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Levi is typing…

A few minutes passed. Eren almost slammed his laptop shut twice.

Levi: You’re*

(warning: determined and very oblivious Eren, shy (sassy) Levi, and the horrors of college)


It was his third semester and second month into his college adventure. And Eren was absolutely determined to talk to Levi. 

If that meant suffering through an English 102 group project, with e-mail as the only form of actual communication, so be it. 

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Booty and the Fuckboy

Levi wasn’t all that excited when he had his first class of Law at Maria-Rose University. He knew he pretty much already knew everything, already having read the books, yet knew he had to attend the lectures for notes and questions. He didn’t find much excitement during the classes and lectures. However, there was only one thing that for some reason kept him coming. One particular boy who had caught Levi’s eye during the course of the year. There was something about this boy, something sassy and fiery, yet also something innocent and adorable. Each answer he gave and question he askd had Levi intruiged. The way he always seemed hell bent in correcting the wrong answers of fellow students, how he always wanted to know every single detail and how he at times just had to voice his opinion. After a while, it wasn’t just the boy’s behavior Levi was intruiged by, but his entire existance. His slender yet well formed body, his tanned skin and messy hair, and shamelessly, his full, round ass. Levi caught himself checking this boy called Eren Jaeger out almost every single day. Even when there weren’t classes and he’d see him move about the campus, Levi’s eyes went wherever Eren did. Eventually Levi began to see the boy noticing the looks he was giving him. Though this didn’t keep Levi from doing as he pleased. In fact, the very look on the boy’s face, and how he slightly shifted in his chair each time he caught Levi eye-fucking him from afar only encouraged Levi more. 

Of course, Levi was therefore over the moon when he got partnered up with Eren for an assignment they had to do in groups of two. Now he could watch Eren from up close. And God, was he even more gorgeous from up close. Levi looked at his hands, shamelessly imagining them wrapped around his member, and his tanned neck, imagining them being covered in fresh hickeys. But what caught Levi’s attention the most, were his green eyes. They had so much depth, so much spirit and so much life in them. Levi knew he was very much going to enjoy this assignment. 

“So…” Levi spoke, eyes blantantly going all over the boy’s body while a smug smirk tugged on the corner of his lips. “You and I will be spending a lot of time together from now on, hm? What a pleasure~.”