levi & shannon

shannon-bree  asked:

Would it bug you if I asked for a match up? Forgive me if its not great, but there's not a whole lot to know about me. I'm a straight blonde, blue-eyed female, Slytherin, 5'8 so I'd prefer a taller partner if I ever end up dating, I have a quiet personality but I do have bursts of anger when riled up (probably anger issues I need fixed), I'm pretty athletic but I have to have someone pushing me to do my best otherwise I'll just half-ass it, and art and writing are my passions. Thank you!!

You would match with Armin, Bertholdt, Marco, and Levi!

Like you, they’re quiet and calm in nature, but would surely have a lot to say when they’re angry. However, they would still be sensible enough not to go head-to-head with you during times wherein you’re heated. You can definitely rely on them for endless emotional support and motivation whatever endeavor it may be.