Hi guys!

We just made this ErenXLevi video! Some Fifty Shades of Grey thing… but no plot related to the movie. This took me 300 frames to draw, over 2 weeks’ work for my dear friend who in charge of the video editing, while it’s NOT THE END BY NOW. It should be 2 minutes’ long, the same as the original trailer.

Hold on, hold your screaming for a moment after watching.

Some of you may have noticed, here comes NO CHARACTER’S LINES but only the edited BGM from that trailer, we post this by the half of it for a reason, we need some help!!

Now Attention Pls!!

We’re looking for 2 CASTS, to take the 2 roles, aka Levi and Eren, American accent preferred, male. (Girls accepted in some cases, if you got the way to make your voice sounds manly sexy enough XDDD)

It’s a fan work just for fun so no payment sorry ;)

If you are interested, pls send email to with a sample of your voice!!!

The lines will be no big different from those in the original trailer so don’t hesitate!