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ereri, 2 "It sounds like a threat"

Blue for Halloween

“You’ve got to be joking,” Levi said, raising one eyebrow and starring daggers at Eren across the room.

“Nope, not joking. Just like I wasn’t joking two and a half hours ago when we got here,” Eren said, trying to keep the frustration out of his voice. If they were still dating by the time they left the Spirit Halloween costume warehouse, he’d honesty be surprised. If they ever left.

“Now you’re not even trying,” Levi said, turning his back to rifle through a pile of costumes in the bin to his right.

Eren threw the minion onesie on the ground. Sure, a part of his mind had been screaming that Levi would never, ever wear a yellow and blue jumpsuit. That he was risking getting his balls chopped off for even suggesting such a ridiculous costume, but Levi had yet to even consider any of the options he’d thrown his way. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and all that.

They were nearing the three-hour mark, and Eren had taken to walking around the store aimlessly with a green feather boa wrapped around his neck, his only source of comfort in the hell that what the costume warehouse.

Maybe an ax murderer would jump out and end his misery. Heck, he’d even take that girl from the Ring if it meant he would never have to go costume shopping with Levi again.

At first, he’d been excited by the prospect of finding the perfect couples costume with Levi. It was their first Halloween together—well, first official Halloween, since Eren didn’t think four years of frat house crawling at university had counted. He smirked to himself, thinking how wild he and Levi used to be, and shivered a bit in anticipation. Marco’s and Jean’s Halloween party seemed to be the perfect opportunity to relive their youth.

The first indication that his outing with Levi was not going exactly as he’d imagined was when they were in the parking lot. Levi had gotten progressively quieter as they neared the costume store, and Eren had noticed his knuckles tightening on the wheel.

“Are you okay?” Eren had asked, and then wished he hadn’t with the withering look Levi threw his way.

Okayyy,” Eren had answered his own question, unbuckling his seat belt. “I thought you liked Halloween, Levi.”

“I like that you like Halloween,” Levi had said as they walked to the front entrance. “I hate dressing up.”

“What are you talking about?” Eren had demanded, waving his arms for emphasis. “You always used to dress up.”

“That was in college Eren, and besides wearing a flannel while holding up a Brawny paper towel roll wasn’t exactly rocket science.”

“Hmmm.” Come to think of it, Eren was usually the one decked out in some odd costumer or other. One year he had even draped a pizza box around his hips (the rest of his boy mercilessly naked) and screamed “I have a special delivery for you, Levi,” all night. “I’m sure we can find something easy and fun for the party, Levi.

His second indication that all was not right in the land of Eren and Levi was about around Levi’s twentieth rejection. A mother with a screaming toddler wrapped around her legs had patted his arm compassionately, while Levi threw a tantrum of his own. All Eren had done was hold up a bacon and egg couple’s set.

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Juvia trains with Gajeel because she won't have to cover her abs or have to worry about passing out because of blood loss. Gajeel trains with Juvia because she promised to give him a picture of Levy in his vest.

“Juvia would like us to add an extra hour to our training, Gajeel-kun, starting tomorrow until 1am or 2am.” (Juvia)
“WHAT. No way in hell, I already agreed to work out with you until midnight after dinner, but that is not worth -” (Gajeel)
“Juvia will make a Levy body pillow for Gajeel-kun.” (Juvia)
“…” (Gajeel)
“As kinky as you want it. Juvia doesn’t care.” (Juvia)
“I want it with her wearing leather and laced panties, then I’ll bring the drinks.” (Gajeel)
“Swag.” (Juvia)