Top 10 "Light" Shows

We all need ‘em. Those light shows that don’t require too much brainpower but still have enough emotional edge to hook. 10 favorites and recommendations. If you’re not watching these, especially the first 5, you’re missing out.

1. White Collar

2. How I Met Your Mother

3. Castle

4. Leverage

5. Covert Affairs

6. Happy Endings

7. Hart of Dixie

8. Cougar Town


10. Raising Hope


When I was at university I found having a show to come home to was vital. It helped me relax, re-gain my energy after my long commute, keep me awake so I could study afterwards and establish a routine that was often comforting when faced with never-ending deadlines and stress. So if you want to have a TV show waiting to console you after a stressful day at university, I have some recommendations.

I found the best shows for post-university therapy were those that were high energy, so I didn’t fall asleep and miss studying later. Generally upbeat shows worked better, as they helped to lift my spirits and banish stress and worry. I’ve found shows with lots of episodes are best so I wouldn’t run out too fast or have to keep finding new shows while also trying to study. I also found that monster of the week episodes, those whose core conflict is solved by the end of the episode, tended to work better as I would stop watching after one or two. Shows that are more story-arc based with an ongoing story over multiple episodes would often make it all too tempting to keep watching and not get any work done.

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anonymous asked:

Wait, does this Leverage AU have anything to do with the TV show, Leverage? Because when I saw "Leverage AU" I immediately thought of that and how awesome it would be :P

It has nothing intentionally to do with the leverage TV show mostly because I haven’t seen it. XD I was crowd sourcing some names and Leverage came up and I was like “Perfect!” and for a moment I was like “isn’t there a tv show named that..?” but I got distracted by something shiny and it just slipped my mind there may be a few people who connect the two.