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Harry Potter Ask Tag?

Hey, I was tagged by Karen, according to autocorrect
@kalebmalfoy hi how are you xx

Name: Levi
House: Ravenclaw!
Patronus: owl
Wand Core: Dragon heartstring (cherry wood as well :D)
Favorite book: Prisoner of Azkaban
Least favorite book: Deathly Hallows no shame
Favorite movie: Prizoner of Azkaban or Order of the Phoenix
Least favorite movie: Probably..probably Chamber of Secrets or Deathly Hallows
Favorite female character: Minerva McMonagall xx
Favorite male character: Draco? Probably Draco. Yeah. Draco.
Golden trio: Ron
Silver trio: Neville
Favorite marauder: Sirius or Remus. Well, they’re married so that means they’re a package deal. Right? Definitely the package deal.
OTP: Drarry or Wolfstar or Linny

I tag: @spencerthewriter @thatfanpersonyep @chartreusebaby @drvcopotter @ourloveislegendrarry @well-done-draco and anyone else who wants to do it xx

Have a good day!

Prompt challenge? Maybe a new thing?

I challenge @well-done-draco @spencerthewriter and @mostlyv01d to write one of these prompts:

1- Write about your biggest fear
2- Write about a time you got revenge
3- Write about your best friend

There are no rules, but please tag me so I can read what you some up with and put the number of the prompt you chose xx

You can write in whatever style you want, it can be true or made-up, any time period, etc. Whatever you want, just tag me and number please xx

And if you challenge me to do one I will too xx