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The previous anon here. It's just come to my mind that the way Kruger "enlightened" Grisha reminds me of how Erwin saved Levi in ACWNR. Ah the feels...

I’m getting some pushback on the Kruger/Erwin comparisons. A few people seem to think the comparison demeans Erwin’s character. I don’t mean for itto come across that way at all. Erwin was remarkable and amazing and no one comes close to matching him. Not Kruger. Not anyone.

But I still think you can draw fair comparisons between Erwin and Kruger. And I have few other anons in my inbox, who, like you, have pointed to this moment.

Both used a simple but powerful oration to identify who the enemy truly is and made an attempt to transform the guilt Levi and Grisha were feeling into an even more powerful reason to fight.

Erwin was significantly more majestic, but to be fair, Kruger was dying

It does pain me to put Grisha and Levi side-by-side like this. Levi is worlds, universes really, above Grisha in terms of…well, everything. But the parallels are there. Both men were inspired.

I don’t know if Grisha was inspired to fight, but he stood up, took the power and used his time to write the history of the events that transpired in his lifetime. If knowledge is power, then his written record is a gold mine. I’m anxious to see how Levi, Hange, Eren and the rest of the walled world uses this knowledge.


They’ve been together for years but sometimes they meet up in a club, pretending they don’t know each other. Levi gets a lot of attention and Erwin marks his property, shows the crowds that Levi is his and his alone.

I’ve had this reference for a while and wanted to try out some new colours, a bit more pinky green this time and I’m a total slut for hair pulling. Also I haven’t done an eruri in a while, so here we go!


Day 9: Ereri mistletoe kiss?

25 Days of Ererimas

🎁  Levi / Eren

just an anime fan thing
  • that moment when you're watching an anime and you get really into it so you say something in "japanese" because you're super happy/pumped
  • friend: who is your crush?
  • me: *opens mouth*
  • friend: real people not fictional
  • me: *closes mouth*