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Taste My Cherry

Felt like writing a short ereri thingy today because I’ve been eating lollipops all day today and got INSPIRED. So here you go ;))


Everyone knew about the princess of Shinganshina High.

Whenever you heard the familiar sound of high heels clicking across the hallways and the clinking sound of boys dropping their pants, you immediately knew exactly who it was. He was known for shamelessly wearing frilly pastel skirts and fishnet stockings that made those milky white thighs look so goddamn delicious and dangerous that anyone would want a taste of that whipped cream skin. Eren knew this.

Oh he definitely knew how tight his pants could really go whenever he saw that pretty princess in the hallways.

Levi Ackerman.

Eren smirked and blew out the smoke from his cigarette.

He watched that ethereal piece of royalty work those perfect red puckered lips around that candy sweet lollipop as his lithe body leaned against his best friend’s van and devoured all the innocence from around him. Eren stayed leaning against his motorcycle and took in the princess’s wardrobe for the day. He licked his pierced lips.

Levi was not in his usual pretty pink pastels and glitter bomb glamour today.

Fuck no.

And it made Eren want to bend that fucking ass over his precious motorcycle and take him for all that he was.

Those once pimped up feet dressed in high heels were grounded to the floor in military boots and were laced up in the back with small black bows. His creamy vanilla legs pampered with black thigh high socks that had the brunette drooling to slither that cloth off his skin and bite into that sugar induced flesh.

Letting his gaze go higher, Eren drank in the way Levi’s ass filled those black, ripped up booty shorts that were dipping a little lower in the front than they were supposed too to expose the tell tale sign of sinful red lace panties. He grinned. Such a goddamn tease.

Greedily taking in the rest of him, Eren found himself loving how the raven’s slightly defined chest was clothed in a black laced crop top and leather jacket. He looked so fucking sinful and delectable it was driving Eren’s nuts.

Quite literally.

When Eren caught sight of the leather collar wrapped all tight and snug around his neck with a cute little red bow tacked to the front, he felt his cock twitch. He loved it when Levi wore his collars. It made him want to slap a leash on him and call him mine.

Taking another drag from his cigarette, Eren watched as Levi pulled the glistening lollipop from his mouth and stuck his bubblegum tongue out to reel the candy back into his mouth and close his eyes.

That fucking lollipop.

His eyes stared intensely at Levi as his lips puckered up and popped that candy straight out of his mouth as he dug his perfectly white teeth into the corner of his lower lip and leaned his head back.

Eren raised his eyebrow.

He flicked his eyes up to the princess’s face and felt himself tense up.

He was watching him.

The fucking nerve of him.

Levi smirked and brought the lollipop to his lips as he dragged his tongue up and around the top before his cherry red mouth enclosed around it and began sucking.


Eren took another hefty intake of his cig and flared the smoke out through his nostrils as his eyes stayed glued to that fucking lollipop.

His mind was hungry and fast to imagine what that not so innocent mouth would feel like around his cock- sucking him like the next to best goddamn lollipop the princess ever had in his royal state of mind.

Eren took notice of Levi digging his other unoccupied hand into the front belt loop of his shorts and lightly tugged- revealing more of those dark red lace panties that he was hiding underneath. The brunette knew that Levi was teasing him to the point of being a hot mess, and was the raven’s evil devised plan working?

Hell the fuck yeah it was.

We’re talking about the motherfucking princess of Shinganshina High, for fucks sake.

Of course Eren was going to be turned on.

Eren stomped his bud into the ground and beckoned the punk princess over with his index finger. That’s right, you little bitch. Get that pretty ass over here.

Levi grinned and continued to suck on his lollipop as he pushed off the van and stalked forward. Eren focused his attention on those sinful hips swaying and stuffed his thumbs into the fronts of his jeans as he watched Levi sucking and licking that lollipop even harder.

Today would mark the day that Eren found himself jealous over a piece of candy.

Levi lowered his eyelashes and watched Eren with a playful look as he pulled the candy through his red plump lips with a sexually frustratingly loud wet POP.

“Wanna have a taste of my lollipop, Jaeger?”

Eren grinned as Levi popped his hip and pressed his hand on his prominent, bare waist as he stuffed the lolli back into his mouth and lapped at the flavor with his tongue.

From such a close distance, Eren could tell Levi was wearing a decent amount of eye makeup to make his beautiful silver cat like eyes really stand out against his porcelain skin and well structured face. It only made Eren want to drain him dry.

“I don’t know…” Eren drawled as he stood away from his motorcycle and walked up to Levi. “Depends on the flavor.”

Levi stared up into Eren’s ocean eyes and slowly pulled the lolli back out of his mouth before he licked his lips. “Cherry.” He purred.

Eren dropped his gaze to those red painted lips and smirked. “Sounds tasty.”

Levi grinned. “Then what are you waiting for?” The raven taunted as he leaned on his tip toes and brushed his sticky sweet lips against Eren’s ear.

“Taste my cherry, Eren.”


mentioning his height is probably like a taboo in the house

yeah if you haven’t noticed before, the age differences in this au are slightly different from canon. I wanted the kids to be closer in age so I made the gap smaller (I mean Wendy is like, what, 6,7 years younger than Natsu and Gajeel? Yeah, I just didn’t want to make them teenagers here I guess)

alternative title for this post: everyone bullies Sting