Supernatural is so confusing for the non-fans

Like we have episodes where:
Sam meets young Dean.
Sam meets old Dean.
Sam and Dean meet their young parents.
They go on a killing spree, but those are actually leviathans, not them.
They go in an alternate universe, where they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.
We show you Sam Winchester, but he can be Lucifer, Gadreel, leviathan or shapeshifter.
They die pretty often, just don’t stay dead.
John gave his life for them and was tortured in Hell for 100 years, yet anyone hates him.
They go back in time sometimes.
You see Misha Collins. He can be Jimmy Novak, Castiel or Lucifer. You won’t know.
The devil, yes. Pretty chill actually. We have three actors to play him. Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki or Mark Pellegrino.
Angels can be dicks. Damn, most of them are.
Everyone seems to love the devil, but hate the scribe of God. He is a total dick.
The King Of Hell is actually adorable and he “deserve to be loved”
Most of the girls die, so most of our ships are gay.
Every single season something even worse happens.
We laugh, we cry at the most random things and you don’t understand why.
Bobby Singer was their adoptive father.
Dean loves pie, Sam sometimes forgets to buy it.
Everyone tries to kill them or save them. Either way, they end up dead.
Family doesn’t end with blood.
We all forget about Adam.

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The Road So Far: Season 7

Time for a wedding, Dean bean. You mean you don’t approve of Sam’s Wedding?

That leather jacket, good Lord the things it does to me.

1940s Dean. My uterus is crying for help.

And best of all… Stoned Dean. I would get high with you all day every day.


This entire scene was just Misha having fun playing a psychopath


“Nice try Sam, but the angel blade won’t work any more” Cas told your friend as he placed the blade on the table and sent Sam a sharp look. You also shared a fearful look with Bobby and Dean. “I’m your new God. A better one. So you will bow down, and profess your love to me, your new lord. Or I shall destroy you” Cas instructed and you shook your head. You couldn’t let the sweet and innocent angel you loved do this. “Cas, you can’t…” you breath from your slumped position on the floor where Crowley had thrown you not moment earlier. “Y/N, don’t. I don’t want to hurt you” Cas said, his voice a low yet steady monotone. “Cas, I love you. But you can’t do this. I’m no scared of you. So try and kill me. I dare you” you threaten and Castiel looked over his shoulder at you, the blood running down your cheek from the cut on your forehead and the fierce look in your eyes. “Y/N” he said your name one last time before dissappering in an instant. “Yeah, thought so” you mumbled to yourself as your heart broke into a millions shards.