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Hello :) If its possible do you think you could write something for Lucy, Levy, Erza, and Juvia (and possibly Mira) comparing baby bumps and talking about their babies?

All five of them being pregnant at the same time was a wild, hilarious concept to me. Hahahaha. Like, wow, all of them have been busy, I guess. I didn’t write Mira as pregnant but I did use her as my point of view and involve her in the antics. 

;The Size Of The Matter

‘It’s twins,’ Mira said, placing a tray laden with soft drinks on the table.

Levy gasped and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. ‘Don’t even say that.’

‘It is,’ she insisted. ‘You’re going to have twins.’

Levy rubbed a hand over her swollen belly and searched Mira’s gaze with large, fearful eyes. They’d recently had a conversation about how large Gajeel was and how big his babies might be. The thought of giving birth to something the size of a watermelon had resulted in Levy closing herself in the guild library and researching pain-free methods of childbirth. And then she’d cried. And laughed. And panicked until Gajeel wrestled the door open and promised her she’d be okay.

‘Twins would be cute,’ Lucy said. ‘I mean, you could have a boy and a girl. Either way, they’d be siblings. Wouldn’t that be nice?’

‘What do you want, Lucy?’ Mira asked.

Lucy smiled. ‘A girl, I think.’ Then her expression turned serious. ‘Natsu wants a boy, though. I think he wants to replicate what he had with Igneel. I don’t really mind, though.’

Mira’s heart fluttered at the memories of Natsu’s stories. He and Igneel had had a wonderful relationship. No matter the gender, she knew he’d be a wonderful, sweet father, though perhaps a little overenthusiastic at times. 

‘It’s hard to believe Juvia and Lucy are both five months along,’ Juvia said, easing her feet up onto the empty chair beside her.

‘I’m quite envious, too,’ Erza said, leaning across the table to stare at Lucy’s stomach. ‘Lucy’s stomach has barely grown at all.’

‘She doesn’t eat as much cake as you,’ Mira teased.

Erza shot Mira a warning glance, but Mira happily ignored it. 

‘It’s the baby,’ Erza said. ‘He or she has quite the sweet tooth.’

‘Erza,’ Lucy started, taking a sip from her glass, ‘didn’t you just find out you’re pregnant?’

All eyes slid to Erza. 

‘Yeah,’ Levy said. ‘How can you be jealous of Lucy’s stomach when you’re the smallest of us all?’

Erza offered a thin smile. ‘I just wanted to participate.’

‘Jellal is spoiling her already,’ Juvia swooned. ‘He brings sweets to the guild often.’

‘What about you?’ Lucy asked. ‘Gray brings you sweets too. Didn’t he carry you home yesterday?’

Juvia’s cheeks flushed. ‘That’s because Juvia’s feet keep swelling up.’

Mira glanced between the four of them. ‘Our guild is going to become rowdy, huh?’

Erza laughed at that. ‘What do you mean by that? Our guild is already rowdy.’

‘Agreed,’ Lucy said. ‘There have been more fights this past week than I can recall happening in the past.’

‘That’s because the boys are fighting over you ladies,’ Mira said, giving them a playful wink.

‘Fighting over us?’ Levy asked.

‘Yes.’ Mira brushed her hands on her apron. ‘Over whose belly will be the fattest.’

Lucy paled. ‘They what?’

‘Then Juvia will eat as much as she can to ensure Gray wins the fight!’ Juvia announced.

Levy grimaced. ‘I don’t want to get any bigger. I can barely stand up as it is.’

‘Lucy definitely won’t win,’ Erza noted. ‘I’m beginning to think there isn’t a baby in there at all.’

‘There is,’ Lucy insisted. ‘I was there for the making of said baby. Believe me, I know it’s in there.’

Mira laughed at Lucy’s honesty. 

‘I don’t want to give birth to a watermelon,’ Levy cried.

‘Aren’t you due in less than a week?’ Lucy asked her.

Levy burst into a fit of tears. 

As the girls dissolved into their nonsensical bickering, Mira shuffled away from the table, proud of her little antics, and happily resumed her place behind the bar. Peering out into the guild, she glanced at the faces of her loved ones, of her family, and smiled at the fond memories they brought.

‘Say, Master,’ she whispered, thoughts of Makarov seizing her heart in a tight and painful grip. ‘Please watch over Fairy Tail’s newest members when they arrive, as you watched over us before them.’

Levi x Reader [Lemon]

[Author’s Note: Once again,I apologise if Levi here is out of character. When it comes to Levi,my imagination temds to go wild. XD ]

It was totally not an afternoon that you had expected. Everything was going on as usual,but for this to happen? You did not know whether to count yourself lucky or not.

You were just cleaning up the meeting room,just as Corporal Levi had instructed. While wiping a blotch of spilled ink,you muttered a curse under your breath. That damned Levi - He’s always targetting you for everything. Especially with the cleaning duties. You used to always make fun of your friend Eren Jaeger for getting pushed around by that guy,but now you were the one getting worse treatment.

“Damn that midget,"you mumbled.

Right at that moment,you heard the door open,accompanied by several footsteps. Your eyes widened in panic. The cleaning’s not done yet! You knew there was going to be a meeting here soon,but why now?!

You froze as the seats became occupied by the higher-ups. From their voices,you could tell that it was Levi’s squad. Levi sat  at the head of the table.

As the meeting started,all you could do was to stay still in your position. You could only stare ahead of you,afraid that any movement might alert them.

But you can’t just stay still when Levi’s crotch is about half an arm’s length away from you,right?

Thoughts started to swirl in your head. You didn’t know what came over you,but instinctively,your hand reached out and cupped Levi’s groin.

You felt Levi jolt,probably surprised by the sudden touch. Fortunately,he didn’t say anything. You were mentally cursing at yourself for doing such a bold move to the Corporal,but you couldn’t resist the temptation.

Levi shifted,pushing his legs further under the table. You felt your face heating up. Was he expecting for you to do that to him?

Swallowing whatever hesitation you had,you unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants slowly,trying to be as silent as possible. You pulled out Levi’s length and blushed at the sight.

It certainly was not your first time looking at one. You had incidents where you happened to catch any of the boys taking a leak outside but that was usually from afar. To see one up close for the first time - Especially when it’s Levi’s - The thought caused a sensation to rise between your legs.

Remembering what you were supposed to do,you held Levi’s limp cock and pulled back his foreskin. You were unsure of what to do. Deciding to just do whatever you can,you pulled up the foreskin once again before pulling it back with a stroke. You did it a few more times before realising that it was getting harder,but barely halfway.

That was when you felt a hand on your head. Your eyes widened in panic when Levi urged you forward,bringing your lips closer to his cock. He couldn’t possibly asking you to…

You closed your eyes and thought hard. The girls had talked about these things before,so there should be a tip somewhere.


You slapped Levi’s hand away gently and leaned forward. You gathered saliva in your mouth and let it drip on the cock before you stroked the length again. You settled into a rhythm and let out your tongue to experimentally lick around the head. Soon,you felt a sudden rush of head rising on your palm.

He’s finally feeling it,huh?

After few more strokes,you removed your hand and decided to take him into your mouth. Pushing your head down on his cock seemed to be better for Levi. His fingers entangled in your hair as he stroked the back of your neck. Now eager to pleasure him,you placed your hands on his thighs and immediately got on to it. You sucked on him and bobbed your head up and down,swirling your tongue around him. Levi tensed underneath your palms as you increased your pace.

After a while,you felt your jaw getting sore so you pulled him out for a moment,panting. You stroked him to continue pleasuring him. Suddenly feeling bold,you gave light lips underneath the head as you used your other hand to carress his testicles.

Levi suddenly let out a groan. Feeling a sense of satisfaction from being able to let him lose control for once,you repeated the action again. However,that instsntly earned you a kick on the shoulder and you winced from the pain.

"Corporal,are you okay?You sounded like you were about to hurl. ” You heard Petra ask. Levi brushed it off with a cough.

“It’s nothing. This meeting is over. You are dismissed,"he said coldly. You felt a rush of relief going through you as the others got off their seats and left the room. When you heard the door close,you felt tension leaving your body.

Levi moved his chair back slightly,finally allowing your gazes to meet. His eyes widened slightly upon seeing you before a smirk replaced his surprise.

"How bold of you,Cadet,"he remarked.Levi patted his lap,looking at you. Hesitantly,you went out of under the table and stood up,inching closer. "Come on,just sit.”

Reluctantly,you sat on his lap. You looked down,only to stare at Levi’s standing erection between the two of you. Before you could do anything,Levi suddenly pulled your face close to his,leaning in for a forceful kiss.

Your eyes widened in a mix of shock and embarrassment,but you found yourself clumsily returning the kiss. If you had known that this would happen,you would have tried practising on your own or something. You heard Levi chuckle against your lips,and it only added to your embarrassment.

When both of you pulled back,Levi leaned in his seat. His lustful gaze met yours once again. “Remove them.”

Knowing that you have to obey,you got off him and slowly took off your pants along with your panties. He notioned for you to sit on his lap again and you did,your legs spread wide. You shivered when you felt Levi’s cold fingers pressing against your core.

“You’re already so wet just from sucking me off,huh? I never knew that you were this lewd,"he teased. You bit your lip to hold back your moan as Levi rubbed on your clit,electrifying sensations of pleasure surging through your body. You slouched forward and clutched onto the Corporal’s shoulders,shuddering.

You have heard of how pleasurable it is to be touched by another person there but this was too overwhelming for you. It was not long before you reached your climax. As you let out a moan in your shuddering bliss,Levi leaned forward and nibbled on your collarbone before sucking on it. That only prolonged your orgasm. Levi pulled away and smirked at the red mark forming on your neck. After recovering from the pleasure,you panted and locked eyes with Levi.

"I’m not done yet,"he reminded you. He swiftly picked you up and placed you onto the table,forcing you to lie down. Your eyes widened in panic. No way,he can’t possibly be thinking of-

"Don’t worry,I’m not putting it in for now,"Levi interrupted your thoughts. You felt relief before embarrassment took over. "For now”? Does that mean that this wouldn’t be the only time you two would do this kind of thing?

Levi moved his hips closer,placing his cock right on your sensitive part. He forced your legs close tightly and looked at you. “Hold your legs like this. Keep them closed.”

You nodded and did as you were told. Levi placed his hands over yours and started to thrust through the tight space. Your cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as you thought how erotic this is.

Moving your head slightly,you looked at Levi’s pleasured expression. His eyes were closed and his brows were scrunched up. His lips were slightly parted as he let out laboured breaths and occasional groans. It was such a turn-on.

You wondered if anyone else had seen it before,and your heart sank. You didn’t want anyone to see this side of him. You decided that you would ensure that he only makes this kind of face for you.

“Shit,"Levi cursed."I’m going to come soon.”

Eager to see Levi in the peak of pleasure,you decided to make another move. You looked between your legs where Levi’s cock was sliding on your crotch. It was really wet with precum and the sight spurred you on more. Feeling bold,you reached out and rubbed your fingers against the wet tip.

That was all it took for Levi to finally reach his peak and he let out a moan,abruptly stopping his movements. He bit his lip and shuddered against you,sticky white liquid splurting out from his cock. He tried holding back his moans at each spurt,but to no avail.

Levi finally let you go and stepped back,pumping the remaining of his seed out. He panted and looked at you,licking his lips.

“How erotic,"he commented. You looked down at yourself,realising that it indeed was an erotic sight. With your bottom naked at exposed to him,and Levi’s warm cum on your stomach,that was indeed a really hot scene to remember.

"Uhm,so…"you started shyly. You didn’t know what to say. Despite what had happened,you suddenly felt awkward.

"Clean up the room again. I’ll lock the door for you,"he said,tidying himself up and puttinf his cock back into his pants,zipping up. He opened the door and suddenly stopped his his tracks.

He glanced behind at you and smirked."Oh,and come to my office at lights-out later.”


Eren watched from the window as Levi planted the last of the tulips in their front yard. Yellow, red, orange petals, planted in a neat row by the porch.

“You don’t have to bother,” Eren said. He leaned against the side of the house.

Levi grunted. The raven stood up and wiped the dirt off of his designated painting/building/gardening jeans. “I’m serious.” Eren insisted. The green-eyed man took a few steps across the lawn, reaching for the raven – and then scowled as his next step took him back to the porch. “Oh, come on!”

“One step more than last week,” Levi commented. He peeled off his gloves and began to gather his tools. “It’s my house too, you know. I have a right to want it to look nice.”

“Even if you hate it here?” Eren gazed petulantly out over the neighborhood.

Levi snorted. “Even when I hate it here.” Truthfully, he needed the fresh air. Sometimes, Eren drove him crazy, in a bad way. There were many nights when Levi found himself unable to focus on reading or work because of the man skulking around the house. Levi thought that after the decades Eren had spent stuck here, he would have learned to be quieter. Then again, back when he’d thought that on a regular basis, Eren had just been the fucking ghost that didn’t know how to shut up.

“I’m going to make dinner.” Eren trailed Levi into the house. Levi hummed in agreement. “What do you want?”

“Whatever you want,” Levi responded. Eren chuckled.

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You Need a Haircut

“You need a haircut” Eren murmured as he ran his fingers through the older man’s hair.

It was one in the morning and the two were intertwined on Levis bed, basking in their post-orgasmic glow; it had been too long since Levi had come home and too quickly he was called in on another scouting mission; scheduled to leave in just a couple of hours.

Eren swallowed down the lump that was forming in his throat at the thought and refocused his attention on twirling Levi’s soft silky locks that had grown past his eyes since they last saw each other.

Levi nuzzled his face into Eren’s shoulder “No time, must sleep” he mumbled

“C’mon” Eren said as he gently pushed Levi off of him, getting out of bed “C’mon I’ll do it right now, where are your scissors?”

At this, Levi sat up to face the younger man, his eyes narrowing “There is no way in hell I am letting you cut my fucking hair, brat” he said as his eyes wandered appreciatively down Eren’s tanned and lean backside.

Eren chuckled gently as he searched for his boxers “Don’t be so dramatic, I used to cut Armin’s hair all the time when we were younger”

“And that’s exactly why I’m not letting you touch my hair; I don’t want to go back to base looking like a fucking coconut head” Levi muttered as he threw himself back on the bed, covering his face with the pillow in attempts to ignore the younger man’s adorable pout.

It was silent for a few minutes and Levi was almost convinced that Eren had left the room, but was suddenly startled when Eren leaped on the bed and straddled him, slowly removing the pillow away from his face in order to gaze into Levis’ eyes.

“Please let me cut your hair Captain” Eren breathed causing Levis muscles to tighten with desire.

Fighting Eren was pointless as Levi could feel his resolve crumbling with every second he spent staring into his hypnotizing viridian eyes.

“Go get the damn scissors” Levi grumbled trying his best to look annoyed as a brilliant smile spread across the younger man’s face.

“Meet me in the bathroom!” Eren yelled as he sprang from the bed and ran to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors before the older man could change his mind.

“We could be sleeping right now” Levi grumbled as he dragged himself out of the bed, put on his boxers and shuffled towards the bathroom.

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“Is this blindfold absolutely necessary!” Levi asks with thick annoyance in his voice. “It will ruin the surprise” Erwin replies with a smile Levi can’t see. “I swear if I trip over something” Levi grumbles before Erwin cuts him off. “You’ll what Levi?” unable to hide the chuckle rising in his throat. “I’ll think of something” is the retort. Silence stretches between the two again and Levi adjusts his hearing to the environment around them. The sounds of their boots hitting dirt instead of bricks or cobblestone confirms they left the main roads into Yarckel District a ways back. Surprisingly, the mystery path isn’t overgrown as tall grasses brush Levi’s thighs never hindering their journey. Unfortunately Levi can’t shake the feeling of little dirty bug legs crawling all over him. Erwin Smith and his crock pot ideas. “Oi, it’s so humid here. We couldn’t have changed into….I don’t know, something more loose?” “But it’s the perfect environment” is the smooth response as Levi feels pressure on his shoulder directing him left. “For what?” “You’ll see” and Levi can’t help but detect a hint of amusement from Erwin. Silence envelopes the pair again as they are left to their own thoughts. Minutes tick by, another left, right, right, left. Levi thinks he can make out the sound of water, a creak perhaps through the chorus of cricket and cicadas. There’s a firm tug on his hand but released to soon for Levi’s liking followed by “Levi, we’re here.” Now that the moment has come, Levi is surprised by the amount of curiosity and eagerness he feels for this place Sina knows where that Erwin dragged him to. “Okay close your eyes and I’ll count to three” as Levi feels the ghost of fingers loosening the blindfold. “One……Two….Three”. Levi’s eyes need little adjustment from the blindfold but something flashes in his periphery. He cocks his head, and the light is there again. But it’s not a light. It’s several lights……in sync……in a sea across the whole plain. He knows Erwin is staring at him instead of the scene before them but he can’t tear his eyes away to face him. “What are they?” Levi whispers for fear of interrupting the little creatures’ glowing dance. Erwin steps up to his left side and lifts his head to finally take it all in. “Lightning bugs is one name. Fire flies is another, but they are actually beetles. I’m afraid I don’t know much more about them. That would be more in Hange’s department.” “And have them ruin the ambiance of this. No thanks.” A breeze flows through but does little to ease the humidity. Levi swallows to find the courage to ask the next question. “Do you think I can…………” Erwin nods and Levi steps forward. More lightning bugs join the visual spectacle from previous undisturbed grass. Their shine sporadic at first but they quickly find the rhythm of the counterparts. “How did you find this place?” as Levi stretches a hand with such precision and grace. Erwin hums to himself reflecting. “I came here a couple of times as a child” however with my father never makes it past his lips. Levi watches the content beetle on his finger intensely. Erwin is struck breathless as the soft glow gives Levi’s face such an innocence he has probably never known in his life underground. Erwin hesitantly adds “I use to catch and bring them home” afraid to end the moment. Levi’s eyebrows furrow. “In what?” “A jar.” Levi jerks his head at this with a look of horror. “How did they breathe?” and it’s hard for Erwin to mask his face without giving any indication of disbelief. “I……. punched holes in the top.” “Oh” as Levi prays the night sky hides his foolishness and returns his gaze to the critter slowly walking along the digit. Levi’s face softens and a slight melancholy comes across those steel gray eyes of his. “I don’t understand. Why would you want to capture something so beautiful and keep it all to yourself?” Erwin feels like he’s been punched in the gut. I ask myself that everyday. Levi slowly raises his head with bewilderment and an eyebrow raised and Erwin can hear his own heart beat pounding in his ears rapidly. But Levi gives no acknowledgment if Erwin actually spoke those words out loud. He turns back to their audience and extends his finger hoping the little fella will get the hint and return to his family. Erwin knows they must return back to reality soon as well. He takes in a deep breath and releases it through his nose. But for now.

dedicated to @erwinsalive (hope you feel better), @zedsdead1001, and @lostcauses-noregrets

Gajevy Week Entry #1

Prompt Day 1: Sexting/Selfie


I hope you enjoy. This is the first smut I’ve ever written so I really hope it goes and you all like it! Yay for Gajevy!

It started out like any other day, except that for some reason, Levy was feeling really good about herself from the moment she woke up.

That should have been a sign.

It wasn’t that she didn’t deserve to feel good about herself; she enjoyed and reveled in the feeling. It was just that she got a little overconfident.

It was one of those days that her hair did everything right. Her skin was clear and smooth. Her smile wasn’t forced. Her eyes sparkled. She felt pretty. She was pretty. It was such a freeing feeling, and it didn’t come along all that often.

So of course, she had to take a selfie.

And that’s when things got a little out of hand.

The clothes started to come off as she felt a little bit more daring. And in front of her mirror, she posed for the camera in her lacy underwear (that she never wore) and started feeling really sexy.

One photo in particular – it wasn’t in front of the mirror, it was taken from above while she looked flirtatiously up at the camera, biting her lip, and had her free hand running down her bare stomach – was her favorite. She actually managed to look sexy. And that was totally not her style. Her breasts were small, but this bra pushed them up and gave her some cleavage, and that totally added to the appeal of the image.

And then it all went horribly wrong.

She had somehow managed to send the photo to a random number and he had texted her back.

Eh? Who is this?

Levy’s face was red with embarrassment, and then it was flushed with indignation at the next message that came through.

Are you one of them spam hookers? Cos if you are quit texting me.


Levy replied instantly before she realized what she had done. She covered her mouth with her hand and groaned, sitting on her bed in her underwear. She had to find someway to diffuse the situation.

I didn’t mean to send the photo. It was an accident.

Some accident. Whatcha doin’ taking photos like that for if you ain’t a hooker?

Levy stared at the screen. Who the hell was this person?

I just felt like it, okay? And where do you get off accusing me of being a hooker? People take photos like this all the time!

Gihi. Do they now? Do you do this often?

Gihi? Was that this person’s laugh? Levy raised her eyebrow, she didn’t understand why she kept texting back.

NO I do not do this EVER.

Then why ya doing it now? I’m not complaining, by the way.

I just told you that, didn’t I? I felt like it.

Levy bit her lip. He wasn’t complaining? Did that mean he liked the photo? She lay back on her bed and hugged her pillow to her chest, staring at her screen. She was talking to a perfect stranger. Why did it feel so… exciting?

That ain’t a real answer.

Levy frowned. Should she? She could… well, she kind of knew how to flirt. She read enough books to know how to flirt. But actually flirting was a whole different thing. But this was a stranger. She could just say whatever she wanted and no one would be the wiser. A sudden thought hit her.

I’ll tell you if you swear you’ll never show anyone that photo, or post it online, or anything that means that anyone other than you EVER sees it. I will hunt you down.

Gihihihi. Trust me, I ain’t sharing this.

A strange sense of relief flooded through her. She didn’t know why, it wasn’t like she could trust him. Was it even a guy?

Are you a guy?

You kidding me? Course I am, Shrimp.


Ya look short in ya picture.

Levy frowned again. How could he tell she was short in that picture? And Shrimp? Really? What kind of a nickname is that? Strangely, she kind of liked it.

Well, ya gonna answer me?

I felt good today. So, yeah… I took some photos.

You took more? Can I see?

Levy bit her lip. She could feel a strange desire building inside of her. Should she?

Um, maybe. First I want to know about you.

She waited for him to respond. It felt like forever, but it was quick. Less than a minute.

Whatcha wanna know?

Levy thought. His name? What he looked like? Yeah, all of those things. But they seemed so mundane.

Um. Who are you?

Gihi. Gajeel.

“Gajeel,” Levy mused. It was an interesting name.

How old are you?

17. Why do ya wanna know this stuff?

I don’t know. Just makes me feel better that you’re not a complete stranger I guess. You’ve seen me basically naked. It’s weird.

Gihi. It ain’t weird to me. The photo’s fucking hot.

Levy stared at the screen. He was so crude, but it excited her. He thought she was hot?

You think I’m hot?


Levy felt dejected.

“Wow,” she whispered. She’d never felt so deflated before. He phone buzzed again.

The photo’s hot. Your more like a fairy. Real cute.

Levy giggled, feeling lighter. He didn’t think she was ugly, he thought she looked like a fairy. It made her smile and she felt that desire welling inside her again. She scrolled through her pictures, thinking that after that comment, he deserved another one. She picked one where she was looking away from the camera. It was just photo of just above her breasts, but she wasn’t wearing a shirt or a bra, and the top of her breasts were slightly outline (because she was pushing them up with her hand). The photo was kind of… alluring, she thought. You could only see her profile, but her neck looks long and her jawline was smooth.

You there?

He had texted her while she was looking through the photos. She grinned, nervous butterflies were flying in her stomach. She sent the picture to him.

One minute went by.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

The nervous butterflies were like a raging storm inside of her now and the nervous anticipation was being replaced by panic. Why wasn’t her texting her back? Did he decide to send the pictures to his friends? The uncertainty was killing her, but she resisted texting him.

She put her face in her pillow. Her phone buzzed and she raised her head so quickly she thought she might have gotten whiplash. It was from him. She opened the message and then dropped her phone.

He had sent her a picture.

And by god, he was magnificent.

Her hand somehow found it’s way to her panties, she rested her fingers on them, not daring to touch herself quite yet but finding it difficult not to. It wasn’t something she’d ever really done before but seeing that picture of him was making her feel things that she hadn’t felt before.

He’d taken the picture from his waist, so it showed his entire abdomen and his face. He had a perfect V coming up from his hips that immediately made Levy want to touch him. He had an eight-pack. It wasn’t a six-pack, it was a damn eight-pack. And his nipples were pierced. Levy’s breath was a sharp intake of absolute and unexpected excitement. His arms and chest were well defined and his jawline was strong. 

Levy suddenly felt inadequate, her petite, soft figure was so unassuming and so impressive compared to his. But the body, that wasn’t the only part of him that she admired. It was his face.

It wasn’t the pretty-boy face that she was used to seeing at school, or the face with boyish good looks. It was a masculine face with a roughness to it that she didn’t know until now that she was attracted to. He had an eyebrow piercing to go with his nipple piercings and dark eyes shadowed by black eyebrows that matched his black hair. Levy could tell that it was long, it was tied back. But she couldn’t see that much of it. But she wanted to.

A buzz alerted her to another message.

Uh, you there?

Levy realized that she had been staring at the picture for five minutes.



Levy was desperately trying to think of something to say other than “please have my babies.” It was difficult. Just flirt, Levy. Flirt.

What are you trying to do, sending me that? Seduce me?

Levy sighed. She was not good at this.

Gihihi. Is it working?

Levy’s fingers began to tickle her womanhood through her panties.


Was all that she replied. She could feel her heart rate increasing, and her breathing come faster. A pulsing began between her legs. Oh yes, it was working.

Are you playing with yaself? I am.

Levy’s breathing hitched. That was so forward. It made her more excited as she read it over. He was playing with himself, because of her photos.

Yes, I am. 

Levy brushed her fingers up her stomach and slipped them into the hem of her panties, running them down until she was cupping herself.

Tell me what your doing.

Levy blushed slightly as she typed. This wasn’t what she was used to, it wasn’t something she’d ever done before, but she was enjoying. She felt dirty in the best possible way; it was just turning her on more.

My fingers are sliding up and down, playing with my clitoris, while I’m thinking about that photo you sent.

Are you wet?

I’m wet.

Ah, jeez. This is turning me on so fucking much.

Levy closed her eyes for a moment and imagined that Gajeel was with her. She slipped her panties off and had an idea. She grinned.

I just took my panties off.

Ah, fuck.

Somehow, that word just made her feel more provocative.

What are you doing? What are you thinking?

She wanted to know what he was doing. What he was imagining.

I’m thinking about having you here. Your little hands on my cock, me sucking your nipples. 

Levy swallowed as she imagined it. Oh god, her fingers moved faster, building up more tension inside of her.

Oh, god. She texted him. My lips wrapped around your cock, sucking and licking.

Levy had never used the word ‘cock’ before. It made her feel a little embarrassed typing it, but those feelings were overcome with desire and need.

Levy moaned and she slipped two fingers inside of herself, thrusting in and out.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

And then he sent her another picture. It was his hand, wrapped around his dick in all its solid glory. Levy breathed out and her eyes widened when she saw it. She had never been with a guy before, she’d never had sex, never seen a penis in person. But that, that took her breath away and made her ache. It was big, that much she knew. His hand was at its base, but there was still a third of it showing. She could see the wetness at its tip.

Oh, god, Gajeel.

Levy could barely type, she was consumed with a passion and need she’d never know before. She wanted him. This stranger, she wanted to feel him inside of her. Her fingers were thrusting but she knew it wasn’t what she wanted, but it would do.

You’re glorious. I want you inside me.

Fuck, your gonna make me cum.

Levy’s thumb worked her clit as she thrust her fingers inside again and again, she moaned and dropped her phone. Gajeel filled her mind. His strong arms around her, his lips passionately kissing her neck, her stomach and down there. His cock, thrusting itself inside of her.

“Gajeel!” She cried.

Her orgasm came on like fireworks exploding inside of her. She tingled, her legs clenched, her back arched upwards, her toes curled and she panted, moaning his name as the ecstasy spread throughout her body. She laughed when it was over, panting and sweating.

Her phone buzzed.

She opened the message from Gajeel.

Fuck. That was… something else.

Yes, it was.

I should ask your name.

Levy smiled. She caught sight of herself in the screens reflection, her cheeks were pink, and her eyes were shining. She captured the moment with another photo and sent it to him.

I’m Levy.

He sent her a picture similar to hers; he had a devilish grin on his face. They were both satisfied.

We should do this again sometime.

Levy’s toes curled in anticipation. Oh yes, she was definitely going to do this again. She guessed that things getting a little out of hand weren’t always a bad thing.



License to Science (And Kill) Ch.16

Title: License to Science (And Kill)
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Action / Humor / Romance
Rating: T


When International criminal organization, TITAN, successfully steals an arsenal of missiles along with their encrypted launch codes, Code Blue is initiated. It up to Agent Levi Ackerman, a spy in a class of his own, and research scientist Hanji Zoe, the premiere authority on the organization, to halt a global catastrophe in its tracks.

Read Ch. 1

Chapter 16:

The hotel room window was open. Pale curtains swayed as a cool breeze, carrying the crisp breath of morning, drifted into the room. A bird perched on the balcony. Levi watched, eyes half-lidded, as it flitted to and fro, warbling an incessant melody.

Beside him, Hanji slept, long limbs tangled in the bedsheets. Early morning light caressed bare skin.

She snored softly, face pressed against her pillow and hair standing up at odd angles from her head. Levi carefully brushed a hand over her cheek. Absentmindedly, he worked his fingers through the tangles in her hair.

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tea time for @silvereyesandboloties. prompt: winter romance

“have you ever been up north?”

“are you really asking me that?”

erwin chuckles and shakes his head. “i suppose that was an ignorant question. i should have phrased it as ‘would you like to travel north?’”

“why the fuck would i want to do that?”

erwin shifts in his chair to face levi. “as you know, each district has its own variety of culture–the underground was no exception. utopia has an interesting festival during the winter solstice that i have only attended once many years ago. our next expedition is not until the spring…”

“you’re really going to take a break?”

“if you will go with me, i certainly will.”

“no paperwork.”

“a little bit of paperwork.”

no paperwok.”

they stare at each other, and there are some gazes that even the commander cannot yield to. “no paperwork.”

levi fingers the edge of his cravat, his face softened a little like butter over his victory. “when do we leave?”


“dammit, erwin.”

“you think i would give you time to change your mind?”

levi sighs and shakes his head, irritated that erwin is right, as he tends to be. the bastard knows him far too well. he shifts his crossed leg down onto the floor and stands. “i’ll ready my things.”

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The sight of Owen walking through the front door after work caught Archer’s attention only for a moment before he focused back on the small children in front of him. Ellie had been by his side almost nonstop from the moment she was born. Now that he & Tobias were splitting her time between the two of them, he stayed near her as much as he possibly could while she was there with him. 

He hadn’t noticed the young man who entered behind his father until he dropped heavily onto the couch beside him. Hey, blondie, Levi smiled, brushing his hand gently across his shoulders before settling onto the sofa. How are you doing?

Archer shrugged. Surviving, he mumbled quietly. How was your trip?

It was great. The place was gorgeous, the wedding was perfect & getting to spend some time with my brother was nice, he nodded. Trying not to sound too enthusiastic, seeing how much his ex was hurting, Levi just watched him with concern. Sorry I’m just now stopping by. I was going to come right away but…

I’m sure Shane wouldn’t have appreciated that, Archer snickered. 

Levihan week day 1 - Celebration

I fully believe hange in labour is a celebration. Enjoy!


That’s all he heard. His eyes flickered to the kitchen. What has this god forsaken woman done to herself now he thought. He closed his book and walked towards the kitchen.

“Four eyes what the fuck have you do-” he was startled by his wife’s current position. Hunched over, her face red, her breathing uneven as she clutched her swollen pregnant belly. He also noticed the pool of water at her feet.

“Levi” she panted as she gripped the counter as he rushed over to her and helped her up. “I think” pant “it’s time” pant “to have” pant “a baby”. She said as she heaved into his chest. He stared at her wide eyes.

“ I thought you weren’t due for another week shitty glasse-”

“LEVI!” She said in a hoarse voice as she clutched his arms very tightly.

“Ok ok shit ehm fuck I’ll get the bag and then we’ll go!” He said as he sat her down at the kitchen table dashing off to find the baby bag that he had so perfectly packed with everything they would need.

About fifteen minutes later they were in the car on the way to the hospital. The ride there was most interesting. Levi should have expected it not to be a subtle labour with hange considering everything is wild and loud with her.

She was currently sitting in the passenger seat of their car head rolled back, breathing very deeply with perspiration started to flow on her forehead. Levi was a nervous wreck next to her which she did find quite funny considering it was so out of character for him. He caught her smirking and rolled his eyes and focused on the road.

The contractions were bad. Every now and again hange would fling forward heaving. Levi would rub her back with one hand or clutch her hand. Luckily for the both of them the hospital was only a ten minute drive.

They had managed to get hange into a private waiting labour room which honestly was best for everyone in the hospital.

She was currently four centimetres dilated and the contractions were getting worse. Levi was sitting beside her the entire time. He would rub her back and neck which she truly was thankful for as she leaned into his touch and he kissed her forehead. He got a cold cloth for her forehead as she started to heat up visciously.

Hours had passed now. He was now rubbing her tummy with one hand while playing with her hair with the other. She smiled a genuine smile and looked at him.

“You’re so good to me” she said with hazy lids from the epidural. He looked at her with a glare as he saw she was teasing him. He ‘tch'ed as he flicked her forehead. She just giggled.

“Don’t get used it shitty glasses, it’s just cause your in pain.” He said as he side-eyed the nurse that was giving them the most confusing look. Hange just left out a loud laugh that was cut off by a contraction. She huffed through it as the nurse went to call the doctor.

“I think it’s time shorty!” She smirked. He looked at her to give a sly comment for her name calling but was taken aback by her look. Her eyes were closed as she had the biggest smile and she just hummed in happiness. He admired her so much. He brushed off the stray bits of hair off her face. She glanced up at him and gave him a lopsided smile. He smirked and leaned down and gave her a soft and gently kiss.

“Let’s have a fucking baby Hange.”

“Ok hange you’re doing great just a few more pushes” the doctor said in slight horror at her frequent shouts and curse words but Levi just internally laughed at the eccentric woman he loved.
He was rubbing her lower back and holding her hand as she continued to push.
“GAH!” She would shout every now again.
“SHIT this is hard” she whimpered as a tear slowly rolled down her face as she clutched onto Levi’s hand he kissed a way her tear and whispered sweet nothings into her ear.
“ I can see the head!” The doctor announced. “
One more push hange”.

“Hange you can do this” he whispered as he kissed her temple. He looked at her deep brown eyes that were so wide and alarmed as she nodded confidently. “Ok, ok”

“Ok push now hange!”

“AGHHHHHHH” she shouted as she pushed with all her might and leaned forward dragging Levi forward with her.

“She’s here!” The doctor announced as the room was filled with a loud cry. The nurses took her away from the bed to clean her up. Hange collapsed back against the pillows. Panting deeply. Levi looked back at her. A shit eating grin on her face.

“It’s a girl!” She exclaimed happily. Levi bent down to her and kissed forehead.

“God bless her if she gets your nose"he said which set her off even though she was so tired. He smirked. She knew he was joking. He secretly loved her nose.

"Thank god that’s over” she panted. He cupped her cheek as she leaned into his hand and kissed his wrist.

“Here she is” the nurse announced as she handed hange a bundle of blankets with a red face poking out of them. She held her carefully and her heart swooned. Never did hange think she would have a child. Yet here in front of her, this bundle of joy is her and Levi’s little girl. Her eyes were closed as she stopped crying and was sleeping quietly against hanges chest.

“She’s so tiny” hange says quietly as she gently caresses her petite face with a finger. The baby stirred and grabbed her finger with her full hand which made hange laugh.

“She’s a tough one” Levi commented from over hanges shoulder. This environment was all new to him. He was never around children much. Hange knew this but addressed it carefully.

“Do you want to hold her” she asked him. He glanced at her to see if she was joking but nodded with furrowed brows as she gently passed on the baby. He looked down at her facial features. Swollen little baby eyes, a button nose and red gurgling lips. He smiled. He actually smiled. He suddenly felt a rush of pride and protection. This was his and hanges little girl. It was such a lovely thing to be able to say he thought.

Hange drifted off to sleep for a few hours as Levi held the sleeping baby in his arms. Hange awoke to him in deep thought. She took in his details. What a gorgeous man she thought.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked softly. He turned to look at her and saw her sleepy lids and content smile.

“Baby names.” He said as he looked back down at the baby.

“I was thinking Lilliana.” He said firmly waiting for her response. She thought about it and it seemed very fitting.
“I really like that actually!” She smiled. “Lily for short”

Levi smiled at hange. “I love you” he said so softly she barely heard him.

She reached out for his arm. “I love you too shorty.”


“Lily! Get back here you need your bath!” Levi said firmly as he chased his filthy two year old around the house. Lily giggled as she waddled down hall. She thought it was an excellent idea to go playing in hanges plants in the garden which led to her leaving a trail of dirt after her.

He finally caught up to her as he scooped her up in his arms as she retaliated by kicking her legs and laughing. He didn’t react he continued to bring her back into the bathroom to get undressed for her bath. She huffed as she sat on the toilet seat as he removed her shoes and socks. He glared at her.

“What’s with the face?” he said as he bopped he nose, which made her scrunch up her nose.
“I don’t want a bath” she said trying to look angry but wasn’t going very well considering her big brown eyes she developed from her mom made me her look so adorable. Levi just smirked. She’s too much like hange.

“Listen kiddo, if you take your bath now you can get two bedtime stories tonight” he said knowing she’d crack. She raised her eyebrow and huffed in defeat as she lifted up her arms for him to remove the rest of her clothing.

Levi gently washed the dirt out of her long black sleek hair. That’s one thing she inhabited from him thank god. She had hanges brig brown eyes her enthusiasm for life and reading but Levi’s stubbornness, hair colour and nose. He was slightly annoyed she didn’t inherit hanges nose.

“Daddy?” She asked as she played with the water.

“Hm?” He responded as he lathered her hair with shampoo carefully scrubbing her scalp.

“Where’s mommy?” She asked.

“She’s downstairs in her study she had to do a few write ups but she will be up in a minute.”

And so she was. She walked in to find her two favourite people.
“Well hello!” She said as she kneeled down beside Levi and kissed his cheek. She gathered some suds and blew them in Lily’s direction who giggled and then yawned. “Is it time for bed lil?” Hange asked. Which lily quietly nodded her head to.

“But tonight Lily gets two stories” Levi said eying Hange leaving her to make up the stories for bedtime. She squinted at him as he smirked.
“All right. Come on love lets get you out.” She said as she lifted lily out of the bath and wrapped her in her towel and headed for Lily’s room.

They both liked putting lily to bed because they were all there as a family. They out her into her baby blue nightie and as Hange told her two stories one of princesses and princes and the other of soldiers fighting to save the world, Levi brushed out locks and towel dried her hair. They popped her into bed and she gave them both big kisses as she went off to sleep soundly.

The two walked downstairs to the sitting room and plonked themselves on the couch. They were wrecked.

“You know your going to have to fix your plants” he said as he ran his hand through her hair. She sighed.

“Yeah. It’ll be fine though. We have Lily’s birthday next week actually we need to do something for that.” She said as she tangled their hands.

“It will be good for us. Something to celebrate.” Levi said as he closed his eyes leaning back. All he heard was her smirk and he feared the worst.

“Actually we already have something to celebrate” she said giggling as she sat up to look at him. He opened one eye to look at her.

“Hange….” He said warily as he sat up. She just smiled and leaned forward and said.

“I’m pregnant”

He just blinked.


He embraced her and whispered.
“ I hope they get your nose.”.