levi mclean

Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus Dream Cast

Earlier in my blogging days I created a draft DC for one of my favorite series. Now, I made another one. Feel free to commentate on my choices because even though my choices are fabulous, yours might (might) be better. I just couldn’t find a good Calypso…

Jason Grace: (played by Alex Pettyfer)

Percy Jackson: (played by Logan Lerman)

Leo Valdez: (played by Jake T. Austin)

Frank Zhang: (played by Ki Hong Lee)

Nico di Angelo: (played by Skandar Keynes)

Grover Underwood: (played by Daniel Sharman)

Annabeth Chase: (played by Annasophia Robb)

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: (played by Jane Levy)

Bianca di Angelo: (played by Lily Collins)

Piper McLean: (played by Anjili Mohindra)

Hazel Levesque: (played by Victoria Raemy)

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano: (played by Zoey Deutch)