Scared everyone

I ended up going to the hospital a few hours ago. I had major swelling in my knees and legs, my head had been hurting for two days and had pain in my right side. They monitored me and the baby for two hours and gave me some awesome meds for the headache. They said the baby is strong and healthy, that I’m not dialated and they didn’t see any contractions. They said if my blood pressure goes up by my appointment Monday they will admit me to the hospital for the rest of my pregnancy and if it’s bad they may induce me. For now, they ordered bed rest and keeping my knees elevated. Felt bad for my hubby because he had to leave work just in case I was admitted tonight but we are home now and I’m doing better. Levi is happy that the monitors are off my tummy, he was not happy about them, he kept trying to kick them off! In other news, we only have 9 weeks left!!! I can’t wait to meet my baby boy!