“So… you put on these cosmetics to make yourself feel better and to make yourself look prettier? I don’t understand. You look utterly beautiful with or without it. But I just prefer you without it; you don’t need to hide your imperfections, because in my eyes, you’re perfect.”

leviathan-supersystem: “the fact that you view words and actions as being completely separate is bizarre to me. someones words are obviously a sub-set of their actions. why on earth do you believe you’re somehow bound by honor to not make basic character judgements based off of their professed beliefs? why on earth do you believe professed beliefs about morality and philosophy aren’t an indicator of character? if someone continually professes elitist, hierarchical, and racist ideology, it should seem pretty apparent that at some point they’re going to act on their beliefs.

you say you find it strange that i would put “object level politics” above friendships, but honestly i wonder how on earth you choose your friends if moral ideology- and hence the political conclusions which are drawn from that moral ideology- doesn’t factor in at all. how on earth is it possible to forge a friendship with someone you’re intrinsically morally incomparable with?

honestly reading what you post i am left with the profound impression that you’ve completely forgotten that politics exists outside of the debate club walls. that this isn’t just nonexistent hypotheticals to be mused over, but rather, real life shit that affects the lives of millions of people. none of this is a joke or a game.”

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it’s of course true that words are a subset of actions, but i don’t think words without further effects are very important actions. the thing about making moral judgements based on ideology is a good point, but i am not very ideological and i pay attention a lot, and as far as i can tell there are lots of people whose political ideology doesn’t really affect their other actions so much. i wouldn’t be friends with actual fascists because they squick me, but i don’t assume that everyone’s ideology implies things that i can predict about the way they act otherwise. different ideologies, i think, correlate with different amounts with other actions. for example, american fundamentalist christianity pretty much can’t exist except in he context of an entire lifestyle. my point about neoreaction is that for a subset of neoreactionaries, their nominal endorsement of neoreactionary ideology is a pretty weak signal about everything else that they do.

you know how a lot of bigotry can be covert or overt? as in acted on but never brought to light vs explicitly stated? i have to introduce a similar distinction between “beliefs” and “aliefs” to describe what i mean. for example, somebody might think that gays are evil and going to hell, which is a belief. they might also feel disgusted when they see two men kissing, which is an alief. aliefs and beliefs don’t necessarily match. for example, somebody might feel disgusted when they see two men kissing, but think that their disgust is incorrect and support teh gays.

one relevant factor of whether it’s important to judge people by their politics is whether they alieve in them, because their aliefs will affect how they actually treat marginalized groups in actual interactions with them.

as for the friendship thing: i don’t really feel a need to agree about morality with my friends? i feel a need to have somewhat compatible *situations in which we would change our minds*, but people’s moral systems, especially their nominal moral systems rather than their alief-level moral systems, don’t really factor in to whether i want to be friends with them that much. i mostly pick friends based on whether i enjoy their company, whether i learn cool things from them, whether they make me better on the value system of my choosing, that sort of thing. also just that im in love with them based on some existing interactions so i want to spend all my time talking to them regardless of whether i would pick them as friends based on description (uh, i don’t really experience friendship as different than romance and im poly my brain is weird and there isn’t really a need to go into that now).

the thing about forgetting that politics exists outside of debating for fun you’re probably right about. however, politics is optimized for making people think it’s important, and most people probably overestimate how much the sort of things they think of as politics affect people’s lives. the way that issues are selected for being presented as Issues is based on a much more complicated process than how much they affect real people. you can define things that improve the world as inherently political if you want of course, but for typing words on the internet, certainly most of the time the feeling that they’re actually affecting the world isn’t true. the forces of fascism are probably not held at bay by guillotine gifs. the forces of starvation are (semi-effectively, in the nice shiny parts of the world) held at bay by technology, civilization, farmers who farm things, and so forth. a lot of people already care lots about the forces of fascism, and sociology is hopelessly complicated so i don’t even know what political system is best for the world, far less how to make it implement it. on the other hand, i can be reasonably confident that things like “not starving” and “reduction in death from diseases” are good for people, and there are lots of such problems existing before we even get to whether or not the forces of fascism affect people or not. internet politics is almost entirely musing about hypotheticals, and i think most ways of affecting the actual lives of people, especially the ones available to individuals rather than gigantic movements acting in coordination, are probably not politics things, and almost certainly not words on the internet things.


Quick revamp of some old bin sims before I closed my game.  Zack escaped largely unscathed, just added a skin overlay & tweaked his eyes.  Josie needed so much work though.  “OH GOOD LORD WHAT IS THAT MAKEUP??” was my initial reaction, and upon further investigation, I made her pre-CC.  god I forgot how terrible the base game makeup is. 

I should really play them sometime.  Zack’s a cheery cheeseball & Josie’s a mischevious meanie and somehow they’re totally in love.

&&. secondteatime.

Cas let out a shaky sob as he sat next to Evangeline, a hot stream of tears running down his face, stinging his deep eyes. “I l-lit up like a ch-christm-mas tree,” Cas admitted to her wiping his tears with the back of his hand covered in his sleeve. “They s-said they m-might ha-have to amputate it.. o-or i-it’ll kill me.. I could d-die ei-either wa-way.” The brunet sniffled hiccuping his next response. “Ev, I-I don’t wan-want to die… I don-don’t want t-to lose my leg.”  He was a mess crying to his girlfriend, he still believed deserved so much better than him.

Imagine Dean asking Cas about you in the future (S5E4) and Cas getting angry at him.

Warnings: Death, and swearing, the lose of a child

Pairing: Cas x female!reader

               “Hey, Cas?” Dean asked the ex-angel that sat next to him. This was strange to him seeing Cas like this, stoned and well acting like a school boy. Cas turned his head and looked at him, his beard making him look older than usual, and his blue eyes duller then when he last seen him technically five years earlier. Dean stared at him for a moment longer, everything was making sense to a point, Sam was gone, taken by Lucifer. But there was one thing that did not make any sense. Where was Y/N?

               “Yes Dean?” Cas’ gravelly voice echoed through the silent cab. Dean shallowed scared to ask his question and find out the answer; he feared the worse. “Where is Y/N?” he regretted the words the second they left his mouth. Cas turned and looked at him, his eyes on fire, and fists pulled so tight his knuckles were white. Cas shallowed the hard lump that grew in his throat, he slammed his fist down on the dash, and glared at Dean. Cas knew it wasn’t the same Dean technically, but he as just as angry all the same.

               If he hadn’t been so careless, Y/N would still be alive. “It’s your fault!” Cas’ voice raised an octave, and gave Dean a stone cold stare. “If you hadn’t been so reckless and actually thought about the consequences of your pitiful actions Y/N would still be here, breathing.” Castiel was furious, anger ripped through his chest, his eyes stung as old tears threatened to spill down his bearded face. Cas spared a look at Dean, “it is no one’s fault but your own Dean. So if you don’t change the course of action, Y/N will be dead,” Cas paused and sucked in a shallow breath before continuing on, “and so will everyone else that we were close to.” Cas finished and looked out the window. All he wanted was Y/N back in his arms, laughing and smiling the most amazing smile that lit a room up and made him forget all the bad things that were happening around him.  

               “What happened?” Dean asked daring a glance at Cas who was glaring out the window. Cas turned his head and his lips were in a tight line, “you took her on a run, to get supplies for her and the other women of our small group. You tried to play hero and left her vulnerable and alone in road, with a small shot gun and four shots.” Dean looked at Cas, who was now choking on his words, a sob tearing from his throat. “But I know Y/N? She was a great hunter, she should been fine on her own…” Dean said confused.

               Cas chuckled a dry laugh, “you don’t get it do you,” Cas glared at the hunter, “she was with you helping you figure out what she needed to deliver a baby.” Dean looked shocked. “She was delivering a baby?” Cas gave him a seldom look, “not just a baby Dean, our baby.” Cas’ voice fell flat. Deans heart ripped into a million pieces, he got you killed and your unborn child. It all made sense why Cas was acting this way, he was trying to drown out his hurt feelings, and numb the pain. “When you got back to truck you found her… Covered in those things, taking her last breath, you killed the things and then shot her point blank, with no remorse. You killed her Dean, her and my baby.” Cas’ voice wavered and he sobbed again, remembering the last time he saw you, before you left, you were excited to bring a baby into the world, besides it being war torn and gone to hell. “And that Dean is an offence I will never forgive you for. So when you get your bitch ass back to your present time, you better hope to god that you don’t fuck up, and you make it right, that you don’t say yes and you change fate. Most off all, you don’t get my Y/N killed.”  

he smelled of righteousness,
and she reeked of sin;
anything but similar,
yet still so alike;
because together they radiated rebellion,
and they loved each other despite everything.
—  but sometimes love isn’t enough // F.L.

Just imagine Dean and Cas fucking on a hot summer night

Their air conditioner broke right as they go through this heat wave, and the two have to sleep naked.

But then one night Dean just can’t take having Castiel laying there, looking so debauched from the heat, so naked and just…

So he would roll over, start with sweet kisses so that Castiel would smile, but then there would be little nips at sensitive skin, and the kisses would turn deep until they were sloppily kissing, their mouths hot and their breathing heavy

Their bodies would feel so heavy under the humid air as Castiel would roll Dean over, straddling him hungrily with pure lust in his eyes, wanting him so badly that he was desperately rutting against him, pleading and begging

And finally, Cas would get his fingers up himself, he would take only enough time to stretch himself because Dean was there, and he would make this little face of bliss when he would slide down onto Dean’s cock

It would take him barely no time to adjust, he’d roll his hips down harder and harder each time until he was practically bouncing on Dean’s cock, and Dean would just be praising Cas, telling him how good he is, how he’s so beautiful, and Cas would only claw at Dean harder, and Dean would fist the sheets, his head thrown back as he felt the maddening sensation of being inside of Castiel

And Castiel would come with a cry, shouting Dean’s name, his hips still grinding in desperate circles as Dean gasped, moaning as he filled Castiel up until the two were breathing heavy, the air even hotter than it had been fifteen minutes ago

But neither of them would care, really, Cas would simply slip off of Dean, and the two would be sated in just the right way as they kissed, tasting the sweat on each others lips

They would fall asleep together, fingers interlaced, and smiles on their faces.

The Benjamin Button Effect

***art is NOT OURS and we can’t find the original source, sorry! 

Summary: Reader and Gabriel, his/her guardian angel, have a fight over trusting and not trusting the Winchesters. Hurt words are said and trouble ensues, presumably caused by the archangel himself.

Request: Can you do one where somehow the boys(cas too) get turned into toddlers and the reader has to take care of them? - mein1928

A/N: So, I had a whole hell of a lot of fun writing this and don’t worry I’m planning to write a second part. I thank mein1928 for this amazing request and castielspahdehrah for being my muse in writing the sassy and snarky Gabriel we all know and love. (P.S. go read castielspahdehrah ‘s work, she is one amazing writer!)

It had only been a couple months of living in the bunker with the Winchesters. Over the years of knowing them, you knew that they had some serious trust issues. Not that the job really gave them that kind of privilege. They didn’t just let everyone and anyone live in their secret hideaway so, you were somewhat flattered that they had made an exception for you. However, Gabriel, your own personal angel on the shoulder, was not all too pleased by the idea.

“I can’t believe you’re even living with those chuckleheads.” Gabriel huffed a humorless laugh that quietly echoed against the bunker’s cave-like walls. “I get that they’re prettier than James Dean in a production of East Eden, but those meat suites can’t go three seconds without a death wish. Noodle brains one and two are only going to get you into trouble and I’m going to be the one that’ll have to pull your ass out of the fire.” He shook his head, placing his hands firmly on your shoulders to try and shake you out of your wits. “I swear it’s like you and Cassy can only see them as a hot piping bowl of all you can eat soup. Ya know if you eat it all at once, you’ll only be left with a burnt tongue.”

“Gabe.” You groan. “They’re my friends. I look out for them, and they look out for me. Just because you have some sort of vendetta against them doesn’t mean I have to.” You said, rolling your eyes. Gabriel and the Winchesters had never been on the same level of things, more like completely different dimensions. Hunters never trusted anyone besides themselves and angels just didn’t trust humans period, except for Cas of course. It’s how things have always been. Well, that and Gabriel tormenting the brothers for a good couple years, which hadn’t helped the damper on their relationship.

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By request of zarsims…Asher McCarthy is now available to father little object babies all over the land

As usual he’s in his undies.

Origin ID: UniqueKhaos

TOU: Don’t f with his beautiful face! Don’t claim him as your own. Change his name, eyes, hair, body or traits (bro, romantic, goofball) but for the love of all things holy don’t touch his face lol. Treat him good or I’ll come for you! Tag me if you use him

Required cc:

Eyes/Hair (base game? tumbrl? tsr? idk)/Beard/Skin