Rivamika au where Levi is a teacher and vampire that is a hundreds of years old but forgot his past and the fact that he has a wife years ago . He lives a normal life in the way he can with Hanjis help.

In the class where he has to work with there´s a girl that at some point (and for a circunstance)she awaken those memories back, looking at her again and remembering his wife. She is exactly like her.

Mikasa in other hand, is a fan of fantasy creatures. When she notice strange behaviours on Levi whenever he saw her she started to try to figure out what was wrong with him and get more near to him. 

This is an au that my gf and I made in a rp.  You can figure out how it ends :3

sorry for my really bad english. Also, we made more history oon the rp but I tried to summarize it