You’ve served more than enough, and you’ll continue to do so. The will you leave behind will give me strength. I promise, I will drive the Titans to extinction no matter what!”

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Eren, Levi, Jean and Armin finding Mikasa and her S/O snuggled up next to eachother.

Eren: Would find it kind of weird but he would be happy that his sister found someone she loves. He would probably scrunch his nose and walk off but other then that he’d be fine.

Levi: doesn’t care, He would probably secretly wish he could do that with someone but in a place more private were he can relax. He would probably tell them to fix the sofa when their done.

Jean: *sad music plays in the background* He would be really depressed about it and even get a little angry. What was so good about them? What did they have that he didn’t? Eventually he would get over it and be glad Mikasa is happy.

Armin: Totally shipped them the entire time and new this was coming centuries ago. He would smile and leave them be, he wouldn’t want to disturb the lovebirds.

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What type of perosn would Levi like to be in a relationship as his s/o? (like being clean, calm, etc) <3!!

Levi: would probably be a little picky with his partners. I think he would like it if they were clean but he would put up with a little mess. As for personality and attitude I don’t think he would be to picky and would be accepting so long as they don’t do anything to out there and crazy. Appearance wise he really doesn’t care, size ethnicity gender etc don’t matter to him. What Levi looks for in a relationship is stability, someone he can trust and depend on. Someone who is willing to put up with his bullshit and still love him at the end of the day. I feel like so long as the person loves and accepts him and can take care of him and themselves he would be happy.


If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win.

Levi - Erica

Mikasa - Marissa