levi stop that


Orlais presents a veneer of opulence, but the aristocracy are committed to a system of social one-upmanship they call the game. Sprawling receptions delight friend and foe, while bards strike from shadow with insinuation, larceny, and assassination, often to the strange delight of their targets. Control of these auteur agents is yet another layer of the game.The Orlesian Game of Intrigue (click to enlarge)


They’ve been together for years but sometimes they meet up in a club, pretending they don’t know each other. Levi gets a lot of attention and Erwin marks his property, shows the crowds that Levi is his and his alone.

I’ve had this reference for a while and wanted to try out some new colours, a bit more pinky green this time and I’m a total slut for hair pulling. Also I haven’t done an eruri in a while, so here we go!

OTP Promts/Imagines

“You’re that graffiti artist that doesn’t really do graffiti but instead does really meaningful art all through the city but you’re also wanted by the police and I really admire you - and oh my god you’re fucking gorgeous.”

“We went to the same preschool and kindergarten and you hated me because I pulled your hair and threw rocks all the time and then you moved but now you’re back and we’re in highschool and I’m captain of the football team and you’re totally clueless as to who I am and I absolutely will be using this to my advantage.”

“You’re a popular stripper at my favorite club and you just came in to my tattoo shop looking to get a sleeve done, but I don’t think I can do it because I can’t stop shaking.”

“We just became roommates and you’re really hot and I can’t stop mixing up my words and stuttering and I think that you think I have a speech impediment.”

“I have a speech impediment and it gets worse around you and I really just want to say hello but the last time I tried I screamed ‘GOODBYE’ in your face and I’m too embarrassed to try again.”

“I left school and was really sick for a couple years, but just came back and look like a completely different person and people won’t leave me alone about what happened until you start hanging out around me to keep people off of my back about it.”

“You just randomly burst into tears in front of me and now we’re sitting in a corner on a stairwell cuddling and I’m actually really nervous because you fell asleep like an hour ago but I don’t want to wake you up and make you start crying again.”

“I’m a popular writer and you’re one of my fans and I know I made a promise to myself never to daye a fan but I really want to break that promise so I can kiss you and hold your hand because you’re really cute.”

“We go to the same bar and to break the ice every Saturday I come up with a new cheesy pick up line just so I can hear you laugh and we usually hang out for the rest of the night talking about stupid stuff.”

“I may or may not have accidentally let my dog play in a huge mud puddle and now he’s jumping all over you and you’re absolutely drenched in mud and look like you want to break me in half.”

“My cat loves you. The only thing is my cat hates everyone, including me, and I need to take said cat to the vet but I can’t get her to go in the travel kennel and I only have twenty minutes and the vet is fifteen minutes away.”

“I’m homeless and am sitting on the bench outside of a department store freezing because it just freshly snowed and now the employees are telling me to leave and you were there and offered to take me home to get cleaned up and warm and now I can’t stop crying because you’re too kind.”

“I may or may not be drunk out of my mind and I may or may not be an incredibly honest drunk and confessed my undying love to you while sobbing into your t-shirt.”

“You’re that barista that I hate but now that I started coming in more frequently I’m starting to realize you aren’t that bad but I keep being a dick because I’m too prideful to own up to my own stupid judgements.”

“You’re a foreigner and every time you start speaking in your first language I can’t help but blush because it sound really hot even though you could be talking about taking a shit.”

“We’re playing Never Have I Ever and I’m the only one who hasn’t been kissed out of the group and afterwards you came up to me and asked if I’d like to change that.”

“I broke my leg and was really high on pain medication and started crying because you weren’t there and now the video my mother took went viral and I don’t think I can look you in the eye ever again.”

“You’re the only person who knows how to manage my panic attacks and how to calm me down and I couldn’t appreciate that more.”

“We were a thing in highschool and I actually really miss you but you have a partner that’s a total dick and I’m pretty sure you want out but I can never get up the nerve to talk to you.”

“You just dumped your partner and now your sleeping on my couch - and oh my god is that my dildo!?”

“We’re roommates and you just found my extensive lingerie collection an I can’t tell if you’re freaked out or turned on.”

GUYS GUYS do you still remember that time

when humanity’s current strongest

butted heads with the underground’s strongest

and fucking eruwin just suddenly swoops down in a 90-degree angle from the damn sky and gets in between them like nobody’s damn business

AND THAT SLO-MOSHUN REVEAL OF HIS HANDSOME SOFT-AS-A-BABY’S-BUTT FACE (also erwin u needed to scissor your blades to block levi’s tiny dagger stop showing off to your future husband already)

istg we’re seeing this scene unfold in levi’s eyes and time just slowed tf down when ambercrombie&fitch blondie hit him with the sexy eyes

exhibit 6: that moment levi knew he’s fucked in more ways than one

erwin’s 9/10 combat skills is on par with levi dafuq look at that, he’s holding on to him and levi’s holding onto him as well fffff and what is this metaphor of knives and blades and fencing im screaming

this beats any shoujo-manga first meetings tbh

If Eren`s Mom Lived...

Carla: Y`know captain Levi, my little Eren had quite the crush on you.

Eren: Oh Maria, mom no please-

Carla: He would go on and on about how pretty you were and how you`d become his bride!

Eren: Mom, please stop it.


Carla: Oh! And don`t even get me started about when he started making those noises in his room at ni-

Eren: Mom! Ugh, captain, I am so sorry about this!

Levi: You should be. Where`s my ring you damn brat?

We Need to Talk About Ereri

And the people who still think it involves some kind of paraphilia.

I’ll be very clear here:

Pedophilia is, etymologically speaking, made of pedo and philia, both words that come from Ancient Greek.

Pedo is a prefix used on anything related to children. And philia, we know it, is a suffix that means “love”.

According to the DSM-V, pedophilia is the adult sexual interest in prepubscent children.

Prepubescent children.

Normally, kids enter puberty around 10, 11, 12, but it doesn’t go beyond 13.

Eren is 17.

Now, let’s take a look on what many Ereri shippers use as a defense: Ephebophilia.

Ephebos, in Acient Greek, means something similar to “arriving to puberty”.

Ephebophilia is NOT listed as a mental disorder by the DSM-V, simply because it’s the name given to “the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19”, according to Richard von Krafft-Ebing in his Psychopathia Sexualis.

Again, Eren is 17.

Even so, Levi would not have ephebophilia in an Ereri context. Know why?

Because sexual interest for adolescents is described by Krafft-Ebing as only categorizing ephebophilia if it is primary or exclusive. Just the fact that a sexual attraction exists doesn’t make it ephebophilia, it has to be unique. Levi would have to be attracted only by teens.

Definitely not his case.

Moral of the story: No one is right, except for those who ship responsibly, respect their neighboor’s ships and don’t post hate on those ships’ tags.

That’s what I ask with this post. Please stop the hate. Please.