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In 1997 a noise was picked up by hundreds of listening stations across the pacific. It was named “the bloop”. The bloop was an incredibly low frequency and organic in nature. The frequency and patterns of the sound suggested an animal. The only problem was that whatever animal made that sound would have had to be several times larger than a blue whale. It was thought that the bloop was caused by shifting glaciers. But we know better now…

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send me that star and i’ll talk about myself

in the summer before fourth grade (i was 9) me and a couple of my siblings went swimming out in the middle of the woods (this was before i almost died of an allergy attack so we thought it was Safe) but one of the rivers flooded while we were there so we just . couldn’t leave for three days

and this was like … the thick af forest w wild animals and such and we slept in a car and we didn’t have any food (we had water though!) and it sucked … so much. at one point this hippie couple who apparently just lived out in the woods came across us and gave us some vegan meat stuff and told us to carry on and it was wicked

anyways we got home eventually and it was an exciting three days  

tbh i really hate rushing and i try to avoid it at all costs bc commuting in the city? requires releasing yourself unto the leviathan and relinquishing control over something that seems so agential as “getting there on time.” n like, the 15 minutes earlier that i have to leave to be sure i have “enough” time for “contingencies” is the 15 minutes of life i lose when my heart is pounding out of control because i’m not REALLY sure if i can make my connection if this A train sits on the track for another three minutes. like i don’t bounce back easily from that, i can’t “not worry about it”; my body overreacts to anxiety-producing stimuli and it stays with me disproportionately to whatever mundane event i’m trying to get through. like the train. worse than mentally rushing is physically rushing and worse still is knowing the rush was for nothing and worse STILL is the wind. everything bothers me and sometimes i just can’t kick it!

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they survive leviathan's trial and have an emotional time right after, maybe they kiss?

;;-;; All I wanted……… *sobs*

-There’s probably not really any clear words, not for a long time

-They stare at each other. They both hurt. They both move slowly towards each other.

-They hug and practically collapse against each other. They both cry. They say each others’ names, but not much else. It’s too overwhelming and they have too much emotion for conversation, they can only show it

-They move on from just hugging and clinging desperately, to touching each other. Not sexually, but like, reassuring themselves the other is there and real and okay. Hands over arms, patting hair, stroking cheeks…

-Forehead Touch (without healing lol)

-Probably at some point in the mess of crying was also slightly hysterical laughter. Relief to be together again, and alive, to see each other, to have this time

-Lots of eye contact, communicating through expression

-A tearfilled kiss that tells everything~

The Pawn of Traffic Lights wrassling an innocent Strategist into submission. Ignore the fact that her arm, her whip and the shackles are suspiciously similar and are probably all pieces of the Abhorrent Weapon Leviathan that is Obsession!

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Supernatural is so confusing for the non-fans

Like we have episodes where:
Sam meets young Dean.
Sam meets old Dean.
Sam and Dean meet their young parents.
They go on a killing spree, but those are actually leviathans, not them.
They go in an alternate universe, where they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.
We show you Sam Winchester, but he can be Lucifer, Gadreel, leviathan or shapeshifter.
They die pretty often, just don’t stay dead.
John gave his life for them and was tortured in Hell for 100 years, yet anyone hates him.
They go back in time sometimes.
You see Misha Collins. He can be Jimmy Novak, Castiel or Lucifer. You won’t know.
The devil, yes. Pretty chill actually. We have three actors to play him. Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki or Mark Pellegrino.
Angels can be dicks. Damn, most of them are.
Everyone seems to love the devil, but hate the scribe of God. He is a total dick.
The King Of Hell is actually adorable and he “deserve to be loved”
Most of the girls die, so most of our ships are gay.
Every single season something even worse happens.
We laugh, we cry at the most random things and you don’t understand why.
Bobby Singer was their adoptive father.
Dean loves pie, Sam sometimes forgets to buy it.
Everyone tries to kill them or save them. Either way, they end up dead.
Family doesn’t end with blood.
We all forget about Adam.