okay leviathan fandom

why do you all think deryn sharp is a disney princess

cause for fuck’s sake if anything she’s the most stereotypical disney prince

she’s cocky, flamboyant, handsome, smart - you name it

plus a “soft” talent to boot

you know who the awkward not quite “ladylike” princess is


deanirae replied to your post “.”

s6 and godstiel were the most Castiel versions of Castiel to Castiel around, most complex, most angelic, most interesting to watch. i just dont get how ppl point at the “modern” bland flavorless boring goo and go “that’s Top Real Best Castiel” ???dont u guys get bored??

s6 Castiel is my fave Castiel honestly, and Godstiel was a natural extension of him, not some ooc caricatural villain.

tbh i die inside every time there’s a post that’s like ‘best castiel moments’ and it has some nonsense about pb&j from season fucking 9, or bee stuff from s7, when his writing hasn’t recovered from the godstiel/leviathan fandom meltdown (i concede some decent moments in s8 but sporadically only)

i wish i knew why show and fandom BOTH butcher my fave like that but i don’t

oooohhhh mister sharp *alek swooning*

i need to finish goliath but first i drew some deryn because holy crap i love her sooooo much also i imagine that she sounds like olivia morgan. So…yeah middie verbjectives reporting for duty in the leviathan fandom