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I want some one-shots or fics with uke!levi and seme!eren please ! Thannnk u ❤️❤️

Always Taking Care of Me
Be Good for Me
Animal Instinct
Whirlpool Tubs
Wrapped myself up. (So you can slowly unwrap me again)
come to daddy
Power Struggle
Mile High Club
Almost Tamed
Don’t Touch Me (Please, Don’t Let Go)

Chaptered Fics:
3 A.M.
Give the Dog a Bone[r]
Deal With It
The Devil’s Song
Our Cryptic Love
Selective Hearing
An Author’s Inspiration
One Hundred Ways

Hope this helps, and as always, happy reading!!


“from the beginning i knew he was different,
but if we want to survive what’s to come,
we have to trust the Captain’s decisions.”
rivailleackerman made me choose Levi or Roy Mustang

@fyachii - hahaha what do you think? 

My laptop was being a nuisance and took forever to load stuff in CAS so this was the only one I managed. I’m really bad at taking hq looking shots so I did what I could and then stuck him on some random background…

P.S Levi, the answer is always yes!! lol

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Nice snk blogs to follow?

Sure thing, anon! 

The only other ship free SnK blog that I know of is @justsnkedits and their blog is awesome. Totally recommend. 

The rest of these wonderful blogs all have their own ship preferences as far as I am aware, so you’ll have to scope that out for yourself if you have any particular notp’s. Also, some are multi-fandom but, as far as their content, I can say 100/10 would recommend.

@fuku-shuu, @erensjaegerbombs, @kahleniel, @perksofbeingawaifu, @aplevi, @lenok993, @kuchen-ackerman, @daydream24-7, @leapingtitan, @guyinlovewitheremika, @sookashira, @danchou-smith, @story-kat, @eren-eren-eren, @fivenightsatereris, @someboredloser, @eren-of-jaegers, @definitlynotatitanshifter, @erwin-smith, @jaegsae, @aurieackerman, @five-foot-a-b1tch, @dinklebert, @ackermanss, @09raito, @zedsdead1001, @ackerdude, @leviackrrman, @the-memoirs-of-a, @tr0st, @pureren, @rogue-titan-shifter, @iamthewallrose, @momtaku, @titanslurkhere, @papaeren, @fady-jaeger, @falcon94ssy, @kiokushitaka, @arminthelittledork, @erenjpg, @sexyassheichou, @my-armin-your-pants, @battlestar-shiganshina, @levi-addicted, @hey-cho, @hei-ch0u, @attack-on-onepiece, @birdwinsmith, @thanks-for-the-scarf, @erenlevijeager, @oh-levi, @l-e-v-i-ackerman, @captain-levi-ackerman, @dithe-r, @viktornikiforovz (I will always rec Kitty’s blog), 

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am I missing something?i see bottom levi everywhere these days it's always bottom levi it's been months since I saw bottom eren fanart or fic? like all the blogs I follow post and reblog bottom levi fanart, I'm shook and I'm like where's bottom eren? I have no preference either but I don't think bottom levi is rare at least in these days,its literally everywhere,am I really missing something??!

Wow what? Every time new art or fics come out it’s always top!levi that I’ve seen???

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How would Levi react if he met the most attractive woman he's ever seen?

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I don’t think he’d react very much at all, and what acknowledgement he would give would be extremely slight, but I’m sure he’d give an intense sidewise glance and a tilt of the head. Other than that, he’d act and appear as he always does. 


There is a scar on Eren’s back that he cannot remember.

It’s small, no bigger than the length of his thumb. Thin, too. A weedy little line that curls below his shoulder blades. It’s not his only scar – there’s a nick on shin from Mikasa, a small bubble on the sole of his foot from standing on glass – but it is the only one that matters.

Because the thing is, Eren does not scar. Not anymore. Not since – well, since.

The others – Mikasa, the glass – he can place. They’re from a time before. He can remember the blood and his mother’s soothing hands in his hair, the pain, sharp at first and then dull until all that was left was the memory of it.

But this – this is blank. This is not-there, and then there.

And it scares him. Because if this is from a before he does not remember, what else has he possibly forgotten?

These days it feels like his head is barely his own, but Eren’s accepted that. What he cannot accept is the thought that it might have never been his own, that the split between him and Other may have been there long before he stood taller than the trees and roared at the sky.

He feels like he’s on a countdown. Only so many forgettings left for him until he loses it all. Three strikes and he’s out – gone.

(there are so many things he cannot place, so much water rushing to mud in the rivers of his mind, there’s too much, and this, this is so small but it feels so big, what else has he forgotten, what else will he forget, how close is he now to no longer being him, how close until he –)

For every scar of Eren’s, Levi has two.

Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re smaller than Eren’s. They’re hitches at his spine, tumbles of shiny white skin tucked in the crooks of his knees.

Eren touches them carefully, collecting each one under his fingertips. He asks, always, when he finds a new one and Levi always answers.

“Fell off a wall,” he says. “Titan swipe got me – maneuver gear snapped – blade went crook in the holster – rock on the street.”

“And this?” Eren asks, sheets heavy on his back and Levi warm under his belly. His fingers curl at a nasty hook of scar tissue at Levi’s side. It’s tender still to touch.

There is nothing but their breathing for a moment, and then Levi says, “You. That one was you.”

Eren closes his eyes and presses his forehead to Levi’s shoulder. After a moment Levi’s hands slide up his back..

Three, Eren thinks, as he feels the scar he’d given Levi beneath his fingers.

Two, he thinks, as Levi’s hands hit his shoulder blades.

He thinks about what will happen when he reaches one.

And he’s so, so scared.

[Fic]: River’s End (Part 9)

Summary: Levi and Eren grew up together as brothers. They were in love. That was all there was to it.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7. Part 8.

Part 9: Levi was at peace.

Warning: Incest.

Thank you so much for nikooki for listening to my crying and editing this chapter like a champ!  Any remaining mistake is 100% my stubborn writer thingy adding stuff last minute.

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I'm not sure if anyone has ever asked you this already but do you think Levi has ever broken down and cried after an expedition or do you think he's kept all his emotions bottled up this whole time

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I don’t doubt for a second that he has shed tears at the loss of comrades and friends. Though I don’t think he’s full on bawled his eyes out and broken down save for a couple exceptions (Farlan & Isabel). Levi is a naturally reserved person, but he’s still human and hes far from heartless. Watching the deaths of countless people happen time and time again surely takes its toll. I think he’s grown accustomed to it, as harsh as it is to say. That doesn’t mean that it hurts him any less, but the shock factor has probably dulled quite a bit for him. 

Levi has to set an example, and he has to stay strong for those he leads. That is his burden. So, does he weep for the dead? I’m sure, sometimes, but it’s most likely only as much as Levi can muster and it’s most likely always in private. 


happy christmas @scottissue

Levi is typing…

A few minutes passed. Eren almost slammed his laptop shut twice.

Levi: You’re*

(warning: determined and very oblivious Eren, shy (sassy) Levi, and the horrors of college)


It was his third semester and second month into his college adventure. And Eren was absolutely determined to talk to Levi. 

If that meant suffering through an English 102 group project, with e-mail as the only form of actual communication, so be it. 

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Erwin has sympathy for Levi when he cries

Often after expeditions, Erwin finds peace in his office. The smell of ink and dust is a comfort, the fabric lining to his lungs. Levi also isolates himself much like he does. Erwin has counted three days without sight of him, and Hanji had come by hoping Erwin could help get him out. She explained Levi shouting at her to leave after Mike’s attempt to help. It was unusual for Levi to yell at anyone without good reason. It was in rare situations only that he raised his voice at all.

“He won’t come out. I’ve tried all morning,” Hanji says, face twisted tight in anxiety. She lights something in Erwin’s chest that makes it too uncomfortable not to move. He’s out from behind his desk, down the hall and rounding the corner. Levi’s office is close to his out of convenience. It takes him only a minute to get there, and even less to knock.

“Go away.”

Erwin’s brows rise. Levi’s voice is muffled from behind the door, but it somehow sounds gravelly.

“Levi, it’s Erwin.” He receives silence. “Levi? I’m coming in.” The doors unlocked. Levi knows his voice is all the protection he could require, his rank following close behind. He’s on his bed, splayed out, jacket tossed aside. It’s messy, and Erwin can smell liquor on the sheets. “Levi?”

Levi covers his eyes with the backs of his hands, gurgles out something Erwin can’t decipher. He moves closer, notes the drool that has dried on Levi’s cheek. Erwin can’t form a sound. His mouth feels stuffed with cotton.

“I don’t want to come out yet.” Levi’s lips are wet with spittle, and between his fingers his cheeks are dappled red. There’s a pungent stain on half his pillow, the source of the heavy odor Erwin noticed before. He’d been drinking this whole time. “I don’t want to come out,” Levi repeats, his voice tumbling halfway through.

“I know. It’s fine.” Erwin settles himself on the bedside and brushes back Levi’s bangs. His forehead feels warm, but not sickly. Managing to guide the other’s hands away from his face, Erwin purses his lips. He hasn’t seen Levi like this in ages. “Have you eaten anything?”

Levi croaks a small, “No.” He looks up at Erwin finally, eyes glassy, pupils dilated. “I feel like shit.”

“I know.”

“You always know,” Levi answers and pushes his head back into the pillow. His hands are moving, covering his eyes and pulling at his bangs. Erwin reacts immediately.


“I can’t!” Levi shouts—begs. “I can’t. I can’t.”

The heaviness of his words sinks into the pit of Erwin’s gut and rots. The bitterness rings just as his own had, just as his own does, and it makes his ribs curl. Levi looks so familiar like this: desperate and rundown. Erwin recalls the looks his mother had made after his father’s death, her brown eyes so tightly shut Erwin had sworn she’d gone blind. Sympathy was an emotion he’d thought long lost, but it swells beneath the bruises over his chest.

His callous palms find their way to Levi’s jaw, and he cradles him. ”You don’t have to,” Erwin assures, voice reducing to a hush. “You don’t have to.” 

Like thy neighbour [Ereri fic]

Ereriweek | Day 7: Intimacy

Summary: Eren likes climbing over to his neighbour Levi’s balcony, trying to avoid tripping and falling to his death while not-so-much avoiding the topic that is liking the man who lives next to him.
Basically just boring balcony talking. Some sort of confessions happen. That’s it.
Words: 2k

i was going to post this for day 8: random/extra but i was starting to feel the regret of writing this before i even posted it SO may as well do it now before i just delete this thing altogether yeah.

read on ao3

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Booty and the Fuckboy

Levi wasn’t all that excited when he had his first class of Law at Maria-Rose University. He knew he pretty much already knew everything, already having read the books, yet knew he had to attend the lectures for notes and questions. He didn’t find much excitement during the classes and lectures. However, there was only one thing that for some reason kept him coming. One particular boy who had caught Levi’s eye during the course of the year. There was something about this boy, something sassy and fiery, yet also something innocent and adorable. Each answer he gave and question he askd had Levi intruiged. The way he always seemed hell bent in correcting the wrong answers of fellow students, how he always wanted to know every single detail and how he at times just had to voice his opinion. After a while, it wasn’t just the boy’s behavior Levi was intruiged by, but his entire existance. His slender yet well formed body, his tanned skin and messy hair, and shamelessly, his full, round ass. Levi caught himself checking this boy called Eren Jaeger out almost every single day. Even when there weren’t classes and he’d see him move about the campus, Levi’s eyes went wherever Eren did. Eventually Levi began to see the boy noticing the looks he was giving him. Though this didn’t keep Levi from doing as he pleased. In fact, the very look on the boy’s face, and how he slightly shifted in his chair each time he caught Levi eye-fucking him from afar only encouraged Levi more. 

Of course, Levi was therefore over the moon when he got partnered up with Eren for an assignment they had to do in groups of two. Now he could watch Eren from up close. And God, was he even more gorgeous from up close. Levi looked at his hands, shamelessly imagining them wrapped around his member, and his tanned neck, imagining them being covered in fresh hickeys. But what caught Levi’s attention the most, were his green eyes. They had so much depth, so much spirit and so much life in them. Levi knew he was very much going to enjoy this assignment. 

“So…” Levi spoke, eyes blantantly going all over the boy’s body while a smug smirk tugged on the corner of his lips. “You and I will be spending a lot of time together from now on, hm? What a pleasure~.”