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My favorite levi trope is that he loves cats because i love cats and i love people being nice to cats and feeding them.

The vet nurse was cute.

He wore scrubs covered in colourful little cartoon animals and his sneakers were lime green. He cradled cats with both arms, staring deep into their eyes as he carried a one-sided conversation with all the gravity and solemnity of a conversation between adults. He didn’t make his voice higher or speak adorable nonsense. He picked them up and asked them, by name, how they were feeling. He nodded, his sombre expression made more so by the frown that would crease his brow.

“I heard, Grandpa, you had another belly ache.”

Grandpa slowly reached up one paw and placed it gently on ‘My Name Is Levi!’s chin. The vet nurse nodded, thin lips puckered in thought.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Levi looked at Eren and it was amazing how his expression didn’t exactly change but there was something else that shifted in his countenance. Something that went from the subtle familiarity with which he handled Grandpa to a sort of deadpan surprise.

“You’re not Mikasa.”

“No, um.” Eren wrung his beanie in his hands. “She’s on vacation. I’m pet-sitting.” He looked nervously at Grandpa who had his paws curled against his chest. He looked at Eren almost accusingly with big yellow eyes. You did this to me, they seemed to say. There will be a reckoning.

“What happened.” Levi didn’t pose it like a question. He said it like it didn’t matter; he wouldn’t believe whatever nonsense Eren came up with anyway, he’d figure it out soon enough. He said it like he was on Grandpa’s side already. Eren felt ridiculous. More than the early drive to the vet and Mikasa’s inevitable wrath, he resented Grandpa for making the cute vet nurse look at him like he was the world’s biggest idiot.

“He’s an indoor cat—“

“I know.”

“Right.” Eren looked down at his feet. Levi’s stare was unwavering. “He ran out last night while I was putting out the garbage. I think he ate something weird.”

The vet nurse sighed. He shook Grandpa a little in his arms. A gentle reprimand.

“You, sir, know better.”

“I’m sorry. God, Mikasa is going to kill me.”

“This happens more often than you think,” Levi said. He looked up at Eren with an arched eyebrow. “Boyfriend?”

Eren looked at him, startled by the bluntness.

“No, I’m single.”

Levi’s eyes widened and Eren only then realised his mistake.

“Ah!” They stared at each other, Eren in mortification and Levi in shock. “Ah! No! Yes – I mean no! She’s my sister!”

Eren felt him shrink in on himself. The butterflies in his belly turned into a flight of kamikaze’s plummeting devastatingly into his gut.

Then Levi smiled.

Just a faint upward tilt to the corner of his lips. His eyes were laughing, though, and now he was actually looking at Eren properly.

“You’re Eren, right? Mikasa’s mentioned you before.”

“…Really?” To her vet nurse? “Why?”

Levi looked down at Grandpa and Eren had the nagging suspicion he was avoiding Eren’s eye.

“You should ask her.”


“You scheming cow.”

Hi, Eren,” Mikasa’s tinny voice said sweetly through the receiver. “The holiday’s going great, thanks for asking! How are you?”

“I panicked! I thought I’d killed Grandpa!”

“Arsenic couldn’t kill that dumb cat. He’s just a dramatic old shit who’s just senile enough to enjoy visiting the vet. Did you meet Levi?” And Eren could tell by the smug edge to her tone she knew everything already.

“I hate you. I’m never cat-sitting again. That was mortifying, I’ll never live this down.”

“No, bud, you owe me. When’s the date?”

Eren sighed.

“Next Wednesday.”

I love suits. And I love Levi&Eren. So, yay for Office AU. \(^ 0 ^) / A little racy. Not really.

Office AU:

Eren is a cheeky-ass employee, but a really good employee. His co-workers think Levi only keeps him around for eye-candy (true), but Eren is quite the worker, very good at what he does, does everything on time, and actually does 5x the work of his peers. But his attitude needs tons to be worked on. Sasses all his co-workers, insults them with a smile, as if he didn’t mean it, and takes long lunch breaks (which were spent on helping Levi). (Eren got very defensive for Levi when his co-workers talks about him)

Levi, the hard-ass boss, is always stressed out with the incompetent work his employee does. Always rants to Eren about them never completing their work, and takes advantage of overtime pay. Eren, at the beginning was like that too, until he sees how tired Levi is, then he picked up his slack. As time goes on, he picks up his co-workers slack, and eventually kind of became Levi’s personal assistant.

Then they got together, smoothly and without drama. It just fell together naturally. But they each get their bouts of jealousy with the exes or something.

Those long lunch breaks are happy times, de-stressing in Levi’s private, recently sound-proof office, thanks to Erwin who could not deal with their shit. Levi and Eren kind of shamelessly uses any rooms anywhere, whenever they felt like it. (Lol, more times in Erwin office then Erwin liked. Hange was down with it tho.)

…I’m sorry for this shitty au and long ass post… (> =//3//=)>  


“The only thing we’re allowed to do… is to believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.” | Happy Birthday Levi! (25.12)

”Your eyes, they shine so bright

I wanna save that light…”

                           - from Demons by Imagine Dragons

To celebrate Eren’s birthday, here’s a thing I recently did for the lovely PorcelainSky on wattpad, for their Ereri/Riren fic Crack of Sunlight, based off of one of Levi’s drawings from his sketchbook (which is why January 3rd is written at the top, and why I didn’t sign my name on the paper). 

—Slight spoilers for Ch. 30 of CoS, by PorcelainSky—

     Eren continued flipping through. The art became progressively darker as it went. Some colored, some not. Quickly, they became almost disturbing…until he made it to what had to be the dead center of the sketchbook. Unlike many of the previous ones, the page remained nearly blank. The exception was a pair of eyes, so familiar, staring at him from the center of the page. Framed by thick lashes, they were a blend of greens and blues; shiny, lively, lustrous.

                            -Crack of Sunlight, Part 1, Chapter 30


If you have not already checked out PorcelanSky’s 2-part Ereri/Riren fic Crack of Sunlight, I highly suggest that you do. I could go on and on about it, but to briefly state things, it is my absolute favorite fic out of all of the fandoms I’m in, and written by my favorite fic writer. The feels will kill you in the best way possible, and I am literally addicted to CoS and how amazingly well-written it is. And if you like that fic, you should also consider reading Paper Airplanes and The Music Room (by the same writer). Just make sure that you have a box or two of Kleenex within reach. 


Progresso KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Colored Pencils, LePen black outlining pens in 0.03, 0.05, 0.3, 0.5, Y&C Gel Xtreme GX 101W Pastel White Pen in 0.7, and Strathmore recycled sketch paper- fine tooth surface. (For once, I didn’t use Copic markers xD ) 

Art is mine. Please don’t be an asshole and repost or use without giving proper credit. I greatly appreciate every single like and reblog, though ^v^  (I also check out the blogs that do that- Thank you so much to those who have liked/reblogged any of my previous art posts <3 ) (っ*´◡`*)っ✿♡ ❀♥ 


Rating: T; for language and suggestive material.

Pairing: Levi x Mikasa, RivaMika

Summary:  Written for the fifth RivaMika Jam!
The story of how an aspiring musician meets and falls for his muse.
My partner was @zerolr and my prompt was: “Mikasa is an ordinary person working at a grocery/supermarket store and Levi is a famous musician/actor.
He sees her and finds himself attracted/interested in her. So while she checks out his purchase, Levi leaves her his phone number.”
I kinda deviated a little from the original premise, but I hope it still turned out okay! :) This was fun to work with and I’m glad I signed up this time around!

Word Count: 3873 (a little long lol oops)

Music is one of many ways people are able to express themselves.

Soft, slow melodies from jazz or classical styles evoke calmness and serenity. Heavier themes can be conveyed through powerhouse ballads of the rock n’ roll variety. Regardless of the genre, there’s almost always a message or meaning to these intricate works of art, crafted from some sort of stimulus.

Some musicians draw inspiration from everyday life and personal experience, travelling and exploring new sights, or through the release of pent up emotions; a coping mechanism for dealing with hardships and complexities of this cruel yet beautiful world.

Aspiring musician Levi Ackerman fears he’s lost any and all inspiration. He has talent, that much is true. However, he recognizes that plenty of other ‘up-and-comers’ and ‘desperate hopefuls’ have talent. His music has hit a plateau, unsure where to take his current career aspirations or how exactly to get where he wants to be. He yearns for a stimulating experience; something to pull him out of this awful rut and set him apart from others in the highly competitive and cut-throat industry, riddled with unoriginal material and blatant narcissism.

Enter Mikasa, and the spark comes back.

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More Doodles of others’ ideas! Yay!

This one is a combination of @acecakes ’ suggestion of pyjama-sharing Eruris and @kruffka0 ’s sleeping Eruris :D 

The Classic:

Dorkwin is the king of ridiculous sleepwear.

The Alternative:

I loved both ideas so much, thank you for inspiring me! I might take some time but Im grateful for every single prompt :) even though I twist them all til theyre ridiculous…


Happy Birthday, Ozge-nee(੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡