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New Levi’s ® Vintage Clothing collection for SS 17 just arrived us. Let us start with the new inzane Levi's® Vintage Clothing 1976 501 Jeans Rigid 12oz. The 1976 501 Jeans is made from 12oz Raw Cone Mills Selvedge denim. The classical jeans with subtle tapered legs and a mid rise.

More Doodles of others’ ideas! Yay!

This one is a combination of @acecakes ’ suggestion of pyjama-sharing Eruris and @kruffka0 ’s sleeping Eruris :D 

The Classic:

Dorkwin is the king of ridiculous sleepwear.

The Alternative:

I loved both ideas so much, thank you for inspiring me! I might take some time but Im grateful for every single prompt :) even though I twist them all til theyre ridiculous…

”Your eyes, they shine so bright

I wanna save that light…”

                           - from Demons by Imagine Dragons

To celebrate Eren’s birthday, here’s a thing I recently did for the lovely PorcelainSky on wattpad, for their Ereri/Riren fic Crack of Sunlight, based off of one of Levi’s drawings from his sketchbook (which is why January 3rd is written at the top, and why I didn’t sign my name on the paper). 

—Slight spoilers for Ch. 30 of CoS, by PorcelainSky—

     Eren continued flipping through. The art became progressively darker as it went. Some colored, some not. Quickly, they became almost disturbing…until he made it to what had to be the dead center of the sketchbook. Unlike many of the previous ones, the page remained nearly blank. The exception was a pair of eyes, so familiar, staring at him from the center of the page. Framed by thick lashes, they were a blend of greens and blues; shiny, lively, lustrous.

                            -Crack of Sunlight, Part 1, Chapter 30


If you have not already checked out PorcelanSky’s 2-part Ereri/Riren fic Crack of Sunlight, I highly suggest that you do. I could go on and on about it, but to briefly state things, it is my absolute favorite fic out of all of the fandoms I’m in, and written by my favorite fic writer. The feels will kill you in the best way possible, and I am literally addicted to CoS and how amazingly well-written it is. And if you like that fic, you should also consider reading Paper Airplanes and The Music Room (by the same writer). Just make sure that you have a box or two of Kleenex within reach. 


Progresso KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Colored Pencils, LePen black outlining pens in 0.03, 0.05, 0.3, 0.5, Y&C Gel Xtreme GX 101W Pastel White Pen in 0.7, and Strathmore recycled sketch paper- fine tooth surface. (For once, I didn’t use Copic markers xD ) 

Art is mine. Please don’t be an asshole and repost or use without giving proper credit. I greatly appreciate every single like and reblog, though ^v^  (I also check out the blogs that do that- Thank you so much to those who have liked/reblogged any of my previous art posts <3 ) (っ*´◡`*)っ✿♡ ❀♥ 

Why 97 companies are opposing Trump's travel ban

NEW YORK — Apple, Google and more than 90 other companies are pushing back in court against President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban, calling it unconstitutional, un-American and bad for the economy.

The companies filed briefs Sunday to back lawsuits from Washington state and Minnesota fighting Trump’s travel ban. The ban keeps refugees and travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

Trump has said his Jan. 27 executive order is necessary to prevent “radical Islamic terrorists” from coming to the U.S. The White House did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

The 97 companies are mostly in the technology industry and include social media companies Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. Non-tech companies participating include yogurt maker Chobani and jeans-seller Levi Strauss & Co.

Here’s some of the reasons why they oppose the travel ban:


Immigrants will avoid the U.S. and want to work in other countries where “their immigration status will not suddenly be revoked,” the companies argued. They also said the ban makes it more likely that big companies will move employees overseas or make investments outside the U.S.

“Ultimately, American workers and the economy will suffer as a result,” the companies said.


The travel ban makes it harder for companies to “recruit, hire, and retain some of the world’s best employees,” according to the court filings.

The companies also say the ban disrupts day-to-day operations by making it more difficult to send employees to meetings and conferences abroad because of uncertainty over whether they can return.


The companies said the executive order violates immigration laws and the U.S. Constitution because it bans people from entering the country based on their place of origin.


According to the court documents, 200 of the 500 companies on Fortune magazine’s list of largest U.S. companies were founded by immigrants, or children of immigrants. That includes iPhone maker Apple and search company Google, both of which joined the court filing.

“The energy they bring to America is a key reason why the American economy has been the greatest engine of prosperity and innovation in history,” the companies said.


Contact Joseph Pisani at http://twitter.com/josephpisani .

Joseph Pisani, The Associated Press


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