levi's tab

one half of the eruri fandom:

The doorbell to the bar jingles once to alert the presence of a customer. Levi looks up from wiping down the counter and sees a man whom he’s never seen in this town before–tall, blonde, built. He has a pleasant face, but he also has that gleam in his piercing blue eyes; the essence of someone who hoards many terrible secrets, a man who has once stained his hands with blood. Levi watches as the man saunters over and sits down at the counter. He gives Levi his credit card.

“Opening a tab.”

Levi nods once; notes the name on the card–Erwin Smith.

Levi is good at reading people. That’s why he’s the best at his job. He takes a guess at his drink–something warm, smokey. Perhaps a whiskey, straight. Or maybe a dirty martini, with extra olives on the side. 

the other half of the eruri fandom:

“So what’ll it be?” Levi asks.

“I’ll have an Appletini.”

Levi’s world stops.



“Uh, okay." 

Levi doesn’t know how he pegged the guy so wrong. But he makes his cocktail anyway and hands it over, staring like a hawk as Erwin Smith takes a small sip.

Erwin Smith starts coughing.

"Wow, this is way too strong for me. Sorry, can you add some apple juice or something?”

Levi is ashamed. He is so ashamed…

big E red tab of LEVI'S 506XX
LVC Super Reproduction
1936 Type-1 Model DENIM JACKET   Made in “ LEVI'S U.S.A Valencia                                1996 - 1997”