leviathan!castiel cosplay

Imagine Castiel dressing up as your favorite Chief Medical Officer

Star Trek fun, I’m not one bit sorry. 

Dean version 

Just going to tag a few people who I know appreciate both of these handsome devils: @bkwrm523 @girl-next-door-writes @feelmyroarrrr 

You grab a beer and the package salad Sam had left you in the fridge. Shuffling towards your bedroom, the boys had left on a case that you opted out of. You were hoping to get some much needed alone time with your boyfriend, Castiel.

Pushing open the door to your bedroom, you nearly drop the beer in your hand. Castiel was standing there with his back to you, his usual get up replaced with a dark blue long sleeved shirt and black pants tucked into black boots.

He turns to you, his hands behind his back with a satisfied smirk on his face. Your eyes widen at the silver Starfleet insignia on the shirt. Cas walks toward you, his hands still behind his back as he steps in front of you.

“Hello, darlin’.”  

His voice comes out in a deep southern drawl that has you wet in an instant.

“What are you doing?” you practically whimper under his gaze.

“I understand you have a thing, as Dean put it, for Leonard McCoy. Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise,” Castiel brought his hand to your waist pulling you against him.

With the salad and beer still in your hands, he takes them from you walking away to put them on the desk. You quickly shut the door behind you and when you turn Cas is right in front of you holding up a replica tricorder to your body.

“I detect a high level of arousal, Commander Y/N,” the angel’s voice tries to sound serious, but there is a hint of playfulness in his tone.

“Well Doctor, do you think you can do something about that?”

Castiel’s eyes narrow, he hands over the tricorder and pulls you to the bed. He pushes you down gently onto the bed, smirking as his body lingers over yours. Cas thrusts his hips into you, causing you to moan out in pleasure. Your reaction causes him to chuckle, raising his eyebrow as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

“Sweetheart, you’re in good hands.” 

when you stay up late to do hoemwork for tomorrow’s class and the next day the teacher doesnt even check it


Not the best, but ayy it’s fem!Cas. This is a closet cosplay, obviously lmaoo I was bored.

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So here’s my photo op with Misha! Let me just say I am SO happy with how it came out. Story time:
So the entire day I had been nervous, and standing in line seeing him in his Cas outfit somehow made me calmer and MORE nervous at the same time, who knows how haha.
So, I walk up to him, and say, “Hi Misha!” He says “Hello!” I go “So I don’t know what this would exactly mean in terms of a specific pose, but can we look like we’re in love…?” And he smiles and nods and goes “OH yeah :)” so then we get into this pose, I barely remember it because the entire time in my head I’m going “my face is on Misha’s face wtf wow”.
So we take the picture and one of us grabs the other’s hand and squeezes it, I really don’t remember if it was me or him. So I said thank you and he smiled and said you’re welcome and then I went outside and had to regain consciousness haha.
Vegas Con was so much fun and THIS was definitely one of the biggest highlights :)


Punk Castiel cosplay (~°•°)~

“Sam. Dean. I swear it’s not a phase.”


I’ve been missing Cosplay quite a lot, so I decided to do a sort of “best of” my Cosplay thusfar ^_^ I’m proud. Hopefully I can do more in the future.

Booky’s Armor, drawn in PS. 

My excellent friend and the wonderful cosplayer bookkbaby, whom I met a convention this year (along with their hand-constructed Castiel wings). I couldn’t stop marveling over the wings in real life, so when I found out they were building a suit of angelic armor, I asked to draw the whole outfit, and Booky generously agreed. I took a few artistic liberties here, but that armor is as amazing as it looks—in fact, I had to simplify a few of the details because there was just too much to draw! Thank you for letting me create your portrait, dear! <3