Hi anon. If you came here for advice, you came to the wrong place. I SUCK at relationships. But I know how you feel with the ex moirail thing. I’m still pretty damn pale for mine but… she wasn’t around when I needed her… Still love her to death, though.

…I know it’s you Levi.

((ignore how shitty this sketch is.))

You don’t have to hide behind anon with me, you know.

theshieldswordandcrown  asked:

LF: Lassie! Haven't seen you in a while! How've you been? :D

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A voice sounds behind you and you know, after wandering around bubble to bubble, you were finally right in spotting a familiar one. You spin around in delight, arms open wide with a smile on your face. You squeeze your white eyes shut when you scrunch your face in glee.

+AF: Levi! I knew it, I knew I finally found the right bubble.

+AF: It has been a while. And I… well, frankly I’ve been better… and more alive

You babble, dancing around the subject a little.

+AF: How are you?


Hello Eddie the nosy reporter put this in your paper. Who brought home more medals in 100m, 200m and polevault leading our 4x1 team to victory and making sure we had most points at State making us #1, 2 years straight? My family has nothing to do with it besides my genes. now shove off.

Announcement! (Read me? If you want? Please?)

Lately, this fandom has been growing little by little. And already more Leviathan related blogs are popping up!

We have a Leviathan Headcanons Blog! http://headcanonsfromtheleviathan.tumblr.com/

A Leviathan Confessions! http://leviathanconfessions.tumblr.com/

And if you just want you Scott Westerfeld fix with the Leviathan Trilogy thrown in there too… http://fyeahscottwesterfeld.tumblr.com/

I’ll make sure to add these links on my-upper-right-hand tabs. 

Also, if you know any Leviathan related blogs can you please tell me? I want to be able to compose like a master list for you all. :)


** I wrote this a few days ago and luckily, someone else has done a real Master post of these blogs and a few others I didn’t know of. :) Thank this lady>> Moonie!

So I’ll reblog that so you can all see it. ^-^

Also, Scott has been on his Goliath tour and sadly, *SOB*, I cannot make it to the Austin one. (Since I live In the Middle of Nowhere, Texas.) T^T
So if you are planning to go to that one or any by that chance, tell me how it goes! I’m sure I’m not the only one not being able to go. *my creys*

<3 Thanks for following!