curtly and left you alone to your thoughts but, instead of sinking down into the mire of self-doubt and worry, you found yourself doing your best to relax. There truly was no point in winding yourself up over something you couldn’t change and that was the mentality you were going to adapt moving forward.

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[Translation] Gruvia: Reincarnation Part 2

Original art by: astasso@いんちょす
※permission to translate was given by the author via pixiv
Translator: sarapyon
T/N: A continuation from Part 1 and just heads up! There’s no news if astasso-san is planning to make a Part 3 for this doujin. So please, don’t ask me if there will be reincarnation part 3 already. Anyway, enjoy reading ^^ 

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