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Drop Anchor

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by almaasi

AU. A sailor and an enemy pirate are marooned on an island together, and while awaiting rescue they accidentally achieve domestic bliss.


Dean Winchester is lieutenant of the Royal Trading Ship Echelon. On a pleasantly sunny but particularly catastrophic day, he is marooned on an island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with only one man for company. That man is Castiel, captain of the black-sailed Leviathan: a pirate, no less. Given the circumstances under which they are stranded, rescue seems unlikely, and it could be aeons before a ship even comes by. The two of them may as well make the most of their own private island, personal differences be damned.

Words: 4425, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1OZbLTn

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maybe it's just me, but 10x20 gave me major destiel s7 flashbacks, esp the scenes where Amelia found Jimmy again, bc they were shot similarly 2 how the big deancas reunion scene from 7x17 was: Dean/Amelia coming down the steps of a house, spotting their long lost loved 1 & stopping 2 stare in shock, how, despite the similar appearance, Jimmy /wasn't/ Jimmy("Castiel is gone,it's just me now"*tries not 2 think about the leviathan saying Cas is gone/how whenever Cas's said 'it's just me' it wasn't)

just like how Emmanuel wasn’t Cas(“a constant reminder of some1 that’s gone” - if that doesn’t describe what Cas was to Dean in s7, I dunno what does). Also, Amelia went looking 4 a miracle worker, which is exactly how Dean found Emmanuel(there was even that hunter who vouched he was the real deal bc he’d been healed),& in both cases a journal was involved. Both were angels undercover/using a fake name, only Cas didn’t know who he really was which made their reunion heartbreaking. The 2nd reunion was the real 1, w/ Jimmy in Heaven & w/ Cas when he got his memories back. Interestingly, Jimmy & Amelia meeting in Heaven was shot the same, only in reverse, with Jimmy being the 1 to come down the stairs (dressed in a blue sweater, reminiscent of Emmanuel). I like how we were shown hugs as the expression of utmost joy & relief, DAREISAY LOVE to having found your soul mate again after having looked everywhere 4 him (Purgatory any1?). Bit bitter we didn’t get a kiss, tho I suppose that’s petty.


Bitter about Jimmy & Amelia not kissing? Because since Purgatory happened first, them just hugging it out without kisses is, like you say, a delightful parallel so I’m cool with that as it was so painful and sweet aaaaugh.

(But I mean YEAH in an ideal world we’d parallel the Purgatory kiss with a Jimmy/Amelia kiss ;))

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Charlie & Dean & Sam. Sam scratches the impala, convinces Charlie to use her black nail polish until they drop the bottle all over themselves and the car. Dean thinks the leviathans are back since Sam & Charlie are covered in black goo.


Charlie’s head pops up from behind Dorothy’s motorcycle, curls bouncing with the movement. “Shit? What happened?” Her worry-meter amps up when she sees Sam, palm covering his face, half leaning on the roof of the Impala. “Whaaat?”

Sam peeks between his fingers and then removes his hand from his face, pushing off of the roof and backing away. “I scratched the car. Dean is going to-”

Her eyes widened. “Dean is going to flip out!”

“Yeah,” Sam agrees, frowning at her. “Believe me, I know, first hand.”

“You don’t know how to fix it?” Charlie asks, standing up and dusting off her knees.

“Maybe it’s escaped your notice, but Dean is rather protective of- wait. Do you have any black nail polish?” Sam ignores Charlie’s distrustful look. “Well, do you?”

“Yeees, but how is that going to help?”

“It doesn’t last forever, but it can cover it up, at least- well, hopefully it’ll wear off when we’re out somewhere, so he can blame the whole thing on someone else.” Sam smiles, patient and thanks Charlie profusely when she finally goes to fetch her nail polish.

She returns with three different bottles and offers them to Sam. “The Insta-dry kind is pretty handy, but I didn’t know if you’d want to go the long route with a matte polish and then-”

Sam frowns as he reads the stickers on the bottom of the bottles. “Onyx, Black to Black and… Midnight Rendezvous?”

“I think I have another called Vampire Heart.” Charlie taps on ‘Black to Black’. “But I’m pretty sure this one mat- What?”

“Nothing,” Sam replies, shaking his head. “The color names are- Never mind. Help me?”

Sam and Charlie are both huddled around the scratch, whispering in low voices as they paint over it, when they hear a door slam somewhere in the bunker. Charlie jumps and elbows Sam, upending the bottle of Black in Black all over his shirt.

“Oh, oh no, I’m sorry, that’s-” Charlie hovers and then makes the mistake of trying to wipe at the spill with her hands. Sam stops her, taking her wrists and gently pushing her away.

“I think we had better go clean up before Dean sees the polish and realizes-” Both Sam and Charlie jump to their feet, eyes wide with fear when Dean opens the door to the garage and spots them. He halts after just a few steps in, noting the terror on their faces and seeing-

“Holy shit, is that- is that Leviathan blood all over you? I thought you were just in here dicking around or… Or… Why do you look so relieved now?” Dean watches in confusion as Sam and Charlie dissolve into laughter, arms slung over each others shoulders and shakes his head. His eyes narrow the longer they laugh. “If I find out you were hotboxing Baby, I’m going to put dye in someones conditioner.”

That shuts them up.

The Ensi cannot yet visualise a watch. The more advanced Hobbes will no longer be able to visualise nature or human beings. He will ask “what is the heart, but a spring; and the nerves, but so many strings; and the joints, but so many wheels…?” In a world of watches, the Leviathan will not appear as strange to Hobbes as it appears to the Ensi.
—  Against His-story, Against Leviathan! - Fredy Perlman

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Choose your five before looking at the questions

1.Supernatural  2.Shameless 3.The vampire Diaries 4.Teen Wolf  5.Friends

1. Who is your favorite character in 2?

MICKEY FUCKING MILKOVICH (not gonna lie I saw this question before choosing my shows so I deliberately made shameless my #2 sue me)

2. Who is your least favorite character in 1?

Metatron or that Dick leviathan (not calling him a dick his name is actually Dick)

3. What’s your favorite episode of 4?

idk but the first season was awesome

4. What’s your favorite season of 5?

Shit I love em all but the earlier seasons were the best

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3?

Just gonna stick to the basic ship Delena although I ship more couples and bromances

6. Who is your anti-relationship in 1?

hmm I’m a Dean girl so any girl whos with Dean I end up hating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7. How long have you watched 4?

Well I binge watched the first two seasons before the 3rd was released so you do the math

8. How did you become interested in 3?

I saw it on tv…. no story there sorry guys

9. Who is your favorite actor in 2?


10. Which show do you prefer: 1, 4 or 5?

Supernatural for sure

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of? 1 or 3?

Considering Supernatural is on its 10th season and Vampire Diaries is on its 6th I’d say Supernatural

12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?

Scott cuz having Stiles aka. Dylan O’brien as a bestie would be the shit

13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1?

Umm I wouldn’t? what kind of stupid question is this?

14. Would a 2/3 crossover work?

shameless and vampire diaries? ahahahahaha nah… it would’ve been interesting if this question combined 1 and 3 I can totally see a supernatural/vampire diaries crossover fuck yea…although my vampires would end up dead but oh well thats life

15. Pair two characters in 2 that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple 

Shameless writers and hell that’d be cute

16. Overall, which show had a better cast: 3 or 5?

love Ian Somerhalder and the entire vampire diaries cast is hot af but you can’t beat Friends

17. Which show has a better soundtrack: 1, 4 or 5?

I’m gonna say Shameless and Vampire Diaries…..even though those aren’t the numbers in the question but these shows know how to pick their soundtracks tbh (I’m totally playing this game wrong aren’t I)

Ima taaaaaag  pandyxmilkovich camerunmonaghan southsidemilkovich  stagmania  mickeysavesian  gardenofblueroses  carlllgallaghrrr why is this in bold im too lazy to change it so yea do this guys! *mickey voice* or don’t I don’t give a fuck

Destiel Rant. SORRY

Okay, but…think about this.

Dean reminising about his life. Dean thinking back on his childhood on the road, raised as the good little soldier to an abusive father, being taught that he was only good as a tool, a shield and spear, ‘Protect Sammy’ 'Kill demons’ 'Do your duty’, being taught that he was unworthy of love, unworthy of happiness. Then thinks of selling his soul and enduring hellfire, until Castiel saved him; fighting Michael and Lucifer, side by side with his brother and Castiel; Being betrayed by Castiel, then watching him die because of the Leviathans; going through Purgatory with Benny, searching for Castiel, praying for the first time in his life for the angel; Being forced to turn Castiel away to save his brother, hating the sad, puppy-eyes he was given, hating how he had to force a newly human Castiel into the wild, hating that he was being forced to chose between this broken soldier he’d come to care for and his brother; Putting himself in jeapordy for the Mark of Cain and the chance to stop Abaddon, leaning heavily on Sam and Castiel; being faced with the true horror of slowly turning into Cain, of slowing turning into the being he hates most, the horror of possibly hurting or killing Sam, or even worse, Castiel, coming to terms with the reality that the people he depended on most, that he lov - Holy shit. He loves Cas. Not like a brother, like Sam. He would die for Sam, kill for him, but it was nothing for what he’d do, what he’d already done, for Castiel. Holy hell. He loved this dorky, courageous, lost, naive, caring, broken soldier of heaven. He loved an ANGEL for fuck’s sake.
Imagine the shock of this epiphany, the initial denial - denying that he was gay, maybe, denying that he loved his friend, denying that he COULD love, the intial despair - Not believing for a second that Castiel could love him back, not believing he was capable, that he was worthy, of being loved. It wouldn’t matter that Castiel had faced hell for him, faced his brothers for him, denied his superiors for him, fell for him. Castiel couldn’t feel the same. It was all out of duty. Then his mind would drift to his time with Cas. How close they always stood, as though Dean’s subconscious knew of the attraction before Dean did, he distracted he always seemed to get by the too-blue eyes and the too-deep voice, the fierce stabs of protectiveness he felt whenever Castiel was in danger, regardless of whether he could defend himself or not, the red hot rage when he found out that reaper bitch had slept with him, morphing into a furious panic when he realized Castiel was dead. He would remember how his heart skipped a beat when Castiel first opened his eyes again, wide and vulnerable, and he’d mumbled Dean’s name, not quite awake yet. He would realize how often he actually had physical contact with Castiel, when normally they’d both have shied away from that sort of thing with anyone else, realize the burn on his shoulder, the permanent mark of Castiel’s rescue from hell, was a voluntary thing, a voluntary claim of a soul, HIS soul, realize the tether that connected them, that made the almost unrecognizable ache in his chest ease whenever Cas was near, that prompted Castiel to respond almost instantaneously to his call. Was it possible? Could it be? He wouldn’t want to hope, he’s been disappointed too often, but he wouldn’t be able to help the small spark in his chest as he thinks of how close Castiel always appears with him, how attentive he is when Dean talks, how protective he is of Dean, almost as protective as Dean is of him.
Holy. Fucking. Shit. Dean was in love with a mother-fucking angel of the lord, and by some divine-fucking-miracle, that beautiful, broken soldier loved him back.
Imagine him walking into the bunker reading room, still in a daze from his recent epiphany, a small, disbelieving smile on his face, and Sam being the only one there to see him, watching his brother wander around, almost in a trance, happier than he’s been in a very, very long time. When he finally gets up the nerve to break through Dean’s reverie and ask, he gets a small shock when Dean blurts 'I love him.’ 'Who?’ 'Cas. I love him, Sammy.’ It wouldn’t be so much the shock of Dean being in love with Cas, he figured that out a while ago. It’s the shock that Dean finally, FINALLY, figured it out, and is admitting it, and looks absolutely fucking blissed out about it. Then he watches Dean’s eyes widen as he realizes what he just admitted, out-loud.
Sam having to calm Dean down, joking that he always knew all along anyways, soothing him. Convincing him to call Castiel, to talk to him, to see him and confirm what they both, or at least Sam, already knew.
When he finally concedes, he closes his eyes and meekly prays, asking Castiel if he could spare a minute for him, that there’s something important they need to talk about. Castiel would be there almost before he finished, partly because Dean called him, partly because he’s never heard Dean’s voice so soft, so gentle before, almost vulnerable. Any words Dean had planned on saying would fly out of his head when Castiel appears, too close, as always, his white shirt ruffled, his blue tie crooked, his dirty, worn trenchcoat fluttering at his heels. All he can do is stare at the angel, HIS angel. Castiel would be confused, asking Dean if something was wrong, and as soon as Dean heard his voice, he’d snap out of it, the deep gravel of Cas’s voice working like a flare gun. He’d open his mouth, stop, close it, open it again, then give up on words, take a small step to close the distance Castiel had left between them and shoved his mouth against the very surprised angel’s, before backing up, and turning bright red as he blusters and stutters, embarrassed and horrified, until he sees the blue eyes he loves so much darken almost imperceptibly, and Castiel follows him back, pulling the flustered hunter back to him, fitting his hand perfectly to the mark on his shoulder, and fitting his lips perfectly against Dean’s, and kissing until they’re both breathless, and completely oblivious to Sam having vacated the room in one hell of a hurry several minutes previously.
Imagine the atmosphere in the bunker. All the pent up tension, stress, attraction would have exploded already, leaving little touches, like one’s not quite ready to believe the other is actually there, is actually theirs; leaving inconspicuous glances, full conversations in themselves and they leave or enter a room, telling each other to be safe, come back soon, or even welcome home, i missed you; leaving a hazy, dream-like atmosphere that takes several days to dissapate as the pair get accustomed to their new reality, convincing themselves its not a dream.
And once the love-struck, dream-like state wore off? They would be the best. Closer than any two beings ever were. They would become attuned to the other, entirely. Castiel would show up, or wake up, early, having coffee and bacon ready to give his hunter when he woke up at about 1023 and jumped in for an 11 minute shower. Dean would begin buying books, sketchbooks, cards, etc. and leaving them innoculously in their newly-shared room, so Castiel has something to do when he is sleeping at night. Dean waking up screaming from various nightmares, only to find himself in the warm, strong arms of his guardian angel, who rubs and soothes the images and fear away. Castiel freezing and falling into panic and anxiety attacks due to his life as a disobediant angel, and Dean knowing exactly the right thing to say, exactly what to do to pull him back from them. Fighting, they would work as a perfect team, covering each other’s back, complimenting their talents, using their own talents to amplify the other’s effectiveness, and always, always, protecting each other with everything they can.
Sam would be there, supporting as always, infinitely happy that his brother and his best friend finally found the happiness they both so desperately deserve. The pair including Sam in many of their activities, the group dynamic turning into something between closest of brothers and an adored child with his parents.

Annual Venus hunt. [Drabble]

Every year the Royal family would head out to Venus for the Annual Sparrow mounted hunt. The Awoken would mount up and release a group of Dreg into the wild and use their superior hunting abilities to track them down and end their pitiful lives. The young Duke named Leviathan Broadstorm was 10 years old begged and pestered his mother and Father to let him go on the hunt with the rest of the males claiming to be ready for it. Even though it  was mandated they had to be at-least 16 the Small Awoken boy was top of his class continued to badger his parents for weeks and weeks to let him go until they eventually relented and his Father took him to Venus with him for the exclusive hunt. 

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The Ensi, less advanced than Hobbes, is as yet more familiar with living beings than with springs and watches. He cannot envision the Leviathan with either a human head or a lion body. He might use Hobbes’s first description and think of the beast as an artificial animal, but not an animal as graceful and limber as a lion. He might think of it as a worm, a giant worm, not a living worm but a carcass of a worm, a monstrous cadaver, its body consisting of numerous segments, its skin pimpled with spears and wheels and other technological implements. He knows from his own experience that the entire carcass is brought to artificial life by the motions of the human beings trapped inside, the zeks who operate the springs and wheels, as he knows that the cadaverous head is operated by a mere zek, a head zek.
—  Against His-story, Against Leviathan! - Fredy Perlman