(Sorry if this is a weird request, ask me if I need to re-phrase anything)

  • I would like pointer #2
  • “fine again” font (color black)
  • the text to say “leviohsa!”

Thank you so much!


HIIIII!!!Im SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY it took me soooo long to make this!I was busy with school and I hope you guys understand :(

Here it is!



You Run, I Run.

The rest of the first week at Hogwarts passed by in a hazy blur.

Before Theo knew it there were essays to write, Gryffindors to leer at, and a whole bunch of spells to fail spectacularly awful at. After all he’d read, the smart boy had figured he’d ace his classes, but apparently theory was one thing, and doing another. For some unknown reason Charms proved especially difficult that day, and his brow creased in frustration while staring down at his new worst nemesis.

“Wingardium leviosa”

Ugh, why is my feather snuggling up to my finger instead of floating in the air?

“Wingardium leviOHsa”

Oh, sure now you hover while everyone’s looking away. Fluffy bastard.

Thankfully between Blaise, Draco, and Theo questions in class were generally answered respectably enough to keep the good name of Salazar Slytherin from going down in flames. That’s possibly why the professor didn’t appear especially grieved over Theo’s lack of feather finesse this time around, but there was also no denying who easily lead the way for most answered questions in one week. The insufferably enthusiastic Hermione Granger, currently floating her feather up in the air without even breaking a sweat.

“Wingardium leviOHsa”

Watching the bushy-haired witch succeed Theo’s nose scrunched up in irritation. She made it look so easy that he flooded full of insecurity, but fortunately his failure immediately softened thanks to Weasley’s stink face. Clearly the witch ticked off Little Muggle Gingerhead too, and Theo grinned victoriously until Crabbe looked over. Gesturing at Granger while mumbling,

“Show off.”

“Yeah, she’s something else.” Theo whispered back.

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