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Broadway musicals from 2013-2014 that have since closed

Into the Storm

Rivetra Week Day 03 | Storm

Runawayverse: When a big storm destroys a part of the tea shop, Petra makes an attempt to retrieve it, much to the dismay of her employer.

As the wind howled outside, Petra replaced the lid of a glass jar, placing it back on the shelf, now full. She placed the large cork on the ceramic jar she had been scooping from and pushed it aside, scooping some stray tea leaves into her hand and depositing them into a much smaller cup of assorted leaves.

Waste not.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Levi observing the street outside, completely bare save the newspapers and trinkets blowing about, bouncing across the cobblestone taken by the gusts. He let a small breath of air out his nose then reach forward, turning the wooden sign from “open” to “closed.”

Petra straightened.

“Closed, Mr. Ackerman?”

“That’s right,” he confirmed, “closed. No one in their right mind would be coming out today. Might as well.”

The red haired young woman pulled the ceramic jar to her, preparing to return it to the store room. Though she’d only been in his employ four months, he’d never so much as opened any less than three minutes early. To close down entirely?

“Certainly there will be a wary traveler or two,” she protested gently.

“Maybe,” he shrugged, “but they’d be idiots and I don’t serve idiots.”

Petra smiled to herself at this, poking her head into the store room and putting the bulk tea back. Levi referred to Lady Dawk as an idiot and she was his best client. Petra might even go so far as to argue he was sweet on the married blonde, or had been at one point.

He was a very difficult man to read.

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“That’s not the point,“ he said. "What kind of creep would I be if I let my girl carry something heavy while I walked along, swinging my arms?”
Your girl? “The kind that respects my wishes,” she said. “And my strength, and my… arms.”
Levi grinned some more. Because he wasn’t taking her seriously. “I have a lot of respect for your arms. I like how they’re attached to the rest of you.”
—  Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell
In a modern Au

Though Levi comes off as cold, and often times heartless, Levi is a gentleman. 

Every time they go on walks, Levi makes sure to stand on the outside of the sidewalk, facing the street, to protect whoever he’s walking with. When entering a building, Levi always gets the door. 

People always wonder why, regardless of the temperature, Levi always wears a coat. Well, it’s so that at any moment, he can offer it to Eren when he’s cold. 

(It makes sense if you read this first. I think.)
I hope this is what you wanted notadamsel37. ‘ A ‘/
(If not, please feel free to throw rocks.)

Eren lies quietly in his bed. He notices that it is becoming dark outside as he can distantly hear his adopted son crying in the background.

Eren isn’t too bothered with the news. He smoothes out the wrinkles of his bed sheet; pretending that his body is older than it is and acts as if he can’t hear the whimpers of his “grown-ass adult” son while the doctor drops the verdict.

92 years old is a pretty good fucking time to call it quits to be honest.

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Christmas Gift

Hey!! Felt like making a one-shot with Gajevy for the holidays. I am almost done with chapter 3 of Speed Date. Comment whether you like it or hate it (if you hate it, maybe you shouldn’t tell me.) ENJOY!!!

* * * * * * *

It’s Christmas Eve and Gajeel is still wandering around the city with Lily trying to find the perfect gift. Tonight is the annual Fairy Tail Christmas party. There’s going to be the usual- fighting, booze, women and gifts. Strangely, the young dragon slayer was not looking forward to that part. He had his mind set on a little script mage. They have been good friends for over 2 years now. They both have been hiding their true feelings in fear of rejection from the other. Everyone knows that they like each other except for them, oddly. Levy is constantly pursued by her friends Jet and Droy and Gajeel has had enough of it. The thought of her choosing one of them or even someone else that is not him boils his blood. So, Gajeel has decided that tonight is the night to tell her. He and Lily had spent the last few hours going from store to store, but no such luck.

“Why is this so damn difficult! I’ve spent so much time around her, you would’ve thought that I wouldn’t have an issue like this. Lil, what should I do?”

Lily snickers. “Gihihi. First, don’t stress. We have a two more hours until the party. Plus, I believe Levy is quite fond of books. I know she has an extensive collection, but I’m sure there is a book she doesn’t have.”

Gajeel stuffs his hands in his pockets thinking hard on what his exeed friend just stated. Whilst juggling his keys, he started humming. “Tch. I know what Imma do. Let’s head to the bookstore first.” The pair make their way down the corridor to a quaint shop. Before opening the doors, you smell the aroma of coffee. 


“Well, hey there Gajeel. Where’s Levy?” an older gentleman exclaims.

“Ah yea. Hey old timer! Just me and Lily this time.” The cheerful old man behind the counter smiles and continues his task of inventory. 

“Oi! Do you have a section for rare books? Like ancient languages or dragons or something?” 

Gajeel fidgets trying hard to push away his embarrassment. It was unusual for him to be in a book store without Levy, let alone looking for a book. The old man raises his eyebrow in suspicion catching onto his game.

“Hmm, I see. Yea, right in the back, over to the left side. It should be four book cases filled with books.” he says. “Uh, thanks…” Hiding his blush, the dragon slayer rushes to the back.

“How cute.” the man says

The back of the bookstore is the most secluded part. It is dark and cave-like, but cozy at the same time. A wooden table with a lamp and a cushioned chair are in the middle of the area. There are books from all over the world, long forgotten languages, magic, mystics and people.

“ Oh no!! She can never come back here by herself. Hell no!!!” Gajeel all but yells.

“A little protective I see! Gihi. So what exactly are we looking for, Gajeel?” Lily swoops down and lands on the edge of the table. Gajeel scans the bookcases to find what he’s looking for.

“This!” he pulls the book off of the shelf, blows the dust off to reveal the title to his companion. “Hmm…I think she will love it!“ Proud of himself Gajeel smiles a wide smile that only the exeed and Levy have seen. “This is just part one. There is one more thing I need to do.” He makes his way to the counter to complete his purchase. 

“How much do I owe ya?” Gajeel asks. “Don’t worry about it. Just don’t break her heart.” Frozen solid by embarrassment, Lily pulls him outside. “Thank you sir! He won’t! Merry Christmas.” Lily says. The old man nods in response. “Good job, young man. About time if you ask me!” the store owner whispers under his breathe.

Gaining back consciousness, Gajeel checks the town clock to see the time. “Oh shoot! We have an hour! ” The two rush through town back to their apartment. Lily flies while Gajeel uses his shadow magic. They finally make it to their apartment. Lily flies through the window while Gajeel enters through the crack of his front door. Lily lands on the metal table and grabs a kiwi for a snack.

“So tell me, what is part two?” he curiously asks. “Hold on. Let me finish this up.” Lily demolishes the kiwi that he was eating. Just as he was about to grab another, Gajeel hands him a piece of paper. “What’s this?” Lily asks. He finally puts two and two together and is surprised at this gesture. 

“Well, well! Look at you turning into the little romantic!!! Proud of you Gajeel!” the exeed states satisfied with his friends actions.

“Thanks Lil. Ya know, she’s the one for me and I feel it here” he lays his hand on his heart. 

“She is the only person that has broken the barrier to this steel heart of mine. I thought no one would be able to do it and I was okay with it. Now that the walls are broken down, I don’t want to put them back up. Shrimp has my heart.” 

After practically confessing his love for Levy to Lily, although Lily knew, he heads toward his bathroom to freshen up. He takes a quick shower, then goes to his bedroom to change into a black v-neck shirt, black cargo pants and boots. He spritz on his favorite cologne and takes one look in the mirror. Not completely satisfied with his hair, he takes a scrunchy and puts his hair in a ponytail. 

“Much better.” he states confident in his appearance.

He grabs his phone and sees that he has a missed call and a text, both from Levy.

Hey Gajeel! I won’t be at the party this year. I’m not feeling too well. Have fun and Merry Christmas!!!! <3 <3 <3

A little worried, he walks to the living room and has made a decision as to what he will do. 

“Lil, I’m not going to the party tonight. Imma be elsewhere.”

“Everything okay? Do you need me to come with you?” Lily asks.

“No, I’m good. Shrimp’s sick. Imma spend some time with her.” Gajeel packs her gift in his bag. Just as he was about to leave, he comes back in and hands Lily a package.

“Merry Christmas, Lil. Don’t go crazy, okay?” he closes the door and heads towards Levy’s place. Lily opens the present and sees a basket full of kiwi. His eyes and hunger gets the best of him despite his companions warning.

Winter is definitely in the air. The air has an almost bitter chill to it. Gajeel tightens his scarf around his neck. He decided to walk to her place to shake off his nerves. She was only about 7 minutes away from him. On the way, he sees children playing, families having dinner together and couples being loving towards one another. For the first time, Gajeel was actually jealous of them. 

I wouldn’t mind having a couple moment with her. Shoot, I even wouldn’t mind a family. Wait, what am I thinking?

He shakes off his thoughts and continues the trek to her place. When he reaches her apartment, he his greeted by the front desk attendant. 

“Merry Christmas, Gajeel.” the woman says.

“Merry Christmas, Joyce.”

He enters the elevator and makes his way to the fourth floor. As soon as he exits the elevator, he easily spots her door. It would be an understatement to say that she loves Christmas. He door is decorated with a wreath, Santa Claus, Rudolph, red and white stripes, bows and sleigh bells. Gajeel chuckles.

Knock, Knock, Knock

“Coming!” Gajeel hears her footsteps approaching the door. She opens up the door and is surprised to see the tall man.

“Gajeel! What a great surprise. I thought you would be at the party.” Unbeknownst to her, she walked up to the door with just a tank top on, barely covering her behind. 

“Uhhh…I see you’ve gotten very comfortable around me, shrimp.” he stutters, fighting back the red tint on his cheeks. Confused, she looks down to see the lack of clothes she has on. 

“Oh MY…” The little mage races to her bed room to put on some pajama pants leaving Gajeel at the door. He walks in, closes the door behind him and proceeds to her couch to get comfortable.

“Came here to see ya shrimp. I was worried about you and didn’t want you to be alone for Christmas Eve.” he yells. Blushing, Levy goes into her kitchen to grab a snack and a beer for him.

“Ahh- thanks Gajeel. I’m glad you’re here. I actually wanted to talk to you about something. I need to tell you that-” Gajeel notices the shock in her face and turns his face to what has captured her attention. Snow. It is actually snowing. Magnolia has been having weird weather lately and the possibility of snow was slim to none. Filled with excitement Levy jumps up and proceeds to put on her boots.

“Let’s go outside!! I haven’t been out all day and this is the perfect moment.”

Gajeel hesitantly agrees and goes with her outside. They don’t venture far. Just to the park across the street. They walk over to a big oak tree and stand there staring at the winter spectacle. Well, at least one of them is staring at the snow. Gajeel hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of Levy this whole time.

“This is the most beautiful and peaceful thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t you think, Gajeel?” She turns around to see Gajeel staring at her. They both bashfully turn their heads fight off their rosy tint trying to emerge.

“Ahh, umm yea. It is beautiful. We should get back Shrimp. Remember, you are sick and I need you to get better.”

Pouting she says “Gajeel please?! Just two more minutes.”

“Grr…fine.” He watches as she runs out into the falling snow. The white snow lightly coats her sky blue hair. As she slowly spins catching all the snow, Gajeel is taking in her form. He is completely astounded by this snow angel in front of him.

How could something so tiny be the most beautiful thing alive?

Snapping out of his daydreaming, he gets a great idea. Levy stopped spinning to find Gajeel, but he was no longer at the tree. All of a sudden, she felt herself being lifted up off of the ground.

“Time’s up shorty!!!” He grunts and makes a run for the apartment.

“Hahaha!! Let me down Gajeel!! I can walk on my own.” she laughs.

“Nope. You are sick and should be inside resting, not out here in the snow”

He gives her a toothy grin showing his sharp canines. Levy finds his smile rather attractive, causing her pulse to increase rapidly, which Gajeel hears with his enhanced hearing. She rests her head on his chest taking in him warmth. He notices how comfortable she is in his arms and looks down at her peaceful form. They finally make it back to her apartment. He gently places her on her feet so she can unlock the door. Once inside, they both take off their coats and boots and sit on the couch. A little cold, Levy decides to cuddle up next to Gajeel. He places his left arm around her securing her spot. 

They sit in silence, enjoying each others company. Eventually they start talking about everything, from the guild, to missions, to their past, and their future. It was so natural for them to talk to one another. Hours had passed by and before they knew it, it was two minutes before midnight.

“Oops! I’ll be back Gajeel.” Levy 

While she is gone, Gajeel stretches to wake himself up. 

"Merry Christmas! It’s not much but I wanted you to have this.” Levy hands him the book and sits on the opposite end of the couch. 

He looks down and raises a studded eyebrow at the book entitled, The Dragon and the Bookworm. When he opens it, he sees that it is a scrap book. Levy managed to keep little trinkets and photos from their missions, holidays, parties, and vacations. Gajeel sat down and scanned through it. She included the day and where they were. One page had dried up peonies from the day that they took a break from training and went on a nature walk. Looking through the scrapbook made Gajeels heart melt. 

“This is great shorty! Thanks. I didn’t realize how much time we spend together." 

The little mage agrees and flashes him a warm smile that gives him the incentive to give her her gift. He reaches in his bag and hands her a thick, ancient looking book. Levy’s hazel eyes grew big at the astounding book before her. 

"The Secret Language of Dragons? I never knew such a book existed. This is the best gift ever Gajeel. Thank you!" 

At that moment, the bookworm moves in closer to the iron mage and gives him the tightest hug. He tenses up out of shock but loosens up and gives her one in return. 

 "Open the book. There’s something inside.” Not wanting to let go, she does so just to see what was inside. 

A letter. A letter written in an unknown language. Excited, she puts on her glasses for super fast reading and is able to crack the code in about 20 minutes. Not quite aware of what the translation says in its entirety, she reads it out loud. 

Dear Levy, 

I don’t know where to start with this letter, so I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I love you and I have for a while. I was afraid that you would not feel the same way, which is why I never said anything. Now I have a greater fear, the fear of you not staying by my side. I am not the best choice, but I will love you and protect you with all my might. If you don’t feel the same, I will respect that and step back. I just need to know how you feel. Please look me in the eyes and tell me. 


Levy’s tears hit parts of the paper, smudging the translation. She looks up at the tall man standing in front of her. They stare at each other for what feels like eternity, but has only been a couple of minutes. Just as Gajeel is about to say something, Levy wraps her tiny arms around his neck and pulls him down to her level. Thrown off by her sudden action, he places his hands around her waist a nuzzles his nose in the crook of her neck. 

She whispers in his ear, “I love you too Gajeel Redfox. Always have, always will." 

They embrace each other for a few more minutes until he picks the script mage up making them eye level. They gaze into each others eyes and slowly move in closer until their lips touch. Their passionate kiss is one full of longing and relief. Her fingers intertwined in his mane, she pulls his hair tie out of his hair letting loose his thick locs. Lips still locked, he walks towards her bedroom. Once there, he gently places her down on her bed and hops in right next to her. They lay on her bed, in each others arms, enjoying their first Christmas as an item. 

"Wait until the guild finds out. I’m pretty sure Mira and Cana placed bets on us.” Levy says. 

“I have a feeling Lil already broke the news, gihi."