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Attack on Titan MBTI -- Levi Ackermann

INTJ – Levi Ackermann

The Architect”

I see.  So many people.  Argue over this one.

However, I also see many incorrect characterizations of Levi.  To me, he has one of the easiest personalities to pin–but that could be because I, too, am an INTJ.  

As you might assume, this is a spoiler-heavy post.  Proceed with caution.

First, I want to address a stereotype of INTJs that probably makes most people stray from thinking of Levi as this type (and while I’m at it, the same goes for ISTJs):

INTJs are not always “smart.”  Part of how one grows academically is one’s personality, yes, but another huge part of it is one’s environment.  Keep in mind that Levi probably had an extremely limited education, if any, and he was not taught that schooling was important.  

However, Levi is very intelligent–just not booksmart. It’s important to distinguish the differences between the two, as I see a lot of people characterize other people in real life as an INTJ/ISTJ because they’re “bookish,” instead of paying attention to their actual personality and breaking down each part of the MBTI type.  (Though, if we take Junior High!Levi into consideration, he actually is quite good at school, judging by the 95/100 he got on a test.)

INTJs are notoriously rational and independent–something that definitely rings true for Levi.  He tends to keep to himself, especially emotionally, and he has been criticized for being too harsh or robotic, which happens to be a common stereotype for INTJs, too.  

–Levi is quick-witted and strategic.  

It’s not something he himself gives himself credit for, but I don’t think Erwin would have pulled Levi into the Corps AND given him a squad of his own otherwise.  As I mentioned before, he is street-smart, and he also is able to see things from a variety of perspectives.  

–He is confident.

“If it comes to killing him, I can do it.”  Levi said this in regards to taking down Eren if need be during his trial.  Levi has definitely lost that confidence as time has gone on (because we also need to take into account that Levi is NOT neuro-typical, but I’ll save that for another time).  However, if he knows something to be true, he sticks to that.  

–He is independent and decisive.

I don’t feel like I need to explain this one much at all–all you have to do is watch the first season of the anime to see it.  Erwin lets Levi run around on his own because Levi is incredibly capable on his own.  

–Levi is incredibly hard-working and determined.

Even as a thug, Levi made sure he was the best of his kind.  Granted, he does have special Ackermann-strength or whatever, but I don’t think it matters.  He didn’t know he was special–he just worked hard because he knew that he had to.  Once given a task, Levi analyzes it, and if it seems worth his time, he will do it to the utmost.  

–Levi is open-minded.

This doesn’t seem immediately obvious, because I think people mostly associated open-mindedness with extroversion and gullibility. However, almost everyone in the Corps has to be open-minded to some extent.  They have to be ready to change on the dot because they’ve discovered something new about the Titans, or they have to to develop a new way of fighting. Levi is stubborn, yes, but he is open-minded.  Otherwise, he would not have believed Hanji’s proposal about the Titans coming from humans.  He would not have accepted the role of Squad Leader watching over Eren.

–He’s a jack of all trades.

Erwin uses Levi to the Corps’ advantage because of the combination of qualities listed above.  Levi can do whatever, so he will, if he believes it is worth doing.

–He’s arrogant.

This died down a bit once he entered the Corps, but Levi has an arrogant streak in him.  He’s aware of his abilities, and he’s also aware that no one else is really like him.  It makes him stubborn and insensitive in result.

–Levi is judgmental.

The problem with most INTJs is that we are overly rational.  Even to other Thinking types, INTJs can be brutal.  Levi is not an exception–we see it most with Hanji, how he’s not afraid to question her methods.  He also is pretty unforgiving to people like Pastor Nick, Reeves, and so on.

–He is overly analytical.

INTJs are perfectionists, and once a goal is in mind, they will do anything to accomplish it.  That’s a common stereotype, but it mostly applies to INTJs that are not neuro-typical.  Levi is one, though, and it’s best shown in his relationships with other people.  Though he obviously loved and cared about his first squad, he prioritized them as soldiers, not as his friends.  The same goes for his relationship with Erwin–and when his analytical side crumbled, we were left with a man overcome by his emotional attachments who was unable to make the logical decision.  In other words, Levi uses his analytical, logical side as a sort of defense mechanism in the environment of this story–which is not uncommon for someone who has undergone trauma.

–Levi hates when things are overly-structured.

This whiny baby, I swear to god.  16Personalities has this quote: “Blindly following precedents and rules without understanding them is distasteful to INTJs, and they disdain even more authority figures who blindly uphold those laws and rules without understanding their intent.  Anyone who prefers the status quo for its own sake, or who values stability and safety over self-determination, is like to clash with INTJ personality types.”  Let’s see, here:  Zackley, Nile, Nick, Reeves, and Rod Reiss–what do they all have in common?  Levi does not get along with them, and the preceding quote explains why. He even hated Erwin at first, because he did not understand that Erwin had greater intentions when they first met in the underground. Notice that, once Levi understood that Erwin did not fit that description, he started to trust him and followed him faithfully.

–He is not romantic.

I’m not saying he’s necessarily aromantic.  However, INTJs are judgmental and analytical to the point that “romance” in their relationships is not what other people would define as “romance.”  It is not his focus, but even if their world was safer and much different, I don’t think that would change this aspect of his personality.  He is the last person to see the world through any kind of rose-colored glasses; Levi barely even understands basic human emotion, so to say he is any kind of charming or romantic is completely incorrect.  

Before the breakdown, I’d like to share a passage from 16personalities about INTJs in the workplace:

“Titles mean little to INTJs–trust and respect are earned, and INTJs expect this to be a two way street, receiving and delivering advice, criticisms and results.  INTJs expect their managers to be intelligent enough and strong enough to handle this paradigm.  A silent INTJ conveys a lack of respect better than all their challenges ever will.”

Think about Levi’s relationship with Erwin, versus his relationship with Pyxis, Nile–literally any other high-ranking officer, or even someone of higher social status than him, like Reeves or Rod Reiss.  Think of how much Levi openly criticizes Erwin–because he knows that he can, and he also knows Erwin will do the same for him. Levi doesn’t like to be slowed down by anything, even his comrades, but his questioning mind is not always out of hostility, as some assume and interpret.  It’s just part of this personality type.

So, when we break down I-N-T-J:

I-Introversion, or a focus on the inner self

Levi keeps to himself, and he does not need to project onto other people. His highly analytical nature also naturally makes him more introspective, and considering what he’s been through, he has a lot to think about.  However, he is far from selfish.

N-Intuition, or a focus on facts supported by other facts

Levi likes to keep things short and sweet, without stumbling over one possibility on top of another.  Though he is analytical, he keeps things factual and unbiased.  “Cut to the chase” could be his motto.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he uses it more than once in canon.

T-Thinking, or a focus on logic

Though we’ve seen an exception to this at the end of the Serum Bowl, Levi is just…not in tune with his emotions.  I don’t think it’s just based on his upbringing–it seems to just be how his mind works.

J-Judgment, or a focus on decided paths and plans

Levi is not known for his strategic abilities, but he is perfectly capable of making plans.  However, he often leaves them to Erwin, and sometimes even Hanji or Armin.  

Levi is a complicated guy, and I often see him characterized as an ISTJ or INTP.  However, I have confidence that he fits the bill of the INTJ, especially when I read through other summaries of the personality type.  I hope we can see more of him again soon…

And, if you don’t agree, remember this is just for funsies, and I love reading other people’s analyses. C:

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eren learns how to make the perfect cup of tea for levi through trial & error. @ 1st they were bad, but levi never had the heart to tell him. eren has always been good at reading ppl's faces however so he kept trying until levi's face twisted up no longer. levi doesn't give eren too many chores as he knows how tired experiments & the weight of his responsibilities can make him. eren's friends tease him for this & whine & complain but drop it when they start to notice how the 2 look at each other

YES!!!!!!!! YES eren is someone who will not give up until what he’s doing for levi is absolutely perfect - be it making a cup of tea, cleaning, washing his shirts or whatever and levi adores his determination (THIS IS CANON BY THE WAY IT’S CANON 100%)

NOTE: SPOILERS. My appreciation of Rivamika

Basically, my analysis of Levi and Mikasa’s relationship and their respective characters. This is what I use for my fanfics/for shipping. 

I think a lot of us have over-analyzed and given rivamika in exchanges that are very well, simply, organic and platonic; in exchanges that can well be attributed to how they interact with those around them in general - not some special rivamika moment we want that’s isolated and solely between them alone. So, here is my appreciation of our Rivamika moments and the search for that something special Levi feels only for Mikasa and vice versa, not as a teammate nor a leader - but as individuals.

1. Levi and Mikasa at Eren’s trial. 
Levi lingered because of Mikasa’s death glare, one Levi initially doesn’t understand because he knows nothing of the Shinganshina trio back then. All he saw was a girl with a look as if she was so ready to skin him alive. (Which she was.) 
_contrary to the view that he found a connection there. 
_However, Levi could’ve met her glare with surprise because - with his popularity as the humanity’s strongest, no one yet - rather, no one would dare look him straight to the eye, let alone openly and intensely glare him to kingdom come. 

2. Levi and Mikasa against the Female Titan. 
With age comes incomparable death (both in our time and in their universe). Mikasa, being young, is rash and, unlike the much older Levi, desperate to keep everyone she loves alive. Levi also wants this but knows the bitter reality of survival. When he sees Mikasa rampaging, he sees his younger self and knows exactly what she felt; even if just a faint, painful recollection. So, our dear Levi, quick to empathize, devices a way to save Eren INSTEAD of the goal - which is to capture the Female Titan. 
_contrary to the view that he did it because there’s something about Mikasa. Rather, he saw himself in Mikasa. He saw everyone he failed to save in Eren. I really think he’s looking out for the Shingnshina Trio by now, to save something from his past he himself failed to do back then. 

_NOTE for RivaMika points. If it weren’t for Levi, Mikasa would be pretty much dead. Even earlier then, I didn’t realize this. I only thought that, if Levi hadn’t shown up, Eren wouldn’t be retrieved. (I wonder if Mikasa realizes this. So far, it seems to me that she doesn’t. More than Eren’s life, she has to acknowledge she also owes hers to Levi. OR is that more telling of her character? - That compared to Eren’s life, she gives zero fucks for her own.) 

<I missed the whole Eren controlling titans parts in the manga because I wanted to save some surprise for the anime. So I won’t be able to note Levi and Mikasa’s characters in those scenes.>

3. Rivamika team up to rescue Eren. (again)
By this point, we know that Mikasa feels remorse for making humanity’s strongest take a break to recover. (We see this when Annie in titan form was trying to escape. Mikasa made sure, in Levi’s stead, she didn’t. + Asking how Levi’s injury was.) As well, her respect and trust for Levi has grown. She no longer questions him and even leads the rally for others to put their trust in Levi.

In his squad, she unconsciously becomes Levi’s right hand woman. She is no longer rash and is able to control her protectiveness over Eren. (We also see this during Jean and Eren’s brawl. Mikasa doesn’t stop them, doesn’t stand in for Eren. Instead, she enjoys herself. By this time, her world is wider. It is not simply herself, Eren and Armin anymore.)

On the other hand, the trust Levi puts on Mikasa is the trust he puts on everyone in his team. He knows each one has their own strengths. And, being the experienced leader he is, is able to put everyone to good use. He and Mikasa, being of the same blood, are just more in tune with each other; have the same wavelengths. 
_Instead of phrasing it that he thinks Mikasa is an incredible fighter through Rivamika goggles, there is nothing more in this because, as team leader, it’s his job to sift through his team’s strengths. 

4. Levi and Mikasa for the serum. 
When Mikasa finds out about Armin’s death and sees the desperate scene unfolding before her; the impossible choice Levi was to make; when she was advancing towards him with her blades out (if I recall correctly) - I honestly, HONEST TO GOD, thought she was going to slice his hands to get the serum to Armin. 

It was fear I saw in Levi’s eyes when he found Mikasa. I didn’t think at all that it was remorse/guilt. 

Mikasa is a woman of action. She has a rank of priorities. And on the top of her list - Eren and Armin. While Eren and Armin entered the legion for humanity’s sake, I believe Mikasa entered because Eren and Armin did. (Her motivation to fight for humanity, I think she only later appreciated upon meeting everyone else.) So, when she sees Armin dead. The serum in the hands of a tortured Levi. And Eren desperately begging for Armin’s life. She knew what she had to do. She had the obvious advantage over the burnt out Levi. It was so easy - to kill Levi, to get the serum, to save Armin. 

But, she didn’t. She recoiled. 

While Eren continued to plead, she lost herself to her sobbing because she, having been exposed to Levi’s motivations (which is humanity’s survival), has acknowledged the harsh reality. Now that I think about it, her character has grown quite a damn LOT. (Total character development right here! From having shunned the world, limiting herself to the trio; she now sees the greater picture.) 

On the other hand, Levi who knows what is necessary for humanity to move forward - does the unthinkable. He goes against this harsh truth and chooses to save the trio; save Armin. I really have no idea what to make of his decision. I have no idea what to make of how he saw Erwin. Oddly enough, while Mikasa acknowledges what is necessary for humanity; Levi seems to have fallen astray? All I know is he thought that, overall, even amid humanity’s battle; Erwin deserved to rest, that they were selfish for even thinking to keep him alive. In this decision, we see that while Levi’s motivations run for humanity’s best interest, his decisions ultimately depend on the sake of his closest relationships - that he’s a softy. (This also happened after he overhears the trio back in the safehouse talk about the ocean.) (But, I really don’t understand his decision. So, that may need some other post/analysis.)  Maybe, Isayama wanted to show how complex his characters could be.


Looking at everything, I can’t isolate scenes that I can safely say are Rivamika, not some team exchange for the battle for humanity whatever, other than these two I concede to there being something more; something just between Levi and Mikasa. Not as fighters, teammates, fellow-Ackermans; but as individuals who may just progress into that vague term I’ve been using - “something more.” 

1. Historia hits Levi. 

There is just no other explanation to this. Even I can’t say this is just a team thing, Mikasa respects him, whatever. 

While everyone else is close to losing their breath, Mikasa is smiling! WHY. WHYYY. No other reason than - She is not afraid of Levi. She knows Levi will not retaliate. She is amused by Historia. AND, she is amused by Leviiiiiiii’s iritated/shocked reaction. (It’s obvious the panel is dedicated to Levi’s reaction - seeing how everyone else is on the edge.) 

Even while reading this part, (when I read, I just glance and move forward), I found her smile odd. Although a Rivamika fan, I just put this aside because I had to finish the manga. But as I look back - I can’t rationalize this smile other than her amusement towards Levi. This is great because she sees Levi more than simply a crass, pushy captain; that there is actually something about him that can make her smile. 

2. How Levi has always spoken to Mikasa. 

He has never been crude to her. There has always been compassion, a gentleness. HE HE HE. HI HI HI. Always. Alwayyssss. (In the carriage scene. In the leg scene. In the Ackerman lineage scene.) 

BONUS. Mikasa is taller than Levi. 
Isayama himself has said (if the YT 107 facts are to be trusted), that Levi has no preference, not even if he prefers the opposite gender. All Isayama said for a fact, is that Levi has always been keen on tall people. 

TO END, (I really don’t know what I’m talking about by this point LOL.) While it’s fun over-analyzing for Rivamika - I stay true to what I said; that there is barely anything on that we can use for shipping rivamika that every other shipper could so easily use; that I don’t really know what I’m shipping (at times I find myself shipping Hange/Levi and Eren/Mikasa then feel guilty.); that I retract my prior posts about Levi and Mikasa’s character developments. 

We may be tempted to say Levi and Mikasa have this great connection in those parts I’ve mentioned, (not that there’s a problem with it because - a shipper’s got to ship), we cannot deny that SNK is a survival/action story; that all those moments are moments of the team and not necessarily rivamika. 

Levi was wrong; [love] could control the beast

Thank you guys for the favs and reblogs of my thoughts about Levi and Eren’s visual novel!! 

I wanted to add in that same post about what Levi meant by ‘not even love’ being able to control Eren’s true essence, but it would have made it too heavy! This is why I am posting my thoughts here. It also includes my views on Levi’s view of Eren.

There are going to be many references to the previous analysis, so here’s the link: How Levi sees Eren (Official VN)

Keep reading

This is kind of hard to put into words but one thing about these two is that they seem to see each other as they really are.

I mean, due to their skills, they are hailed as the humanity’s heroes, its champions, and it is this perception of them that often colours other people’s reaction to them. It is more visible with Levi but Mikasa had her own share of it, too (in-universe and out-of-universe both). It’s like people see their skills as soldiers first and foremost and their other characteristics/abilities/flaws/whatever get overlooked or dismissed.

Not so with the two of them themselves. Mikasa doesn’t seem overly impressed with Levi even before the trial business (the scene where SC leaves for an expedition from Trost) and while she comes to respect him eventually, it’s the respect towards an equal, not towards some heroic figure. She can match him in combat, there’s nothing to wonder at there and so she is more quickly aware of his quirks and flaws.

Levi also gets to see the less perfect parts of Mikasa pretty quickly - her impulsiveness when it comes to Eren’s safety, her hidden temper - and he not only calls her out on it, he advises her how to correct it (I know there are other people who call out Mikasa’s overprotectiveness but they seem used to it in a way - “that’s how Mikasa is, nothing to do about it” - and thus do nothing further beyond the calling out).

TLDR: Mikasa and Levi see the other’s flaws, have no reason to be too impressed by the other’s skills considering they can match them and it puts them on a wonderfully equal footing.


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Prompt: Now that they think about it, Gray and Levy have no idea when Juvia and Gajeel’s birthdays are….

Rating: K+ - mild language

Summary: Just a normal day at the guild. A fighting Natsu, a reading Lucy, and…Gray watching Juvia? Wait…why is Levy spying on Gajeel? Canon. Gajevy. Gruvia. OneShot. 

Word Count: 1,206

The guild was as lively as always.

Natsu was following Laxus around, pestering him for a fight. Erza sat at the bar talking to Mirajane, eating strawberry cake. Cana lounged on a tabletop, nursing a barrel of beer while talking to Gildarts—who was back in town for a few days. Elfman and Lisanna were reading a book together with Lucy, Jet and Droy were loitering in a corner, and Gajeel and Juvia were sitting together, talking.

Upstairs, peering down at the two previous Phantoms, were Gray and Levy. The two of them together in the first place was not a common occurrence—though they were friends, they didn’t necessarily spend a bunch of time together. Today however, they were huddled behind the banister bars, surveying the guild from above.

Leaning his forehead against one of the wooden planks, Gray’s brow furrowed.

“How have we not thought about this before?”

Levy mimicked his action whilst threading her legs through the bars and letting them dangle. Her gaze settled on the Iron Dragon slayer. He was always relaxed around Juvia—the two had known each other the longest after all—something Levy loved to see. Very rarely was she able to see him genuinely smiled, and the sight warmed her heart.

In the years since Gajeel and Juvia had joined Fairy Tail—minus the Tenrou frozen period—not once had they celebrated a birthday. Amongst her time there, Levy could remember at least one birthday celebration for each of the Fairy Tail members…with the exception of Natsu. He had no idea how old he was and according to him, Igneel didn’t know either. They’d all agreed he seemed to be the same age as Gray and celebrated the day he joined Fairy Tail instead.

But Gajeel and Juvia…they never had.

“Does anybody know when their birthdays are?” Levy muttered, glancing over at the ice mage sitting next to her.

“Beats me,” Gray grumbled.

“Juvia never said anything to you? You two did live together for a year you know.” Levy adopted an unimpressed tone as she turned to face Gray. Spent a year with the girl and didn’t know her birthday.

“You and Gajeel were in the council for a year Levy,” he shot back.


Levy took that moment to stand and brush off her clothes. Gray followed her motion with his eyes, a question in his eyes.

“I’m going to go ask him.”

Leaving Gray behind, Levy made her way to the stairs. She’d spent a year working with Gajeel, and over the course of that year they’d grown more comfortable around each other—he was still stupid a lot of the time and teased the hell out of her though. How could she not know his birthday?

Caught up in her own thoughts, Levy failed to notice how the new steps had changed. Instead of safely descending to the ground floor, she found herself tumbling off a heightened platform toward the floor.

As quickly as she’d fallen, she found herself in two strong arms. Her skin pricked at the sudden contact metal made with her skin as she was lifted into the air.

“Fallin’ for me there are ya, Shrimp? Gihihi.”

Gajeel was smirking down at her, crimson eyes glinting mischievously. His hair was pulled back by a headband—a habit he’d adopted shortly after their pairing for the S-class trials—subjecting Levy to the full effect of his tantalizing gaze. Way too cocky for his own good.

Averting her eyes, the solid script mage flailed her arms in an attempt to right herself, “Stupid Gajeel!”

The dragon slayer loosened his old on her, allowing her to sit up slightly before she found herself swung over his shoulder.

“Stupid Gajeel let me down!”

She could see the look on his face as he laughed. Her fists pounding on his back did little to cease his movements as he strode out of the guild. Finally giving up, Levy relaxed against Gajeel’s back, opting to lounge instead of protest.

“Gajeel…when’s your birthday?”

She felt the muscles in his back stiffen, but his steps did not waver. With his grip tightening around her waist Levy was starting to get a bit uncomfortable.

“I…why do you wanna know?” 

Gajeel took that moment to set Levy down on a large square stone. The height of the rock compensated for her lack thereof, bringing Levy up to eye level with the metalhead.

Taking a deep breath and staring straight back at him, Levy swallowed. “I just…we spent a year together, and’ve done the S-class trials…and you saved my life and…”

Gajeel cocked his head to one side, a genuine half smile ghosting at the corners of his mouth, “Spit it out shorty.”

“I just feel bad that I don’t know something as simple as your birthday.”


Laughter echoed through the small clearing they were in as Gajeel nearly burst into tears. Flushed and fuming, the blunette that sat before him pouted for a minute before attempting to get away. She was being serious, and here he was treating her care as a joke.

Two hands held her wrists held her firmly in place though, preventing her departure. Tenderly, Gajeel ran his thumbs over the backs of her hands, calming himself down.

“Funny thing is, Levy…” Gajeel’s voice was slightly grave and almost, sad, “I don’t know it myself.”

Levy’s eyes widened, “Wh—”

“None of the dragon slayers know. We were picked up when we were so young by all of them, we never paid much attention. We know our age in comparison to the year, sure…but none of us have much of an idea as to the actual day.” Gajeel crossed his arms in front of his chest—rarely did he speak that much. 

Only for her…

…though he’d never admit it.

“What about Juvia?” If she found out about Gajeel, she might as well see if he knew her birthday so she could tell Gray.

The Iron dragon slayer smirked.

“Not a chance, Shrimp. I ain’t tellin’ you that. Gray can ask himself,” his eyes shone. “I wouldn’t give up the chance to see Juvia take the whole thing way out of proportion.”

Levy giggled. That was definitely something that would be entertaining. Mavis only knows how fangirl Juvia would turn once Gray asked her when her birthday was. The two of them were better than any soap opera.

“C’mon, Shrimp.” Gajeel spun around, offering her his back this time instead of his shoulder. Wrapping herself securely around his torso, Levy relaxed with her chin hooked over his shoulder.

Needless to say, when they got back to the guild, Juvia was spouting off when her birthday was coming up and all the things her and her beloved were going to do to celebrate. Chasing Gray around—who again for some reason was butt naked—with declarations of love and dedication earned a chorus of laughs from the whole guild.

However it was Gajeel who noticed that in place of the usual horrified and ‘desperate to get away’ face Gray usually made when Juvia did this…was a playful smile.

Take care of her Gray…or I’ll break your face.

Ereri Multichapter Masterlist


A Tenuous Third Space: In which Attack on Titan is the MMORPG they all play, and Eren meets Levi online.

These Weren’t Memories: Eren Jaeger had spent the last two weeks tending and nursing a huge fucking crush, and Levi had been the one stupid enough to plant the seed in whatever hormonal abscess passed for a teenaged heart.

Blame It on the Weather: Eren is about to begin his freshman year of college. One day he trips into the arms of a handsome stranger, which would be par for the course if he was the star of a romantic comedy. But he’s not.

The Misanthrope: The story is set in an AU world where Eren was only a child when the humanity won against Titans. When he’s fifteen, he meets Levi, humanity’s introverted hero, who is not exactly the kind of person people believe he is.

The 6th Ward: A comedy about being dead.

Levi is finally returning to work as a nurse after recovering from a car crash that nearly killed him. Nothing says “welcome back” like realizing he’s lost his marbles and can see the disembodied spirits of the comatose patients in the 6th ward. He begrudgingly helps them learn how to be dead. Eren, the newest coma patient in the 6th ward, has six months to learn how to be dead. Good luck, kid.


The Strange and the Usual: When Eren finds himself stuck in what is essentially a halfway house for supernaturally inclined misfits, there’s no stopping the veritable shopping list of events that leave him pushed closer and closer to ex-exorcist, Levi. But when is it ever that simple?

Snow and Silence: When reclusive Eren Yeager finds a half-frozen stranger on his front porch, he has no idea how much the encounter will come to change his life. And yet, even as his fascination grows, so do the mysteries around the enigmatic man. Who exactly is Levi, and can Eren trust him?

River’s End: Levi and Eren grew up together as brothers. They were in love. That was all there was to it.

It’s Funny Because Eren Can’t Read: In the Recon Corps, reading and comprehending paperwork is equally as crucial as it is beyond the realm of Eren’s capabilities. However, with his CO’s confidential tutelage, Eren is sure he’ll be able to catch up with his comrades in no time… if he can shake this unexpected suspicion that his fondness for humanity’s strongest soldier isn’t simple hero worship.

Hint: He cannot.

As the title suggests, this was originally intended to be a lot funnier than it is. It’s still funny, but only as a side effect of the tension between Eren’s crippling teenage confusion and Levi’s pervasive neurosis.

Words Cannot Describe: People had always said that Eren wasn’t right in the head. As a kid, it didn’t bother him. But hearing those words now stung in a way he could never have imagined.

The World Without Walls: The world without walls is a big, big place, as it turns out, and finding someone you never knew you were missing in it can be a hell of a thing.

Alternate character titles include: Erwin “Your Problems Amuse Me” Smith, Mikasa “Painfully Blunt” Ackerman, Armin “Sass Is The Best Solution” Arlert, Eren “More Persistent Than A Terminal Illness” Jaeger, and Levi “Why Are You Crying, Stop That Immediately” ???????. (Now Featuring: Hanji “This Is A Little Bit Illegal, Let’s Do It” Zoe and Sasha “There’s So Much Food And I Can Have All Of It, This Is The Best AU Ever” Braus.)

Critical: Alternate Universe - Levi moonlights as a sharp-tongued food critic, Eren is an aspiring chef. Shenanigans.

Fairy Tales: Eren is found discouraged and homeless, when he is offered a job as a maid by a stranger. He does the one thing he tells himself not to do; fall in love with the prince.

Spray Cans and Fire Escapes: Doodles in margins could never amount to much, or so says that brat downstairs who won’t turn down the goddamn music and crawls home, up the fire escape, battered and bruised more days than not.
At the same time, Eren can’t imagine who the street artist Corporal could be, behind the veils of winged paintings and tags. He also can’t help but be inspired by him.

It takes two to Tango: Eren Jaeger is a freshman is college in a big city away from home. Having finally settled into a routine of friends and classes, he is given the suggestion to try out for a dance group. Having been involved Eren takes the chance. This is story of Eren and Levi going through trials of love, heart ache, and friendship.

Special Interns Squad: Levi was content to go to work, do his job well, and maintain a fairly steady routine. Naturally, being placed in charge of a team of interns was not included in this list. It didn’t help that Erwin kept giving them ludicrous assignments that no intern should be doing. Or that Hanji uses the interns to torment him. Or that one of his new subordinates seemed to be getting more and more attractive by the day.

Sometimes Things Turn Out For The Best: Levi has been Armin’s literary editor for over a year when Eren suddenly realizes he harbors feelings for the other male. As it turns out, Levi reciprocates those feelings, but a completely clueless Eren and a socially challenged Levi result in one hell of an awkward courtship.

Cleanup Crude: They claimed to have won the war, but Levi knew that was bullshit. There was nothing satisfying, or even comforting, about what had happened after Trost.

So they were killing the titans more easily than they ever had before. So they’d pushed the titans out of Wall Maria. So they were finally pushing the titans back, reclaiming what was theirs by right.

None of that changed what Levi knew, and what Levi knew changed everything. He couldn’t fight, not like this, and he couldn’t retire, not like this.

So he cleaned.

Headcanon time. This time I’m going to talk about Mikasa’s reaction at Eren’s trial and why I think there was more to it than the obvious.

I talked at some length about the possibility of Levi and Mikasa being aware of each other before meeting properly. We know EMA watched the Survey Corps head out for the expedition before the Battle of Trost and I’m sure we all remember Levi’s dramatic rescue after the sealing of the gate. This is where we head into the realm of speculation.

Eren was held in custody for three days before his trial. What were Mikasa and Levi up to during this period? Well, aside from the clean-up, Levi and Erwin were pushing to get a meeting with Eren and doing their own investigation on him. Mikasa and Armin were being questioned by (most likely) both the Military Police and the Survey Corps.

Mikasa and Armin are smart. They probably noticed two distinctive currents in the proceedings. The MP who wanted to get rid of the threat Eren presented and the SC who wanted to use his power for the humanity - something which aligned with Eren’s own wishes. It was probably a no-brainer. SC’s custody of Eren was the preferable option.

At this point, Mikasa’s thoughts were probably along the lines of: “SC needs Eren so they will keep him safe. The corporal protected him once already and he’s taking interest in the case so I can probably rely on him to keep doing it. It’s going to be easier to keep Eren safe now.”

And then the trial happened.

That’s not an angry face. That’s a pained face. Pained because of the betrayal of her expectations. The man Mikasa thought would protect Eren, who had already protected him before, was now hurting him.

The way I see it, her anger at Levi post-trial stemmed not just from his treatment of Eren but also out of her own hurt feelings. Interestingly enough, in the month that passed between the recruits joining SC and heading out on the 57th expedition, Mikasa’s perception of Levi’s role regarding Eren went back to the ‘protection’ variant.

One reason for that shift might be this:

Levi devised a way to stop Eren without killing him, which probably made Mikasa feel more charitable towards him in her own mind.

TLDR, when it comes to Mikasa and Levi, their interactions, direct or indirect, are always intriguing and interesting. Which is part of their appeal to me.

why ereri works (really fucking long analysis)

i’m seeing so much hate on the ereri tag and it’s making me upset. i’ve spent years in other fandoms trying to escape the same hate that i’m seeing now. 

i (and many other people) don’t just ship two characters because “they look good together!” although apperances play a minor factor in the whole shipping process, they’re not the whole reason why a ship is sailed. fuck they could give me ugly characters and i’d ship them together if i see that they connect and fit each other.

eren and levi have a connection. at first it’s all on eren’s part seeing has how he loves the idea of joing the survey corps and killing every titan. it starts off as admiration. everyone knows who captin levi is, even if they dislike the survey corps. he’s admired by eren and other people for his bravery and virtue. 

i believe the first time we get to see a part of this connection is when eren seals the gate of trost. he’s cut out of his titan form, weak and helpless. his eyes are closed but he knows that titans are still there despite his completed goal. armin and him are about to be eaten by some but then a figure quickly takes them out. they mistake the person as mikasa, but standing before them with his back turned and his cape flowing behind him is levi. eren doesn’t know the person but as the last bit of enegry leaves his body, he sees the wings of freedom and knows he’s safe.

the next time, eren in in the custody of the military police, chained to his bed. the first sight that greets him is bushy brows and angry midget. he realizes that it’s commander erwin and captin levi. erwin explains the situation to eren. then the question is asked: what do you want to do? obviously eren answers with his “gotta kill ‘em all!” but the pure anger held in his expression is what intrest levi who responds with his “oh… not bad.” from there levi tells erwin that he’ll take care of eren and make sure to kill him if he gets out of hand. levi made this choice because the pure rage he saw on eren’s face was filled at a personal level. remember that eren had to see his mom get eaten as well as his squad and his best friend almost followed suit. it is seen in the anime, when levi says this there’s a glint in his eyes. i believe that this is a glint of understanding because levi understands what eren feels. after seeing the closest thing to family– isabel and farlan get killed by titans, levi knows the pain and the need to extract revenge. thus he decides to take eren, i guess you can say “under his wing” to help him accomplish his goal. as well as knowing that he is a valuable asset in the key of ending the titans. 

after this comes the controversial court scene. lets get on with this shit. during the trial eren was held at fucking gunpoint. without the approval of the court he was about to be killed. fuck they probably wouldn’t care anyways. thus levi saw the chance and he took it. now many antis say that “well if it was to save eren’s life then he could of been more gentle!” no. literally no. he could not of fucking been gentle when beating eren. same reasons as above. if it was seen that levi even hesitated to strike, they would of believed that he wasn’t capable of ending eren. and if humanity’s strongest isn’t capable then no one is, so they would of killed eren. as stated mulitple times by so many other people, this also allowed erwin to give his proposal and let the survey corps win the custody of eren. after trial, levi sits next to eren. although eren flinches breifly, levi apologizes and tells him why he had to do it. he even asks if eren hates him, to who he replies with a no and a more relaxed atmosphere. if they were in an abusive relationship, then levi wouldn’t of felt the fucking need for closure. as a person who has been in an abusive relationship, my abuser never wanted closure. it was always a “you deserved it” so no, levi is in no way abusive to eren. get your head out of your ass and that thought through your thick fucking skull. 

here’s a scene that i don’t see mentioned. when the special operations squad settled into the castle, levi made them all clean. while levi checked eren’s work upstairs. eren talks to petra about levi. saying that he’s “not what i expected him to be.” petra of course says that it’s what kinda makes levi different from the public’s eyes. eren’s hero was different yes, but not unliked. eren likes levi because they’re tendencies are different. levi’s clean, eren is not, levi follows orders, eren tends to ignore them. eren thinks about this and you can see it when he gets startled when levi suddenly comes in.

another scene that sets up the basics of their relationship is the luring of the female titan. while in the forrest of big ass trees, eren has to make the choice to believe in squad levi or believe in what he thinks/feels is right. suprisingly he ends up choosing to believe in levi’s squad. this even shocks levi himself. here’s the first hint we see in their connection and how it changes eren. in every other situation, eren acted on his beliefs and didn’t believe in others. deciding to believe in levi and in special operations is his first part of change and the showing of the establishment of their connection. lets also not forget that levi went his own way to save eren, even going as far as to discard his beliefs of cleanliness to take eren from annie’s mouth. he could of let mikasa do it, seeing as how annie was paralyzed and the mouth was wide open.

there’s probably a shit ton of scenes that i left out but whatever.

going on to breifly talk about the manga.

levi shows actual care for eren. again point towards the fact that ereri is not abusive. at one point in the manga, hanji starts to experiment on eren’s titan powers. i believe that they were trying to get eren to turn into either a 15 or 10 meter titan, which he did accomplish. but as hanji and the others were celebrating, eren was extremely drained. no one noticed this but levi, who gives eren his handkerchief when eren starts to get a bloody nose. levi then tells everyone to leave eren alone so that he could get some rest.

another scene in the manga is when eren is in the same place as he was during the femal titan arc. he had to make the choice, believe in himself or in levi and the new special operations squad, which consisted of all his friends. needless to say eren was once again conflicted with his emotions. levi tells him that he’s sorry for putting eren in the same position and repeat the same pain. levi cares for eren, and this is just a way he shows it.

there’s a ton of crap in the manga that shows eren and levi’s connection. as for the age argument, for fucks sake eren is 15 so by german standards he’s practically an adult. my parents have a 15 yr age gap, and my friend’s parents have an 18 yr one. it’s not uncommon. plus, their relationship isn’t a pedophilia one because a pedophile is an adult who goes after prepubescent children. and i like to believe that eren and levi discovery their mutal feelings but don’t act upon them because of their situation. they’d focus on ending the titans and then they’d get together, plus that would lead to eren growing up more.

overall i ship ereri because there is a connection between the two. i love the idea of their clashing personalities to complete each other. hopefully if an anti reads this, they understand why they’re shipped together.

any questions or comments just ask, thank you.

anonymous asked:

I saw the scene with Levi and Eren post trial a bit like, Levi demostrating that he's not dangerous. Sort of like, "I'm going to get close to you but I won't hurt you, so don't be so scared".

I’ve never viewed that scene as abusive either, but I can understand why some people did. When Levi slams himself on the couch, Eren recoils. He looks terrified. And Levi’s words were hardly apologetic.

Remember though, this was early in the series. We were just getting to know the senior officers. Looking back at these panels now is fun because everything we know and love about them was there, we just didn’t see it.

After the beating, Erwin approaches Eren first. He apologizes and explains the reason behind it. He shakes Eren’s hand, telling him “You have my respect.”

It’s the professional, socially acceptable and perfectly charming course of action. I’d expect nothing less from our Commander Handsome.

While Erwin is doing his thing, we see Levi and Hange off to side. I like to imagine Hange is scolding Levi for the brutality of the beating and urging him to talk to Eren. Judging from Levi’s posture, he isn’t exactly pleased with himself.

Her lecture may be what prompted Levi to go talk to Eren. While not apologizing, Levi tries in his own awkward way to make things right between them.

He throws himself onto the couch and we get this:

As we’ve seen later in the series, when Levi is botching a social moment Hange steps in to help smooths things out. The same thing happens here.

In the next panel, Hange joins them. Eren may find it comforting to see that Hange isn’t afraid of Levi. She’s critical of him, telling Levi he should’ve shown restraint. This gives Levi the opportunity to speak more clearly about his motivation. He responds, “I’d say it’s better than being dissected.”

Again, it’s not perfect, but at least Eren would know that Levi was not being malicious. He was trying to save his life.

I enjoy looking back at these older panels. Isayama’s primitive drawing style matches our early understanding of the characters. It’s basic lines and coarse features.

But since this moment in the manga, we’ve had 46 chapters to grow in our knowledge of them. Hange, Levi and Erwin aren’t simple lines any more. Our knowledge of them is shaded, nuanced and vibrantly detailed.