levi trial

anonymous asked:

I was watching the anime again and I noticed something at Eren's trial. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but... was I the only one who thought that Levi reacted (by beating the shit out of Eren) when people thought of killing Mikasa ? (1/2)

(2/2) And dud anyone noticed the way he glanced at her after that, when she was upset to death ? I thought his face could have said “see, brat ? I just saved your life, so be grateful”. 

Hey! Geez, I’ve never thought of it this way. Let’s see the trial in Levi’s perspective. There’s humanity’s last hope in front of him - the kind of weapon Erwin desperately wants in the Survey Corps. The boy looks innocent, but is being treated like a monster. 

All is fine until someone in the audience reveals his and Mikasa’s shared bloody past. They were forced to kill when they were children.

“The question is should we really trust him with our most talented people, our funds and the destiny of all the human kind?”

The answer is right there, in the same panel - Levi standing beside Erwin as his right-hand man. Erwin trusted someone like Levi, who we later learned was also a killer since such a young age, with the destiny of humankind. And he became humanity’s greatest soldier.

So why wouldn’t Erwin and Levi give a chance to Eren and Mikasa, knowing their potential, when Levi was given that chance?

Levi’s way to save them both was drastic (beating Eren up badly) but that was the only way he knew. He was raised in the midst of violence, but Eren and Mikasa’s situation relate to his, as we know now (much later in the manga). 

So yes, I believe Levi’s actions (and possible angry reaction) meant to save both Eren and Mikasa from the unfair trial. And Levi’s look at her could mean exactly that, “Why so angry? I just saved your and the brat’s life, so be grateful. We’re going to give you a chance, like Erwin once gave me despite our shitty past”