levi's big e

Levi blushing whenever he thinks about how erwin looks at him. Levi getting flustered whenever erwin praises him for anything (excellent combat, good tea) Levi finding himself thinking about erwin when he’s meant to be sleeping instead. Levi staring at him when he’s not looking (hange notices, they just smile and doesn’t comment) levi quickly looking away when he’s caught staring. LEVI PINNING HARDCORE

Pimp Post: The Perks Of Shipping Eruri [last updated: 03.13.2014]

Gather around bbies, it’s story time! Today, I’m going to tell you how my life was ruined by a pair of titans-fighting old men. Have a sit, get cozy! This is going to be a long post~

What is this: something like a personal directory for Eruri

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