leverage 30 day challenge

Based on the 30 Days of Writing: Drabble Challenge. Thirty more one-word prompts for drabbles, short stories, etc. Want to try a different set of words? Go here!

catalyst. covet. shift. spare. cauterized. fraught. cloud. raze. serrated. corrode. inattentive. adamant. irrevocable. mark. rush. gruesome. sink. impromptu. expose. absence. fallible. revel. leverage. impair. bare. affinity. cajole. clandestine. wager. clemency.

Leverage 30 Day Challenge

So I found this challenge for Leverage, but I decided to make my own. Please let me know if you have any questions or see any problems with the challenge.


DAY 1: Favorite Character

DAY 2: Least Favorite Character

DAY 3: Favorite Female Character

DAY 4: Favorite Male Character

DAY 5: Favorite Bad Guy

DAY 6: Least Favorite Bad Guy

DAY 7: Favorite thing about Leverage

DAY 8: Favorite Quote

DAY 9: Who would like to see be a couple?

DAY 10: Favorite Episode

DAY 11: Least Favorite Episode

DAY 12: Favorite Mastermind Moment

DAY 13: Favorite Grifter Moment

DAY 14: Favorite Hitter Moment

DAY 15: Favorite Hacker Moment

DAY 16: Favorite Thief Moment

DAY 17: Favorite random Character

DAY 18: Favorite Con

DAY 19: Least Favorite Con

DAY 20: Favorite Costume

DAY 21: Favorite Moment when Eliot gets mad at Hardison

DAY 22: Favorite Parker Moment

DAY 23: Favorite moment when what was stolen is returned

DAY 24: Drunk Nate or Sober Nate?

DAY 25: What do you think Sophie’s name is?

DAY 26: Favorite thing the team has stolen.

DAY 27: Favorite Location

DAY 28: Anything you would like to add?

DAY 29: What is something you would like to see happen in Leverage?

DAY 30: What is your favorite thing about Leverage?