So I found out that in England there is a University of WINCHESTER!

But that got me thinking…. What if there was a school for hunting called Winchester University?!

Think about it…. The teachers would be.. 

Head teachers: Sam and Dean 

Angel studies: Castiel

Demon studies: Crowley

Witchcraft studies: Rowena 

Weapons studies: Bobby 

Research studies: Charlie



Many of you have pointed out that Dean sounds like a nagging wife and they bicker like a married couple. I completely agree.

But I also noticed something else. The camera work as soon as Cas enters. Notice that before this scene the camera was on both Sam AND Dean. When Sam spoke, the camera zoomed in on him and when Dean spoke the camera zoomed in on Dean. 

But as soon as Cas enters the scene, the camera shifts the whole of its focus to Cas and Dean. Notice in the first GIF, Sam is speaking and yet the camera goes to Dean for a reaction shot. And in the fourth GIF, even though both Sam and Dean are in the frame, the camera focuses on Dean and appears blurry on Sam. As soon as Cas enters, the whole thing turns into an intense focused scene between Dean and Castiel, almost like they want us to think of a long lost couple reuniting when we see it. 

And we are supposed to think that Destiel was not intended by anyone. Seriously?

I know I’m not the only one still screaming about this, but I’ve just gotta screaming about this some more. 

Dean. Made Cas. A fucking mixtape. 

Like, I just wanna make SURE that you younger folks that were raised during the digital age are fully understanding this (and I apologize if that sounds like I’m talking down to you I just need to make SURE you understand).

Dean made Cas a MIXTAPE.

Not a mix CD. Not a custom playlist. 

No. He made an actual MIXTAPE.

He took the time to sit there and record each individual song. You hit record, press play on the source, sit there, and listen while it records onto the tape. Then the song ends, and you hit “pause,” and repeat. You have to make sure the tape doesn’t run out in the middle of a song. You have to get the timing right so there’s not too much blank space on one side of the tape. 

And it’s like one of the biggest fucking signs of a crush ever, because then you know someone bothered to put craft and time into it just for YOU.

Dean made Cas a goddamn fucking mixtape.