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Any head canons on what the Varia Members' favourite ice creams are?? ;;v;;

((Tis the season of summer and ice cream dreams! ♥))

Xanxus: Chocolate ((Plain with that dark aftertaste; he will substitute for coffee, and tends to avoid the stuff altogether if he tries.))

Superbi Squalo: Coffee (( Loves the jolt of flavour- sweetness and bitterness all in one tasty treat.))

Lussuria: Banana Split ((Fruity, creamy, and the most blissfully royal treat he could desire.))

Belphegor: Cookie Dough ((Childishly good; loves the buttery taste and vanilla, which is unlike himself.))

Leviathan: Butter Pecan ((Almost plain, but has the perfect crunch and tastes amazing with a waffle cone.))

Mammon: Black Raspberry ((Thinks the colour is pretty, and dies for that creamy fruit taste.))

Fran: Rainbow Sherbet ((Expressive in his aesthetic, and loves to mix it all together for a rainbow of tastes in one scoop.))

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Requests are open? Let's see here, I always wondered a scene where the Varia and their very muscular S/O head to a gym or something or work out together and everyone making jokes about the S/O being more toned than the Varia member. Thank you very much :3


Though his body was firm, he could only imagine what sorts of strength lurked beneath the advancing body moving forward on the elliptical so easily at the end of your breaths.

You were powerful, legs pumping in the heavy exercise as he stared like a god at his own creation when you worked so roughly to make the sweat build on your creased muscle just waiting for relief of the merciless machines forcing you to move faster, harder, and make those jagged breaths flow so ruggedly for his amusement.

Xanxus hardly moved an inch from his back under the steel rod his arms pushed further away as he kept focused more on the body catching his attention. 

He wanted every inch of it, whether out of envy or lust, but he snickered as you dodged his glower, and let the steel rise again from his chest. 

“You must have been working out behind my back again,” he spoke darkly, and your face lit up. 

“Jealous, love?”

Superbi Squalo:

Stripped carefully from your peeled back clothes, Squalo was bared to it all. The extensive abdomen viewed with pride, the biceps rippling out from under the fabric disappearing without a care as lean legs dipped down into the water’s surface with that reflective smile taunting him the whole way closer.

Your body amazed him nonetheless. His jealousy hiding under that knowing gasp he gave just when you revealed how tough you really were from under those restrictive articles he never saw you climb out of. 

“I’d ask you to arm wrestle,” You joked, “But we know who’d win.”

Squalo’s lips formed a sneer, laughing as his arm wrapped behind your neck when he jeered you back. “You think you can beat me just because you’ve gotten a little meat on your bones?”

Eyes fluttering, you mocked him. “This isn’t meat; I’m grade A muscle and power right here, babe.”


Maybe it humiliated him, to stare and fathom how the body he once adored was now something to be revelled. A glimpse of potent strength snarling out from acute builds of muscle atop a gorgeous figure.

The senseless gaze of hunger and anger all flooding him at once just seeing how your clothes slipped on over the glance of heavy form he wished only for himself. The sight even making his own strength become weaker- as though you had drained away the pride from his face like the colour that started away from his cheeks as you looked back to him.

“What’s the matter?” You asked kindly, your body now hidden, but Levi watched still as though your abs still glared at him. 

“H-How did you get so strong?” 

Ther smile you gave blistered him; it was like you were happy to feel stronger than him. To be built for battle like a tank while he was belittled to be protector versus protecting. 

“I’ve always admired being the strong silent type, I suppose.”


He didn’t give a fuck that you were a little wider in the shoulders, or how your arms were far too strong compared to his skinny shape. He had a different aesthetic going for him. The lavish grace of his smile deviating from how your stomach rippled and your legs were so fit.

You could lift him with ease, your arms able to cradle him though Bel would never admit that- his little fantasies tucked away when he realized that having someone powerful enough to take care of him was a lazy man’s dream. 

It was simple admiration, watching you train and fight like his precious soldier while he hung over the balcony and stared. Encouraging you. Shouting your name with a bouncy grin that others were so bleakly unaware of. 

“Maybe you could use a little exercise yourself!” You called back, but he was twirling his hair defiantly. Smugly. 

“Why don’t you make me?”


“Oh, dear, me!” His voice gasped aloud at your back, the elegance of his hands pressing to his cheeks rather adorable when Lussuria lowered his gaze to see the whole of the body given to him. 

Beautiful. Ravaging. The tasteful scene of power and lust coursing through your skin as your lover fanned himself dramatically for the effect of what he would call your body.

“You must like what you see,” You glowed with that inflating ego Lussuria blessed you with. “I’ve been working pretty hard on it.”

Lussuria’s folded hands reached for yours with glee. “And every hard training session must deserve some kind of reward, right?”

Your face seemed to blush- the hardened exterior no match for how shy you had become inside. However, whatever was implied- you did see the need for some fun after all that rough tension and training.


Admittedly, it was shameful. How out of shape and pathetic Mammon’s body was in comparison to yours sitting firmly and tall on the bench where you breathed so heavily from the strain. The stretching, the working, the repetitive sessions suddenly making even Mammon feel drained and weak just watching you.

My, how they’d fallen. This tiny form unable to grasp at how they were to become anything like you now. That body trained to be a beast while Mammon was like a child in a candy store just left to observe what it was like to swell with saline sweat and bloated muscle tone. 

“Take a break,” Mammon snapped at last, eyes rolling under the dense hood. “Before you die.”

“But I was still in the middle of my reps-”

“I feel exhausted just watching you.”


“Join me!” You called, jumping rhythmically to the skip of your rope pacing itself along the solid floors where Fran stared. His mouth being stuffed full of snacks as he merely played an audience to the hype of your exercise. “You said you would!”

“I say a lot of things,” Fran groaned, curious as to whether or not he’d even want that type of lifestyle. Fitness to the point of crushing thighs and swollen arms- the calorie counting and the energized jogging that made his nose twitch with disgust.

Mukuro told him to be happy, but happiness wasn’t jumping up and down until your lungs tried to explode as he observed when you came to a halt and nearly melted to your wobbly knees.

“I think you need a candy bar,” Fran interjected, and your eyes stared daggers at him. “Donut?”

“I think you need a session with the treadmill-”

“Is that treadmill talking behind my back again?” Fran jabbed.


I fiiiiinally finished my Dishonored whale sculpt! This poor thing has been sitting unbaked and neglected on my mantelpiece for actual months now, and I finally had the time and energy to work on it. I might still do a little touching up. I also need a proper stand for this guy eventually.

This thing was absolutely riddled with problems from start to finish, not the least of which being the fact that I’m out of practice with sculpture because of how rarely I do it. So I’m not 100% happy with this. I still like it though!

Process shots here!