leverage: parker

Milkshake (Peter Parker x Reader)

You didn’t know how you had gotten to this point. You were arguing with Peter about why he should be more careful when fighting crime, and suddenly you were both making out. His t-shirt was off and yours would be soon. You felt his hands roaming around your body, and you didn’t know if you should concentrate on the feeling of his lips over yours, or the feeling of his fingers tracing patterns on your stomach. How has he gotten so good at this?, you thought, while trying to fight off the urge to moan. You could feel him smirking, knowing what he was doing to you. If you could only break away and tell him to stop doing it. But you couldn’t -the kiss felt so good.
You felt his fingers tugging at the lower part of your t-shirt, so you arched your back to give him easier access and make it easier for him to take it off you. When your t-shirt was off, his hands kept roaming around your body, staying for longer in places like your boobs or your waist.
You couldn’t think straight. Everything felt so good. His hand suddenly grabbed your ass, making you whimper. He tried to laugh, but it came out as a loud groan, making you hornier.
Just as you were about to remove his belt, you heard the door opening.
‘Peter! I’m back! I bought the chocolate milkshake you like so much! Come here and grab a bottle!’
Aunt May, the biggest cockblock of them all.

what happens when you marathon Leverage while drawing batfamily art

i figure hardison has a little in common with bat-nerd tim drake so he’s having a high pitched “oh shit” moment while Parker is just like “Cool. Hardison is hyperventilating – i must have done something extra cool.” Jason is wondering why he had to walk in on this, but he’s a little tickled, too. And then Eliot shows up. :D :D :D 

…wait. WAIT. Or did Jason hire them. how? why? jason pls tell me

I am forever upset that we never got a halloween episode of leverage
just imagine:
•parker and hardison getting really into it cause they’re both such nerds
•sophie loving it cause it’s the one day in the whole year when everyone is pretending to be someone they’re not
•it’s a grifters paradise
•eliot, the grumpy puppy that he is, getting annoyed when hardison tries to buy them all matching costumes
•nate getting mad cause why is there all this fake spiderweb crap everywhere?? ?
•parker and chocolate. again. just parker and chocolate.
•eliot being super cute to all the kids who come trick or treating and complementing every costume *heart eyes*
•oh and no surprise, eliot looks finnnneeee in a cape or latex suit or whatever hardison finally gets him to wear ((and obviously he secretly loves it))
•despite nate’s and eliot’s protests tho, in the end, they all put on their costumes and everyone has a great time and gets really drunk at the bar’s halloween party and then they all come home and huddle up on the couch and put on a crappy horror film ((like at the end of the broken wing job)) and it just reminds them how lucky they all are to have found and made this broken little family

Steps of watching Leverage

1. Watch all the episodes
2. Knowing how many episodes and
seasons there are
3. Knowing the names of all the
4. Knowing the season and episode
number (example: The Nigerian Job
is season 1, episode 1)
5. Knowing detailed information about
the actors/characters
7. Knowing what episode each victim is
8. Knowing all of the outfits and what
episode it is from
9. Hearing 10 seconds of an episode
and knowing what episode it is
10. Being able to read someone’s mind
and know what episode they are
thinking of
11. Be Leverage
12. Watch Leverage until your dying day