|| Shingeki no OTP 進撃のOTP ||

~Sashaconnie (Sasha x Connie)
~Aruani (Armin x Annie)
~Eremika (Mikasa x Eren)
~Rivetra (Levi x Petra, btw I ship him with Hanji too)
~Yumikuri (Christa/Historia x Ymir)

((Credit to dreamxxdream, I’m in love with this style, keep going xx))

I love how everybody in the snk fandom goes :

“No wtf ERERI”
“JEANMIKA bc Jean loves Mikasa”
“Guys plz EREMIN is almost canon”
“Jean is in love with Marco!!”
“Armin and Annie tho”
“I prefer Levi x Petra !!!!”

But then we almost made a silent agreement that nobody touched Reiner x Bertholdt, Sasha x Connie and Christa x Ymir

“Say those three words and I’m yours”

“Attack on Titan”

When your supposed to be working but you start to think about your OTP....