levi speaks sometimes

Okay, so like a few months ago my mom went to a swap meet (she goes like every sunday) and she found these yearbooks that went to the same highschool as her sister. So she bought them for like a dollar each, because she found it so interesting to look through.

Anyway, my mom saw they all belonged to the same person, and there were tons of autographs and stuff like that. So she goes through and she happens to read one page long letter, which was a love letter talking to the person who owned the yearbook saying how he hoped they’d grow old and look at the yearbooks together and what not,and at the end it was signed the name Bobby. Anyway my mom gets determined and she looks up on facebook, the person who owned the books (cause you know they have your names in a yearbook) and she searched and searched, until she found a women with the same name, and we looked at the photo in the yearbook and the profile picture and we knew it was her.

So before we sent her a message asking if she wanted the yearbooks back, we looked at her about, to see if she was married. (we were really curious) and the name of her husband was Bob, and my mom and I almost cried, because all of this was literally something you’d see in a movie.

Anway my mom sends her a message telling her about it and long story short, she never answers. We wait like two months, then today, my mom and I are eating and then she gets a message from the woman saying it was the girl from the yearbooks, and they arranged to meet today, and now the lady is getting her yearbooks she thought she lost years ago.