levi's shirt

Sasha: Guys! I can`t do the laundry, I can`t find any wash boards!

Levi: Well improvise because you`re still doing the laundry.

Sasha: Oh wait! I found one.

*pulls Eren`s shirt up*

Sasha: This`ll work.

Eren: Really Sasha?

Sasha: *holds up the clean shirt* Really.

Levi: Sweeps, dusts, scrubs and can be used to do the laundry. You`re like an all-purpose cleaner, I must have you.

Isayama is trying to compensate the fact that there were no characters from the main cast in ch91 by continuing this au.

Can’t say I’m disappointed.

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[Pictured: White t-shirt. Image courtesy Shutterstock/SFIO CRACHO]