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Ikemen Sengoku Shingen Takeda Preview

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please advice and correct me for any mistakes *bow*


Nobunaga Oda
Masamune Date
Yukimura Sanada
Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Ieyasu Tokugawa
Shingen Takeda
Kenshin Uesugi
Mitsuhide Akechi
Mitsunari Ishida
Sasuke Sarutobi

『 信玄との恋のあらすじ 』`Shingen to no koi no arasuji

Summary of Love with Shingen

Being swept away by enemy general, a hostage life begin. Using sweet whispering as if breathing as way of persuading, I’m being trifled by the adult bargaining/tactics… [I cannot keep going without loving you, even if whatever happens to me beyond this point -] When I touched/felt his ‘strong as much as sad’ way of life, which is hidden underneath his frivolous attitude- a love against fate begins.

Shingen [  …Come here. Let me teach you the tactics/strategies of an adult love. ]

The person who made his advances/passes (on you) is the enemy general, Shingen Takeda!? Crossing over 500 years time, a love against fate begins -

??? [ You there, please wait a while. ]

??? [ That’s right, (it’s) you. Thank you for stopping. ]

MC [ Do you need something? ]

??? [ I want to inform you that I have lost/drop something. ]

??? [ I went off dropping/losing in love (with you). Could you take responsibility and pick it up? ] 


Through the fluent pick up lines, the gear of fate goes in disorder and confusion - !

??? [ You are Mimi, aren’t you? ]

Being surrounded by lots of men, I’ve been taken away/kidnapped afterward.

Shingen [ Yo! You came along nicely, Mimi. ]

Takeda and Uesugi army stronghold, Kasugayama Castle.

A hostage life full of sweet up and downs and dangerous bargaining/strategy opens up its curtain -

Among that, the distance with Shingen is getting nearer little and little somehow……

Shingen [ It’s exactly as I stated. Mimi, you’ll become the piece of war. ]

MC [ A piece you said…what are you going to do? ]

Shingen [ I will take you along to the battlefield, to draw Oda army out. ]

After the trace of mask of his frivolous attitude being thrown off, the ferocity, fang of Tiger of Kai shines through.

Although I try to escape by taking advantage on the confusion of battle, arrows that came flowing hinders my way.

??? [ What are you doing! ]


At the next moment, I was thrust away, and being stopped by a wide chest.

Shingen [ Ugh… ]

(Is he getting injuries….in order to protect me?)

When I stare at Shingen’s back who’s heading for war, a different feeling starting to grow now -

However…the heavy secret held by Shingen tears apart the faint relationship miserably.

(Noooo don’t say this is about his diseaseeee)

Shingen [ Good news. I have decided to let you go. ]

Shingen [ As for your role as piece of war, it’s over. ]

Being thrust away, I’ve been send back to Azuchi, though, my conscious feeling is accelerating…..

(If Shingen-sama is dying just like this, I’ll end up regretting it for the rest of my life.)

(I have to think. What can I do…..?)

The fleeting feeling, changing to a strong bond at the battlefield -

Shingen [ I notice it ever since on the way. However this bet would turn out, I’ll be the one that become the loser. ]

Shingen [ When I kissed you, I knew that my feeling could not be stopped. ]

When we resolved ourselves to survive together, the future of a blank paper is opened up -

Shingen [ There is no objection. Once this battle is over…..I’ll sweep you away again. ]

Shingen [ You can only reply with『Yes』. It is not necessary for you to feel that you need to *draw out Oda army. ]

*confuse~ Need to read for context since 引け目を感じる direct meaning is ‘feeling small and inferior’. Why is the need for MC to feel inferior to Oda-gun tho? So I take the verb 引く(hiku) which means to draw (attention).

Shingen [ I have already made my decision when I make you mine with my selfishness. ]

(Even I already made my decision.)

(From this moment, I will be by Shingen-sama’s side without leaving, and supporting him as much.)

Shingen [ ….*You surprised me with your raid. ]

Shingen [ I’m no match for you, you know? ]

*急襲 (kyūshū) = raid, assault, pounce, descent & 恐れ入った (osoreitta) = to be sorry, obliged, amazed, surprised, in awe, grateful, embarrassed. From the CG, somehow MC makes surprise attack on Shingen I guess, lead to my interpretation of the translation~

Overcoming difficulties again and again, even run through 500 years time, it would be wrapped up in steady and firm love…..

Fantasy AU- Origins of the Five Kingdoms

The first kingdom forged was the Ninjago Kingdom.

It was forged from a growing colony, made up of a mix of almost every kingdom that is present. Serpentine, Skeletons, Ghosts, and humans lived together in harmony. Expanding their boarders and building the castle was no hassle with all of their combined efforts. 
However, when it came time to pick the king for the castle, war broke out among the colony. 

The Serpentine had appointed one of their own kind, as did the ghosts, skeletons, and the humans. They each wanted their own kind to be rulers of the large kingdom. Fights broke out, and a great deal of damage was done to the castle’s town. Until finally, the human’s chosen ruler stepped forward and gave a proposal.

He explained that there was no use in having this civil war. No side would be willing to back down from the chance at the throne. And so, he convinced the others to go off on their own and create their own kingdoms.
And so, the Serpentine, Ghost, Skeleton, and Ninjago kingdoms were born. 

The Nindroid Kingdom came much, much later, while King Wu was first coming into rule of the Ninjago Kingdom. 
A great deal of Ninjago citizens sought out to expand the city in order to find and create new technologies. Wu, however, didn’t like the idea. He explained that expanding their territory would tread into the territory of the Serpentine and he didn’t want to risk ruining the long-lasting peace. 
His people insisted, however, and fearing a civil war was bound to happen, he offered a great deal of land to the citizens that wanted to expand. He made them elect a leader, and sent them off to that territory he gave them so they could form their own kingdom.
Over the years, the citizens of the Nindroid Kingdom evolved themselves, until they had robotic limbs for anything they lost, and machines that aided them in sight and hearing. Eventually, robots were created, and those robots expanded and lived like citizens. Those robots outlived the humans that had moved there originally, and now they are the main citizens of the Nindroid Kingdom. Very few humans still live there.

The kingdoms never truly interacted with one another, other than to import and export goods necessary to them. That is, until recently. 
Currently, the Skeleton Kingdom has begun a war of the Ninjago Kingdom through the lead of King Wu’s brother, Garmadon.
Only the future will tell what will become of the kingdoms now…

the thing about supercorp is that tbh kara is the best gf for almost every character katie has played

morgana? needed a kara danvers to support and validate her bc no one else fucking would
lucy? wouldn’t have an unrequited love, would never get bitten, and would live with her alien gf like the happy blonde lesbians they are
sarah? murderer would’ve been found out in like a day bc there’s no way kara would allow that toxic mess to run loose. sarah doesn’t deal with the traumatic events of the series and kara runs the newspaper
zara? doesnt fucking get eaten

like for every tragic katie character there’s an AU where kara danvers exists and it’s better than canon

                    e l l a
                                  f i g u r a
                                 e s p e j o,
            n o c h e
         t o d o
                              u n i v e r s o.
—  Guillermo M., Mosha IV