levi x hange

Just Remember...

Hanji is not only the only living person to respond to Levi’s poop comments with more poop comments…

She’s also the only living person to actually call him out on being a clean freak

And he doesn’t care…

Nor does he care about her LACK of hygiene…

In fact this is how much he doesn’t care about it…

Just remember all that. Okay bye. 

Things I Can't Wait to Hear in English

Eren being a little brat. 

Levi flirting with Hanji.

Armin being a skeptical genius.

Jean wiping his faith in humanity on Connie’s shirt. 

Hanji lovingly killing titans.

Eren yelling at Jean.

Eren yelling at everything.

Sasha being a food-loving badass.

Armin talking about the outside world. 

Jean struggling so hard against his fears and winning.

Levi talking shit about everyone (and talking about shit). 

Armin saving the day.


armin doesnt deserve such torture

some fanart for DYFMs OCs Samson and Leelu because im obsessed and burning in levihan hell ok thanks a hell of a lot Sophie

im hoping and praying that they seem in character- i wasnt intending to write text at all thats why theres some of used content already there i just wanted an excuse to have this doodle of armin in the scene. i also strUGGLE WITH COLOUR BUT I WANTED TO MAKE IT SPECIAL -sobs grossly- 

I feel almost terrible for doing this. I saw someone today editing this promo image for the second Shingeki no kyojin movie. Making it into Ereri and I don´t know… I suddenly felt this urge to do a levihan edit for my shipper trash heart.

In the end I liked it now so much how my edit turned out that it´s now my new phone wallpaper and I decided to share it with everyone.