leverage: the kids


Priscilla Ono by Vijat Mohindra for Slink Magazine #9 - Health Issue

CREDITS : Photographer: Vijat Mohindra - Makeup/Model : Priscilla Ono - Hair Colorist : Teresa Cliff - Hair Stylist : Benton Lee - Wardrobe : The Kids - Manicure : Stephanie Stone

-Trans!Robbie finally working up the courage to remove his shirt at the beach
-The kids see his top surgery scars and ask Sportacus about it
-Sportacus thinks for a second
-He tells them that he got them after he fought a bear and saved his life
-The kids are super excited and ask Robbie about it, clamoring around him and shouting questions
-Robbie looks at Sportacus like wtf
-Sportacus shrugs like he totally doesn’t know what’s going on
-Ziggy shouts “Did you really fight a bear, Robbie?! Huh?!”
-Robbie catches on then makes up some very outrageous story about him fighting a bear for the kids
-Sportacus starts crying because of course he would
-They all have a great time at the beach and Ziggy probably got buried in sand and turned into a mer-Ziggy

i love exactly three (3) people

also you should all do yourselves a favour and watch leverage

There was a moment when we were talking to the kids [about creating musicals], and they were asking a bunch of questions. And I think it seemed slightly distant, what it was that we did. So Lin began to do a little piece of one of the shows that we worked on… and the quiet that fell across the boys was so palpable. What I realized was happening was a moment of recognition that someone could choose to do that, that someone could feel powerful enough, or bold enough, to say ‘this is my story, and I choose to share it with you.‘
—  Tommy Kail on talking to students with Lin-Manuel Miranda

me: i have lots of important deadlines and so much work to do

also me: screw work draw more leverage