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“Did you like that piece?” She had been playing Bach’s Chaconne for him and in the midst of watching her, he’d sunk into his own thoughts that rivaled on anxiety and want. “Come here.”

“You look irritated. Is my violin playing a little rusty?”

“No, it’s soothing like your singing or mere humming of a song. I just have a lot on my mind.”

“Anything you want to talk about? Or is that none of my business?”

He knew what she was referring to. The secret of what he was. The topic he refused to touch with a 10 foot pole. He would never be comfortable discussing why he was walking amongst the living as a, Leviathan. The main reason he wouldn’t talk about it, was because of who it involved. But he could tell her other things about himself. Other things that would make her see that he wasn’t just a vault she could never open. “I want to share something with you about me. I guess you could call it my adventures with a couple of good friends.”

“You and a couple of friends? Like the 3 amigos?”

“Yeah.” He smirked. “One of those friends, Ptah, pulled me out Purgatory and not even 5 minutes later, he was handing me a bottle of Whiskey. Which was odd because I wasn’t supposed to be able to get out of there to begin with and I’d never had a gulp of Whiskey in my life. Anyway, that same night I fought a Dragon who I ended up making some sort of friendship with. A love/hate friendship if you will, but that was mostly in due to Ptah.”


Final Fantasy XV couples: Cor/Gentiana, Luna/Noctis and Ardyn/Leviathan?


no, i don’t support marxism-leninism, but the brand of revolutionary anti-capitalist economically-egalitarian collectivism which i do support has enough in common ideologically with the political currents which drove the russian and chinese revolution that if those revolutions had made things worse than they were prior, or resulted in more deaths than the holocaust, that would indeed be a significant argument that the risks of any anti-capitalist revolution outweigh the benefits. pointing out that these claims are factually incorrect is thus pretty relevant to making any kind of argument in favor of a collectivist revolution. in order to do the cost-benefit of whether it’s worth it to risk it for revolution, it’s important to establish what the worst-case scenario for things going wrong after the revolution is, by looking at previous revolutions which went wrong, and evaluating them accurately. to just say “well you can’t dispute inaccurate claims made about previous failed revolutions, because then you’re defending it, and that makes you Bad” isn’t going to give you an accurate analysis of the potential cost/benefit of overthrowing capitalism.

but the previous revolutions didn’t “overthrow capitalism”, they overthrew despotic feudalism and instituted strong central states in regions that were being torn apart by rival warlords, a very different scenario to promoting revolution in modern democratic states, where the current standard of living is far higher and the possible downside far greater.


キサマだけは許さん/ヤろうぜ!!/引き裂きたい By yuriyuri on Pixiv

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