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If at some point in the future you feel up for divulging trade secrets, I'd love to know how you get that sound to that sweet spot

hope you don’t mind me publishing this, i do want to share this with other people who want to achieve this effect for themselves haha. x: reminder that this is based on Adobe Audition, but if you can find a way to work with another program that’s awesome

first, import your unedited mp3 file

in the effects rack (Effects > Show Effects Rack), apply: 

1. a chorus effect with these settings

2. a tonal/parametric equalizer (tunes out higher frequencies so that only low and mid tones come through, this is the basic foundation of the From Another Room effect so it’s important)

3. reverb (to sound less flat, more echo-y)

4. db limiter/hard limiter (optional, but it helps to prevent audio levels (especially bass) from peaking. good levels are -10db to -5db depending on the song, in this example it’s -7.6 db.)

finally, apply the effects and export! also if it helps, an “underwater” preset will create a similar sound.

Because I'm A Foolish Woman (Feat. BTS)
Kan Mi Youn
Because I'm A Foolish Woman (Feat. BTS)

songs featuring predebut bts 1 2

namjoon’s verse: “I’d rather you curse at me instead of looking away, that way I can hold on to you. isn’t the aftermath of our fights difficult for our foolish selves? even if I call for you every night in the drifting void, only an empty echo is left. even if I cry, my aching heart feels like it’s going to explode. it’s okay. like the cold dawn air, pass by me. like the me who left you said, leave my dizzy mind. now I’ll calmly wake up from this dream called ‘you’. I ask that you let me be born again so that I can resign myself and stop thinking about you.”

classical music for studying

Hello! This is my first masterpost and I thought to make it about classical music since I do have a bit of knowledge in that area. The music and playlists I chose here are chosen along my personal preferences — they may not work for you! Please let me know if any of the links don’t work etc. etc. Hope you like it!  

[[[ Also, please do not consider classical music as only useful for studying; you might not like it which is fine, but it’s an autonome genre of music. It is made for listening and enjoying just like pop or death metal. It holds emotion just like other genres of music. ]]]


  • Period Study: Volume 1 by ankwa: a great playlist of medieval, mostly vocal music, but it’s in latin i think so unless you speak it it shouldn’t be distracting! 
  • Period Study: Volume 2 by ankwa: pretty much all instrumental music from the Renaissance period. upbeat and fun to listen to, very motivational. 
  • Period Study: Volume 3 by ankwa: baroque music from the same collection, again pretty much all instrumental. this one i like less because it makes me jam too much, but maybe you’ll like it. 
  • late morning studying by Montague-Fuzzlepeck: a bit more vocals but very relaxing overall. it’s not just classical though and contains some classical crossover etc. 
  • Keep It Classycal by Audiophile: exclusively classical music; contains some popular pieces like Bach’s Cello Suite no. 1 Prelude and Pachelbel’s Canon in D.
  • The Best of Bach: as the title of the video says. for some of the pieces, the audio level varies a lot so make sure to not put your volume too high! 
  • Chopin Complete Nocturnes again, it’s exactly what the title says. i like full videos for these things because there are no ads before every single piece! 


Some of these are longer, some shorter; maybe you could listen to them to see if you like them and make a playlist out of your favourites! They are all links from YouTube as that is usually what I use to listen to music. 

As I said, let me know if any links don’t work and I hope this will be useful to you and your studies! I’m also always open to requests/suggestions :] 

It’s time for something I’ve been wanting to do for a while! It’s time to open the official open auditions of Allegrezza Harmony!

1. These auditions will not be character-specific, as there are characters in the main game, as well as in the demo who are walking spoilers. 

2. Auditions will be organized by Singing Characters, General Female Characters, And General Male Characters.

3. Allegrezza Harmony is a free fanmade project rebooting the 2002 manga Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. This will not be a paid voice acting job.

4. You can audition for as many categories as you want. Some characters have androgynous voices.

5. The deadline for auditioning is April 25th, 2017.

6. After the deadline, you will receive a Callback Email where you will be given lines/a song for characters we would like to hear you voice for testing purposes. It will be reviewed by people on the Allegrezza Harmony team.

7. Characters appearing in the Allegrezza Harmony demo will be cast before characters only appearing in the main game. Callback emails for such characters will be sent out after the AH demo comes out.

8. Please send your audition clips in one email to the official Allegrezza Harmony email: allegrezzaharmonyofficial@gmail.com

9. Demo Reels can be included in the email and will be appreciated, but they are not required.

Note: If you have any questions, send an ask to this blog.

(Note: If you audition for a singing role, it is required to audition in the General Female Category as well.)

This category is for every singing character in Allegrezza Harmony. As of now, all singing characters are female.


Sing a song that you believe best suits your range. You have record using an instrumental for reference, but please only send an audio file with your voice only.

This category is for every speaking female character in Allegrezza Harmony. Feel free to send in multiple takes of lines with different inflections and voice types.


1. It’s been forever! I haven’t see you in so long!

2. Pichi Pichi Voice Live Start!

3. Hey, it’s a good surprise!

4. I promise to serve you well.

5. I’m here. I’m never going to stop being here.

6. Stop right there!

7. Haha! What are you even doing?

8. When was the last time we just talked?

9. That’s my normal face.

10. (Just give the best scream you can do without peaking the audio levels or causing your neighbors to call the police.)

Note: This category may also be used for casting children characters.

This category is for every speaking male character in Allegrezza Harmony. Feel free to send in multiple takes of lines with different inflections and voice types.


1. What were you doing in my room?

2. You just managed to do the most idiotic thing I’ve even seen in my entire life. Amazing.

3. Hey kid, are you alright? You’re not looking so good.

4. Princess, we shouldn’t be here!

5. Shush. Did you hear that?

6. If we find a ghost out here, I’m going to beat the snot out of it!

7. Despite all the crap that’s happened over the years, I’m weirdly glad we went through this.

8. I’m sorry you had to see me like this.

9. I guess this is goodbye.

10. (Just give the best scream you can do without peaking the audio levels or causing your neighbors to call the police.)

Note: This category may also be used for casting children characters.

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Baby Jeon au where Y/N comes back to the dorm with Jungkook asleep in her arms. In the dorm there's only Yoongi working on his laptop, composing. She joins him on the sofa with Kookie still asleep in her lap and asks Yoongi about his work. He gets shy but explains how it all works, and he would go on talking for ages if he didn't feel y/n's head bump onto his shoulder. And he's frozen there with y/n asleep on him. And he just dies as he glances at the two cause they cute and it feels so domestic

yoongi hadn’t been expecting anyone to return at this time when almost everyone is knocked out, except for him. the dim light from the living room, casted to his features as it reaches the dining area where he sets up his working gear is enough for him to work. it isn’t until he feels his back getting sore that he moves to the sofa and conquers that area as well (since dinner, up until now).

when he’s gotten used to the silence, occasional tunes that he’s familiar with as it is his work, he gets the shock of his life at the creak and the slam of the latch from the door. he jolts up, yelping when he knocks his knee against the coffee table, only to - “y/n…”

“sorry,” you whisper, stepping in and yoongi quickly paces over when you’re juggling jungkook in one arm, the other trying to hold the door open. he gently nudges you to the side so you can tend to jungkook with both arms and he’s locking up for you instead.

when you thank him, he tells you it’s no problem and as he heads back to his work station that drags out from the dining room to the living room, your chuckle catches his attention - more so when you sit beside him in front of his laptop.

“what’re you doing?” you murmur, leaning against him so you don’t have to crane your neck in case you want to see his screen. he clears his throat and relaxes into the sofa, rubbing the nape of his neck, “uh… well…”

“well?” you sing-song, quietly, because jungkook’s fast asleep comfortably in your arms and at first yoongi thinks he shouldn’t talk about it. because who cares and why do you but when you look at him like that, like that where you’re dying to know with curiosity lighting up the flame in your pupils, he gives in and starts to talk about it.

he describes of the procedure, and he gets his fuel of passion in talking about his passion when you ask questions, pointing at the level bars, to the audio controls, over to any other thing that catches your fancy.

yoongi could, would talk more and it would be to the point he talks your ear off but the light thud he feels against his shoulders gets him to stop. light, before it turns into a tornado storming inside his ribcage when he sees you sleeping on his shoulder, jungkook sleeping on yours.

he presses a smile and carefully reaches over to tuck you to him, while he uses his free hand to close his laptop quietly.

“guess it’s time to sleep, then.”

Every Single Fall Out Boy Song Playing At Once
Fall Out Boy
Every Single Fall Out Boy Song Playing At Once

why have i done this