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It’s finally here - Levihan Week 2017! Another huge thank you to everybody who submitted prompts ideas and sent encouragements to the blog. You helped make this happen, and we’re very grateful! Now, onto the gory details.

The week will run from Wednesday 24th May to Wednesday 31st May 2017, comprising eight days worth of prompts for you to pick and choose from. Because of the huge range of responses we received and our inability to narrow things down to just seven prompts, we’ve given each day two, so you’ve all got more to choose from. And remember, these prompts are fully up for interpretation, and we look forward to seeing how creative everybody can be!


  • Wednesday 24th - Firsts or Lasts/Celebration
  • Thursday 25th - Home/Nightmare
  • Friday 26th - Sense/Masquerade
  • Saturday 27th - Private/Seasons
  • Sunday 28th - Memory/Opposite
  • Monday 29th - Proposal/Grief
  • Tuesday 30th - Time Period/Gore
  • Wednesday 31st (extra day) - Gen/Free Spot


  • Tag your stuff as #levihan, #levihanweek in the first five tags so that we can find it
  • Tag your #nsfw, #blood, and #gore.
  • You do not have to follow the date to post, but please tag whatever day/prompt you’re posting for so that we know when to reblog it.
  • Be nice to everyone!