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Attack on titan-Escape from certain Death 3DS Game PV 2!

Featuring new images, dialogue and music!

(no, this is not a Season 2 PV)

anonymous asked:

What if Kenney survived and ran off with the serum?

Knowing Isayama, my guess would be that he would run off far away and stay in hiding and show up later, though I’m not quite sure about his role. Get @alemanriq to think about this lmao

Well, it’s possible Hanji could have killed Reiner without Jean to stop her and suggest taking his power (since they wouldn’t have had the serum). Also, Levi would have likely killed Zeke without his pony rescuing him. Levi stopped to think if he could feed Zeke to anyone and take the Beast Titan’s power. If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t have hesitated to kill Zeke.

The obvious point is that Armin and Erwin would both die. Not that great, right? Also, unless they conveniently lay around without doing anything… they probably would have killed Bertolt as well or had Eren eat him or whatever.

Actually, without the Titan Serum, all three (Colossal, Armored and Beast) titans that attacked in Shiganshina would have been killed… very interesting. This seems like it was a bit intention to be a concidence. In each case, someone’s death was delayed due to the Titan Serum or thoughts about it. If it wasn’t for that, they would be dead. It also means that the Titans would be inherited by three random Eldian babies… though considering it’s random, it may happen in Marley’s internment zones, it may happen in Paradis, and who knows where else, if Eldians exist in other parts of the snk world.