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Official Sprites for the audioplay “Survey Corpse”! I am the Sprite Artist as well as the voice actress of Lily Pedroza.

These sprites include Krista, Ymir, Hanji, Levi, Auruo, Gunther, OCs Dominique and Lily, and Eld.

Tune in for the premier of Season 2–airing on the 3rd of APRIL!

Magic Does Not Make a Garden

Happy Birthday @monsoondownpour! I expect you’re not awake yet, but it is most definitely your birthday. I was prompted to write wingfic, in a fantasy setting, and nursing someone back to health. 3.7k No warnings. Hope you like it :)


The sun was setting low in the west, red over the distant foothills, spilling orange around Levi’s sandalled feet, as he walked the edge of the wastelands. Sometimes creatures, mainly birds, flew out over that trackless desert, and sometimes the lucky ones turned around in time to make it back. Sometimes Levi found little feathered corpses among the grasses grown from seeds he’d collected and scattered himself, pushing the desert back.

He’d wandered out far this time, mapping another sliver of the wasteland, marking sheltered dips and gullies that he would return to scatter with living soil and seeds. He fed the ground so many seeds; those that didn’t germinate would nourish the ones that did. He was on his way back to the well when a large white shape, unusual against the dark soil caught his eye.

He altered course.

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About the walking corpse syndrome idea..

Now that I’ve just watched part 2 of acwnr, I agree with the old submission that says Levi has walking corpse syndrome. After everyone you care about dies and you’re faced with either total psychopathic insanity or lifeless depression, anyone could potentially end up with the delusion that they are no longer alive; his or her mind would be totally shattered.