In 1849 Levi Straus came to San Francisco, CA and realized the gold miners were seeking a durable pair of pants that could withstand their rugged lifestyle. Stemming from this discovery, Levi’s were born. Americas first apparel trademark was on Levis which was the patented double arcuate pattern sewn into the back hip pocket and the “Two Horse Brand” leather patch. Levis became a symbol of freedom, adventure and independence.

This project started with a Levi’s jean jacket. Levi’s is a durable, strong brand that has maintained the same vision since it began and it was important to me that my vest was made by Levi. After a lot of searching, I found this Levi’s jean jacket at a local vintage store. It is not complete, I am adding a pattern/patch on the back and studs on the front. However, it is on its way to becoming fabulous.

I did some gardening today. I got my hands dirty. At least I thought I was gardening; I found out later it was actually yard-work. There is a difference. George Harrison once said “I’m not really a career person. I’m a gardener, basically.” I can assure you that George did not do yard work. 

I wore an old pair of Levis and a Friedrich Nietzsche T-shirt. Nietzsche didn’t do yard work. Maybe Levi Strauss did. 

My job was to shove bamboo into trash bags. My brother immediately informed me that “gardening is stupid”. I informed him that he was not gardening, he was yard working. 

The first bag was easy. The second bag was just annoying. Despite my troubles, it didn’t take me too long. I rubbed some dirt on my hands, making it look like a was working really hard. I didn’t rub any on my face. 

I took a photo of a hammer in my hand to show that I had done some yard-work. I’d be a great hand-model. I washed my hands thinking about how interesting dirt is. Why would anybody want to go into pedology? 

After my long day, I sat down, and came up with 5 things I learned. 

There is a difference between gardening and yard work. 
Yard work isn’t that bad. 
Yard work isn’t that fun. 
Car alarms are annoying.
A hammer is a complex tool. 

Becoming an image (being “flattened to fit paper”) points towards death. And we are all becoming images.
—  David Levi Straus on Francesca Woodman
Letter from the Editor: Brief History of Jeans, John Wayne, James Dean, and more

Letter from the Editor: Brief History of Jeans, John Wayne, James Dean, and more

“Denim is one of the oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young,” a journalist for American Fabrics magazine wrote in 1969. Starting out as a material for blue-collar workers and gold miners, denim over the years has made its way into closets all over the globe with every fashionista owning at least one pair of blue jeans *wink*

In 1873, Levi Straus along with Jacob Davis kickstarted the…

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Tonight I was asked to head around to my girlfriends in the evening for some tea, I knocked on and Heather’s niece was shouting surprise before I’d even walked in.

I walked through and saw a massive spread laid out and a Levi’s cake made by Heathers mum!! The best cake EVER!

Totally not expected, one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me! What an awesome day.