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you can take this as a prompt or just as a chance to share hcs if you have any but any thoughts on Elitot's childhood? I don't think we ever got much in canon but sometimes I think about how he notices how the kid was being abused in the order 23 job and the way he talked about fighting to gain control in the knock out job and I wonder

(I think John Rogers has disputed fan claims that Eliot might have been abused? I go back and forth on which way I like it. But yes, let’s explore it).

It’s the fourth or fifth time in memory that Eliot has delayed, changed, or ignored a con in favor of a child. That he’s ignored the voices of his team in favor of his own mission.

Eliot watches from behind a tree while the cop arrests the mother, the little boy watching from the doorway. The father is still inside, probably broken up by the day’s events but also ready and willing to take care of his kid. Eliot trusts him.

“You’re good at spotting them,” Parker says, and Eliot jumps. She’s the only person he’s ever met who can sneak up on him.

“Yeah,” Hardison agrees, making it a moment later, sticks breaking underfoot. “You are.”

“Yeah,” Eliot agrees. He thinks of bruises on his arms that passed off easily as football and chores and boy’s rough housing. Of church and school and town explanations, of “man’s got a right to take care of his house as he sees fit.” Thinks of what it was like to be too small to even contemplate making someone stop.

“Ya learn to spot signs,” Eliot says, knowing they know what that means. Hardison and Parker have their own sets of signs that they’re good at spotting.

The cruiser pulls away and Eliot watches until the front door closes. The kitchen light comes on, a shadow passes slowly in front of it. That house is going to be slow for a bit. Shocked, maybe. But they’ll make it.

He turns away. “You bring a ride?” He asks.

Hardison does the usual moaning and groaning, of course he brought a ride, what, does Eliot think he’s unprepared? What was he going to do, walk? And Eliot can’t help but smile.

“I’m sorry I interrupted your plan,” he says to Parker, and he gives himself credit that it only comes out partially grudging.

She tilts her head. “No,” she says. “It wasn’t a very good plan if we couldn’t help the kid, too.”

Eliot thinks his actual heart might expand a bit at that, at the sincerity of Parker’s words and Hardison’s nod, because they would never consider a plan that doesn’t save everybody. Even people not theirs to save.

Eliot, the kid who had ambivalent at best opinions about families for so long, can’t believe the one he managed to stumble upon, completely by accident. But, accident or not, he’s sure as hell not letting go now.

Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.


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I’m forcing my roomate to watch leverage and it’s great. She just had a head cannon though. its wonderful.

We’re watching the runway job right now and Parker turns around and has these fabulously French braided hair. But Parker doesn’t strike me as the type that would take time with her hair in the morning.

But! But! As the fandom has previously established, Eliot is. So can you imagine Parker sitting herself down in the floor in front of Eliot, and him doing her hair in more and more intricate styles? Cause I can. And now I want to draw fanart of that.

My favorite things from the Leverage Gag Reel:

-”Hi, I’m Beth Riesgraf.”
-”Charles you’re on the wrong show.”
-*Intern finds Beth and Aldis secretly hiding behind some shit* Aldis: Get out of here, what the shit? Privacy.
-*Intern finds Beth, Aldis, and Christian all hiding in various states of undress.* Aldis: GET OUT OF HERE, WHAT THE SHIT! PRIVACY
-Literally like, they all know about the Ot3 and they love it.
-Beth: *in the middle of a crowded mall* SHIT. Oh SHIT. I’m sorry to all the parents and children. *Hiding her face in shame.*
-”What are we going to do, Nate?” “We’re going to convince him that you’re a lying greedy bitch.”
-Gina hitting Tim a lot.
-Gina cleaning a table with money she’s holding in between her toes.
-Gina sneezing.
-”It’s a dick in a box.”
-”Why yes my- my- my- my-”
-”Oh fucky ducky.”
You’ve spent a disproportional amount of your life in air ducts.” “I’m sorry.”
-”Mr.  Travers I am Agent…………….”
-Client: Isn’t…What you guys do help people when no one else will?
Tim: No.
-”You callin me a liar? Cause I’ll get on this fuckin plane and leave right now.”
-”There’s a subdivision of other buildins up above. You’re gonna- I’m gonna- You’re lookin at  another take from me cause I just fucked up.”
-(Blooper from the WWII episode.) Beth: Oh, Charlie.
Aldis: Sup boo how you livin?
-The entire cast fixing their hair in the camera at some point.
-Chair spinning.
-Aldis: We looked everywhere, but the f-farm- p- p- fuck.”
-The team skipping out of a cloud of smoke while holding hands