Summer finally came out of hiding and limped through the streets. She barely escaped a leviathan. She had a split lip and probably bruised ribs. She leaned against the wall and winced in pain. She was too weak to use her magic to help her heal. “Fuck.” She hissed to herself.

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Despite Griffith’s earthly limitations, leaving Kalanie in his care, just for a brief amount of time, is something Jeremiah would consider. His bones are brittle, but his resolve is stunning. With their last encounter, the human had tried to save his daughter from the hands of his enemies. There is hardly a doubt in the serpent’s mind that Griffith wouldn’t have had put his very life at stake for her. A child he had no obligation or blood ties to.

He’s gained the respect of the leviathan. As a result, Jeremiah could learn to trust this mortal. Emphasis on could.