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By who do the 104th feel the most comfortable from the vets, and vise versa?

Mikasa: Levi
Reiner: Nanaba’s corpse?
Bertholdt: Hahahaha
Annie: No one! NO FUCKING ONE!
Eren: Levi
Jean: Erwin
Marco: He didn’t even meet them, guys…
Sasha: Mike
Connie: Mike
Historia: Moblit
Armin: Hanji
Ymir: Nanaba?

Levi: Mikasa
Hanji: Eren
Erwin: Jean
Nanaba: Armin
Mike: Sasha
Moblit: Historia


Official Sprites for the audioplay “Survey Corpse”! I am the Sprite Artist as well as the voice actress of Lily Pedroza.

These sprites include Krista, Ymir, Hanji, Levi, Auruo, Gunther, OCs Dominique and Lily, and Eld.

Tune in for the premier of Season 2–airing on the 3rd of APRIL!

Eren secretly has a body pillow of Levi, so whenever he misses his boyfriend he hugs it. And he starts crying all over it. 

So he drags out a corpse from the basement and starts beating it with his hand. Then Levi walks in and joins him because he had a bad day at work and he’s pissed.

im sorry this got messed up pretty fast

It’s done! I hope it looks okay… Any way here’s what I think went down with Petra. I think she got bit, probably more then once with all that blood, and knew she was going to turn so she shot her self in the head to keep from hurting any one she loved. That’s what I think happened and I don’t know. Now I want to draw Petra cry with flowers coming out of her head…

Survey Corpse is great fun times go watch it and cry your eyes out. The voice acting is AMAZING and all the people in it are supper nice. It’s very well done and I would say one of the best Attack on Titan things I’ve seen that’s still going on. (( I also want to draw Lani and Petra things now but I’m lazy and have other half finished works that need to be done so that’s gonna have to wait.))

That’s enough of me talking! Hope you all enjoy, and watch Survey Corpse! They don’t bite… Much…

( SKETCH HERE:  http://xpaparoachfan1065x.tumblr.com/post/98367258940/okay-so-survey-corpse-got-me-fucked-up-if-petras )


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into the tomb with me

“Well,” says the corpse, blinking cloudy eyes at Levi and half-raised from the body bag, “this is unexpected.”

At sixteen, Levi is a fighter, and the worst kind of fighter at that, dirty tricks and low blows and anything to come out a little less broken than the other person. He nurses split lips and black eyes, something hot wound tight in his chest, an itch under his skin that only stops with the meaty thunk of flesh and bone against flesh and bone. 

He’s aware he’s going to die.

He’s always been aware that he’s going to die. 

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I noticed something interesting on the first 2 pages of the No regrets prologue.

You know the birds are a common metaphore in this spin off, right? Said metaphore became more explicit in the anime, but the manga had one as well. It was small, unnoticeable, but it was there.

You can see three birds flying in the sky. As you can see, two of the birds are flying behind the first one, as if they were following it.

As we all know, our protagonists are a trio: Levi, Isabel and Farlan. Levi was their leader, and Isabel and Farlan tended to walk behind him as we can see here.

To mention some examples.

It’s obvious that the bird flying ahead of the other two represents Levi. And the interesting, touching part comes in the second page of the prologue.

While Farlan explains to Isabel that they couldn’t be able to reach the outside world even with their gear, you can see that the two birds that were flying behind the first one, now are flying AWAY from it. While the first bird keeps flying forward.

I think this is a huge foreshadowing no one has noticed, not even me. The first bird (representing Levi) is flying forward while the other two (Isabel and Farlan) that were flying with it at first, are taking a different part. They’re leaving the first bird behind… this illustration was basically predicting Isabel and Farlan’s fate indirectly. As we all know, Isabel and Farlan “flew” away from Levi when they both were killed.

The metaphore, casually appears again when Levi finds their corpses in the anime.

Before we get to see the scene of Levi finding Isabel’s remains on the ground, we can see two feathers falling on screen. Two. Two feathers. 

And at the end, when Levi’s thinking about his choice, Erwin’s words and his future, we can see two birds flying over the sky, precisely following him while he’s going on a new expedition.

I can relate this last scene of the anime with the very first scene we see of the trio and the birds in the manga, but this time, while Levi’s “flying” forward to his future, we can see that Isabel and Farlan, as birds, are accompanying him instead of leaving him behind.

They may have “dissapeared”, but they’re still watching over him.

Magic Does Not Make a Garden

Happy Birthday @monsoondownpour! I expect you’re not awake yet, but it is most definitely your birthday. I was prompted to write wingfic, in a fantasy setting, and nursing someone back to health. 3.7k No warnings. Hope you like it :)


The sun was setting low in the west, red over the distant foothills, spilling orange around Levi’s sandalled feet, as he walked the edge of the wastelands. Sometimes creatures, mainly birds, flew out over that trackless desert, and sometimes the lucky ones turned around in time to make it back. Sometimes Levi found little feathered corpses among the grasses grown from seeds he’d collected and scattered himself, pushing the desert back.

He’d wandered out far this time, mapping another sliver of the wasteland, marking sheltered dips and gullies that he would return to scatter with living soil and seeds. He fed the ground so many seeds; those that didn’t germinate would nourish the ones that did. He was on his way back to the well when a large white shape, unusual against the dark soil caught his eye.

He altered course.

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