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can u do a varia version of proposing to their S/O? thanks!!!!!!

(Sorry Lussuria’s ended up being the shortest, I didn’t feel that he really needed a lot plus he was the hardest for me out of all of them. Also, personally I don’t see Mammon caring at all about the idea of marriage so that was also a bit of a struggle, but here they are! ヾ((○*´∀`*))ノ゙)

Xanxus -
“Xanxus?” You had called, knocking on the hard wood door in front of you. You knew he was angry but for what you didn’t know. The rest of the Varia had explained to you that he had just started throwing things at everyone that entered his office uninvited earlier that day, so they also had no clue.

You sighed, knocking again before deciding just to enter. You knew he would probably throw something at you, but whatever. “I’m coming in.” You spoke, opening the door just a bit to see if he was going to throw something instantly. You’d rather not get a vase thrown at you, thank you.

It was after you had opened the door fully did something hit you right in the face. Luckily, it wasn’t a big, glass object nor was it thrown too hard, but you were curious as to what it was. So, you looked down a your feet, seeing a small box that you supposed was the object thrown at you.

“Xanxus?” You questioned, leaning down to pick up the box. “What is this?” You had glanced up at him, his eyes locking with yours before he closed them.

“Open it, woman.” He said, feet propped up on the desk in front of him as he leaned back in his large leather chair.

You did as he said, opening the box to reveal a beautiful ring that left you breathless. “A-are you?” You stuttered, glancing up at your boyfriend as he opened his eyes to view your shocked expression. You just laughed saying a soft, “Of course” as you slipped the ring onto your finger. This would do.

Superbi Squalo -
The thought that anyone could defeat your Squalo in battle was laughable, especially when it came to sword-fighting. You knew you had nothing to worry about, so you didn’t allow yourself to be outdone by your boyfriend when it came to taking out the trash that had accumulated.

Honestly, it was a very easy job that you really didn’t need to tag along for. You were certain that Squalo could have done it all by himself, but he had a reason for you coming with. He loved seeing you fight, seeing you knock out enemies and get all sweaty. Squalo found it to be hot.

He knew the words he wanted to blurt out so badly when he saw you take down a guy with just your bare hands, no weapon needed. He wanted so badly to ask you to marry him right then and there, but he knew it would just distract you. He didn’t want that, either as you could get hurt or he could later on.

You were tough and he loved it, so as soon as you finished up he calmly walked over to you. Your smile was beautiful, something he would always remember as he got down on one knee. Fuck, he didn’t care if it wasn’t a romantic setting. “Marry me already.” He spoke, looking up at you in all your bloodied glory.

“Fuck yeah!” You yelled, tackling him into a hug as he kissed you roughly.

Leviathan -
Leviathan had it all planned out on how he was going to propose to you. He wanted it to be something big, something romantic, but in the end he decided that he really didn’t want to pressure you into saying yes by doing something huge like writing it in the sky or something like that.

The two of you had a date planned, going back to the very first spot the two of you had your first one. Levi thought it would be sweet to show how much he remembered the dates you two had been on. You had agreed to how sweet it was, just like your Levi was sweet to you.

You had been expecting him to propose to you, though. You just knew that he wouldn’t bring up your first date for no reason, and instantly jumped to that conclusion. You had prepared yourself for it, too, thinking about all the possible outcomes and what you would say.

So, when Levi did utter those words of proposal you were damn ready for them. “Will you marry me?” He spoke on one knee with the open box to show off that lovely ring he had gotten you. It suited your tastes, having everything you would have wanted in an engagement ring.

“Yes! I love you, yes!” You had cried, giving him a kiss as he slipped the ring onto your finger where it belonged.

Lussuria -
The way you two were wrapped together in a sweet embrace made the night even more perfect than it already was. The fact that Lussuria was able to hold you in his arms like this made him think just how much he loved you, and it was a lot.

He hadn’t been planning on telling you then, but the more you two talked and shared warmth he never wanted it to end. It was an impulse that he followed through with, saying the sweet words of “Will you spend forever with me?”  hoping you would say yes so he never had to leave you or worry about such a thing.

You were shocked, not prepared at all for a proposal. At least, that’s what those words sounded like as you stared up at your loving boyfriend. You never thought that he would want to marry you, but it warmed your heart. “I’d love to, forever and ever.” You spoke a wide smile as you two shared a sweet and passionate kiss. Just like him, you never wanted this night to end.

Mammon -
You were the one that had been bringing up the whole getting married thing. Normally, Mammon didn’t say anything about it as they honestly didn’t care for the idea of getting married. You knew that they were content with how things were, and you could probably be content with it too. But, you needed to know if they even would consider it as an option.

You really didn’t expect to come home one night to a box sitting on coffee table as Mammon sat on the couch in front of it. “M-Mammon?” You stuttered out, dropping the bags of groceries in the hallway as you walked forward into the living room. You could see the box clearly and wondered what was inside.

They didn’t speak, seemingly ignoring you for the time being as you took a seat next to them on the couch. You picked up the box, sparing a glance towards them before opening it.

“Okay, so. How did you get this?” Was the first thing you blurted out after seeing the gorgeous ring inside of the box. “There is no way in hell that you would have bought it.” You said again, staring into their eyes as they smirked.

“I guess that means I stole it then, doesn’t it?” They spoke, watching as you gaped at them like they were crazy. Well, this is what you wanted, wasn’t it?

Belphegor -  
“How does a pizza sound for dinner?” Belphegor had asked, phone in hand ready to call the local pizza place as you lounged on the couch.

“Sure! I don’t feel like cooking.” You said with a grin as Belphegor went into the other room to order. You didn’t think it was odd he would do such a thing as a movie was playing in the background. You just thought that he wanted to make sure that whoever answered heard his order clearly.

You were double glad that they delivered to your house. You didn’t know what you would do if you lived outside the zone because you enjoying your spot on the couch very much so that it would be a crime to get up. Bel noticed how lazy you were being and got up to answer the door himself, paying for the pizza before coming back to you.

“Dinner is served.” He spoke with a laugh, setting the box down in front of you on the coffee table. You sat up, Bel taking a seat next to you as you opened the box.

“Will you marry the prince?” Was written fancily on the inside of the box top. You were at a loss for words, throat tightening up as you looked over at Belphegor who just smiled.

“W-wha. I. Yes!” It took you a while to grasp what exactly was going on, but damned if you were going to turn down your boyfriend. He pressed a kiss to your cheek, slipping a ring onto your finger that you didn’t even question where it came from. This was one odd proposal.

Fran -
It was peaceful waking up first, Fran thought as he stared down at your sleeping form. He enjoyed sharing a bed with you. Regardless of if it ended up sexual or just with cuddles, he didn’t mind. Fran grew to love and care for you, showing you a softer side to himself as he pulled you closer in bed.

He had been wanting to propose to you for a while now, but he could never get out the words or come up with a good plan. In the end he just decided that he would wake up before you and slip the ring onto your finger as you slept. You would obviously notice his feelings then and probably be very excited too.

Now all he had to do was wait as he didn’t want to wake you up when you looked so peaceful. It took another half hour before your eyes fluttered open, too.

He could tell you desperately wanted to go back to sleep, trying to squirm your way out of his loose hold on you before giving up from laziness and glancing up at him. You felt something cold on your finger only to look down and have your breath taken away.

“It’s not an illusion.” Fran spoke, pointing the ring with his finger. “So? Yes?” He continued with a small quirk of his lips.

“Yes, god yes.” You said, pulling him close to cuddle with him more. This was a beautiful thing to wake up to.

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“You’re not allowed to wear underwear tomorrow when you go out.” (Public sex though? Can we please.)


                [    ]         Babylon looked at him, a faint blush on her cheeks as she cleared her throat. “A-Alright.” That meant she should probably wear a dress. Shorts and no panties would get real uncomfortable, real fast. She squirmed a bit at the idea, chewing her lip and nodding again. “Any, ah, particular reason?”

drawing process from sketch to finish for the levia!tfw piece! that’s the one great thing about ls, i suppose lol

ANYWAY i had no plan for this and kinda just went where my gut told me. it probably could have been cooler so i’ll probably do a piece similar to this some day, but i decided 2 ½ hours with no reference would be fiiiiiiiiine

i also did a coloring technique i don’t often utilize, which is doing gray scale and then coloring with opacity and applying some color correction. to me it’s an insanely fast and somewhat sloppy method but it cuts down my time insane amounts while producing results only a little bit different, but i still don’t do it very often!


Sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp is teasing something amazing on Instagram

Sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) is posting mysterious photos on Instagram again.

The photos are interesting enough in their own right, but what really has sci-fi fans buzzing is the fact that Blomkamp reportedly got his Alien sequel greenlit after posting concept art on Instagram. The film had been shelved by the studio, but after its concept art went viral online, the project was revived. Could Blomkamp be teasing another movie on social media? And what, exactly, is The Larke?