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“Eyes moving up the arm that just dropped his bag Levi was met with a fever dream. Immediately he thought that there was no man in front of him was real. Grey sweatpants riding low on his hips and a matching long sleeved, thermal the man was at least warm but no warmer than Levi had suddenly felt from looking at those spellbinding eyes. He’d never seen a pair of eyes quite so enrapturing, a shade of tantalizing turquoise that gleamed so warmly. How’d he gotten so lucky as to be saved by this man?”

ERERI WINTER 2016 - Day 1 & 2 “Warm & Blankets”

This is a scene from the fic A Series of Fortunately Unfortunate Events by the magnificient @justapansexualfanficwriter (iloveyousomuchlove). IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD, GO CHECK IT OUT Y’ALL NERDS!!!!!!


Lady Gaga sure knows how to kill the airport fashion game - even with only vintage items. She stepped into JFK airport on October 6th, 2015 after filming for American Horror Story in Los Angeleles.

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One of my favorite Dolly stories is that Jackie Kennedy and her children came to see the show in their first public appearance after the assassination of JFK. Carol said that Caroline Kennedy knocked on her dressing room door after the show, and after Carol said “why you must be Caroline!” to her, Caroline turned to Jackie and said SHE KNOWS MY NAME (when Carol tells this story she usually adds “didn’t she know that the whole world knew her name?”) and Carol, Jackie, and the children rode the Sunday Clothes train together multiple times. At the end of the visit, Caroline asked for Dolly’s big handbag, which Carol immediately gave to her. According to Carol, she received a note from Jackie thanking her and said that Caroline was going around pretending to be Dolly Levi with the bag.

Story time: I think I'm out of control

Went to Kohl’s literally just to try on jeans to see what size I am. I ended up liking two pairs of Levi’s, and my bag (medium-size Bernini), was only just big enough to fit both. It bulged and everything but I hid it by putting it in my cart. I was going to leave, but then I saw a pair of corduroys that I wanted, took them to the dressing room and tried them on and fell in love. But I wasn’t about to spend $50 and there wasn’t any room in my bag. So what did I do?

Girls I straight up folded that bitch and put it down the back of my shirt, then put on my leather jacket over it and tied the waist belt real tight so it wouldn’t fall out. I looked like a hunchback but I walked straight outta there with three new pairs of pants yo

My OTPs about each other
  • Natsu: Lucy is very important to me because we're nakama. I'll protect her at all costs.
  • Lucy: Natsu's my best friend. He's always there for me.
  • Gray: I took away her rain and I will always be with her.
  • Juvia: Gray-sama has faith in me. I won't let him down!
  • Jellal: I named her after her hair and tried to save her from my darkness. She's the light.
  • Erza: It's painful, but he's worth the waiting. He'll guide me through the paths I'll choose.
  • Gajeel: I helped her through her S-Class exam. She gave me air when I was fighting.
  • Levy: Yes, and that was after he nailed me to a tree!
  • Gajeel: *stares from Levy to his bag back and forth* Wait, weren't you in here?

We are off to Auckland early Thursday morning, and spending the weekend in Tauranga.

The only way to get my mind at ease before any form of travel, be it a big trip or small, is to write lists.

So here is tomorrow’s…


🌱 full shower: hair, shave, task mask
🌱 pack my bag
🌱 pack Levi’s bag
🌱 buy travel snacks for Levi
🌱 pack vitamins (enough for trip)
🌱 card for mum
🌱 write in Shans bday card
🌱 give N go ahead on newsletter
🌱 remind C to give N $$ for Fri
🌱 email N about Fri
🌱 charge power bank
🌱 contact S
🌱 contact C
🌱 find out what church M is at
🌱 think: sunhats, towels, sunblock
🌱 bday card for Jo
🌱 make kombucha
🌱 do all laundry
🌱 deep clean kitchen
🌱 clean bathroom & toilet
🌱 mop
🌱 clean ENJO cloths
🌱 set reminder to clean sheets THU am & out on clothes racks in Levi’s room
🌱 water peace lily & fern
🌱 locate pg equipment
🌱 talk to C about business visits
🌱 put strap on car seat
🌱 pack Levi’s poncho?
🌱 download some netflix
🌱 pack Levi’s backpack
🌱 choose which purse to take and make sure it’s got everything I will need
🌱 book hair appt
🌱 eyebrows?
🌱 buy book for weekend (lol)
🌱 write February recap
🌱 check to do list

I won’t get it all done, and I’m sure I’ll add things to it… but here it is, in all it’s accountable glory

Levi Puns

what do you call Levi when he’s on a field?

Levi Attackerman

What do you call Levi when he’s a bird?

Levi Quackerman

What do you call Levi when he’s having chips?

Levi Snackerman

What do you call Levi when he’s eating saltines?

Levi Crackerman

What do you call Levi when he’s getting ready for vacation?

Levi Packerman

What do you call Levi when he’s in a bag?

Levi Sackerman

What do you call Levi when he slaps someone?

Levi Smackerman

What do you call Levi when he’s not working?

Levi Slackerman

What do you call Levi when he’s taking a nap?

Levi Napperman

What do you call Levi when he’s following someone?

Levi Trackerman

What do you call Levi when he returns?

Levi Backerman

What do you call Levi when he loses something?

Levi Lackerman

these were all I could think of feel free to add more