levi's bag


I used foam board to make three different ita bag looks so I can switch them out whenever I want to show off a different ship


CARRY ALLS: The standout pre-fall bags put some pep in the crosstown schlep - model: Charlene Almarvez - photography: Stas May - fashion: Julia Gall - hair: Tesuya Yamagata - makeup: Sophie Haig - casting: David Chen - Interview Magazine May 2017

  • Loewe bag. Levis jacket. American Apparel socks. Vans sneakers
  • Balenciaga bag & sneaker. Champions sweatshirt. Re/Done jeans
  • Valentino bag. Ralph Lauren Collection jacket. AG Jeans jeans
  • Celine bag & pants. Adidas sneakers
  • Gucci bag & shoes. Citizen of Humanity jeans. Ozone socks
  • Louis Vuitton bag & boots. Alpha Industries jacket. Sonix phone case
  • Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci bag. Fear of God jacket. Nike sneakers
  • Dior bag & sneakers. Public School sweatshirt. Girlfriend jeans

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Long distance Skype call eruri. <3

Thanks anon! Its good to get back to these.

A black screen stared back at Levi, the shuffles and clunks coming through his headset suggesting life on the other end of the connection and he rested his head on one palm, waiting patiently. They’d organised the time in advance, purposefully set their lives up around it and Levi had woken from sleep to talk. Not that he minded. He’d move fucking mountains to see Erwin’s face and hear his voice, two days of just texting doing absolutely nothing to quash the feeling of desolation.

The call had come through early though, earlier than scheduled and Levi could hear the sound of humming, something which Erwin only did whilst…

Cleaning. He was cleaning. Probably pressed the button unintentionally during the clear-up.

A small smile tugged at Levi’s lips and he shook his head, listened as he imagined his husband prepping the area to appear neat and tidy in Levi’s absence. He’d be gone for a month, across oceans and miles away on business, miles away from Erwin and Levi sighed, soaking up the domestic normality filtering into his ear.

A flourish of activity revealed Erwin, what appeared to be a cloth having been knocked from the laptop and Levi stifled a laugh at the vision awaiting him. Erwin had his back to the camera, ass out as he scrubbed at their wooden bookshelves, large and full-screen for Levi’s pleasure. Grey eyes twinkled in the night, memories recalled of all the times he’d been able to fucking worship that man…each sweaty encounter, Levi’s lips devouring supple flesh, Erwin’s calls of ecstasy as Levi made him come again and again, knuckle-deep inside…

Krispy Cremes. Pizza Hut. KFC.

The little finger which Levi unconsciously held in his mouth dropped out, palm slapping the table and he sat up straight, mouth a thin line and glare thunderous as he spotted the heap of trash to one side, moved out of sight but not far enough. Levi hoped the speakers were on at the other end and he drew breath, ready to blow.


The speakers were on. Erwin spun in shock, his frightened and guilty expression looming close where he stood still hunched over.

“Levi! H-Hi! How are…”

“Don’t. Just don’t.” He leaned in, eyes hooded and dark. “I’ve been here two days, Erwin. Two days and already our study looks like a fucking student’s dorm room?”

“I can explain!”

“Explain to me when your cholesterol is through the roof and your blood sugar spikes.” Levi softened slightly, resting back as he watched Erwin slink into the chair, timid and apologetic. “I worry.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just miss you, Levi.”

Erwin held his hand up, stroking the screen in tiny gestures of loneliness and Levi did the same, tracing a jaw, nose, hairline. Erwin’s comfort eating materialised in times of stress or upset, something which gave Levi both a surge of love at being missed and a pang of regret for being absent.

“Miss you too.”

They explored one another’s pixelated faces for a while in silence, showed emotion through the soundless actions. Touch without contact. It was the best they’d get right now and the pair made the most of what could be attained.

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Make out session with Levi story/headcannon thing?

This got so out of control, omg. And the best thing about writing for Levi is not only making y’all happy, but making mod Spookzz happy as well since Levi is her bae. Anyways, takes place in a modern AU where Levi is a lawyer. Enjoy, anon! 

The sound of the lock turning and the jingle of a set of keys forcefully shoved you out of the reverie you had fallen into and you glanced at the door in anticipation. A large stack of papers sat untouched on the coffee table, but you paid no heed to it, too invested in your apartment door opening; or, rather, just who was walking through it.

It was fairly obvious that Levi was exhausted. The bags beneath his eyes were dark violet in color, which only indicated that he probably hadn’t slept on his ten hour plane ride despite having his own private quarters. “Tough flight?” you asked rhetorically, taking his jacket from over his arm in order to hang it up in the coat closet.

 “A shit show,” replied Levi as he wheeled his suitcase off to a corner and walked into the kitchen area. If he was in no hurry to unpack his clothes in case they were wrinkled, then it was super obvious that he had a hell of a time getting home. You watched in silent awe for a split second as Levi’s arm muscles stretched against his shirt’s fabric, the sleeves rolled over his forearms while he rummaged through a cabinet, searching for something that you could only guess was tea. It wasn’t uncommon for you to step back and admire your boyfriend’s physique because you were fairly positive he was, single-handedly, the most attractive man you ever laid eyes on in your entire life, but this was only amplified by the fact that you had gone for two whole months without being able to see him save for infrequent Skype calls.

 You crossed your arms over your chest and reluctantly pried your eyes away from his ass in favor of looking him in the eye. “Crying baby? Turbulence?” you offered in slight amusement.

 When Levi finished placing the kettle on the stove, he braced his back on the counter and revealed, “No. Every time the flight attendant saw me placing the cushion down on the chair to try and get some sleep, she’d insist on doing it and tucking me in like a fucking five year old.”

 A chuckle escaped through your lips, only to grow into pure laughter at the thought of how grumpy Levi must have been at the poor woman who was only trying to do her job. Levi hated being touched by strangers, after all. “That’s what you get when you fly first class on a flight that’s longer than seven hours.”

 “Erwin can shove it up his ass next time he forces me to go out of the country,” Levi humorously stated, even if he wasn’t trying to be funny, intentionally.

 You rolled your eyes at his typical antics and motioned towards the microwave. “I made you lunch a little while ago, but it should still be warm.”

 “…You cooked and didn’t burn down the entire apartment?” Although it was a question, Levi had worded it more like a statement, much to you annoyance. Huffing, you pushed past him and opened the microwave, revealing the plate you had made. While you weren’t the most spectacular chef to ever live, your best friend had been delicately coaching you on how to make simple things when Levi wasn’t home to cook. While your arrangement of cooking and cleaning duties worked just fine, you had wanted to do something nice for him since he had been eating out every night for the last two months.

“I already ate some earlier, you ass. It’s fine.”

In lieu of firing back and bruising your ego over its lackluster presentation, Levi merely sighed and placed the plate back into the microwave, heading towards the couch where he sat down with his freshly brewed mug. “I’ll shower then eat. There’s some stuff I need to get taken care of at the office.”

 Of all the things Levi could have said, the last thing you had been expecting was for him to head back to work. He was tired and you were deprived for eight whole weeks; like hell was Erwin stealing anymore of your time with him.

 Before he could even protest, you marched towards the couch and straddled his lap. Leaning in just a few centimeters from his lips, you restrained yourself from tasting him in order to declare, “No way. I haven’t seen you in two months. Erwin can handle paperwork or whatever the hell he has to do on his own.”

 Levi sighed and placed his mug off to the side, those gunmetal gray eyes that you had come to know and love inching down to the shape of your lips. Angling his head, his mouth brushed against your own and, just for a moment, you reciprocated and melted against him. Just as one of his hands carded in your hair and the other inched down to your waist, you reluctantly pulled away from him and smirked. “Nice try, but you’re not getting anything until you tell me you’re not going anywhere.”

 “You goddamn tease,” he muttered underneath his breath, which did a lot to inflate your ego even if it was just by a fraction. The defeat in his voice sang true of your minor victory, but nothing could have prepared you for the way he crashed his mouth back to your own in a desperate, heated kiss. Turning your head to the side, you shivered as soon as his hand began to trace down your spine, lingering close to the curve and dip of your lower back. It was hot and it was needy, but you could tell just in that moment that Levi had missed you just as much as you had missed him.

 When his tongue traced your bottom lip, you complied with vigor, your hands moving down to settle against the rigid muscles of his chest. Against your lips, you felt Levi smirk as his tongue explored your mouth, earning him a quiet noise of approval as his hand brushed across your thigh. Wanting the upper-hand for just a minute, you playfully nipped at his lip after he retracted his tongue before you braced your hands on his shoulders and pushed down, using all of your weight to hover over him to grind your hips into his own.

 “Fuck,” he groaned into your lips, breaking away from you in order to latch his mouth to your neck. Bracing his hand on the back of your head, he pulled you down and continued to pepper a line of hot kisses until he reached the junction of your neck where he ran his hot tongue across the area where shoulder met collarbone.

 You sighed in complete bliss, dark and lustful eyes meeting his own underneath you. “You are not allowed to leave the country ever again,” you declared, tilting your head back down in order to meet his lips for yet another mind-blowing kiss. He parted and took a moment to hold the side of your face in an almost uncharacteristically tender manner, studying your features as if trying to map them into the back of his subconscious.

 Tilting your cheek into his palm, you sighed and quietly confessed, “I missed you.”

 “Yeah. Me too.”


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caddy shack

in face melting heat, jean and eren discuss many things of extreme importance while ogling their supervisor levi. ererijean. this is just self indulgent sillies

“You know what I like?” Eren asked.

“Suckin’ dick?” Jean teased, but his heart was only half in it, he was too busy fanning himself on the bench in the caddy shack. The oppressive heat had sap leaching out of the wooden boards giving the place a sickly sweet smell. It was only slightly better inside, in the shade, than out on the course.

“Yes, but also…” Eren struggled upright, which was difficult with Jean draped over him. “Watching Levi drive around in the carts.”

“Mm,” Jean agreed.

The humidity was so overwhelming, Eren’s hair was curling around the brim of his baseball cap, which was unfair Jean thought. And Jean’s eyes looked very honey colored in the bright light thought Eren as he stuck a blade of grass in Jean’s ear only to have him slap it away. Out in the distance, the groan of Levi’s golf cart drew nearer.

“The wind tousling his silken locks.”


“The sound of the shocks crying out in pain as he speeds over the hills,” Eren continued wistfully.

“He likes speed that one,” Jean said, putting his hat over his eyes.

“The grinding noise the cart makes because he has no idea how to use the clutch,” Eren said as they heard the telltale sound of their boss swearing at the cart.

“He doesn’t need it, the carts simply obey. All bend to his will. I’ve seen him break a nine iron over his knee.”

“The way he squeals to a halt in front of the caddy shack,” Eren sighed as Levi hit the curb with some vehemence.

“It’s like peals of laughter,” Jean chorused.

“The way he says—“

“What are you little cock gobblers doing?” Levi snapped, kicking the bottom of the bench where they were thrown across.

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It’s the third time the lady behind him has tutted in just as many minutes, and Levi is on his last thread of self control. He turns to her slowly.

“There’s no changing table in the men’s,” he grinds out.

She hums at him in distaste and Levi turns back around, his grip on Eren tightening a little.

It’s not like he wants to go in there. Listening to people pee as he changes a shitty diaper is not exactly his idea of a good time. Besides, public restrooms are gross, and the changing tables in them, he’s found, are not any better off.

He’s changed Eren on the sink before because the table was so disgusting. He got disapproving looks then, too, but they were as unwarranted as the ones he was getting from this lady. It’s not like anyone was eating off of the sink - some of the fuckers that gave him the stink eye didn’t even wash their damn hands - and he was closer to hot water and soap to clean up that way.

The woman sighs deeply and tuts again, and Levi is this close to decking her when someone else clears their throat and a deeper voice says

“Excuse me.”

Levi turns his head and looks up at a tall, blond man.

“Hello. I’m sorry for coming up to you out of the blue, but I couldn’t help but notice you are having some trouble,” he says, eyes flicking furtively to the lady behind Levi. “Might I offer you the use of our changing table?”

He gestures over to another, taller blond man who cradles a baby in one arm and lifts what looks like a laptop carrying bag towards Levi.

“That’s…a changing table?”

“It folds out.”

“I didn’t know they made those,” Levi says as he follows the man.

Levi is woefully unprepared for taking care of a kid. He’s just been using - and rebuying once he runs out - whatever Izzy and Farlan had.

“My name’s Erwin,” the man says once they’ve joined the other. “This is my partner, Mike, and this little fellow is our son, Armin.”

Armin makes a noise that is a cross between a sneeze and a hiccup, and Levi’s heart twinges because that is damn near the most painfully cute thing he’s ever heard. The most endearing thing Eren has done so far is a fart that sounded like a whistle.

“He says hi,” Mike translates and Levi’s mouth twitches briefly into a smile.

They go into the men’s bathroom, Levi giving the woman still waiting in line a surreptitious middle finger as they do, and Erwin unfolds the contraption - which is clean, thank fuck - on the far end of the sink.

“Need me one of these,” Levi marvels.

“Yes, they’re very handy.”

He takes a step back when he’s done and Levi comes forward.

“What’s his name?” Erwin asks as Levi begins to change Eren’s diaper.


“He must look a great deal like his mother.”

“Sort of,” Levi answers. “He’s kind of a combination, really.”

Erwin and Mike tilt their heads in consideration.

“I’m not the dad,” Levi says.

“Ah,” they both breathe.

“Are you babysitting?” Erwin asks.

“For another seventeen and a half years, yeah.”

“Oh…I’m so sorry.”

Levi shrugs. “I was planning on being the cool uncle, but I guess that went up in smoke.”

It’s a joke that’s in poor taste, but that’s how Levi deals with it. It’s a trait that’s pretty off putting, and probably why he doesn’t have any friends. He imagines these two are regretting helping him now, and will take their leave as quickly as they can.

“You’ll just have to practice your dad jokes instead,” Erwin says.

Levi looks up at him in surprise. “…I guess so.”

Levi’s done changing Eren at this point, so he lifts him in order for Erwin to take away and refold the changing table, and then puts Eren’s blanket down so he can begin wrapping Eren’s squirmy little ass back up. He starts by lifting the left end of the blanket, pauses, rethinks it, lifts the right end, and pauses again.

“Hey,” Mike says, “give me your phone.”

Levi raises an eyebrow at him.

“No offense, but you look like you don’t know what you’re doing.”


“What? Like you don’t agree.”

“You could have said it more kindly.”

“It’s fine. I am clueless.”

Mike gives Erwin a triumphant smile and takes the phone that Levi hands him, tapping a number in quickly before handing it back.

“So, you want a demonstration?” Mike asks then, nodding at Eren.

“Yes or I’ll be here all day,” Levi sighs.

Mike hands Armin off to Erwin and stands next to Levi.

“The key is to pretend you’re making a burrito. You don’t want the good bits spilling out.”

Levi snorts and Erwin sighs.

“What have I told you about comparing children to food?”

“That I need to stop because it makes you weirdly and unexplainably hungry?”

Levi snorts again. “You guys are nuts.”

“Don’t mention those or he’ll want pad thai.”

“They do have a Thai restaurant in the food court…” Erwin muses.

“Told you.”

“Give me more baby tips and it’s my treat,” Levi says. These guys are nuts, but knowledgeable. Mike already has Eren swaddled, and Levi swears it was by magic.

“Come,” Erwin says, hand on Levi’s shoulder, “we have much to discuss.”

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Lol there's another ship war between Eruri and Ereri because of that answer you made I will die. Ereri shippers come crying saying Eruri is abusive for Whatever reason( Like I genuinly don't know why??) While they get off to a fucking 15y/o having sex with a man in his 30's. Like they can ship whatever they want but the arguments are fucking stupid.

tea time for anon. prompt: shitty abusive eruri is shit!!!!

“erwin, stop!”

“no, you’ll take it!”

“erwin, no, please don’t make me!”

“you’ll take it, or i’ll leave you!”

levi whines, long and drawn out, slaps his rubber gloves on his hands and picks up the trash bags sitting in the foyer of their house. “they’re so heavy and they smell like shit!”

“i can only do so much for you levi. this was your mess.”

“but you’re so strong.” he pouts.

“don’t you dare.”

levi holds the bags out at arms length. “if only a strong man could carry these out back for me i could… reward him…”


“i’m sorry i forgot to take the trash out before we left on our honeymoon.”

“i am too. the house smells awful.”

“you think i’m enjoying this? i’ve never been on vacation!”

erwin comes up to him, looks down at him and smiles gently. “yes, i suppose you’re right. you were frazzled.”

levi keeps pouting, brings the bags down to his side. “please?”

“yes. i’ll take them.” he bends down and kisses levi quickly and pinches his cheek.

“augh, abuse!”

“oh shut up.” erwin says, takes the bags from him in one hand and uses the other to open the door. levi spins and slaps an open palm across his ass. “hey!”

“first duty as husband: trash day.”

erwin sighs, shakes his head, and smiles all the way to the trash bins, adjusts his wedding ring on his finger before heading back inside.


Tiptoe Part 1 of 2
One of my song inspired song fics this time however it is a combination of two songs the first one is Tiptoe By Imagine Dragons and the second is Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran. So please enjoy and give love!

A/N Speical thanks to @whereisthefood123 for being my beta you are amazing!

Rated T

Word Count: 991

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Feelings. (One-shot)

Paring: RivaMika
: American High School Setting
: Romance
: T

A/N: This fic is very old. I decided to pick this up and finish it. This story deals with a student-teacher relationship, there is no sex. You don’t like don’t read. Any hate asks from this will be deleted without being published. Having said that, please enjoy.


It was after school. Levi, a high school teacher of three years held detention. He sat there with a small sudoku book, filling in the numbers with a pen.

He was named as the most intimidating teacher in the school followed by Mr. Shadis, the phys ed teacher. Kids made fun of Levi’s height behind his back getting annoyed by his neat freak tenancies and his unrealistic expectations. He was infamously known to put the students on blast if they did something disagreeable by his standards. To top the icing on the cake—he was an algebra teacher. He called everyone strictly by their last names like a military corporal, and failed his students without any exceptions.  

He had a sarcastic nature and it seemed that anything thrown at him would bounce right off.

He was a heartless monster.

Or so it seemed.

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